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 After Lisa gave into Les and his and her two days of hot sex we at first didn't have much to say to each other because we were not sure how to go about it but after sex one evening I asked her if she was sorry we did it and at first she said she didn't wan to talk about it so I laid there for awhile then asked what she thought of his cock and she began to giggle and said my god it was huge wasn't it then she began to babble nervously telling me how beautiful was when she skinned his foreskin back and his crown stood out so proudly then we were talking excitedly and when I asked if she wanted to rty it again she smiled shyly and said if you want but I would really just like to suck a guy off sometime to see what that would be like.

 I asked if she would swallow because to date she had only swallowed my cum and she said I don't know would you mind if I did looking up at me shyly.

 I almost came then and I said I would love to watch you swallow another mans cum and she admitted then on her second night with Les she had woke up very aroused and tried to wake Les up but he was tired and only grunted when she shook his arm so she decided that she would suck his cock to wake him up and went down on him and his cock became hard very quickly and he started Cumming so she swallowed his cum to keep from messing up our sheets but she couldn't remember what it had tasted like later because she was worried about him Cumming all over the bed.

 well we decided to give it a try and We had both stopped by the adult store a couple times in Fairfield out by the Travis Air Base and there were many guys all young Airmen roving around checking out the porn and we figured it would be a good place to start so that Friday evening about dusk we pulled into the parking area in our Camping Van a 1994 Dodge that had captains chairs and a bed in the back that we used for my mining excursions.

 Lisa was nervous but excited to and had brought along her lone ranger mask so she could hide behind it and not show her face to all these guys because we had at first talked about if it worked we might do a couple guys or more.

 we entered the place and there were at least 50 guys in there and only one woman at the counter ringing up purchases.

 I could see that All of the guys were checking out my wife as we moved around the place picking up dildos and other Porn objets while I scoped out the guys looking for the right guy .

 Lisa wanted a married guy because he would be safe but most of these guys were young so I did notice one guy that was in Civvies but looked military and he did have on a wedding band.

 I pointed him out to Lisa but she wanted to look over a few other guys before making her choice.

 I noticed thought that this guy was watching us closely maybe because of Lisa and her mask .

 He was built like a fire plug about 5 ft 10 inches and broad through the shoulders and looked like he might be in his late 40,s or older and he was as black as sin but that only turned me on even more

 Finally Lisa gave up and asked if that guy was still in the store and I said yep and he has been watching you all evening so she turned and looked him over for a long time then said OK if you want how will we do this?

 Before we left Lisa had put on her jogging sweats and hadn't put on a blouse underneath so she could just unzip it and it would open up so he could get at her breasts while she sucked him off.

 I said wait here and if I nod go out to t Van and set in back without your blouse and I will bring him out .

 She waited by the door watching as I approached him and asked excuse me I saw you checking out my wife and he said sorry no offense man but she is a looker.

 I asked want her to suck your cock  ?

 He said hey man I said I was sorry I didn't mean anything but I said no really she is willing if you are interested then he looked at me  for a while and said hey man I am married and dont have much money most of it is sent back home to my wife but I waved it away and said no money just a quick blow job and we are out of here.

 He said seriously man  I mean really????.

 I said ugh huh wondering if this guy was dense or not then he said is this a set up man and I raised one hand and said never mind bud I was mistaken and turned to walk away but he grabbed my arm in a vice like grip and said OK lets do it.

 I turned to Lisa and I nodded my head and she was gone.

 On the way out to our Van that we had parked at the back of the lot he was looking around nervously expecting to get waylaid but I led him up to the Van and said inside and he said you first standing back looking at the Van so I opened the door and Lisa was sitting inside with her breasts proudly on display and her nipples were hard already.

 I said you can either sit in the chair and she will blow you there or you can lay on the bed and do it.

 He looked inside carefully then climbed inside and said what now and I said better get your pants off so she can do her thing.

 He quickly pushed his pants and shorts around his ankles and sat back In the Captains chair.

 God his cock was like him short and thick as Lisa kneeled in front of him and pulled his pants and shoe off one leg so she could get in between his knees .

 she took his cock and began to stroke it and it grew in her hand to about 7 inches and was almost twice as big around and mine which I considered pretty thick

 He two was uncut so Lisa played with his loose foreskin pulling it back to his egg sized balls and admiring it cooing in delight then she sucked them into her mouth one at a time slurping noisily as she spit them out and when a bubble of pre cum was milked out  with the tip of her tongue she quickly licked it off smiling at me.

 I asked what's your Name and he said Andre so I said Andre I want you to meet my wife this is my wife Lisa and I am Jim as Lisa was licking the head of his cock and cooing at how hot it was her lips kissing his piss slit trying to tease more precum out then she opened her mouth wide and began swallowing his cock head her lips stretched to the max as her tongue slurped noisily as she sucked him into her mouth then with her lips stretched painfully around his shaft she began to stroke his shaft with her thumb and forefinger sucking noisily on his cock head as Andre looked down his body at his cock in her mouth I could smell his musky male smell and Lisa was going at it like she meant business then Andre began to hunch his ass off the seat causing Lisa head to jerk up and down and then he moved faster and faster he fucked her mouth until he grunted and raised up off the seat and I heard Lisa gulping his sperm as he came Andre had the back of her head in his hand holding her mouth on his cock as he seamed to cum forever as she gulped his seed down her throat wide eyed .

 It seamed to take a long time for him to cum as I watched my own cock stretched painfully in my shorts as this complete stranger had his dick in my wife's mouth grunting as he came and my wife swallowing his sperm like a whore as he fondled her breasts intimately god it was fantastic.

 After he finally finished Cumming he quickly pulled up hs pants thanking us as he hurried back to tell all of his friends how a married lady had just sucked him off and I asked Lisa if she wanted me to find another guy for her but she said her mouth hurt from being stretched so much so we went home planning our next trip out there.

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