Wife’s raunchy bathroom fuck

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My wife and I had been swinging a bit. By swinging, I mean, I fucked a couple girls in the beginning, and she fucked whomever she pleases. When we first moved to Virginia years back, she wanted to find someone right away to replace the cocks she left behind. We scoured adult sites and sure enough, she found someone quickly. We met with them rather quickly for dinner at which my wife and her new friend flirted incessantly in front of myself and his wife. They then drove us to their home nearby for a few drinks. A little while more of flirting and my wife realized she had a full bladder and asked where the bathroom was. He hopped up and said he would show her. They both excused themselves and went to find the powder room(soon to be pound her room). They were gone a good while and the rest is her account. 

He showed her right to the door, but as she went in, he didn’t walk away or get away from the door frame. She was never shy, and as she was considering fucking him anyway, he better be able to stomach seeing her at least pee. So, she lifted her denim skirt, and pulled down her silky black panties and sat upon the seat. No sooner did a trickle escape her lips, he had his cock in her face. She planted those lips right around it while she evacuated all that salty piss. She reached for the toilet paper, cock still in mouth, but he pushed her hand away, and said “uh uh,  I want you wet”. So, she stood up, and he spun her right around over the bowl filled with her steamy pee. He just slammed his cock in. He didn’t ask if bare was okay, she didn’t object, assuming he wouldn’t dare just cum in another man’s young, fertile wife. She was wrong. He pounded her pussy over the commode she just filled in front of him, using her piss as lube. After just a few minutes, he came in her now loosened cunt. She rolled up the soon to be soiled panties she as she stood up, one giant glob splashed into the water, a drop of white amidst a pool of yellow. She never wiped. Sometimes, she still doesn’t to remind me when I go down there, about the time someone took charge and treated her like the slut she is.

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