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Ohhhh Henry Henry Henry, what can I say about that sexy little wife of yours that I haven't said before? I love her tight fitted outfits showing off those hips of hers!  Particularly the red skirt, her ass just looks incredible in it and can just picture me sliding that up in front of you, you ready to lick her clit as I slid inside your wife! Well when I say ready... you'd kinda be forced to be there lapping away at it! You shocked to see the knickers she went out wearing were no longer there - mind racing at what point in the night they had come off, whether i'd already managed to slip her away and fuck her without you seeing.  The answer soon becoming apparent as she pulls the cum drenched knickers from her bag, putting them in your pocket as a souvenir

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she has great boobs and ass it would be a pleasure to fuck all her holes you lucky man to have her all for yourself upto now

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