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i am italian bull

kik ----------FilippoMario75Please login or register to see this image. /monthly_2017_10/IMG_3577.PNG.cc405320f13d833837893c950bf57595.PNG" alt="IMG_3577.PNG.cc405320f13d833837893c950bf57595.PNG" />

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anyone wanna chat about my fantasy of someone using me and my extended family, fantasy only(wife, mum sister in laws etc all 18+) chat as hard as u like (pain,piss,humiliation,lactation,animal) uk_cuck on yahoo only give out faceless pics of me and wife.  Though if pics are all you are interested in, I would like some in return.  I am not a cuckold in RL, just a fantasy.  Just love chatting and wanking, having said that, wife is controlling when I cum often just ruining it.  Have to say I am loving it.  

Love to hear from those interested in chatting.

uk_cuck on yahoo and kik

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