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One More Hot story to our hot wifes and cuckfriends

The Party ...Part One

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John stood silently as he watched his wife applying the finishing touches to her make-up.

"How do I look honey?" She asked happily.

"You look beautiful as always my little princess." John answered.

"Thank you honey, I love you so much." She replied walking towards him.

"I love you too Beth. We better make a move otherwise we will be late." John said.

Beth grabbed her purse and turned out the lights before joining her husband in the car. As she climbed into the passenger seat, John watched her dress rise slightly, revealing the tops of her sexy black stockings. Beth smiled back at him as she watched his lustful gaze over her legs.

"You will have to wait until later, and then you can see everything that is underneath this dress." Beth teased.

John smiled at his wife before pulling off the drive and heading to the party. Beth was excited about the party. It would be the first time she had met any of her husband's colleagues, and the first time she had been out since giving birth 8 months ago.

John and Beth had been married for 8 years, but only recently had their first child together. John was 34 years old while Beth was slightly younger at 29. They struck everybody they met as the perfect couple.

John was tall and handsome. He worked extremely hard but still found time to be the perfect husband, and now father. Beth was beautiful. She stood 5"6 with shoulder length blonde hair and blue eyes. Tonight her hair had been curled and she truly looked like a princess.

Since giving birth Beth had gone from a size 8 to a size 10. It took her time to get used to her curvier bum but she was delighted with her new bust, and so was John. During the pregnancy Beth had gone from a 32B to a 32 DD. But since she had stopped breast feeding her bust settled to a 32C. She had gone from petite to curvy, and she loved it. Beth was also a shy person but in no way was she a bimbo. She too was a dedicated wife and mother.

Johns company had been awarded a very large contract, and to celebrate he had been invited, along with his colleagues to one of the executives homes for a party. It was more like a mansion John thought as he pulled into the grounds.

John and Beth were greeted at the entrance by a waiter in a suit. He offered them champagne as they entered the house and followed the other guests. 

After meeting many of her husband's colleagues, Beth and the party were in full swing. John was politely asking his wife to go easy on the drink before he was interrupted by the host, his boos Don.

"Hello John. I was meaning to catch up with you earlier, but as you can see I have a lot of guests to meet." Don said offering his hand to John.

"It's no problem Don." John said shaking the man's hand.

"I must say you have a beautiful home Don." Beth chipped in.

Don turned to Beth and was instantly taken in by her beauty. 

"Don, I'd like to introduce you to my wife Bethan." John said.

"Please me Beth." She smiled.

"Hello Beth, I must say you are a very beautiful woman. I am happy that you like my home, and if John doesn't mind, maybe I could give you a grand tour later on." Don smiled as he took Beth's hand and kissed it gently.

"I'd really like that." Beth said blushing.

"Well ...I'll leave you both to enjoy your evening and maybe I'll see you a bit later on." Don said before shaking Johns hand again.

John laughed off the innocent flirting between his wife and his boss. Don was a nice guy and as far as John knew, had no reputation of hitting on employees wives. He also trusted Beth, he had seen many a man hit on his wife only to see them let down.

John was deep in conversation with one of his team when Beth politely interrupted them to say she was going outside for a cigarette. She only smoked when she was drinking, a habit she couldn't kick. John hated her smoking but knew it was easier to let her go. 

As Beth went outside to join the other smokers she noticed Don enjoying a cigar with two other men. 

"Mind if I join you gentlemen?" Beth smiled as she pulled out her cigarettes.

"Not at all my dear, here let me get you a light." Don said.

The three men watched intently as this beautiful woman sucked hard on her filtered cigarette. Don watched her enticing cleavage rise as she inhaled the smoke deep into her lungs. Then all three men watched as she exhaled a thick plume of smoke into the warm night sky. 

Don introduced the other two men as company directors. They talked for a short time as Don kept refilling Beth's glass and lighting her cigarettes. None of these men knew Beth, but it was easy to see that she was approaching very drunk.

All three men looked at each other with knowing smiles on their faces as they eyed this young wife. Beth was wearing a sexy black dress which hung 4 inches above her knee. The thin straps of her dress rested softly on her shoulders. It would be so effortless to peel those straps down. There was no sign of bra straps, but as the men stole glances at her cleavage they could see the top of her black bra cups peeking out of her dress. 

Being a shy person around strangers Beth never realised the effect she had on men when she was drunk. Sure if she was in a club or bar she would understand that most guys were hitting on her. But here at a respectable party with wives and girlfriends, she naively felt safe and secure.

As Beth crushed out her third cigarette in a row, she felt the nicotine rush to her head. Mixed with the alcohol she felt good. 

Don refilled her glass again before putting his arm around her waist. As he took in a breath to speak, his cock twitched in his pants. The strong smell of her perfume filled his nostrils and took over his senses.

"I think it's time for your grand tour Bethan ...what do you think?" Don grinned.

"I would love too, if you mind that is." Beth said.

"Not at all my dear, follow me." Don said.

Don removed his arm from around Beth's waist before he gently slid it down and across her arse cheeks. His cock twitched again as he offered his arm to Beth. She happily took it as she sipped on her champagne.

The other two men laughed as they went to rejoin the party. Don's partner in crime Mike winked at Don as he left.

Meanwhile back at the party, John had lost track of the time. Half an hour had passed since his wife had gone for a cigarette. He quickly went outside expecting to see her puffing away, but his heart sank when he realised she wasn't there.

"Excuse me; have you seen a blonde woman in a black dress out here?" John said to the smoking couple.

"She went inside with Don as we came out here." The red headed woman replied.

"How long ago was that?" John snapped.

"About 10 minutes ago." She answered

John tried to act calm as he came back inside. He stood still scanning the room with his eyes in the hope he would see Don or his wife. Another 10 minutes passed before John grabbed one of the waiters and asked if he knew where Don was. 

"Sorry sir but I can't help you. Ask one of the security staff." The waiter said pointing to a large suited man.

John walked hurriedly towards the man trying to hide any indication that something was wrong.

"Excuse me, have you seen Don?" John asked.

"No sorry sir. He should be around somewhere." The guard replied.

"Please's really urgent, I must speak with him." John pleaded.

"I am very sorry sir, but unless it's a life or death situation he is not to be disturbed." The guard grew agitated.

John almost panicked when he heard the words "not to be disturbed".

"What do you mean he is not to be disturbed? This is very urgent." John pressed.

"Look pal, he is entertaining a guest. It will have to wait." The guard said.

John stood back for a second. A million thoughts ran through his mind as he felt his heart begin to race. 

"Please must help me. I think that guest is my wife." John begged.

The security guard could see the panic on Johns face. He thought most of the woman who Don seduced had their husband's permission anyway. But he could see that John had no idea what had happened to his wife.

"Quickly ...get in here." The guard demanded as he opened a door.

John quickly entered the room before the guard. He felt slightly relieved.

"Ok listen to me and I'll help you. If you don't I'll throw you out without your wife. Understand?"

"Yes ...I promise ill do as you say." John said.

"There is a private room where Don sometimes takes female guests. Now I can show you this room, but you can only watch what's going on inside. You will be able to see and hear what's happening, but they won't be able to hear you. And you won't be able to enter the room either." He told John.

"But I don't want her in that room, or with Don!" John shouted.

"Look man, take it or leave it. I shouldn't even be doing this much. I get paid good money to run his security; I'm not fucking it up because some guy can't keep his wife in check."

"Ok ...ok ...this situation is fucked up enough already." John said putting his hands on his head.

"I feel for you man, I really do. I can see you don't want this, but I'm not going to let you have access to that room. Your wife may not even be in there anyway. But if she is ...and you don't like what's going on ...don't kick off. I'm warning you."

John knew this was his only option. After listening to the guard he felt a little hope that maybe Beth wasn't with Don. But something inside of him was saying otherwise.

The security guard led John into a small office. Immediately he noticed a large window that looked into another room. As John approached the glass the room he was standing in suddenly went dark. He turned around in time to see the office door close and then he heard it lock.

Turning back to look into the other room, John noticed a waiter entering carrying a tray. On the tray was a bottle of champagne with 3 glasses. The waiter opened the bottle before lighting the fire. John watched on in total shock as he witnessed this room being set up for his wife's seduction. He still clung on to the hope that his wife would not be the female to enter that room with Don.

Five minutes after the waiter had left the room John checked his watch; it had been 40 minutes since he had seen his wife.

Suddenly he heard voices. He began to shake and his tension began to rise as he watched Don enter the room with Beth on his arm. They were giggling like school kids as Don led her to the open champagne. Don filled the three glasses as Beth looked around the room. She turned to the window and looked straight at her husband.

"Beth!" John shouted as he banged on the glass.

"That's a lovely mirror Don; I bet it cost a fortune." She said.

John sank back onto the chair as he watched his wife. She had no idea she was being watched. Then a second man entered the room.

"Here you go Mike ...Beth." Don said handing them their glasses. 

As Beth sipped her champagne both men approached her. Mike put his arm around her waist as she giggled, and then Don rubbed his hand softly up and down her back.

"You're so beautiful Beth." Don said smiling at her.

"Thank you Don, but shouldn't we be getting back to the party?" Beth said.

"We have time." Don said moving his lips to her neck.

Beth gave out a sigh as she closed her eyes. Don's lips caressed her neck softly as he made his way to her shoulder.

"Please must stop. I'm married." Beth said half heartedly.

"So are we." Mike said with a smirk.

John watched horrified as the three of them laughed. 

"No ...seriously, we must stop. Somebody might come." Beth said.

"Hopefully we all will." Mike joked.

Don and Mike knew it was a token plea, and so did John. Don quickly moved in front of Beth and began to smooth his fingers up and down her arms. Mike stood behind her with his hands running up and down the sides of her body. Her dress felt smooth and silky as he pushed his groin into her behind.

John watched powerlessly as two of his bosses seduced his wife. The tension in his pants had been there a while before he looked down at it. It never registered in his mind that he had become erect. John sat back and instinctively unzipped his pants. 

Don was kissing her neck before he took both shoulder straps in his fingers. Johns cock twitched as he watched them being pulled down his wife's arms. Beth threw her head back as Don moved his lips down to her breasts. As Don let go of the straps the dress fell down a few inches to reveal her lacy bra covered breasts.

Mike gently slid the dress up to her waist, revealing the tops of her stockings and garter belt. All three of them moaned in unison. Mike quickly sank to his knees and began to kiss Beth's cheeks whilst Don unclasped her bra. Don wasted no time in cupping both of her breasts, weighing them up in his hands. As he caressed both globes he lowered his head and took one of her nipples into his mouth. 

Beth was swaying slightly with her eyes closed as she absorbed the pleasure these two men were giving her. As Don expertly sucked on her nipple and massaged her breasts, Mike was removing her panties. The cool breeze of fresh air between her legs was soon replaced by the heat from the fire and her own furnace.

Mike was back kissing her cheeks as he pulled down her dress. Mike then ran his finger tips so delicately up the backs of her legs as she stepped out of the dress.

By now John was slowly stroking his cock as he watched Don step away from his wife to look her up and down. 

Nobody would have guessed that eight months ago this beauty was giving birth. Her breasts were firm and full and her stomach was practically flat. John knew these men were going to enjoy his wife's body, and he could do nothing about it. Beth was standing totally @@@@@@@ in front of these two men. Mike walked around to the front and both men were now staring at her beautiful body. They each put a hand on her shoulder and pushed her down. Beth smiled at them as she sank to her knees.

They both assisted her as she tried to unbuckle their pants single handily. Everyone watching could see the smile grow on Beth's face as the two cocks sprung free. She quickly took them both in her hands and began to stroke them gently. The room soon filled with male groans of pleasure.

Beth took Dons cock tightly in her grip as she continued to stroke Mike. Don pushed her lush blonde hair out of the way as she tilted her head sideways slightly. Leaning into Dons lap, Beth licked his thick cock three times before sinking her head over the engorged head.

Don groaned out loud as he threw his head back in ecstasy.

Beth soon got a rhythm going as she bobbed up and down on Dons length in time with the strokes she was giving Mike.

Beth loved giving head to her husband but this was different. Don's cock was slightly longer but much thicker. She could feel it pulsing as she took him to the back of her throat. 

Before giving Mike his turn she took Dons cock out of her mouth and tilted her head sideways. Don was now groaning louder as she started to run her tongue and lips up and down the underside of his pole. She then took him deep one last time as she squeezed his balls.

Mike welcomed the exchange as she took his cock deep into her mouth. He cupped her breasts as she hungrily went to work on his cock. Holding the base of his cock she wanked him slowly as she swallowed the head and swirled her tongue around it.

John stopped stroking his cock in fear that he would shoot his load all over the room. He had never felt this aroused as she sat watching the show. His wife oblivious to what was going on as she happily fellated his bosses.

Mike kept his cock buried deep in Beth's mouth as he moved backwards to a chair. As he sat down he lifted Beth's head and pulled her up slightly. He gave her a deep lingering kiss before squashing her breasts around his cock.

Beth knew what he wanted as he looked deep into her eyes. Holding her D cup bust tightly around his cock, she began to stroke his cock. She could feel her hard nipples against the palms of her hands as she held firm and smothered his cock. Little droplets of pre cum seeped out of his tiny slit and onto her breasts.

"Ok Mike, you've had your fun now it's my turn again." Don laughed.

"Fuck me she got some great tits." Mike cursed.

"Come here Beth and sit on my lap." Don instructed.

Beth obeyed him like a little wanton slut. The pre cum on Beth's breasts glistened as she stood up and walked towards Don. Don sat stroking his cock as he watched this young wife obeying his demand.

"Turn around and face away from me Beth. Then take my cock and guide it into your pussy." Don said.

Beth smiled as she turned around and reached back for Dons cock. Taking it firmly in her grasp, Beth sat back on his lap slowly. Guiding his cock to her pussy she paused to rub the head against her opening. 

"Fuck the dirty little bitch is soaking." Don groaned.

Beth began to lower herself onto him. Inch by inch she slowly filled her pussy with his cock. Soft moans escaped her lips as the intense pleasure began to take over her. Beth paused for a few seconds to allow her pussy to adjust to his size. Don however wasted no time in grinding his hips into her. This caused him to go deeper and Beth couldn't help but respond.

John was overtaken by lust as his eyes remained fixed on his wife. His cock was at bursting point as he watched the most sacred thing in his life pleasure two other men. He was no longer in control of his emotions as he went from lust to jealousy, jealousy to anger, anger to pain, and from pain back to lust. John hadn't noticed, but he was now stroking his cock in time with his wife.

Beth's cries of pleasure were quickly filling the room as she slammed down hard on Dons cock. Don held her hips tight as he helped push her up before pulling her back down again. 

Mike was soon standing in front of Beth offering his cock to her lips, and she happily obliged by opening her mouth.

With two cocks slamming into her body it didn't take long for the knot in her stomach to tighten. Don felt the walls of her womb clamp tight around his cock as she let Mikes cock slip from her mouth. Beth grabbed a hold of the chair as her orgasm neared. Don continued to pull her down hard until she screamed at the top of her lungs. Beth's body shock violently as Don pulled her down hard and kept her still. His cock was already buried deep inside her womb when she began to spasm on his pole.

Beth barely had time to compose herself as Mike pulled her up and led her to another chair. Her mind still fuzzy as Mike forced her over the chair and sunk his cock deep into her pussy. 

"Ohhhhh ...fuck ...Ummmm ...yes ...fuck me deep!" She demanded.

"That's it Mike, fuck the bitch hard. Give her what she wants." Don laughed.

Mikes face was full with concentration as he thrust his cock as hard as he could. Beth was soon screaming again as a new cock ploughed into her, trying to get deeper with every lunge. 

John looked down at his own cock as he felt his pre cum lubricating his strokes.

Don took up position in front of Beth as he ran his cock across her face and lips. Beth smiled in between her groans as she tried to take his cock into her mouth. 

She could smell her own juices as Don slapped her face with his cock. But she soon tasted her juices as he pushed between her parting lips and filled her pretty little mouth.

Beth loved the pleasure these two men gave her as they used her body. She had totally forgotten about her husband as she concentrated on her next release, and it didn't take long as Don and Mike fed her their meat. 

Mike didn't slow down as her second orgasm approached, his hands gripping her waist as he drove deep into her body. Holding onto the back of the chair, Beth exploded on Mikes cock. Don's cock slipped from her mouth as she once again filled the room with pat 2

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Go on with part 2 of this hot party.

The Party...part 2

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John nearly shot his load as he watched his wife have her second violent orgasm of the night. 

The party had gone on too long for Don as he stroked his cock at Beth's face. She was still screaming when the first jet of hot cum struck her face. She looked up at Don in time to receive the second jet as it hit her forehead and nose. 

As she gasped for air the third and fourth jets landed in her mouth and covered her lips. 

This also proved too much for Mike as he plunged deep into her pussy and unloaded a huge torrent of cum into her womb. Beth could taste the cum in her mouth as she felt the cock in her pussy twitch. 

As silence consumed the room, John shot his load on the floor between his legs.

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Here we are back with another of our favorite hot stories. Enjoy it

My Husbands Small Dick

My name is Brigitte; I am 28 years old and married to a wonderful guy who is 12 years older than I am. Gary is a sales rep and he travels a lot, which means that I’m home alone a lot. Home alone is not a condition I care for so for the past two years I have been fucking around on Gary whenever he is out of town. Believe me, it is just for the sex. I am 5’6″ and have auburn hair and I tape out at 34C-25-35. I keep my pussy shaved and I absolutely adore sex. I love everything except anal sex and I have no desire to try anything really kinky like BDSM, golden showers or anything like that. I just love sucking cock and fucking and I really like girls too. Gary has no idea about the guys I’ve been having fun with and I pray that he never finds out because I really love him. He is a great sexual partner, but he just isn’t there when he needs to be. He is marvelous in bed and if he were home all the time it really wouldn’t matter, but he only has a 4 1/2 cock. As much as I love him and making love to him I have had large cocks in my life and I miss them. When I go out on the prowl I look for large bulges.

The boyfriend that I had before Gary had an eight-inch cock and I loved the hell out of what it did for me. I really didn’t care for Brad all that much, but it was a package deal; to get his cock I had to take him. When I met Gary I fell ass end over teakettle in love with him and Brad and his absolutely beautiful and marvelous cock had to go. The cock was gone, but I could never forget how it felt and how it was able to send me to the moon.

Gary and I got married and one week after the end of the honeymoon Brad was fucking me again while Gary was out of town on business. That lasted about two months and then Brad started getting cocky and I was afraid he would do something stupid that would let Gary find out what was going on so I reluctantly ended the affair. After that I settled for one night stands when Gary was out of town.

Eight months after we were married Gary was promoted and we packed up our things and moved to Denver. We bought a nice little three-bedroom ranch and the day we moved in the next door neighbor came over and introduced herself. Susie was a stay at home mom with two kids. She was about my age and within a week we were having coffee every morning in either her kitchen or mine. Within a month we were as close as sisters and by the time two months had gone by we were telling each other our deepest and darkest secrets.

One morning I was telling her about the guy I’d brought home with me two nights previous while Gary was in Salt Lake and she asked me if he had a big cock. I told her that yes he did:

“That’s what I go out looking for. Gary is a great lover, but if I can find size I’ll go after it.”

I found out that she and her husband Pete had an ‘open marriage’ type of arrangement and she told me about some of the men with large cocks that I might run across on nights I was out trolling. I told her all about Brad and how he could make me scream. One morning over coffee she said:

“Do you miss Brad’s big cock enough to see him on the side if he were around?”

“Yes and no.”

“That is certainly a clear answer.”

“If his cock were here and attached to someone else I would, but Brad is an obnoxious asshole and he is the type of guy who would find a way to rub Gary’s nose in the fact that he could give me something that Gary couldn’t. Brad wouldn’t come right out and say it, but he would do a lot of smirking when he was around Gary and there would be a lot of innuendoes and double entendres. Gary isn’t stupid and he would eventually figure it out and I can’t have that. I love him to death and I don’t want to lose him.”

“So Brad’s big cock hanging on some one discrete would tempt you?”

I thought about that for all of a hundredth of a second before saying, “Yes it would.”

“You know about the lifestyle that Pete and I have, but one thing I’ve never told you is that Pete packs a hard nine inches in his boxers and Pete would very much like to fuck you.”

“When?” was my almost instantaneous answer to that.

“How about right now?” came a voice from behind me and I turned to see Pete standing in the doorway. He was naked and sporting a hard on, a huge hard on and when I saw it I went weak in the knees. I looked at Pete’s cock and then I looked from it to Susie.

“Are you sure about this?”

“He wants a shot at you and from the look on your face right at this moment you want to try him on for size.”

“Yeah, but I know my hubby. If this is a ‘you can have Pete if I can try Gary’ I can’t do it. Gary is the original “straight arrow” and approaching him to try and involve him in a wife swap would cost me big time. Oh no Susie, I’m a slut, but Gary can never ever be allowed to find that out.”

“No problem honey, I’m not interested in him. You two go on in the bedroom and have a good time.”

Pete took my hand and said, “Come on Brigitte we are wasting valuable time here” and he tugged me along behind him into the bedroom. He walked me over to the bed and I sat down and he stood in front of me. I leaned forward and kissed the head of his cock as I pulled my skirt up and pushed my panties down. I couldn’t believe how wet I had gotten at just seeing that huge nine inches. I had not had a really big one since I had dumped Brad.

“Get down here” I moaned, “I want it, I have to have it.”

I lay back and spread my legs and Pete moved between them and placed the tip of his cock against my pussy. I pushed up at him before he could even start to push in and he grinned and said:

“Kind of eager are you?”

“Oh God yes. Push it in. Come on, fuck me.”

He pushed and in three lunges he was buried deep in me and I was screaming at him to fuck me. Susie came into the room and chuckled as she said:

“I thought you would like it.”

Pete was pounding into me and I was clutching and clawing at his back. I had two orgasms before he told me he was going to cum and I pushed myself up hard at him at him just as he came and I felt the hot liquid heat flood me.

He fell to the bed next to me and we lay there breathing heavily. I wanted more and I reached over and started fondling his limp cock. I felt it twitch and I slid down and took him in my mouth. I had him up in less than a minute and I swung over him and let myself down on him. I just sat there for several seconds just enjoying the full feeling and then I started to ride him.

I bounced up and down and moaned as Susie said, “You go girl, ride him cowgirl, ride.”

I felt another orgasm coming, but it was staying just out of reach and I couldn’t quite get it so I hoped off of Pete and got on my hands and knees and Pete got right up and moved behind me and pushed into me.

“Hard baby, hard. Fuck me hard baby, fuck me hard and make me cum.”

Pete grabbed my hips and started ramming into me and I caught that elusive orgasm and rode it and one more before Pete shot into me again. When I recovered my breath I thanked Susie for sharing Pete with me and started to pull on my panties. Pete wanted to go again, but as much as I would have liked to, Gary was not out of town and I had housewifey things to do, not the least of which was to get myself fresh, sweet smelling and fuckable for my husband when he got home. As much as I loved big cock, Gary still came first.


That was the start of it. Until Pete I only fucked around on Gary when he was out of town on business, but I love being fucked by Pete’s cock and I fuck him every chance I get. We started out slow, twice, maybe three times a week when Gary was at work and twice when Gary was out of town I spent the night with Susie and Pete.

Lately though, Pete has wanted to become more daring. Two weeks ago when Gary was out playing golf Pete came over and fucked me on my own bed. That was the first time I had ever done that. Not fucked other guys on my bed, I’d done a lot of that, but fuck someone on my own bed when Gary was in town.

Then Pete decided that he wanted to do something really wild – he wanted to fuck me while Gary was nearby and not knowing what was going on. I had some really mixed feelings about that. On the one hand doing it could lead to getting caught and that would be disastrous, but on the other hand the thought of it just drove me wild. Praying that I wouldn’t come to regret it I said okay and we started thinking of ways to make it happen.

The first thing we decided was that I should start wearing skirts and loose fitting panties all the time. That would make things easier if opportunities presented themselves. The first opportunity came the next weeGaryd. Gary and I had invited Pete and Susie over for a barbecue. Gary was handling the grill and Susie was sitting at the picnic table next to him and talking with him.

I was in the kitchen making a tossed salad when Pete came into the kitchen, took my arm and pulled me over to the kitchen sink. There was a window over the sink and as I looked out at Gary turning the steaks on the grill Pete lifted my skirt up to my waist, pushed my loose fitting panties to one side and poked his huge nine inches at my slit. I hadn’t expected it so I was a little dry and I was going to need some lube if I was going to accommodate Pete. I grabbed the bottle of Joy dishwashing liquid and handed it to Pete and he soaped up his cock and started pushing it into my hole. I pushed my ass back at him and moaned as I felt the feeling that only a huge cock can give me. Three pushes is all that it took for Pete to be buried to the hilt in me and then he grabbed my hips and started fucking me.

There I was, hands braced against the sink, pushing my ass back at Pete and feeling the start of and orgasm when Gary turned away from the grill and started walking toward the house. “Oh shit!” Pete and I said almost together as he pulled out of me, stuffed his cock back in his pants and moved to put some distance between us. I stood up and that allowed my skirt to drop and I was washing my hands in the sink when Gary walked in and went through the kitchen into the downstairs bathroom.

I felt so damned frustrated; I had been right on the edge of cumming when Pete had pulled out of me. I dried my hands on a dishtowel and then practically ran to the upstairs bathroom where I got myself off by hand. That night I was so horny that I fucked Gary into exhaustion.


The next time wasn’t really an opportunity, it was more of a tease. Susie, Pete, Gary and I went to a party and Gary drove. It was a pretty good party and there was a lot of drinking and dancing. About two hours into the party, while Susie had Gary out on the dance floor, Pete and I snuck off and found a dark place and I gave him a quick blow job. After I’d wiped his cum off my lips with the back of my hand he told me that he was going to try and get his dick in me in the car on the way home. I laughed at him and said:

“Yeah, right! I can just see that happening.”

“Trust me sweetie, I’ll make it happen.”

As I said, it was a great party and some people drank a little more than they should have. Bill and Terry Coldwell got pretty wasted and Pete took their car keys away from them and he turned to Gary.

“We can’t let them drive in their condition. Can we give them a lift home? They can call me in the morning and I’ll come over and drive them back here to pick up their car.”

Gary said no problem, but when we got ready to leave we found out that they had brought Jim Sampson with them so we had to give him a ride home too. It was a tight fit getting all seven of us into our car. Susie and Jim sat in front with Gary and Terry, Bill, Pete and I ended up in back. I started to climb in, but Pete grabbed my arm and stopped me to let Terry and Bill get in first. While standing there he opened his fly and then took my hand and carried it inside and put my hand on his hard cock. In a panic I looked around to see if anyone could see what he was doing, but no one was looking our way.

By then Bill and Terry were in the car and Pete got in and then pulled me in onto his lap. My skirt was hiding his hands as he worked his cock out of his pants. I knew what he wanted so I leaned forward over the front seat and that lifted me off his lap enough that he could push my panties aside and put the head of his cock against my pussy. My face was next to Gary’s ear and I whispered:

“Think about this while you are driving. I’m going to fuck you to death when we get home” and then I pushed myself down on Pete’s lap driving myself down on those magnificent nine inches. Pete couldn’t actually fuck me, but we hit enough potholes and bumps in the road that I had to bite my lip to keep from screaming when I had an orgasm. I don’t know if it was the combination of the bumps and Pete’s cock, or the fact that Pete had his cock in me while my husband was sitting less than two feet in front of me, but it was a killer or an orgasm.

Just before we got to Terry and Bill’s I leaned forward over the seat, which pulled me off Pete’s cock, and I whispered in Gary’s ear:

“We need to hurry this up baby, I’m horny as a goat.”

Pete and Gary helped Terry and Bill into their house and while they were gone Susie asked:

“Did Pete get his cock into you?”

“Did he ever.”

“He said he was going to try.”

“It was a kick whispering in Gary’s ear while Pete had his cock buried in me. God, I wish he could have fucked me.”

“He wants to try again this weeGaryd. We will have the barbecue this time and try to get Gary smashed on margaritas. Uh oh, here they come.”

I got in the front with Gary and Susie got in back with Pete for the rest of the ride home. I kicked off my high heels, stretched out on the front seat and let my foot rub on the lump in Gary’s pants as he drove. Once in the house he chased me into the bedroom and then things got hot. I practically ripped his clothes off of him and then pushed him back on the bed. I took his hard cock in my mouth and licked and sucked on him as I worked my own clothes off.

Once naked I swung over my husband in a sixty-nine and I swear I had an immediate orgasm when his tongue licked my pussy – a pussy that Pete’s huge cock had been in less than ten minutes before. Make no mistake, I loved my hubby to death and there is no way on this earth that I would plant a pussy with another man’s cum in it on my husbands mouth, but God did it turn me on to have his mouth on me so soon after Pete had been there.

I rubbed my juicy pussy on his face and then I rolled over on my back and moaned:

“Fuck me Gary, fuck me.”

He moved between my legs and pushed his hard cock into me and I came again. I locked my legs around him and dug my nails into his back and humped up at him as he drove down into me. He fucked me hard for several minutes and then I felt him shoot into me. He pulled out of me, kissed me and then he did the one thing that I really loved and that no other man had ever done for me. He licked and kissed my body from my mouth all the way down to my pussy and when he got there he looked up at me and whispered:

“I love you.”

He bent his head and I took it in my hands and pulled it to the pussy he had just filled.

“Oh yes, oh fuck, oh yes” I moaned as he slid his tongue into me. His tongue felt marvelous moving over my swollen pussy lips and poking into my love hole. He sucked my clit into his mouth and I moaned and pushed my hips at his face. I don’t know why I found it to be so erotic that Gary loved to suck his own cum out of me, but I did and I thrashed around as he worked on me. Two minutes was all it took for him to give me a screaming orgasm. I pushed him away and pulled my knees up, spreading my legs wide and panted:

“Fuck me lover, fuck me.”

He moved over me and I moaned with pleasure as he pushed his hard cock into me. He put his mouth on mine and gave me a deep kiss as I locked my legs around him. I sucked on his tongue and as his cock began banging into me I moaned and let his tongue slip from my mouth.

“Oh fuck yes lover, oh yes, oh God yes. Fuck me baby, fuck me ” I groaned as he shoved himself deep into me, pulled back and then shoved again. I pushed up at him to meet his thrusts and I moaned and gasped as he pounded me and from somewhere in my body I dredged up yet another orgasm and shook and shuddered as he spilled another load into me.

He lay next to me on the bed and once again I wished that he had a job that kept him at home. His cock wasn’t huge, but I could live without huge if I could just have him with me all the time.


That Sunday over at Pete and Susie’s Gary did hit the margaritas pretty hard, but he was never out of it enough for Pete to get away with fucking me all the way. Pete did get his cock in me twice. The first time was a teaser. Gary had gone in to use the bathroom and Pete bent me over the patio table, slid those magnificent nine inches into me and got in a half dozen strokes before we heard the toilet flush and had to stop.

The second time was in the kitchen while Gary was sitting on the patio nodding off and I was in the kitchen helping Susie shuck corn on the cob. I was bent over the kitchen table and Pete was slamming his cock into me and Susie was watching out the window with an eye on Gary. Pete had been pounding me long enough to get me right on the edge of an orgasm when Susie said:

“Oh shit! Here he comes.”

Pete hurriedly pulled out and had his back to the door and was zipping up when Gary came in. Gary didn’t stand a chance when we got home. I was on him like a duck on a bug. It was frustrating in a way because the very margaritas we had been pouring into Gary to get him so blitzed that Pete could fuck me made it hard for him to perform. I was able to get him to go twice, but that was all. I ended up having to go into the bathroom when Gary fell asleep and get myself off by hand.


It finally happened! Pete got what he wanted. Gary got promoted and we held a promotion party for him at the house and Gary overindulged on the margaritas. After the last of the company had gone, all except for Pete and Susie, Gary was sitting on the couch talking to Pete when all of a sudden he went quiet. Pete reached over and poked Gary and Gary just sat there. Pete poked him again and Gary fell sideways on the couch – he was out!

Susie whispered, “You two go and get it get it done. I’ll stay here and keep and eye on him.”

I took Pete’s hand and led him into my bedroom and then, while Gary was in the next room, Pete fucked me on Gary’s bed. The first time was fast and furious, but oh so totally satisfying. I wasn’t wearing panties so I pulled up my skirt to my waist, bent forward and grabbed the footboard and Pete took me from behind. He took me hard and fast and gave me an orgasm in less than a minute. It took him five to get his and then we went out to the living room and checked on Gary. He was still out. Susie told us not to worry, that she would alert us if anything happened.

We went back into the bedroom and I sucked Pete hard again and then I lay down on my back and pulled my knees back almost to my ears, which made me wide open for Pete. He slammed his cock into me and for the next seven or eight minutes he fucked me as hard as he could. I had three orgasms before he came again.

After the second time Pete got up and went into the living room, picked up Gary and brought him in and set him down on the bed next to me. “Hold his hand” Pete whispered and then as I held my husbands hand in mine Pete fucked me for the third time and I came and came and came. I orgasmed so hard that I saw stars, exploding rockets, the whole thing.


I thought that would be the end of it, but it wasn’t. All that night did was fire up Pete more. Now he wanted to fuck me with Gary wide-awake and within calling distance – the closer the better. I didn’t have a clue as to how Pete could possibly make that happen, but the thought of being able to do made my pussy wet and kept it wet.

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On 5/8/2017 at 9:47 AM, El Cojelon said:

Here I am once again sharing another erotic story among the favorites of my life ... enjoy it


Well Earned Promotion (m/f, i/r, n/c) by Black Demon 

Standard Disclaimer! This is a fictional story intended for Adults only! ____

Checking the set up of the tables by the catering company and making certain the interior of the home was immaculate, Mrs. Shannon Thompson could breathe a lot easier now that everything seemed to be in place. In about an hour, the guests would be arriving and thus it was now time to change from her casual clothing into a nice summer dress and heels to greet the guests as they arrived. She could get into something a bit more informal once the guests arrived and got comfortable, especially since this was a company picnic/pool party. Although classified as a picnic, excellent food was catered by the company for the occasion. 

At the age of 28, Shannon was so happy with life in having married Tom Thompson after meeting him three years ago while visiting her former college roommate at her home. She had known that her former roommate had a brother but this had been the first time they had met one another. It was love at first sight, followed by whirlwind courtship then the fabulous wedding and reception at a plush resort. 

With her husband being quite successful as a retail marketing executive for Maxton Electronics, she gave up her job as a legal secretary at Tom's encouragement. The arrangement worked out well as Tom entertained clients from all the major electronic firms and being a housewife allowed her to do her part in helping her husband entertain guests. With her spare time, Shannon did a lot of volunteer work at the library and schools when called upon. 

With part of an inheritance and Tom's yearly income, they had purchased a fabulous home sitting atop a hillside that overlooked the city. With a large swimming pool and terraced yard down a portion of the hillside, it was a fantastic place to entertain a large group of guests. When Shannon had first seen the terraced yard along the hillside, she had kidded Tom that when they entertained, it would provide rather convenient hideaway spots for lovebirds. 

Standing at 5'5", at a trim 104 llbs., Shannon's 35D-22-33 figure had men's eyes bulging out of their skulls upon setting their eyes on her huge firm knockers. It seemed that she had inherited the family trait of women in her family, that of having a petite frame and large natural breasts. Long silky brown hair, brown eyes and flawless ivory complexion just added more to men's lusting desires. 

For this particular occasion, Tom had volunteered to host the company's annual picnic/pool party at their home. With the regional sales manager soon to be vacant by Mr. Hoskins upcoming retirement, Tom was one of those being given serious consideration for the position. Any means of impressing the boss, Mr. Carl Williams, at this point would definitely be a feather in the cap of those being considered for the position. 

In talking to Tom, Shannon learned that it now seemed to be a neck and neck race between he and Adam Watson for the position coveted position. Tom indicated that his boss had dinner with Adam and his wife last week and would be inviting them out in the coming week. Although it was considered to be a social dinner, they both knew it would be a major point in having Mr. William coming to his final decision as to who would get the job. 

Shannon had met Tom's boss briefly at a couple office functions but both had been brief introductions with the customary handshakes and greetings. She clearly recalled just how small her hand felt in the handshake with Mr. Williams, how she had shivered at the touch of the large firm hand of her husband's muscular black boss. She shivered as the old myth about black men crossed her mind, wondering if it was in fact true. 

As the guests began arriving, Shannon greeted everyone and did everything possible to make them feel at home while Tom showed them about the premises. When Mr. Williams arrived, she greeted him with a handshake and felt tingly as he continued to hold her hand firmly in his as his other hand lightly caressed her elbow and forearm. Shannon felt a wicked tremor course through her body as this tall muscular black man kept his hands on her. She could sense that he was tempted to feel her up had there not been others waiting in line behind him. 

With the greeting of Tom's boss finally ending, Shannon greeted the next arrivals but she still could not get over the lingering touch of Carl Williams. Finally, when it appeared everyone had arrived, Shannon began chatting with some of the women. From the corner of her eye, Shannon noticed the dark figure standing off by the bar staring at her. Looking over at the direction of the bar, she saw her husband's boss smile widely at her and she returned the smile. 

It was a beautiful sunset as many of the guests grabbed their drinks and stood along the walkway to view the sun going down. Just as she was about to join some of the women, she felt a firm hand grasping her upper right arm. Instinctively, Shannon knew who it was and turned to greet her husband's boss, telling him to come and watch the beautiful sunset with her. She nervously led the way, shivering as that large hand was now holding her gently around the waist. 

As they watched the beautiful sunset, Mr. Williams advised "It sure is going to be hard to decide whether Adam Watson or your husband would do best as the Regional Sales Manager! They're both so equally qualified, that's why I set up a time to dine with Adam and his wife last week and with you and Tom next week! Guess I need to find the fellow who has the most supportive wife as there's a ton of PR to do in meeting other executives in the business!" 

Shannon was at a bit of a loss for words, not knowing just how to respond to Mr. Williams' comments. "I ???.well, all I can say is that I assure you I have Tom's best interest at heart! I am certainly willing to do what it takes should Tom get that position!" Just as the head caterer signaled to her, wanting a word with her, Shannon shivered in hearing Mr. Williams respond "But are you willing to do what it takes for Tom to get that promotion!" Before she could ask what he meant by that, Mr. Williams was off to greet another employee of the firm. 

As she took care of caterer's inquiry, Shannon could not help but wonder just what Mr. Williams meant by that last remark and knew that she had to find out before the night was over. It was obvious from the conversation that since both Tom and Adam were equally qualified to Mr. Williams, it would be who's wife he thought would be best to help entertain clients of the company. Being brought up in a conservative and rather religious setting, the true meaning of Mr. Williams' comments never entered her mind. 

Carl Williams had purposely made that quick departure away from the beautiful hostess. He had definitely recalled their first two meetings, brief as they were, but she had certainly given him an immediate hardon each time. He had looked forward to attending this function and was determined to steal some time alone with this sexy little wench. But he suspected that she was quite an innocent beauty, although her looks depicted her as quite an elegant mature woman. 

In Carl Williams assessment, Mrs. Shannon Thompson was a hot sexy little bitch in comparison to the wife of Adam Watson. Mrs. Beth Watson was nearing 40 with four kids in high school or college and not nearly as attractive as Shannon Thompson. Oh, he wouldn't throw Beth Watson out of his bed, if he had the chance, but she was not even in the same class as the lovely hostess of this event. 

The dinner that Carl had with the Watsons last week was fine and cordial, just as he had expected but he figured it would be interesting if he led on to the sexy Mrs. Thompson that it was far more than just cordial. In actuality, Carl had made up his mind two weeks ago that Tom Tompson was the ideal candidate for the position but held off making any announcements till the retirement party of old man Hoskins. His mind was churning as to how he'd play his cards later that evening, knowing that he had aroused the curiosity of the sexy hostess. 

After making the rounds as a good hostess, Shannon looked about and saw her husband's boss far off in the shadows sipping his drink and looking directly in her direction. Nervously looking about, biting her lip, Shannon got a glass of wine and slowly edged her way towards Carl Williams. The party was in full blast with some trivial games going on and everyone seemed preoccupied with the two gals in charge of the fun and games. 

Smiling as she approached her husband's boss, she asked how he was getting along. She shivered when he put his arm around her waist and said "Oh, just fine now that you're here to keep me company!" Shannon was nervous as Mr. Williams kept arm around her, hand on her waist as they then pretended to look out at the city lights. Shannon trembled as she felt her fingers slowly moving about to caress her trim hip. 

Nervously, Shannon asked "What ????.what did you mean earlier when you asked if I was willing to do what it takes to get Tom the job?" Then Mr. Williams moved his hand on her waist pulling her with him as he advised "Let's take a little stroll down the walkway!" As Shannon walked with the tall muscular man, she felt so jittery, wanting to run as she felt his hand slide down a bit to cup her soft ass and began to wonder again as to the myth about black men. 

Carl smiled to himself as they slowly walked down the pathway at the edge of the hillside, taking them below the level of the backyard and out of sight from everyone by poolside. "Well, I must first tell you that I'll deny all of this word gets out and say that you made if up to force me to give Tom the job! Let's just say that in having dinner with the Watsons last week, I'm assured an extra benefit whenever I want it if Adam Watson gets the job!" 

Puzzled, Shannon swallowed nervously and asked "Wha ???..what kind of extra benefit?" Trembling, Shannon was well aware of Carl Williams' hand now moving about and taking the liberty of caressing her entire ass through her thin summer dress. At this point, fear set in as she now had an inkling as to what this conversation was leading up to. She had read about such things happening but never thought she would be faced with such a dilemma, especially since Maxton Electronics was a large well-respected company. 

Now Carl was about to put his plan into action as he lied "Well, when Adam stepped off the restroom, Beth Watson assured me that I'd get to sample her charms once I gave her husband the job! Now, I only thought it fair that I give you the same opportunity to earn that job for Tom!" Then, turning a bit, he reached out with his free hand to grasp her left hand and drew it towards his bulging crotch. Upon her trim fingers making contact with his throbbing bulge, Carl added "She's nowhere near your class Mrs. Thompson! But if you were to match those benefits, your husband's definitely got the job! Think about it, Mrs. Thompson!" 

Shannon shuddered as her fingers touched the massive bulge hidden under Carl Williams dark pants. Panting, she felt the rockhard shaft throb beneath her fingers and she squeezed it in response. Instinctively, Shannon let her fingers trace down the lengthy bulge, panting with nervousness as the length of the thick bulge never seemed to come to an end. She knew now that it was no myth that she had been wondering about, not with her husband's boss anyway. Unable to think straight, she panted in fear at the thought that her husband's future literally lay in her hands at that very moment. 

With the squeezing hand off to the left side of his pants, Carl quick undid his belt and clasp on the top of his pants, then unzipped his pants. Lifting the soft trim hands from their grasp on the out side of his trousers, he pushed his jockeys down and then replaced those beautiful manicured hands upon his hot sticky piece of meat. "Ohhhh, yeahhhhh ???ohhhhhh, babyyyyy!" he moaned in sheer pleasure as the soft hands were now wrapped around his throbbing cock. 

Shannon just could not believe that any man could be built in such a manner. She had both of her fingers wrapped tightly around the meaty cock but her thumb could not meet her other fingers. With onne hand above the other, like holding a baseball bat, there was still more of the thick meat protruding beyond her fingers. Mesmerized, Shannon loosened her grip a bit and began to stroke the massive hardon with both hands. 

Memories came to her of the day she and her husband had gone to the racetrack to watch the thoroughbreds run. The owner of one of the horses was a client of Tom's and had invited them down to the stables for a tour. Shannon had never been that close to a horse before. As Tom and his friend chatted, she had wandered around a bit to where another stable was located and she overheard one of the stablehands telling his friend that the black stallion would command a hefty stud fee. In looking at the black stallion, she could not help but to imagine this stallion mounting a filly. She could not help to compare what she had seen to what was now in her hands. 

No one from above could view them in the darkness and Shannon found herself now kneeling on the pathway. The thick black meat in her hands could not be seen in the darkness, only felt as the slimy tip brushed up against her trembling lips. She shivered in nervousness as she had never before had a cock touch her lips, not even Tom's. As the thick cockhead pressed against her lips, Shannon could not resist the temptation to dart her tongue out and lick at the oozing pisshole. Withdrawing her tongue, she then ran her slippery substance around her mouth to get her very first taste of a man's essence. 

Then her lips parted due to the pressure, forcing her to open her mouth wide, yet the cock was so thick that her teeth scraped the slick skin as it was being forced into her mouth. Wet tongue pushing against the advancing cockhead, more of the slick juices coated her tongue as she lapped up the salty fluid. More and more of the thick cock was forced into her mouth as now she had one hand upon the other at the base of the thick stem. Shannon shuddered as the thick cock was now about to enter her throat and she feared that she would not be able to breathe around it. 

Panic set in as the thick cock pushed at the entrance to her throat and Shannon gagged at the thought of choking to death around this man's big black cock. Then the thick cockhead was pulled from the entrance of her throat, allowing her to take a deep breath. She shuddered as it pushed into her throat again, only this time deeper, causing Shannon's eyes to bulge in total fear. She pushed with all of her might, her hands at the base of the thick cock, but she had no success as another inch slipped further down her throat. Unable to breathe, her eyes began to roll and Shannon thought she would soon pass out. 

Carl laughed out loud as the choking beauty gagged around his pulsing cock as she tried desperately to push him out of her mouth. Wrapping his fingers into her long brown hair, he slowly withdrew his lengthy cock so she could get some much need air, then he began slowly to face fuck the stunning young beauty. "Oh, baby! Tom would be so proud of you right now! Down on your knees help your hubby get that big promotion! Oh, baby, does Tom know what a great little cocksucker his pretty wife is?" 

Unable to breathe again, on the verge of passing out, Shannon felt the thick cockhead expand deep in the bottom of her throat followed by a gush of hot fluid making its way down her gullet. Then as the spurting cock was pulled out of her throat, Shannon was then able to breathe again as her mouth was now being filled with the hot slimy goo. Queasy and quivering as she was now forced to swallow the lumpy load, she got her very first real taste of a man. 

It was swallow or choke to death as her mouth was filled time and time again. Throughout her ordeal, Shannon could feel her queasy stomach threaten to rebel and spew out the hot protein that began to rapidly accumulate to form a lake in her belly. Finally the spurts weakened to dribbles, then only oozed onto her tongue. With her husband's boss having sated his lust for the time being, she felt the hands in her hair pull her off the dwindling but still lengthy cock. 

The slimy tool was then rubbed over her cheeks and she clutched at her queasy stomach. Then Shannon heard her husband's boss chuckle, saying "You sure are an excellent hostess, Mrs. Thompson! I'm very impressed!" Then she heard the zipper being pulled up and Carl Williams advised "Meet me back here at midnight so we can seal the deal, sweetie!" Alone on her knees, Shannon shivered as her stomach turned. Staggering to her feet, she then held onto the nearby railing as she moved toward the edge of the property. Leaning over the railing, mouth open as her stomach churned, she began spewing out the rich protein over the hillside. 

Making her way back to the party, Shannon grabbed a glass of wine to dilute the taste of Carl Williams in her mouth. As she stood around with a group of women while listening to them chatter, Shannon realized that she had really blown a man for the first time, something that she had always considered as being filthy. Something that only a cheap whore would do. But she tried to console herself, telling herself that she had done it for Tom. Thigh muscles clenching, she wondered just what could be in store for her when the witching hour struck at midnight. 

Looking at her watch, seeing that it was now 10:30 p.m., Shannon could not help but to clench her thighs together. She had never been untrue to Tom before, though she had often dreamt and thought of what it would be like to be possessed by another man. Her husband was not very experimental, always making love to her in the missionary position. Having read the manual on lovemaking, a gift from her friends at her bridal shower, Shannon had kept the book to herself as she was a bit too embarrassed to show it to Tom. But she had looked at the various illustrations of lovemaking positions many times, hoping that Tom would be more venturesome. 

Nearing midnight, the crotch of Shannon's panties was sopping wet as her love juices continued to flow. She vividly recalled the monstrous cock that had earlier been in her hands and down her throat. 'Oh, God, he'll split me in two if he tries to put it in me!' she worried as she continued to cream in her panties. Heart beating madly, Shannon told herself that she was being forced to submit for the sake of Tom but she knew it was merely an excuse for sampling another man's cock, a big black one. 

Across the pool, Shannon observed Mr. Williams smile at her and then turn to make his way down the dimly lit walkway. Looking about nervously, feeling self-conscious, Shannon slowly edged her way around the pool. One last look around to check and see that everyone was preoccupied, she then made her way down the walkway to where her husband's boss awaited her. 

Turning into the small alcove, Shannon looked about, then shivered as out of the darkness large hands reached out to caress her soft skin just about the back of her dress. Frozen to the spot, a tingling of pleasure coursed through her body as the large hands moved over her shoulders to caress the length of her arms. Then her trim waist was nearly encircled by the two large hands of her husband's tall muscular boss. It felt so wicked to having another man touch her so intimately, shivering as lips and tongue teased her neck and nibbled at her earlobe. 

Then the thick lips of her husband's boss covered her as she was being turned slowly towards him, her lips parting to admit thick wet tongue. Instinct took over as Shannon's hands raised up to clutch at the muscular biceps of the large man, her mouth opening as her pointed tongue licked at his thicker one. Over and over, she told herself that she was merely doing this for Tom's sake and that she really didn't want this to happen. But deep down, she knew that she was just fooling herself with that thought as an excuse, that she was dying to sample another man's cock, more so a big black cock. 

Carl could sense the change on the once apprehensive beauty, realizing that she was just another white bitch that had always dreamt of being taken by a black man. He knew exactly what she wanted of him and he was going to give her what she wanted so badly. Lifting her at her waist, he then her set her atop the edge of a large boulder. Pushing up her summer dress, he peeled her lacy white panties down over her trim hips and drew them down her long sexy legs. First off one heel, followed by the next, then Carl tossed them away somewhere into the darkness. 

Panting for breath, Shannon felt the strong hands ease her off the boulder, then she was being pinned against a crevice on the hillside. She felt the hands on her bare butt being adjusted and she now being cradled in his right arm as her back rested against another boulder. Lifting her legs a bit, she placed her thighs upon his hips as her arms wrapped around his neck to keep from falling. Shannon trembled in fear as his other hand held his thick cock and fitted the cockhead up against her slippery crease. 

With his cockhead in place, Carl released his left hand from his cock as he made sure he had her back braced against the wall and his right arm firmly holding her. He smiled as the moment had arrived. Carl could not believe his ploy had worked like a charm and now he was going to possess the sexy little beauty. He wished he could make her scream out in pain when he thrust his oversized dong into her tiny cunt but he could not risk her screams from being heard by the partygoers from his company. 

Wisely, Carl clamped his left hand firmly over the beauty's mouth as his right arm pulled her body down and he thrust his cock up into her tight opening. "Mmmmmmphhhhhh ???????.mmmmmmppppphhhhhhhhhh!" came the muffled screamed from the terrified young wife as his thick cock tore through her body. It had been a wise move on his part, otherwise everyone above near poolside would her screech of pain. 

He could have eased his cockhead in and let her get accustomed to his size, but he knew deep down that this was exactly the way she wanted it, taken by a caveman. But Carl thoroughly enjoyed the feel of her trembling body as it shuddered in pain from having half the length of his cock brutally shoved up into her cunt. It felt like a rubberband had been tightly wrapped around the middle of his cock and it would either break or cut into him. Finally, after holding steady for over a minute or so, the tightness eased a bit, now added by the slick juices. 

A tiny bit, then and inch, back and forth slowly the two lovers began to fuck at each other. As the thick pole became greased inch by inch, the lengthy meat disappeared into the tight clasping pussy. With the hand over her mouth now removed, in time with the thrusting cock, Shannon panted "Oh ??..oh ..??oh ...?..oh .??.oh ??..oh ??..oh ??!" Holding on tightly to his neck, Shannon shifted a bit to encircle his waist with her legs and managed to lock her white heels upon one another. Now she began to bounce up and down onto the spearing cock. 

Carl knew he had this pretty little bitch hooked on black cock now that she was getting a good sample of it up her horny twat. Wanting to see what she would do, he held himself still and quit thrusting with his cock fully imbedded. He felt her butt squirm in the palm of his hands as she tried to encourage him to continue fucking in and out of her. Then the embracing arms around his neck broke apart as her hands pushed down onto the top of his shoulders, enabling her to slide her impaled cunt up a few inches. 

Carl laughed aloud as the innocent beauty then dropped her body weight down to fully impale herself onto his cock again. Again and again, the beauty pushed herself up a bit so she could fuck herself onto his pleasure giving pole. Then he began to fuck into her once again, feeling his balls churning and threatening to soon erupt its pent-up load. In earlier talking to her husband Tom, Carl had learned that they were thinking of starting a family and he wondered if the little bitch was still on the pill. If she wasn't, the Thompson might soon be starting their family with a kinky-hair little baby. 

"Ohhhhh ??????..oh, Godddd ??????yessssssss! Fuck me ????.fuck meeeeeeee! Ohhhh ???? biggggggg ?????.so longggggggg! Ohhh ??yes ?????ohhhhhh, so goodddddddd!" Shannon moaned as the thick shaft pumped in and out of her clasping pussy. Bouncing up and down on the thick prong, Shannon was beginning to see the stars, then she was sent to the heavens as her body quivered and then shuddered in a mind-shattering climax. "Ohhhh ????..ohhhh ????I ????.???.I'm cumingggggggggg!" she stammered. 

Feeling the beauty quivering in the hands, Carl thrust faster and faster into the climaxing beauty, then buried himself up to his balls as his cock throbbed and lurched in her slick tunnel. "Ahhhhh ?????..ohhhh, Mrs. Thompson ??????.ahhhhhh ???.gonna give ya all my nigger spunk! Ahhhhhhh ???????.yeahhhhhhh! Ohhhh, Goddddddd!" he groaned as he unleashed his hot potent spunk deep in her fertile womb. 

Back pinned against the large boulder, pronged to it by the steel-like shaft, Shannon could not believe the level ecstasy that she had just experienced on her first adventure out of her marriage vows. If this man had told her to leave Tom and move in with him, she would have gone upstairs and packed her bags right at that moment. But slowly, reality began to set in and the Shannon was faced with the mental torment of having committed her first adulterous affair. 

The thick shaft that had sent her out of this world now throbbed once and again, causing Shannon to sob in shame. She could hear the noise coming from the party above where her husband entertained his guests. Here she was on the pathway behind her home, having provided entertainment for her husband's boss with his potent jizz flooding her fertile womb. Then the real horror struck her as she realized that she had not even given any thought whatsoever of the potential consequences of such an illicit fuck. 

Shannon squirmed as she tried to push her husband's boss away and out of her, wanting to rush back up and into her house where a potent douche awaited. Slowly, she felt the strong hands on her butt lifting her as the thick prong slowly slid out of her. Then her bare butt was again placed upon the boulder where her panties had been stripped from her as thick cum seeped from her widely stretched hole. She was then surprised as her husband's boss merely zipped up his pants and walked back up the pathway to the party, leaving her sitting atop the boulder with his cum oozing out of her twat. 

Bracing her hands atop the boulder, Shannon edged her butt slowly as she attempted to slide down to the pathway. Heels on the ground, she breathed a sigh of release as she clenched her muscles tightly together to keep the thick cum from escaping and running down her thighs. Looking about desperately in the dark, Shannon sought to find the white panties that Carl Williams had stripped from her and tossed out into the open air. Feeling the beads of cum beginning to flow down her thighs, she was in a state of panic. 

After a fruitless search, Shannon used the bottom of her summer dress to wipe her thighs of the dripping cum and shamefully made her way back up the pathway. Getting back to the top, she observed Tom and a bunch of fellow employees near the patio door and thus she did not want to head in that direction, not with his boss's cum threatening to spill out and run down her legs. Instead, she slipped into the outside bathroom near the pool to temporary cleanse herself. 

Nearly a month passed and Shannon finally found relief as she began her period. She had been filled with worry that her first adulterous affair had left her pregnant. Last week, Tom took her out to a fabulous restaurant to celebrate the announcement of his promotion that he so well deserved and earned. Shannon smiled and toasted her husband for his success, though not telling him of the important role she had played in assuring him of the job promotion. 

Throughout that month, Shannon could not get over the guilt of what she had done nor the worry of whether or not she had become pregnant as a result of it. Now that the threat of pregnancy was over, it seem that her mind constantly reflected back on that night and the mind-shattering climax she had achieved with a man other than her husband. She could not get her thoughts away from that man, the one whom her husband worked for and who possessed a big black cock. 

Her body shivered each time Shannon thought of Carl Williams, craving to once again have his long thick cock splitting her in two. Following the exquisite dinner and having returned home, she knew that Tom was hot for her bod and they had quickly fallen into bed. But of course, it was in the same old missionary position. As her husband pumped his cock in and out, Shannon naughtily wrapped her legs around her husband like she did for his boss on the pathway, only this was the first time she appeared so wantonly aggressive for her own husband. Before Tom came in her, she wickedly asked "Honey, what did Mr. Williams say when he promoted you!" 

A week later, Shannon arrived at her husband's new office on the top floor of the building and was quite impressed with the plush surroundings. She was to meet Tom here as he wanted to show her his slick new office and then take her out to lunch. Checking in the pretty receptionist, the gal advised her that Tom had just buzzed her on the intercom and left a message that he'd be delayed for lunch about a half-hour due to the problems encountered with a major client's orders. 

Just as she was telling the receptionist that she'd wander about the clothing store next door and return later, she heard a familiar voice say "Oh, Mrs. Thompson, Tom was worried about you being upset that he got tied up! I told him not to worry as I'd be only to happy to show you his new digs!" Heart pounding, thigh muscles clenching, Shannon was speechless as her husband's boss guided her by the elbow as he led her down the hallway. 

As it was nearing noon, most of the secretaries were off to lunch with only a few remaining to cover the phones. Nearing a closed door, Shannon licked her dry lips as she read the printing on the door, reading 'Tom Thompson' on the top line and 'Regional Sales Manager' in smaller print below. Her heart was pounding even faster now as she was being led into the plush office adjacent her husband's. She quivered as she heard the door close behind along with the click of the door being locked. 

No words were exchanged nor needed to be. Frozen to the spot as she stood looking out upon the beautiful view of the downtown area, she shivered as she felt hands at the back of her neck pulling down the zipper of the nice pink dress she had worn. Then her dress was puddled upon the plush around her open-toe heels. Seconds later, her lacy pink bra was also upon the carpet and her matching panties were sliding down her trim legs. 

Fortunately, the offices were sound proof, otherwise her moans of pleasure would certainly had disrupted her husband's important meeting right beyond the nearby wall. Lying upon the sofa in Carl Williams' office, clad only in her open-toe heels with pink and red straps, she spread her legs wide as her husband's naked boss shuffled up onto the sofa. 

"Ohhhhhhhhh ?????.yesssss ??????ahhhhhhhhhhh!" Shannon moaned as the thick cock spread her wide open. "Ohhhhhhh ?????yes ????..fuck me ?????fuck me ?????..oh, I need it so bad! Shag me ?????'shag me ?????.give me you big black cock!" she pleaded, wrapping her sexy legs around the pumping black ass. It was such a turn on for her, fucking her husband's boss just feet away from the wall adjacent to her husband's office. 

Twenty minutes later, Tom Thompson office door opened as the meeting had concluded and the important clients could be heard thanking Tom for taking care of the problem. Tom followed his clients out of his office and smiled as he saw his lovely wife looking out at the view as his boss pointed various points of interest to her. 

End of Story.

Here we are one more time.

Happy and Merry Christmas to all the people of Cuckoldfart.

Now another of the most exciting Cheatng and seduced wife stories

Their Wives Belong To Me

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byrailroadlady© and highly modified by EroticWriter

Note to our readers. I found this a while back on another site and thought the concept of it was quite hot and fairly well written. I clicked on the name rail road lady but it would not work, so I could not contact 'her' if the author really was a woman.

I greatly enhanced the story, adding much detail, making some changes including the taking of photos, and heating up the sex. I place it here with acknowledgments to the original author and for your enjoyment. I also changed the title. Originally it was just 'Victor Sylvester.'

The call came at about 9 am.


"Ahh, Yes. Mrs. Jacobsen?”


Mrs. Jacobsen, this is Victor Sylvester, I work with your husband."

That was an understatement, Victor Sylvester was the Chairman of the Elotus Corp, and my husband Richard was the chief financial officer.

“Ahh yes sir. I know who you are.”

"I know you are aware that Richard is a prime candidate for the presidency of Elotus, and I need to have a word with you in private regarding his future and yours."

"Well certainly Mr. Sylvester, but I am not sure how much help I can be, and Richard is in Phoenix this week."

"Well, that's why I'm calling, because what I have to say is for your ears only, something of a surprise for your husband you might say."

His ‘surprise’ for my husband comment caught my interest immediately. "Yes of course, Mr. Sylvester.. Where would you like to meet?"

"Well, let's keep it informal, what if I stop by your home in about an hour, would that be convenient for you?"

"Well, yes, it will give me time to straighten up a little."

"Fine Mrs. Jacobsen, I'm looking forward to seeing you again." He hung up.

My mind is whirling; perhaps he is going to let me tell Richard that he got the presidency. What else could it be? Richard has been with Elotus for 15 years, and it is his whole life. He has advanced steadily to his present job, and is very excited about this opportunity to be the president.

The next hour passed very slowly for me as I anticipated the arrival of Mr. Sylvester. I showered and dressed in a way I thought an executive's wife should. And then his car pulled in the driveway.

Victor Sylvester was not my favorite person. I am sure he is very good at his job, but he does have a reputation for being very ruthless in advancing his interests for the company.

Physically he is rather short, about 5 7, and with a pot belly showing his love for drink and fine food, but he had always been quite polite to me and the other wives whenever there would be a company gathering.

I answered the door with the ring of the doorbell. He smiled as I stepped back to let him in.

"Lovely to see you Mrs. Jacobsen." he greeted me.

"Thank you, Mr. Sylvester” I said as sweetly as could be, though inwardly I was nervous. “I can hardly wait to find out why you wish to see me privately." I said. "Please call me Gloria and,” I pointed towards the kitchen, “would you like coffee?"

"That would be very good, thank you Gloria."

I relaxed. So far this seemed to be going smoothly. "Please have a seat in the living room, I'll be right back."

I could feel his eyes following me as I went to the kitchen for the tray I had prepared. My skirt was short but fashionable, and my silk blouse was what a career woman might wear. Smart, a little transparent and probably quite revealing as it clung to my breasts and allowed just a little cleavage to show.

I had worn nylon stockings and a garter belt, (Richard hated panty hose) and a string of pearls. I didn't wear heels often around the house but this morning was a special occasion.

I had dressed to impress and I am sure that Mr. Sylvester knew it.

Mr. Sylvester watched me as I came back to the living room. Bending over to put the tray on the coffee table I could feel his eyes looking down my blouse, and strangely, I enjoyed his looking. ‘This is for my husband’ I kept telling myself.

I poured the coffee as quickly as I could, and then sat facing him. His eyes followed me as I crossed my legs, and I realized that my skirt was quite shorter sitting down. Blushing, I uncrossed my legs and attempted to pull the skirt down but to little avail. He was enjoying this I could tell.

What made it even harder was the fact that now, facing him, I needed to physically push to keep my knees together so that he could not look between my thighs and catch a glimpse of my white panties.

"You are a beautiful woman, Mrs. Jacobsen."

"I am flattered Mr. Sylvester, but I am sure that is not what you came here to tell me."

"I came to talk about your husband's career and his possible promotion to the presidency of our company and the part that you will be instrumental in playing in seeing him realize his ambitions."

“My part?” I felt warning bells going off. "But how can I possibly assist you, Mr. Sylvester?"

"Lovely lady, you can guarantee his promotion by simply being nice to me."

About that time, with his comment to be nice to him, I realized that I had unconsciously allowed my thighs to relax and that my knees were no longer together. I quickly considered pushing them together and decided to let it go. What was done, is done. Maybe he can see my panties and maybe not.

"I don't understand." I stammered. But already I was hoping that what had crossed my mind wouldn’t come true. My mind was whirling with his words as he continued to gaze unrestrainedly at my legs, and letting his eyes drift up to my breasts. I felt my face turning red.

"Let me explain it to you then."

His eyes fixed on mine and he continued.

"Gloria, You are a beautiful woman, and I think beautiful women should share their charms and their bodies, and not keep them for just one man. You have been to the company gatherings and been seen by all. There is not a man in my company who hasn't expressed the desire to sleep with you, no, the word is they all want to fuck you, but I have the means to accomplish that for myself."

I think that was the exact moment that my situation became obvious. His outright use of the F word shocked me. ‘They want? He wants to fuck me?’ My heart was pounding because already I was feeling trapped. I stood up and pulled my skirt down. I couldn’t meet his eyes. "I think you should leave now, Mr. Sylvester. Your language is very crude."

He continued to sit there and smile, almost leering up at me.

"Ah, I see you don't understand." He paused, "If you don't grant me my wishes, your husband will not be promoted, and that will be the end of his dream."

"When I tell Richard about this you will have to answer to him." I stammered as my mind was reeling from what was happening. Deep down, I knew. There is no way that I can win this.

"Let me put it another way, if you don't grant me some pleasure with you, your husband will be dismissed. Oh, he will be allowed to resign, but there will be a cloud over his leaving the company, and I will plant rumors that will insure that he will never attain a high office in any company ever again."

His smile was gone now.

Trying to absorb what I was hearing, I sat down and all my breath seemed to leave me. He immediately zoned in again on my legs as my skirt pulled up. This time I didn’t bother to tug it down or push my knees together.

"You will have to readjust your life away from country clubs, fine homes, and the lifestyle you now enjoy." he paused, "So think about it very carefully before you get too indignant. After all, all I am asking is for you to be pleasant for a little time and it will all be over, and you and Richard will have all you have hoped for, is that too much to ask?"

He sat back, poured himself some more coffee, sipped it and looked at me over the cup.

I sat there stunned not knowing what to do or say, realizing that this despicable little man had the power to destroy everything that we had hoped for. And I thought of our two children whose future could be changed forever because of this man. And I realized that all those rumors about him stopping at nothing to get what he wanted were true.

"Your husband will never know unless you are foolish enough to tell him, because that would have an effect on your marriage that would never go away, so think carefully before you decide that my request is unthinkable to you."

“You’re asking me to cheat on my husband.” My voice rose, almost pleadingly. ”Mr. Sylvester, Can’t you see how traumatic that might be for me?

For some reason he kept going back to my married name instead of using just Gloria. I suspect that addressing me by my married title was making this entire affair more exciting for him.

“Mrs. Jacobsen, have you ever been fucked by any other man besides your husband?”

“Fu…? No, of course not, I was raised to be a good girl.”

“Well, this can be your chance to be a bad girl for a change. Just think: feeling a strange cock within your pussy for the first time. You just might enjoy it, and you can tell yourself it’s not cheating since you will be helping out your husband’s career.”

One thing for sure I was thinking. Strange cock or not, this man was not appealing and no way would I enjoy this. As he calmly sipped coffee, I sat shaking inside with the thought that I didn't have many choices, if I agreed I would have to put up with some unspeakable indignities with a man I now detested, and if I ordered him out, I was jeopardizing the future of my entire family.

"How can I be sure that you will do what you promise?" I asked

He knew then that he had me.

"You must trust me to keep my word" he simply said, with a smile.

"Then what comes next," I asked, my voice sounding resigned?

“First, since you have been sitting there and teasing with that skirt that pulls up so nicely, you can raise it now as you sit there and show me your legs, all the way up.”

I hesitated, then, going slowly, my face turned red as I tugged my skirt up over my knees and looked at him.


My heart was pounding as I had to raise my butt a little ways off the couch to do as he wanted, and I ended up with my skirt up almost all the way to my panties.

“Now spread your legs, wide.”

My body shook a little and strangely, I felt my nipples suddenly harden as they rubbed against the inside of my silk blouse. Again doing it slowly, I opened my legs, further exposing my stockings, garter belt and white panties to his view.

“Very nice, Mrs. Jacobsen... You have fine taste in underthings. I’ve always felt that white underwear is the most intimate.”

Strangely, I felt a rush of heat surge through my vagina as I displayed my undies to him. I gave him ten more seconds to stare while opening my legs even further, and I could actually hear his breathing. My voice was softer now as I asked, “Now what’s next?”

"Well, you might show me your bedroom to start with." He smiled as he looked at me knowing that my surrender was almost complete. In just minutes or less he was going to be getting very intimate with me. Our eyes met and avoiding his I looked away and in the direction we would be going.

"It’s this way”, I said as I closed my legs and stood up. I couldn't believe what was happening to me.

He followed me into the hallway and I started up the stairs, and as I did I felt his hand under the back of my skirt and then it was on my bottom feeling me as we ascended. I stopped and looked at him and my face was burning.

"A man loves to watch a woman from behind as she walks, but it is even better to feel her walking." he said without apology.

“You promise that my husband or anyone else will never know?”

He sneered. “They’ll know only if you tell them, my dear.”

“All…alright then.”

Totally humiliated, I turned and started up the stairs as his hand found me again, feeling and groping me all the way up the stairs. I almost ran into the bedroom. He closed the door behind him, and motioned me to the center of the room.

I realized then that I had made a mistake bringing him into the room I share with my husband but it was too late now. I was going to be fucking another man on my marriage bed.

From there it all happened very quickly.

He walked over to me and put his arms around me then pulled my head to him and he kissed me, and felt my bottom and probed between my buttocks with his fingers, and he kept kissing me now using his tongue and then I felt him pull up my skirt and his hands were inside my panties, one hand in the front and one in the back, and he was rubbing my pussy, and feeling my bottom, and then his fingers two of them I think were inside me, and I pushed him away in revulsion.

Acting ‘indifferent’ at my rejection of his advances, he went over and sat on the divan.

My pussy still tingling from his sudden assault with his fingers, I just stood there, unsure of how to react. I knew that I had screwed up by pushing him away. If I wasn’t going to go through with it, why had I allowed him to start? That is what he must be thinking.

"Perhaps I am rushing you, beautiful lady." he said. "If you are wise you will try to enjoy this as I know I can give you great pleasure if only you will let yourself relax."

I knew that I must control my emotions because I felt sure now that he would be very vindictive if I let him know I found him repulsive.

"I need a little time." I stammered. "It is all happening so very suddenly, and I’ve never done this before.”."

He looked inquisitively at me. “Was that true, that you have only fucked your husband?”

I corrected him. “Only made love to my husband.”

"Of course." he said. “Only been made love to by your husband and now you will only be fucked by me. I think that might be an appropriate way to describe it since it is probable you have never really been fucked before.”

‘Fucked before...’ My mind was filled with images of this man lying naked on me and probing my body with whatever he had between his legs. He was correct. I. knew this would be fucking because there was no way in Hell would I be making love with this disgusting little man!

He grinned at me, an evil looking grin. “Had enough time yet?”

"I think I am OK now." I whispered. I was staring at him, trying in my mind to become interested enough in him to maybe allow myself to become aroused, if I was aroused, this might be easier to do. What he was saying was true. I made love to my husband, anyone else would be fucking. As yet, I had not realized what being fucked truly meant.

"Wonderful, then perhaps you can slowly take off your clothes for me, I have wondered for many years what you would look like totally nude, and I must confess I can hardly wait to find out."

I breathed a little sigh of relief as I realized that at least he wouldn't be touching me while I did as he asked, so I decided to try to stretch it out as long as possible to postpone what I knew he wanted to do to me. I unbuttoned my silk blouse, and pulled it out of my skirt, and I let it drop to the floor.

Turning slowly I sat on the bottom of the bed as he stared at me, and pulling up my skirt, undid the fastening to my stockings and slowly slipped them down, kicking off my high heels, and dropped them on the rug.

"Please put the high heels back on." he said quietly.

I did as he asked.

Unzipping the skirt I let it slip to the floor. Now I am standing in my bra, panties, and garter belt. I turn slowly, trying to prolong the moments. With my back to him I unsnap the brassiere, and my breasts are bared. I turn around to face him, and his face is almost distorted as he stares at me.

“Those are really nice tits. Let’s see some more.”

I am running out of things to do, and slowly I unsnap the garter belt and let it drop to the floor.

He gasps as he looks at me in what is a very sheer pair of panties that don't do much to cover my mound. I turn slowly, a complete turn, and another.

“Now baby, show me that pussy that soon is going to be wrapped around my cock.”

That starts me trembling. Then hooking my thumbs in the waist of my panties I slowly slide them down, and I sit on the edge of the bed again and take them over my knees, calves, and slip them over my heels. Slowly I stand up again, and I am completely nude except for the strand of pearls and my high heels. He is staring at me with hunger that scares me a little.

"Come over here."

I slowly walk over to him and stand in front of him, and he leans forward and kisses my belly, which causes a shiver to race through me from my hips to my shoulder blades. Then his stubby forefinger slips between my legs and he presses his finger against my clitoris. I jerk away in shock from this invasion of my body.

"You must be a little more cooperative my dear, remember what's at stake here and don't destroy this great future for your husband and your family."

Numbly I look at him and nod my submission.

Again his fingers find my clitoris, and he gently starts to massage it, and his other hand goes around me to my bottom, which he wantonly explores. Despite myself my knees are getting shaky, and I am getting very wet. My clitoris is swelling and is responding to his caresses, because that is what they are.

I can’t help it as the first groan erupts from my lips. “Ooooooh.”

Based on the way he had first been fondling me, I was expecting him to be rough, but he isn't and it would be easier if he was, because he is arousing me and I feel ashamed and dirty. I had wanted to be aroused but my guilt keeps me asking myself how can I possibly take pleasure in what this pig is doing to me?

“Feels good, doesn’t it?”

My face is red as I nod my head in agreement.

Suddenly he stands up and leads me to the center of the room, and he steps away and starts to remove his clothing. I try to look everywhere but at him, but I am drawn irresistibly to the sight of this grotesque little man, exposing his fat belly and his ugly body, which now has a full erection.

I’m surprised. ‘Oh shit! Just look at that!’

I am used to being made love to by six slim inches, but now something else is coming my way. I can't take my eyes off his erect penis. It is not real long, maybe a little more than seven inches, but it is extremely thick, from the fat knob and going all the way down the shaft where it is even thicker, and I can't imagine what will happen when he decides it is time to r******** me, for that's what is happening. I am being coerced into sex with this terrible man.

Using his right hand, he pulls the foreskin up over the head and back again. "Not bad for a little man, eh?" he leers at me.

I don't respond, but the expression on my face gives me away. “Can’t decide whether to be scared or excited, is that it?”

“Yes,” I answer honestly.

“If you have to do this, you want it to feel good, don’t you?”

“Yes!” I had just wanted to agree with him, but I realized that the way I had given a quick answer had made it sound like I was excited. “I thought about something like this years ago.”

“What’s that? You mean screwing me?”

“No, I mean, if I ever for some unknown reason decided to cheat on my husband, then I wanted…” I paused, unable to go on.

“If you decided to cheat, you wanted…what, Mrs. Jacobsen?”

If I have to do this, with a man not my husband, then I want the man to feel different.” I took another hard look at his penis. “And you’ll definitely feel different.”

“Now that you have seen my prick, are you admitting that you might find it to be exciting, and that you might actually end up wanting it?”

I answered honestly. “Yes. I can see where that might happen.”

Then, not wanting to be constantly reminded that I am cheating, I smiled and asked: "Please call me Gloria."

He sort of sneered at me. "No, for today you shall go on being 'Mrs. Jacobsen' because today you are a wife fucking your husband's boss for his advancement."

I nodded sheepishly. "Yes. I understand."

"And doing it in your marriage bed," he said, softly. "Now, put your hands on the bed and bend over." he orders.

I do as he says, putting my hands on my marriage bed and feeling tears come to my eyes at the thought. I feel fully and terribly @@@@@@@ as he is now behind me. My buttocks, my anus, my pussy, they are all out there and fully @@@@@@@.

He thrusts himself against me and I can feel that big penis between my buttocks, as his hands reach under and find my dangling breasts, with the nipples fully erect.

It isn’t bad enough that he is forcing me to have sex with him, but he has to put me into the most submissive or maybe, humiliating position as well. Then he takes one hand and finds my clit again and begins massaging it gently, and as he does so I feel him placing the head of that thick penis into my vagina, and he slowly eases it in and I can't believe how my vagina is stretching to allow him entry.

“Mmmm…mmmph!” His fat knob had gone past my lips and I actually felt my lips struggle to open wider in order to accept his even thicker shaft.

Thank goodness I have had children otherwise I could never handle this.

“Ooooh Noooo, ooooh please…” He has gone in several inches and I have never felt so violated, with that great thickness filling and stretching me to what I know is my physical limit. And now he begins to thrust into me, again and again as his fingers masterfully stroke my clitoris.

His entry seems to go on forever and then I know he has penetrated me as far as his dick will go when I feel his body, mainly his balls hit up against me.

For the first time since having my first child, it feels like my pussy is being filled again, only more so because Sylvester is so big. But something else is happening because my vagina has suddenly begun feeling very wet. There is pleasure here, pleasure that cannot be denied.

“Uuuuh uhhhh uuuuh” he is pounding me, punishing me with his brutal cock and I feel it, him, beginning to take total control of my body. My lips, indeed my entire vagina is being tugged along with each stroke of his meaty penis. Despite myself I know I am going to have an orgasm to end all, and I can't fight it as he keeps thrusting and massaging me.


He has yelled it, and I sense what he wants to hear. With the knowledge that this man is going to make me orgasm, I have no problem coming up with things to say. “Mr. Sylvester…Oh Victor, It feels good. Your cock feels incredibly good.” And then I added with a giggle, “and it definitely feels different!”

“Keep talking. Do you like the way my cock stretches your tight little cunt?”

I have never liked hearing that vulgar C word being used to describe a woman’s vagina, but now hearing it arouses me further. He is talking about MY cunt!

“I like the way it is stretching my tight little cunt…YES!” Then I volunteered more info without being asked. “You knew once you got it in that I would react like this, didn’t you?”

Before he could respond I had something else to say. “Mmmm…Victor, it’s…my cunt is cumming! Ooooohhhh…”

He kept pumping. “You…you’re…I’m cumming again!”

I am racked with shudders as I orgasm again and again and he is breathing rapidly and I am trying not to cry out but I already have and I feel filthy and dirty with this horrible man inside me, fucking me, yes fucking my cunt with his thickness until I can't support myself anymore and I fall onto the bed as he drops along with me and lays his stomach on my back as he continues to ravish me with that thick monstrosity.

“Ooooh Victor that feels so good.” I immediately bite my tongue. ‘Why am I still saying it?’

“’I’m still cumming!” Even on my stomach there is no escaping the intense pleasure as I climax still again. Like he had said, I had never really been fucked before.

“Victor, you evil man. You own my body now and you know it, don’t you? I’ve never felt anything like this before.”

"You are reacting exactly as I expected, Mrs. Jacobsen."

Finally he explodes inside me and I can feel his contractions, and hear his breathing as he achieves orgasm. Again I feel something new, something different as his penis bucks and discharges what feels like a huge load inside me.

I am gasping, trying to catch my breath as I feel the incredible wetness that now seems to have soaked my pussy. He slips out, dragging half my pussy back with him, and falls on the bed beside me.

I couldn’t move and as I lay there I hoped that he was done and would now leave, yet at the same time I wanted him to stay for just a little longer, the time it would take to bring me to orgasm again. I felt wetness, wetness everywhere, from my eyes, my pussy, even my mouth as I realized I was drooling.

“So tell me, Mrs. Jacobsen, have you ever been fucked before?” He has rolled up against me and placed his arm possessively around me.

I felt so weak, so drained that I couldn’t even raise my head to reply, but as I turned my head to the side, our eyes met. I knew what he wanted to hear. I smiled weakly at him. “Yes. I’ve been fucked.”

“When were you fucked?”

“Just now. You fucked me.”

“Was that your first fucking?

“Yes.” I looked him in the eyes, hoping to build his ego so that he would feel more kindly towards me. “You were right Victor. I understand now. Until you I had never been fucked before.”

“So who owns you?”

I had already said that he owns me. Still, I hesitate.

“Who owns you? Say the name.”

I say it like I am telling someone else. “Mr. Victor Sylvester. He owns me, he and his thick cock.” I added 'his cock' because it seemed to me that I was not giving in to just him, and I wanted Victor to know that he also needs his cock to own me.

"Lay on your back." he commands.

I roll over exhausted and not much caring about anything except having another orgasm and then when it is done, getting him out of my house.

“Yes, I want to cum one last time. Make me cum.”

But it isn't done. He is on his knees, his head between my legs, and he is kissing and licking me. My clit, he is licking, and my labia, and inserting his tongue into my vagina. ’Doesn’t he mind my pussy being filled with his cum?

Oh God no, I am going to cum again, and I do, and I experience multiple orgasms, and finally he withdraws his head from between my legs and comes up beside me on the bed.

I am surprised. Instead of taking and using me like before, he has done something for me. When he wraps an arm around me and draws me close, I respond warmly to his first kiss, and when his tongue enters, I tongue him back.

"Now beautiful lady, one more thing we have to do before we end this most delightful morning."

I stare at him, and wonder what it is that he wants.

He straddles me and puts my arms above my head and his penis is between my breasts as he pushes my breasts together around his member. Quickly it becomes erect again, and he moves up the bed and puts his penis to my mouth. "Oh No, Please no." I beg,

"Ah, but you must, or everything will be incomplete." he says.

I open my mouth, and his massive head is inside my mouth, and I am almost choking it is so large.

"Don't be coy. You know what I want you to do."

Defeated now I begin to suck as he pushes into my mouth, and he takes one of my hands and places it on his member and I am holding it and sucking it.

“Run your tongue over the head.”

Yes, he owns me and I do as he says. Wanting to explore further in order to help take my mind off what I know will be the final result, I begin feeling the head of his thick prick and at one point the tip of my tongue finds the opening in front and since the tip of a tongue is so sensitive it feels like my tongue is going way inside since the opening in his prick, like the prick itself, is so large.

He laughs.” Keep that tongue tip there and my hot cum will knock it out of the way, big time.”

I don’t want that of course, his cum shooting into my mouth and knocking my tongue around, so I quickly take it out of the opening and return to running my tongue all around the head. This is easier than allowing him to fuck my mouth with his thickness and I hope he finds that satisfactory.

He does. “Oh yeah, baby. I love that action with the tongue.”

He is breathing harder and harder until he grows even larger and ejaculates into my mouth. Because my mouth is slightly opened in shock I have some cooler air coming in and as a result his cum feels hot.

I try to turn my head but he is holding me until his orgasm is over. Without saying a word he continues to hold my head over his prick. I know what it is he expects and my entire body quivers as I try to swallow. His cum is thick and there is a lot of it but finally, it is all down.

“Who owns you? I want to hear you say it so I know that you got it all down.”

“You own me Victor.”

Then he pulls away and I am totally ravished, weak, and drained. And I am sweating. I wipe away what I can from my face with the sheet as he lays there recovering. Finally he gets up without a word and goes into the bathroom and closes the door. I hear the shower running.

I have pulled the sheet up over my naked and used body when he comes out. "You are a magnificent woman, with a body that men would kill for." He said as he put on his clothes.

I sighed as his limp but still thick looking cock disappeared beneath his clothes. I wanted more of it one last time, but I hated this man just the same.

"You are everything that I dreamed you would be, and now when I see you at company functions, you can be sure that I will see you completely naked in my mind as you were for me this morning."

He walked to the bedroom door.

"Oh, one last thing, the board meeting to choose our next president is not until Friday of next week. So I shall have Richard attend a financial seminar in Los Angeles next week. Please keep Wednesday open for me. From ten in the morning and all afternoon if need be.’

He planned, demanded another session. The damage had already been done. I had been intimate with another man and I had, for the most part, enjoyed it. So now I was to be given another chance, one last chance to be fucked, truly fucked.

Smiling, I readily agreed, with one slight change. “Until 3 P.M. My kids come home at 3:15.” I looked hopefully at him. ”Victor, if you come at ten that will still give us five hours.”

“Give us five hours to do…what?”

“Five hours to fuck.”

“Five hours for me to fuck what part of your body?”

I knew what he wanted to hear and as I felt my face burning as I used that word. “Five hours for you to fuck my cunt.” I smiled hopefully at him. “Five hours for you to fuck me like no one else can.”

“That will be time enough.”

And he was gone. I shook my head. Is he really planning on fucking me for five hours?

As I gingerly felt around my brutally ravished and slightly tender pussy with my fingers, I lay there shaking, knowing that, orgasms aside, I was going to have to go through the whole nightmare again in a few days. But what choice did I have? I had none.

So what did I do? I shaved my pussy in order to surprise Victor. This next time would be the last time so I decided to go all out. Such was the price a loving wife must do in order to help her husband.

Of course, in the interim I had to do a little fibbing. My husband was so excited that I had shaved my pussy to surprise him that he made love to me twice that next week and though I was afraid he might he did not seem to notice any change to the interior of my pussy that had recently been stretched to the limit.

He felt small to me going in. It puzzled me that he maybe could not feel a difference because it seemed like he was not stretching me like before.

Maybe it was just that I was, however, aware of the size differential between my husband and his boss. I had an orgasm each time with my husband, but that was it, just an orgasm and not multiples. My husband though, during one of our two sessions pulled his cock out of my pussy and jacked off, shooting his warm cum all over my shaved cunt.

“Why did you do that,” I asked, smiling up at him?

“I don’t know baby, except that without all that hair, it will be real easy to do a cleanup.”

“That’s true,” I giggled. I sort of raised my hips toward him. "Want to lap it up?"

"No. I won't go that far."

And my husband’s boss came the next Wednesday promptly at 10 am.

Part 2 Round 2.

I was having second thoughts now. Though I had shaved my pussy for Victor, if I had a choice, I now wished not to have to go through with this. In an effort to be as unattractive as possible, I was wearing an old grey sweatshirt and sweat pants, and running shoes. With a scarf holding my hair, I hoped that he would not find me becoming. He walked in as I opened the door, and looking at me he quickly took me in his arms.

"So you favor the athletic look this morning." and holding my head so I couldn't escape his lips he began kissing me and as I finally turned my head away his hands went inside the waistband of my sweats and he fondled my buttocks as he kept on kissing my neck, and I could feel his maleness against my belly.

"Let us go upstairs." and as we went he felt my bottom all the way up the stairs and into the bedroom. I didn’t know why, but my pussy was already tingling. Then I knew why, it was the thought of how thick that cock of his is. I also was remembering what he had said, about all afternoon if necessary.

If he fucks me for five full hours, I will probably be crawling instead of walking.

In the bedroom he pulled the scarf off my head letting my hair down to my shoulders, he then pulled the sweatshirt over my head, and told me to remove the pants. I complied and stood there in a bra and panties. This time, instead of cowering, I stood there with my shoulders back and stared back at him.

He stared. “Your pussy looks different under those panties…” his eyes widened. “Damn, even with those panties on I can see that you have shaved that cunt. Did you do that for me?”

I wanted to lie but decided to tell the truth. One last time with him and it would be over. “Yes, I did it for you but of course my husband thinks otherwise.”

“Does he like your shaved cunt?”

“I guess so since he pulled out of me and jacked off and came all over it.” I was feeling ornery now.

“Pull those panties off and let’s have a look.” I did and again I stood before him with my shoulders back as he studied my shaved snatch.

"You look ravishing, Mrs. Jacobsen, simply ravishing. Let us take a shower together."

As I took off my shoes, he undressed and then led me into the over sized shower that Richard and I had built in. He quickly soaped my body and then his and embraced me with his full erection pressed between my legs and then he pushed his stubby finger into my anus quickly as I gasped and tried to escape his grasp.

"Please don't, please don't." I begged. “Not there!”

He ignored me and thrust his finger in deeper as he moved his penis against my clitoris and between my legs. The devil knew how to arouse me even though I was sickened by his touch.

The day was going to be long as he was doing his best to demonstrate, over and over again, how I had never been fucked, until him. Regrettably, he was right. He had obviously planned what he would do.

He fucked me, fucked my cunt, and I started having orgasms before he was fully into me. On my back, I really felt like I was being fucked, and though I hated what he was doing to me, I was responding warmly to his offered kisses.

At one point I asked him how he could possibly keep going. He smiled with that ugly smile and said,

"You must understand that your sexual attraction coupled with a man who is very hungry for you, plus a touch of the right medication - well all things are possible.

My god, I thought, he has taken drugs to keep himself ready. Those commercials on T.V. warn of ‘erections lasting four hours’ and I was wondering if he might end up in an emergency room.

"You must surely know that your beautiful clitoris comes alive at the touch of my fingers, your nipples become very erect, your ass is so beautifully rounded demanding to be fondled, your vagina is so small it is a great source of pleasure simply trying to enter you, and with such a great reward when one does, and your magnificent breasts which take my breath away, are shaped like those of Venus, heavy and firm.

Yes Mrs. Jacobsen, there are many reason why I can stay aroused for a long time when I am with you. You may try to pretend, even believe that you are disgusted by having to do this, but your body is responding to my caresses, and you get very wet, and your breathing comes faster, and I know that you have achieved several orgasms while we have been together."

I hated what he was saying because he was right. He was doing anything he wanted, and I couldn't stop him for fear of his revenge on my husband and me. But my body was responding to him whether I wanted to or not.

My husband’s promotion was dependent on my willingness to please, so finally I admitted it, though it was hard to do.

“You were right, Mr. Sylvester. I had never been fucked before you.” To prove my sincerity, I wrapped my fingers around his prick and leaning down, kissed the head of his prick. “I’ve really enjoy getting this prick of yours.” I gave him a stroke and sighed. “it’s not just the way it stretches my lips, the lips on my cunt, it’s also how it gets right up in there and rubs my G spot. I’ve never before felt orgasms like those.”

He became fully erect and this time I wanted it. “I…I’ve never before had multiple orgasms, back to back, until you.”

He surprised me when he got up and walked over to his clothes. He pulled a small digital camera out of a pocket, pointed it at me and said: “Now you can pose for me.”

I sighed. “Really? You want naked pictures?” I knew it would be fruitless to resist.

“Yes, really! These photos will be for me to enjoy while you are enjoying the fruits of your labor with all the extra money your husband will be earning”

He photographed me full naked front, back, on my knees with my ass and pussy pushing out and up from the rear, and then with me lying on my back with a pillow under my head and holding my vaginal lips opened with the fingers of both my hands while I smiled invitingly into the camera..

Then, after showing the results to me, he went further, taking close up photos of my pussy being stretched wide in various positions by his perpetually hard prick. And again, he showed me the results, and for the first time I could see how my tortured lips looked so thin because of being stretched so far.

His cock looked so wide compared to my cunt, ooh, there’s that damned C word. Excuse me since I am not saying this for him, his cock looked so wide compared to my vagina, that I still cannot understand how it is able to fit inside me.

He studied my face while I studied the photos. “Hot, aren’t they?”

I had to admit that they were. “Yes, very.”

“Show me which one you like the best.”

“Well, this one is the second best.” It was a photo that he had taken by holding the camera over our heads and aiming straight down between us. His cock looks impossibly large. Even though his head is already into me in the photo, it still looks like their is no way that the rest 
will fit into me, but somehow, it does. 

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He studied it. “Yes, that’s one of my favorites too. My cock does look rather wide going into your shaved cunt. You picked that one as ‘second best,’ so which one is the best?”

“This one.” It wasn’t hard to choose. I had picked out the one that, though it was a close up shot of my cunt, yes my cunt, I was used to having it called that now, being stretched, it also happened to show my face in the background. My face was slightly out of focus, but you could see that it looked like I was really enjoying it.

“Excellent choice, Mrs. Jacobsen.”

That seemed to spur him on. Again he fucked me, and that is the only word for it, once as I had to bend over the bed, another time his full weight crushed me into the mattress as he did it again, and this time my legs were high around him as he was thrusting inside me and his finger was probing in my anus. Despite all this and my shame, I was thinking of those photos and found myself responding to his probing tongue while he probed my other two holes.

Yes, I was responding to his probing tongue, not only responding to his kisses, but offering up some kisses of my own.

That was probably my best orgasm, ever. I can't deny that I was having orgasms. I had many throughout the course of that day. He rested by making me model various items of lingerie, which he had discovered in my dressing table. He even went into my wardrobe and pulled out a very slinky cocktail dress, which he directed me to put on over my naked body. Then he pulled some spike heels out of the closet and had me put them on. Then he sat down and told me to walk around the room.

He took another five or six photos.

As I continued to pose he unashamedly fondled himself until I could see he was fully erect again, and he stood quickly and turned me around and felt me from head to toe running his stubby rough hands over the silk of my dress and finally when he apparently could not wait any longer, he pulled the dress up to my waist and threw me on the bed and entered me again, this time more roughly, and it was a long time before he achieved orgasm.

Again, I was right there with him, fucking back at him with my hips and achieving orgasm, only in multiples of what he could manage.

Some of the time he would get himself aroused by making me take that huge penis into my mouth until he became hard enough to fuck me again. He made me kneel to do it, or he would have me lie on the bed and he would make me suck him as he buried his head between my legs.

I reached the point where I didn't care anymore. Orgasms or not, I just wanted it over. I don't know how many times he was inside me, or how many times he made me suck him. But finally he could no longer perform. He pulled me into the shower and forced me to soap him down and rub his body. He wanted me to arouse him again, but it was no use, he was unable to do anything.

Even soft that prick of his was so wide that my mouth had to open as far as possible to take it in. I dried myself with a towel as he dressed. He had stopped talking and it was almost five hours from the time he came until he left my home.

I think that during those five hours Victor spent as much time inside me as my husband had in a year, and my pussy could feel it.

The kissing too, Sylvester now held the record. I kiss my husband only rarely during the sex act, but Sylvester had kept me going, craving his kisses even though I hated them.

I threw all the clothing he had touched, even the dress, which up till that time had been my favorite, into the trash. All I could think of was that he was gone and it was over.

Of course he had those photos to gloat and masturbate over for as long as he wanted. I could only hope that no one else would be seeing them.

Now I must wait until Friday when Richard came home and we could celebrate. I decided that I would make it very special.

For the remainder of Wednesday evening, it was impossible not to think about the past hours with Sylvester, who had ravished me, used me, taken every pleasure he wanted, and humiliated me over and over again.

But there was no question that he had made me have many orgasms because in addition to that marvelous appendage between his legs he knew everything that would turn a woman on, even though her mind was unwilling his sexual knowledge had brought my body to fruit

I had to admit to myself he had never really been rough, and I bore no marks to show what he had done to me. Well except for having very tender and red lips as I studied myself by using a hand mirror.

The first time he came I had been so tense for the first hour, and then when I realized that the power he had over my husband and I, and our future, was so absolute that while I never returned his lust, I became pliant and tried not to think about what he was doing, but only with partial success.

But when he returned this morning, I was cringing with the thought of what would happen. He saw right through my unappealing dress, and quickly reduced me to being his sex toy again. Afterward, I had showered for an hour trying to get the dirty feeling out of my mind. I decided that I would be so sexy for Richard on Friday when he came home to me, that he and I would start to blur the memories of my treatment at the hands of Sylvester.

Richard could never know. Sylvester was right about that. It would destroy my marriage. The mental images that it would bring to Richard would be too much for us to survive together.

I had mental images of my own to contend with. That night, as I slept alone, I dreamed of Mr. Sylvester, and mainly it was his cock that I dreamed about. “Ooooh!” I woke up with my hand on my pussy and moved it away in disgust. Apparently, while awake I could control my thoughts and memories of my husband’s boss, but sleeping was another matter. Finally, a few minutes later and unable to sleep, my hand returned to my tingling snatch

I almost called him, but he was married.

“Oooh Mr. Sylvester, Victor, fuck my cunt with that marvelous prick”

In my fantasies I had begun to use the ‘C’ word. I hated that word, but because it seemed so dirty I enjoyed using it when I was thinking of Victor. Victor, you see, had taught me to use it. I put a pillow over my chest and began hugging it with one arm while my other arm was between my legs. I was moaning and whispering the words as I worked my worn pussy toward another orgasm.

I needed something to focus my mind on about my sessions with Victor. My mind was working along with the fingers of my tight hand.’ It would be so nice,’ I was thinking, ‘if I could have copies of those penetration photos Mr. Sylvester had taken.’

I was thinking back and decided that the position I liked most with Mr. Sylvester was the missionary, with him on top of me nipple to nipple as I had my legs up and around him. Disgusting as it was with all that sweating between us and how close to me that placed him, it was at that time that I would respond the most to his unwelcome kisses.

“Oh Victor, you feel so good. Fuck me daddy. Like you said, I had never been fucked.”

My orgasm was intense, but not as good as I had hoped. I think it was because Victor had almost fucked me raw. I had learned. Though fantasizing on someone can be good, the real thing is better.

The same dream came to me on Thursday as well. I was taking a nap and once again I masturbated to orgasm. That bastard Sylvester, even now when I was trying to save it for my husband he was taking control of my thoughts.

Friday was finally here. I had iced a bottle of champagne, and I was dressed in the most provocative way that I could think of, I had even gone shopping to replace the garments that had such bad memories for me, and tonight I was showing off as much of me as I could, without being completely naked, when Richard walked in the front door.

I went to him, champagne in one hand, glasses in the other, and he took one look at me and wrapped his arms around me feeling my bottom, and kissing me again and again as he fondled me.

"I really need this tonight, darling, the last two weeks have been very difficult, they named John Fitzwater president last Wednesday while I was in LA, so we'll have to wait a little longer, but tonight is ours."

Part 3 Making the best of things.

I hope that that night was memorable for Richard, as I did everything I could to please him. But all the time I was thinking about that bastard Sylvester. He never had any idea of promoting Richard; he just wanted to possess his wife. I was almost nauseous from disgust at myself for falling for his threat. But then, what could I have done? He certainly could have ruined our lives.

My mind was filled with memories of how Victor Sylvester had used me, and of how I had responded. And he still had those photos.

After that our lives settled down once again. The masturbation sessions ended. A month passed. I had almost been able to put my horrible experience with Sylvester out of my mind, and then one day the phone rang. It was he.

"Mrs. Jacobsen, Victor Sylvester."

"Yes." I said coldly.

"I felt I owed you an explanation. I apologize for lying to you but you must know that your husband was definitely the choice for president, until I decided to make it a competition among the four candidate’s wives."

"What are you saying, that you used four wives to determine a promotion?"

"Yes, I thought that it was a great opportunity for me to get to know all four of you better, and it was a business decision as two of the candidates were very good, your husband being one of two favorites, and the other two perhaps less qualified, but the chance to sample the charms of four lovely ladies was too good for me to pass up."

My head was spinning in disbelief to think that I had been performing in a vile contest put together for this terrible man's pleasure. If he had chosen John Fitzpatrick to be president, then that must mean that his wife Marilyn had spread her legs for him .I knew Marilyn, she seemed to be even more conservative than me and I couldn’t believe that Marilyn had done that, so I waited to hear what revelations Victor might divulge.

"I am afraid one of the ladies, a red-headed beauty, was very forgettable, and I am sure that her husband finds her frigid. I pity him, but I will say that she managed somehow to take my prick and have an orgasm, two or three actually.”

I knew who he was probably talking about. She was a tiny thing and I could hardly imagine her being under one Victor Sylvester and taking his massive cock. “That was Harold Carter’s wife?”

He hesitated. “Yes, you guessed it, poor little innocent Betty Carter. I fear I gave her red-haired cunt quite a shock that day. After quite a while of me trying to enter her and her crying crocodile tears, I finally allowed her to mount me and after several minutes while she sweated all over me she finally got herself down over it. I think it surprised her when she had her first cum soon after.

I also knew Betty, casually, so wanted to hear more. “She enjoyed it?” I could feel my pussy tingling.

“No, Betty hated it right up until her surprise orgasm. The next two times she did enjoy it, but she was crying half the time, even when she was cumming.”

I had the fingers of one hand under my skirt now.

“The poor thing” I sighed loud enough for him to hear. “It must have been hard for her, having to do that.” I sighed again…”but I suppose it was easier for her the second and third time.”

“I don’t know if it was easier since the fit between us was extremely tight. She never did loosen up, but she was willing, remember that. She was helping her husband and all that.”

“Yeah, right. Betty was helping her husband in the same way I was helping my husband! Tell me Sylvester, while Betty was ‘helping her husband,’ was she kissing you too?”

My fingers were steadily rubbing now.

“But of course. Like I said, it surprised her when she had that first orgasm. She was kissing me before the orgasm ended. Betty had still more orgasms after the first one, so she seemed to enjoy the kissing.”

Did you get photos? Oh, and did you pay her two visits like you did me?”

“That’s a ‘yes’ and a ‘no.’ I took some photos with her the first time because her husband was not going out of town like your husband was. So unfortunately there was no second time.”

“Those must be some photos.” As I rubbed my cunt I was remembering how stretched my cunt had looked in his photos and wondering how Betty’s looked. I wanted to ask, but remember, I was supposed to be mad at Sylvester.

He laughed. “On the other hand, Mrs. Jacobsen, you were incredibly sexy, and would have won hands down if it hadn't been for one thing."

"And what would that be?" I asked coldly as my mind went to Marilyn. And then he confirmed it.

"Marilyn Fitzpatrick, while not possessed with your physical attributes, was very, very cooperative after the first few minutes once she saw my cock, and was a very willing sex partner. Even though you had almost continuous orgasms with me, she seemed to better appreciate my cock.

Also, she didn’t seem to feel guilty about it because she wished to continue the 'relationship' with me after her husband was promoted. While not quite in your league, Marilyn certainly is extremely well put together and extremely appreciative of my attentions."

He laughed. “She can’t seem to get enough of my cock. From what Marilyn tells me, because of my cock she rarely has sex with her husband anymore.”

"I see," I said, while kicking myself. If I had known, I would have been more cooperative myself, though I would not have been stupid enough to deny my husband. I knew Marilyn, and now I resented her for ‘winning out’, though at the same time I was glad that the pressure had been taken off me.

Marilyn I knew pretty well. We had shared time and conversation at company social gatherings, and I liked her.

Then he came out with the shocker. “Marilyn loves the photos I took of you, especially the ones of my cock in that tight little shaved cunt of yours.”

My heart was in my throat, but I had no response. Victor had promised that no one would ever know and he had not kept his word. I wanted to chew him out, but there was something else that I wanted more. Then I came out with it. “Can I have copies?” I was laying back on the couch now and rubbing my cunt even faster.

“What? You want photos for your husband to find?”

“I guess that wouldn’t be a good idea. Forget that I asked.”

“If you would like to re-visit the photos, I am sure I could arrange for you to view them with Marilyn and me. She did remark about how nice your figure is. As a matter of fact, based on the way she was studying those photos of you, I would say that she is attracted to you.”

He waited, giving me time to think on it.

“I might do that. I’ll let you know.” For some reason, his mention of the three of us together under those circumstances had sent my mind whirling. Then he blew it. He said it fast, maybe because he was admitting it, and I didn't have a chance to get a word in edgewise.

"Oh, and one other thing, Mrs. Jacobsen, your husband's record with Elotus is remarkable. His financial skills have made us very successful, and any idea of releasing him was out of the question. So I did lie to you. His job was never in jeopardy; in fact we constantly worry about him leaving us for greener pastures. So I must apologize for that threat. If you had refused me, I could not have followed through on my threat. I am too good a businessman to have ever entertained the thought of dismissing your husband." He laughed and went on, "and I am sure the board would have overruled any attempt to remove him. So thank you lovely lady, I will never forget the time I spent in your arms."

The phone went dead.

What an asshole.

I sat there shaking in disbelief. I had been completely used and abused. He had extorted sexual pleasure from me and apparently three other wives. Not only that, he had to call and take away the last shred of dignity I had by telling me that I could have simply said no, but I didn't.

I had pulled my hand out of my panties.

Damn him all to Hell. His telling me how Marilyn Fitzwater was lusting for his cock and maybe…me, had set me off again, and then on top of it I had so much as admitted that I might be willing to have a threesome.

I masturbated later that day before my husband came home though I hated myself for doing it.

Then one day Richard came home in the middle of the day, He found me just as I came out of the shower with only a towel draped around me. His eyes were sparkling. It had been two months since my awful experience.

"Darling," Richard said excitedly, "We are moving to California, I have been offered the presidency of the Jerome Corporation in La Jolla. I kept it a secret from you because I was afraid it would be a huge disappointment if it didn't come through."

I was euphoric, not only had my life soured where we were, but I was always dreading another phone call that would threaten me with revealing what had happened if I didn't cooperate again.

I flung my arms around Richard with joy, and my towel dropped to the floor beneath us, He kissed me passionately and pulled me to him, with his long fingers squeezing my buttocks, and we sank to the rug and enjoyed a most delicious fuck. Yes, a fuck. Apparently some of my new found sexual desire since my escapade had rubbed off on my husband.

The sex between us was wonderful. Our celebration continued throughout the day, and on into the night. It was a time I would never forget.

We were to make the move in two weeks and there was something I needed to do.

Part 4. Going back for more.

‘Brrrrring.’ I waited for him to answer the phone. He saw my caller I.D. “Yes, Mrs. Jacobsen?”

He had answered with a formal business tone, but I decided to address Victor by his first name since I had something to ask. “As you know Victor, we’ll soon be moving to California, but first I’d like to see the photos again.”

That was my roundabout way of expressing my desire to be fucked one last time. And then he tossed the curve ball.

“See them with or without Marilyn being there?”

That is what I had hoped to hear. I hesitated for maybe three seconds. “See them with”

Now he sounded really excited, and for the first time I felt like I was in control as he asked; “How soon can we do this?”

At last he was asking instead of telling.

“Richard is going ahead to California this week to scout out a home for us while I arrange getting the movers for our furniture and so on. Could the two of you come over Wednesday, say about ten?”

”That’s my favorite day of the week, Mrs. Jacobsen. We’ll be there.”

“And could you bring the photos you took with Betty as well?”

You want to see Betty’s photos?”

I was blunt, but after all, he had been the one teaching me. “Yes. I want to see how your fat cock was stretching her little cunt.”

He laughed. “I like your attitude. I can hardly wait until Wednesday.”

“Yes. We’ll have five hours.”

Marilyn came along as I hoped, and she actually hugged me as soon as she was in my home. We studied the photos he brought along, we fucked, and then we took more photos, the both of them took photos, and I participated enthusiastically. Unfortunately, I didn’t dare keep any, but Victor and Marilyn would have them to enjoy, and besides, they seemed to have each found someone that matched their sexual appetites.

This time it was not a case of me having to do this, and I saw a new side of Victor, a kinder, gentler Victor. But he still had that appetite.

When I say ‘appetite’, that was especially true as Marilyn satisfied some of her hunger by sucking Victor’s cum out of my pussy. She had been lying beside Victor and I while he fucked me gently and slow, almost romantically actually, and she had held my hand and kissed me while Victor brought me to a most wonderful orgasm, and in the process dumped what seemed like a gallon of cum in me.

He admitted after that fuck that both he and Marilyn had saved that load just for me.

I just couldn’t bring myself to go that far in reciprocating, but it didn’t matter as I had already brought Marilyn to an orgasm before Victor had dropped a load into her. That was almost as exciting as being fucked by Victor was, my seeing up close how it looked as he stretched Marilyn’s cunt.

“We’re in love right now, aren’t we?”

“What?” Victor had said that, and right to my face while Marilyn was next to me and she and I were kissing.

“How could we be in love? I’m married and you have Marilyn.” I didn’t bother to add that Victor was also married.

“No, what I meant was, when two people are heavily involved physically with each other, or three people,” he looked over at Marilyn, “then I feel that at that time they are in love. It’s a fleeting thing, but I feel that it is true.”

I looked at Marilyn and back at Victor. He was pumping and I was drawing near to another orgasm. ”You know, I think you’re right.” My voice went soft. “I love you Victor, and you too Marilyn.” I reached out and squeezed her hand.

They were both kissing me as I groaned through still another orgasm.

“His cock is marvelous, isn’t it?”

“Yes,” I answered back to Marilyn, “and he knows how to use it.”

Like me, Marilyn was capable of multiple orgasms with Victor. Victor of course, wanted to devote most of his time to me, and his excuse was that I would soon be leaving for California. Personally, I think that he was finding my body to be more arousing.

“Oh, Victor, there’s something I meant to ask you. There was me, and Marilyn,” I smiled at Marilyn and she squeezed my hand,” and there was Betty Carter, but who was the other wife, that fourth candidate’s wife that you screwed?”

Apparently Marilyn already knew who it was because she smiled at Victor and said…”She won’t believe this one.”

He smiled. “Jenny Caldwell.”

“Jenny…I remember her from one of the company parties, a cute little thing. Wait, isn’t she the wife of that young man who works in the mail room? She’s barely eighteen I think, and there’s no way that her husband could have been president.” Like Marilyn had said, I was finding this one hard to believe.

“True, her husband is my youngest employee and would have a long way to go, but she fucked me just the same.”

“You came to her house and…seduced her just like you did me?”

“I wanted to fuck her young pussy so I told her that she could help her husband work his way up in the company. I didn’t threaten her husband’s job if she didn’t cooperate or anything like that.”

“But Victor, she’s so young, and I remember her as being very shy and having a body that is quite small, almost dainty.”

Victor laughed. “She is small, and only weighs 95 pounds naked, but her body is filled out quite nicely. And you’re right, she is very shy, but she has an ability to listen.”

He grinned an evil grin at me. “You’re wondering if she was able to take my prick, aren’t you?”

I was holding his fat prick at the moment and gave him a squeeze. “Well, yes as a matter of fact.”

“She couldn’t, not really. But first let me tell you about her removing her clothes. When I suggested that she get naked, she turned all red and said that not even her husband had ever seen her naked body all at once and that she was very embarrassed about this. She said she had just shaved her pussy and was planning on having her husband find out about it that very night."

"Jenny said she had shaved her pussy?"

Victor laughed. "No, that that blunt. She sort of turned red, looked down at herself while still dressed and said she had shaved herself 'down there.' I kept praising her body as she removed each article of clothing. Now I was seeing it first and I told her how nice it looked.and finally, out of orneriness, once she was totally nude, I had her climb up onto her couch and over me while I was sitting there and display her pussy for me.

It was right there, just inches away and I could see her body trembling. I went right at it, shoving my tongue up her little cunt and in minutes she was crying out with pleasure and asking me to fuck her. But that was before she saw my cock.”

“How did you show it to her?” My heart was pounding. The thought of little Jenny seeing his cock for the first time was extremely arousing to me.

“I stood up and as she kneeled in front of me I had her undo my slacks and open my underwear.”

I was trembling as I started stroking Victor’s cock as I could see that relating this story was turning him on as well as Marilyn.

“What did she do upon seeing it? Were you up and ready?”

“Oh yeah, I was completely hard. Her eyes got real wide but she seemed to be speechless, so I asked her to wrap her fingers around it. She did, but used two hands to do it.”

“Oh Victor, this is so exciting to hear and I can imagine how excited you must have been. So how did you end up getting to fuck her?”

“It was easy, actually. I said, as she was holding it, ‘Do you want to do it on your bed?’ She never said a word and began leading me into the bedroom where she makes love to her husband.”

I giggled. “She used her marriage bed. And now she was about to be fucked for the first time.”

‘That’s it, exactly. Of course, they only had a one bedroom apartment, so that's the only bed they had. But I went easy on her with the language and the demands. I ate her for a while longer, but making sure not to make her cum so that she would still be hot for my cock."

"After your doing that, did she ask you to put it in?"

Victor nodded his head proudly. "She did, and it took me quite a while to work it into her but I think she actually was enjoying it even though it was uncomfortable for her.”

I smiled. “I remember the feeling.”

And then came the surprise when Marilyn said, 'Shall we show her the picture now?"

Victor nodded, and I knew they had been saving the surprise for me. I was shocked. "Right then she allowed you to take a photo of her, with your cock into her?

"Yes. I had just managed to get the head in. She said she could feel it and she wanted to see it, how it looked. So I said I would take a photo for her. Actually I really wanted to get a photo at that point because I was stretching her so much with just the head that I was having serious doubts about whether I would be able to go any deeper into her with the shaft.

I had to do some reaching around to grab my camera because I didn't even want to pull my dick out after getting the head in. If I pulled it out, she might not let me put it back in. She didn't want her face to show at first, so I took one close up and this one I have for you to see."

"So how did you get her to allow you to get her face in a photo?"

"I told her that I really needed to have her face in case I use her photos to jack off to."

I nodded. "I can see how that might work on a girl being fucked for the first time, her knowing you might jack off and be thinking of her."

Victor was still holding the photo turned down so I couldn't see it. "Just as I snapped the shutter she happened to look off to her left. I thought I might need to take another photo with her face showing but once I saw it, I thought it made her look real ornery like so that was good enough.

I was getting impatient and started stroking Victor's cock a little more rapidly. "Victor, can I see the photo please, the one that shows her face?"

Out it came, the photo Victor had taken while in the process of working his pussy stretcher into an innocent barely adult wife of his youngest employee.

"As you can see, I had barely gotten the head in."

Victor in Jenny. 

Victor of course was staring at the part of the photo that showed his mean and nasty prick doing permanent damage to the wife of one of his employees. Me on the other hand, besides taking in a quick glance at her poor little pussy, I was studying her innocent face, and that young firm body and how nice her breasts looked combined with that flat and small waist.

I am not gay, but the thought passed through my mind at that moment that if I had the chance, I would not hesitate to make love with her.

But Victor and Marilyn were waiting for my thoughts, and I needed to say something.

"Oh Victor, she looks so little and cute there getting her first fuck. And after taking that much, she allowed you to keep going? That's amazing."

Even though I had not been there, I was enjoying the thought of what had been happening just as much as Marilyn seemed to be, and though I am sure Marilyn had already heard the story, I could see the excitement in her eyes as Victor related the story to me.

He grinned and nodded. “Yeah, up until that point, just getting my head in, I had been using my pre-fluid. But that wasn't enough to allow me to go deeper so I had to pull it back out and use some lubricant I brought along in anticipation of having to work it into her.

I knew that now, no matter how uncomfortable it was, that she really wanted me inside her. So I leaned down and kissed her and sure enough, she responded real nice like with her tongue.

Was she ever ready to be fucked now. I started fucking her real slow-like. It was a lot of fun for me because in addition to feeling how tight her cunt was gripping me, I could see her face and she was staring up at me with wide eyes and her mouth was open and it seemed like she had been blind or something and was seeing the world for the first time."

Marilyn giggled. "She was Victor, She was seeing the world through the eyes of a young woman who was getting her first fuck."

I giggled too, and looked at Marilyn. "Her first real fuck. We both know the feeling, that's for sure."

Victor of course, was really enjoying the reactions of his two 'subjects' as he went on with his hot story. "She had a bit of a struggle for a while and then, when I still had two or three inches to go she grew quite noisy and had an orgasm, a good one actually and she asked me to do it again because she had never had an orgasm before."

“You gave her a first orgasm? Oh Sylvester, that's so nice. Jenny must have been so grateful for that.” Strangely, now that I was a part of this 'conspiracy,' I was really enjoying hearing the story, because Victor's conquests had become a part of my thinking. I raised my head and gave him a little kiss on the cheek.

“Jenny was, and said so.”

“Did you do much kissing after that first one?”

“We kissed a lot, but the intense kissing came later. She kept kissing me, but just little short ones. She didn’t seem to want to do much passionate kissing until after I had gotten it most of the way in.

Jenny seemed to want that as it was the only way she could keep taking more of my cock inside. When she realized that I was buried against her she shivered all of a sudden and then pulled my head down and greeted my tongue with hers."

Victor looked me in the eyes. "Know what she said then?"

"I can only imagine. What'd she say Victor?"

Marilyn giggled. "You'll love hearing this!"

"She moaned and said; "Oh Mr. Sylvester, it feels like your entire body is inside me."

I nodded excitedly. "I can imagine! I know how it feels that way when you're fucking me, and her being even smaller and never having given birth, you must have felt like you were using a telephone pole on her."

Victor seemed to be getting excited as he went on. "Fuck was she into it now. She wrapped her little legs around me tight and shoved her face against mine. And then like I said after she had that orgasm she begged me to make her cum again.

So I did what I had to do and the second time she came quite quickly and then she asked me to keep going. Two minutes later she was cumming again.

She had company coming that afternoon so I couldn’t spend as much time with her as I would have liked. I wanted to make sure that she would have a session to remember for the rest of her life so I fucked her good, going sideways and all over the place with my cock.

Of course, the fit was so tight I really couldn't move it around all that much inside her, but it was fun trying and she really liked it.

After she had climaxed maybe half a dozen times I think she was totally worn out, or satisfied, or both. She just lay there afterwards while I was getting dressed.

She was in shock, I think because she kept lying there all sweaty looking and with her legs wide open. Poor thing. She looked so tiny being just 95 pounds and lying in the middle of that bed all by herself.

I must have done a good job on her because her pussy looked all red and raw, and of course I could see some of that huge load I had deposited into her starting to trickle out.”

Strangely, his delight had become mine. “Ooh Sylvester. You are such a…ornery man. You take delight in destroying women’s vaginas, don’t you?”

Victor looked at me and grinned. “Yes, I do, and I like knowing that I might have ruined the little wife’s pussy for her husband forever.”

“I gather that you don’t like men all that much.”

“No I don’t. I like their wives a lot more.”

“I think, Victor, that you don’t mean so much that you have ruined a wife’s pussy but rather you enjoy knowing that she might be thinking about your fat cock and making comparisons while she is fucking, excuse me, making love to her husband afterwards. Isn’t that what you enjoy doing?”

Victor looked at me, his eyes twinkling. “Is that how I have affected you?”

I nodded, and then admitted, “Every time my husband and I do it, I think of you.” Marilyn joined in as she commented, “Me too, most definitely!”

Victor nodded his appreciation at our honesty. “And that is exactly what I did to Jenny Caldwell. After a couple of minutes she sat up and looked down at herself and as she saw my cum running out she began crying her eyes out because she felt so guilty.

I asked Jenny if in the future she would be remembering how I had fucked her so well while she is making love to her husband. She replied ‘yes’ and said that was one reason why she felt so guilty about it. But then she sort of smiled and said that she was glad that I had taught her how to cum. “

“So she ended up happy then…?” I hoped that his answer would be ‘yes’ because I was feeling sorry for poor little Jenny if she wasn’t happy.

“She was, especially after I told her she had fulfilled my desires and that her husband would be promoted soon.”

“Well”, I said, laughing, “Thank you for that vivid description. And has he been promoted?”

“Yes, he is working for us on computers now.”

“Well then, it looks like Jenny helped her husband after all.”

“No. He would have made it there on his own.”

“You scoundrel, that’s what you did to me!”

“Yes, and like you she admitted that she had finally been fucked.”

“That would be obvious, especially since you gave her a first orgasm.”

“I gave Jenny her first five or six, actually.”

Victor Sylvester, I think, most enjoyed having we two girls sharing his penis back and forth in a blowjob.

My final act, physically, with Sylvester was for him to lie on me and pump, and pump, and then pump some more. I wanted that, not trying to cum right then but enjoying that feeling of having my lips stretched and worked, and after he had fucked me for a while, because we were kissing, it was more like we were making love, (oops!)

I was starting to get sore so I raised my legs and told him to keep pumping at the same exact speed.

I had changed the angle and that was how I ended it as his thick cock kept caressing my G spot and bringing me to one, two, three orgasms, orgasms that shook my entire body from end to end.

Marilyn was lying beside me and holding my hand. She was probably jealous but she knew that this was to be the final time that Victor and I would be together. After that, she would have Victor to herself, and of course, be enjoying hearing about any future conquest he might make.

I was so weak afterward that, as I felt his thickness throbbing as he was spurting a load into my married and ruined pussy, I didn’t have the strength to hump back at him. Instead, I could only lie there and enjoy it. At that moment, as we shared a final, gentle but passionate kiss, I think I actually was in love with him.

Of course Sylvester did one last thing with me, the thing I think he enjoys most doing with other men’s wives. As I continued to lie there, he got up and stared down at the pussy he had left behind. Oh, excuse me, I meant to say the cunt that he had left behind. I suppose it looked all red and raw looking, and had cum trickling out and running down the crack of my ass, because that’s the way it felt.

He was staring and when he picked up his camera, I slowly opened my legs a little wider, posing for him and wondering how I looked compared to his memory of Jenny Caldwell in this same position. He took several photos, of my damaged cunt from very close up and then from two feet away, and then a couple more with my face and breasts showing.


“Yes, Mrs. Jacobsen?”

Oh, Victor can be so funny, still referring to me as 'Mrs. Jacobsen' instead of Gloria. “Thank you, for everything.”

Yes, in the end I had thanked Victor, even though he had tricked me into doing this in the first place. I felt that with Victor I had satisfied my curiosity as well as my animal instincts. Now I could go on to California with my husband and settle into a new life.

A month later our family was in a beautiful home overlooking the Pacific, and Victor Sylvester was merely a bad memory, at least during the day. At night, and regrettably, Sylvester would enter my mind while I was making love to my husband, and you can guess what my thoughts would be.

I so much miss his big fucking cock.

The End.

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Here we are with another favorite Erotic Storie


My wife went on a date

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Published on 09-17-2017 12:05 AM  Number of Views: 6618  
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Things were very tame for most of my married life until we had an event at a friend’s cabin, then things opened up a little for us. My wife Judy and I are in our early forties and very much enjoyed our time together.

I had to go away on business which was normal except this time we had some tickets to a show that my wife was really looking forward to seeing. I made arrangements for my buddy Greg to take my wife and she was very happy to be going. Greg was a single guy and came over often during baseball season so my wife was very comfortable with him. I spoke to Judy about an hour before she was leaving to Greg’s place. He lived much closer to the theater so it was decided she would meet him there to change and take one car. It was also decided they would eat at a restaurant walking distance to the theater because the valet parking at the restaurant would hold the car for free. Greg sent me many texts teasing me about how he was going on a full date with my wife.

I had dinner at the hotel restaurant before returning to my room to work. While I was waiting for my food, I got a text from my wife with the caption “having a wonderful dinner date” and it included a picture of the two of them sitting very close together that must have been taken by their server. My wife was wearing my favorite black dress and showed lots of cleavage. I responded with “your dinner date gets full cleavage, nice for him” and that was followed shortly with “he is buying dinner, he should get something”.

I was in my room working when I got the next text. Judy said the show was awesome and they were going back to the restaurant for a drink and to get the car. Ninety minutes later I got a text saying they got back to his place and she was going to change and head home. She asked if I would still be up when she got home because she wanted to chat. As I was typing my response, I got a picture from Greg of Judy standing there in her dress looking at her phone. I changed my response to “That is a great picture that you let Greg take.” Judy responded, “I didn’t let him, he just took them.” He sent me two more that were similar except in the last one I could see two glasses of wine and Judy was posing. He sent a message with them that said “I told her I sent the picture to you to make you jealous. She laughed and said you should have never let us go on this date.” I didn’t respond right away and I soon I got another picture of Judy facing away from Greg as she looked over her shoulder at the camera.” This was followed by a similar one but she was hiking her skirt and she was laughing. I didn’t know how to respond until I got a message from Judy that said, “What do you think?” I responded, “The one with your dress hiked is very sexy. His idea or yours?” She responded, “His idea. He was pushing for more. Changing in the washroom now.” I asked “What are you changing into?” and she said “do you want a picture? Ha ha ha”. I waited for a moment then sent back “yes. lots.”

About ten minutes later, I got another picture from Greg and it was Judy standing in the kitchen sipping her wine wearing a blouse and jeans, looking all proper. There were two more candid shots and both of them had Judy looking at the camera talking. I figured it was Greg trying to convince her to let him take more pictures. I was totally distracted by the messages and stopped working. Greg sent a picture of Judy looking at the camera with her blouse untucked and a few buttons undone, giving a hint of her black bra. Over the next ten minutes a few select pictures came in with the last one of Judy standing in her jeans facing Greg holding an almost empty wine glass without her blouse. Greg added “OMG she is hot. Never expected this.” I responded with “It is almost like a real date when you buy someone dinner and drinks. Haahaahaa.”

There was nothing for a few minutes and I got a picture of Judy in the kitchen still in her jeans and her bra eating something with a full wine glass next to her on the counter. When nothing came for ten minutes, I figured it was over but then I got a picture of Judy looking at the camera smiling with her hands on her jeans buttons. Three pictures later Judy was without her jeans. The last picture was her facing away from the camera showing her thong that she wore so there would be no lines with her dress. I sent a message to Judy saying “you look great. Your pictures are making me horny.” I didn’t expect her to respond because she didn’t have her phone in the pictures but a few moments later she replied “I made him take his pants off if he wanted me to take my pants off. He is also excited.” I responded with “not surprised. Are you horny?” She didn’t respond right away and said “yes, drunk and horny. He is in the washroom now. He told me he would sleep on the sofa when he poured us more wine.”

I was about to respond when I got a text from Greg that said, “Don’t worry, your wife won't drive home tonight.” I sent back “Good to know. Is she sleeping on the sofa or are you going to share your bed?” A few seconds later he replied, “do you mean give her my bed or sleep with her?” Instantly I sent back, “Either is fine.” I then sent a response to Judy saying “how horny are you? Are you horny enough that you want him to make you orgasm?” There was a delay then I received, “OMG, are you serious? I am drunk and very horny.” I didn’t respond.

About five minutes later I got another picture of Judy standing there in her bra and thong sipping wine. The next one she was facing away from the camera unclipping her bra followed by a picture of her facing the camera covering her tits with her hands then uncovered. The last one Greg sent was her in a full-frontal nude.

Nothing happened for a few minutes then my laptop rang. Judy had started Skype video. The image was blurry and moving all over the place at first until it settled on the sofa. Judy put her finger to her lips and then went away. For a long time, nothing happened until Judy sat down on the sofa wearing her blouse. She played with the TV remote. I got a text on my phone from Greg saying “We are done taking pictures. We are going to watch a little TV. I still don’t know what you meant by your last message.” I didn’t respond and three minutes later I watched Greg sit next to Judy with only boxers on. I could hear them talking but the TV was louder. Judy stood up and left and a few moments later she returned with her wine. When she sat down, she was closer to Greg. They chatted for a few moments and then Greg got up and returned with his camera. They took a selfie with their heads together and a few seconds later it popped up on my phone. I didn’t respond and it was obvious they were waiting for the response. When it didn’t come, Judy opened her top a little and they sent another picture. Judy took a sip of her wine and then leaned forward and put it on the table. When she sat back, Greg leaned over and kissed her and put his hand under her blouse. She turned and accepted his attention. He leaned her back a little and started kissing her tit. It wasn’t long before they were both naked and she laid down on the sofa and he was on top of her with her legs around him. I watched him slowly pump her as I started to play with my hard cock. It wasn’t long before he came and I came.

He got up and left and Judy stood in front of her phone, blew me a kiss and turned off the TV then the Skype video. I didn’t hear from them the until the next 

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