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What do you think of my wife, Kaye?

Is this picture of Kaye more interesting?

Public exposure.

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4 hours ago, cuckinneed said:

Kaye bent over for fucking. Do you think she has been a cum slut for many men?



If she hasn't been a cum dump for a lot of men, she needs to be one!  Let's line up & fill her holes!

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WOW ... What a beautiful pussy and I would love to taste her after she has been used by a number of hard cocks, especially big black cocks and she is overflowing with black CUM ... I would also clean up her lover's cocks too after being in her delicious pussy ...


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On 9/25/2020 at 8:41 PM, ihmwm said:

Have you ever been with her when she receives all the pleasure she longs for by the other men?  If yes, do you participate at all?  Before, during and after she has been used by the men?

I have never seen her with other men, but have had my turn with her after she gets home.

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On 10/2/2020 at 4:09 AM, cuckinneed said:

Her cunt is often still loose and very wet with cum.

Does she have you taste her after arrives home, full of the other men's cum before gives you sloppy seconds? If yes, does she tell you how the other men satisfied her with their hard cocks as you eat their cum out of her?

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On 10/4/2020 at 2:43 AM, ihmwm said:

Does she have you taste her after arrives home, full of the other men's cum before gives you sloppy seconds? If yes, does she tell you how the other men satisfied her with their hard cocks as you eat their cum out of her?

Kaye likes me to smell and taste her. Usually she straddles my face whilst I lie on my back before she moves down to ride me. That way my cum gets mixed with other men's cum and her juices - and all the fluids run over me as she dismounts me. I then have to smear them over myself whilst she watches. She does not tell me about what she has done with the other men. She says it is none of my business. It is humiliating enough to know she will only let me inside her once she has already been shared.

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Wow!!!  Sounds wonderful getting to taste her after she has been used and stretched by those other big, hard cocks.  You are very lucky she lets you taste her pussy full of the other men's cum and it must be really hot after she climbs on your cock to give you sloppy seconds until you bust your nut in her!  And then when she dismounts you, getting to eat the fresh load of cum you just shot in her, along with the other men cum and all of her juices from her very used pussy.  YUMMY!  I assuming Kaye fucks the other men because she desires superior cocks to your cock, but are her lovers young studs with big cocks who can fill her with cum multiple times and is she fond of big black cocks or does she prefer big white cocks?

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