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Turning My Wife - Part 4


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After Dom had departed both Mr. & Mrs. Flyboy were curious as to just what Dom had in store for them when he returned.  That week turned into an exceptional week of bliss for Flyboy as his wife, having experienced the pleasure of new cocks, had an increased desire to explore new ideas.  When Friday rolled around she went for a long skirt over her newly acquired black net hose and garter belt, no panties, shelf bra and button down sweater.  A look that made Flyboy grin from ear to ear.

                Dom pulled up to the garage in a rental van with a gorgeous blonde in front seat beside him.  As he hugged Mrs. Flyboy the side doors slid open and 5 friends climbed out.  To add to the excitement, just as the last one climbed out the van, a second car pulled up with 4 more friends.   Dom grinned as he introduced his blonde friend Shelia to the curious couple as Flyboy ogled her tits that rivaled his wife’s and wondered what was instore for that evening.  They all went inside and sat in the living room to get acquainted as they shared drinks in preparation for an evening of sexual pleasure for all. As they chatted, Flyboy could not help but notice that Shelia did not have any panties on and was not afraid to let everyone see what she had to offer.  Flyboy also noticed his bride was hungrily looking at Dom’s 9 friends with a wicked grin on her face.  Dom sensed the sexual tension in the room and asked Shelia to get things started.  As Shelia got up she removed her top revealing her lacey push up bra, proceeded to Mrs. Flyboy, and began messaging her tits.  Dom knew from experience that even the slightest girl on girl play aroused the men in the room.  Mrs. Flyboy was initially taken aback having never felt the touch of another woman, but when she saw the reaction from the men, she knew what to do.  The two women undressed each other with Shelia’s hands exploring Mrs. Flyboy’s body.  Shelia directed Mrs. Flyboy to lay on the edge of the coffee table as she was now on all fours between Mrs. Flyboy’s legs and began licking the slit below her landing strip.

                Flyboy, as well as the other men had stripped and stood at attention knowing their turn would soon arrive.  Flyboy now knew what his gift from Dom was.  He knelt behind Shelia’s dripping cunt and inserted his throbbing cock deep inside her.  Mrs. Flyboy upon seeing her husband fucking another woman, realized that Shelia was his first strange fuck since they were married.  With that realization she.  had an earth-shattering orgasm knowing he had waited so long for her to try new cocks before he tried anyone new.  Shelia moaned as she was sandwiched between the two home owners, enjoying the pleasures of each.  She also knew that her time with Mrs. Flyboy was over and the men were more than ready for Mrs. Flyboy.  Shelia moved away from Mrs. Flyboy’s spread legs to concentrate on Flyboy, but not before she got the whiteboard with the number 9 already on it, laid it beside the coffee table, and handed the camera to Flyboy.  Mrs. Flyboy looked up in anticipation at her 9th new cock, smiled and said, “pick a hole and unload in it – that goes for all of you!”  Number nine slide is 10 inch cock into the wet slit that was just abandoned by Shelia and began his long rhythmic thrusts which quickly drove Mrs. Flyboy to yet another orgasm. Flyboy was enjoying his view from his recliner taking pictures of his bride as Shelia continued her deep throat action as she knelt in front of him.

                Mrs. Flyboy continued to pull the train as each of the men would change the whiteboard when it was his turn to enjoy the pleasures of her holes. Any cocks that began to droop as they awaited their turn were fluffed back into full stiffness by Mrs. Flyboy’s mouth or tongue prior to taking their position between her legs.  Numbers 13, 15, and 16 slid their fat cocks into her ass with all 3 bringing her multiple orgasms with their pile driving approach.  Number 11 had her on her hands and knees doggy style which prompted Dom to join in to spit roast her along with 11, a move that caused Mrs. Flyboy to cum 3 times.  As the remaining men took their turn, Flyboy could only grin has his bride had orgasm after orgasm with Shelia on his lap with her big tits in his face.  As number 17’s eyes rolled back in his head after one last thrust, he deposited his load in Mrs. Flyboy.  She rose up on her elbows with her legs still spread wide and both cream pies visible for Flyboy to digitize with a wicked grin plastered on her face and stated, “I’m ready for another round if you boys are up to it!”  This was all the men needed to re-arouse their loins to rock hard and give both Dom and Flyboy a look of amazement on their faces.  They couldn’t believe that Mrs. Flyboy had gone 43 years with only Flyboy’s cock to taking 17 new ones and pulling a train in a matter of 4 weeks!    All the men cycled through Mrs. Flyboy’s open legs taking advantage of both her holes again with number 11 coming back for thirds and Dom adding a turn.  Shelia also took advantage as she pulled out her vibrating strap on and spit roasted her with Flyboy getting his best BJ ever from his bride.  As Number 11 finished his third trip between her legs & second in her ass, Mrs. Flyboy propped herself up on her elbows with a satisfied look on her face.  She had lost track of the number of times she had been fucked in either hole or how many cocks she had sucked, but she knew she had loved every minute of it.

                Before everyone got dressed, in keeping with the picture tradition, Mrs. Flyboy sat on the floor looking up at the camera with her face surrounded by the 9 new cocks she had enjoyed that evening plus Dom’s and Flyboy’s.  As she got up from the floor, she made sure she kissed every last cock and thanked them for the pleasure she had.  Then she embraced Shelia thanking her for introducing her to the touch of a woman and giving Flyboy his first new fuck since they were married.  As everyone loaded into their vehicles Dom told Mrs. Flyboy that she had turned the corner into becoming an insatiable sexual being and the two of them were going to enjoy even more things in the future.

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