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Stacie had to stop from rolling her eyes. Here was yet another one of them, a young, redneck bitch from up in the hill country, dropping her foxy country butt down on a chair opposite Stacie, in Stacie's office. This one was on the scrawny side, but, still, a sexy number, a green-eyed, lanky strawberry blonde, chewing gum and looking dumb. And looking more than a little country whorish with that skimpy halter top of hers and those ultra-tight denim cut-off shorts. Stacie knew these sorts. She grew up with them up in the north Alabama hill country where she was originally from. But she was cut from different cloth, ambitious and college-bound, while they were destined to stay dumb and poor. But in high school they'd mock her, calling her 'stuck up Stacie' just because she wanted to go to college and become successful. It didn't help that she was damned good looking too. Now here she was behind her desk, a bank manager, and there they were, their hands out looking for loans for themselves and their dumb ass boyfriends or husbands, or seeking credit cards with big limits. But of course most of them were dirt poor, had no credit history, were terrible risks and had little or nothing to show in the way of collateral. 


"How can I help you?" Stacie asked.


"Uh– I need myself an account and – uh – a credit card?" the girl stammered.


"And how much were you going to deposit today in your account?"


"Uh – fifty dollahs?" the little tramp murmured, uncomfortable in these surroundings, a bank in the county seat, a branch of an international bank.


Stacie knew the drill. She could ask a few more questions, shake her head, tell the supplicant that, sorry, we won't be able to issue you a checking account with a credit card, maybe you'd like to open a savings account instead, as if these dumb ass bitches ever saved anything.


She was about to again say 'no' to this bold, but hopelessly naive request for a credit card account. But then she stopped herself. Lately Stacie had been having other thoughts. These redneck country girls who came in here with their requests for credit made her laugh, but some of them also made her hot. There was something about them being such hicks and so damned foxy too. She did have the power to give them what they wanted, a loan, credit, a credit card. But only if, in return, they gave her something she wanted.


"Maybe we can do something for you," Stacie said, standing, "come with me."


LuAnne followed Stacie down a long corridor, wondering what was up.


Stacie had been thinking about this a while. Would she ever have the guts to do it? And today, finally, she felt she did.


Stacie knew the bank layout as well as anyone, and everyone's habits. She led LuAnne to a bathroom at the end of the corridor that she knew was rarely used. She opened the door and led LuAnne into the small cubicle, a toilet and a sink and not much else, locking the door behind her.


"You want a credit card, LuAnne?" Stacie asked.


"Uh huh, I sho' could use me one," LuAnne said, looking a little numb, unsure of what was happening here.


"Well, if you want one, you're going to have to do something. But first spit out the fucking gum!"


LuAnne spit it out into the toilet, then went silent, dumbfounded as Stacie reached under her skirt to pull down her pink panties. Next she lifted her skirt and turned, exposing her beautiful bare ass.


"If you want an account with this bank LuAnne, and a credit card with a nice, fat limit, you do exactly what I say," Stacie said, showing off her ass to LuAnne, the sleek country blonde's eyes going wide, her jaw hanging slack in amazement at what was going on here.


"If you want an account here, LuAnne, you get down on your knees right now, get down on those scrawny knees of yours and lick my college educated ass, lick it like you fuckin' mean it!"


And with that, Stacie reached back to spread her cheeks, to show off the anal crevice, the puckered hole.


"You wan' me to lick yo' ass!?" an astounded LuAnne gasped.


"That exactly what I want you to do, I want you on your knees behind me, and I want that tongue of yours in my asshole.... bitch!"


LuAnne just stood there wide-eyed and numb for some long, long moments, then smiled and dropped to her knees. The next thing Stacie felt was two strong hands spreading her cheeks apart and LuAnne pressing her face between them. And a moment after that, LuAnne's tongue digging into her asshole, lapping away like a pro. The bitch hardly hesitated. Did she want the account and the card that went with it that bad? Or was LuAnne another one of these young rednecks, those white trash sluts who hardly batted any eye when asked to perform a sex act for financial remuneration. Was licking Stacie's ass just turning another trick?


It hardly mattered to Stacie, who loved having the sexy country bitch's wet tongue in her crack, lapping away at her ass. She had to admit that LuAnne's tongue sure did know how to do the trick. She asked LuAnne to drop to her knees and lick her ass partly to hhhhhhhhh the bitch, to make her realize that the only way she'd ever get herself some credit was to lick some ass – literally! But Stacie also couldn't deny to herself that she sure was enjoying that warm and wet and slippery tongue digging into her hot bottom. For Stacie had a special fondness for ass play with other girls. Ass came a very close second to pussy for Stacie. Hell, maybe they even ran neck and neck!


"Oh yeah, lick it!" Stacie groaned, reaching back with an arm to press LuAnne's face firmly into her bottom. That tongue in her ass was making her so hot she couldn't help but drop a hand between her legs and whip up a froth down in her steaming, aroused pussy.


"My tongue feelin' good in yo' shi'hole?" LuAnne asked with a gleeful country cackle, pulling away a moment. She knew her nimble tongue was the gateway to securing credit.


"Feels real good," Stacie panted, almost breathlessly, "get back in there and keep lickin'!"


"Yeah, I'll lick yo' funky stuck-up ass. And I'm tellin' you, yo' pretty funky back here, bitch, you know that?"


Stacie had worked out at the gym before heading to work, and didn't get a chance to shower after her workout, walking out of the gym pretty sweaty and surely fragrant between her ass cheeks. But that only made her smile, knowing she not only was making LuAnne lick her ass, but lick her funky, sweaty ass.


And so LuAnne licked Stacie's pungent, sticky asshole as Stacie fingered herself, Stacie on the edge but holding back, wanting to enjoy the bitch's tongue, wanting to enjoy having this needy client down on her knees, licking her bottom.


"Yessssssss!" Stacie finally hissed as she felt the sublime sensations race through her, the orgasm intense, the tongue in her ass adding immeasurably to the practiced fingers working her cunt. Stacie was a glutton and she knew it, a glutton for pleasure, a cum junkie. And she just loved having that beautiful ass of hers licked and eaten. Nothing made her cum more strongly than when she had a tongue in her asshole at the moment of orgasm. 


Afterwards, LuAnne stood up as Stacie hiked up her panties and lowered her skirt, then turned to LuAnne.


"Good, now let's go finish up the paperwork and get you your credit card."


Suddenly LuAnne pressed her lips to Stacie's and kissed her.


"Thank you!"


Then she kissed her again, this time sticking her tongue in Stacie's mouth.


"He'ah, go on an' taste yo' funky ass!"


Stacie was momentarily startled, but then strangely aroused, tasting her own ass on the young redneck's slippery tongue.




All Stacie could think about for days was how she got that foxy young redneck bitch to lick her ass in the bank's toilet as a condition for getting a credit card. It made her feel positively wicked, deliciously wicked. There was something about forcing a girl like that, the sort of girl who enjoyed mocking her when she was younger, to lick her ass, that did the trick for Stacie. And what better way to force that. than dangling the prize of credit to a girl who otherwise would never be offered it in a million years.


Over the next few months Stacie managed to repeat this scenario five more times. Five more sleek, redneck bitches who turned her on, desperate for credit, followed her to the bathroom where Stacie slid off her panties and they dropped to their knees to lick her asshole, then marched back to her office to sign papers and get what they came here for. Only one girl she asked refused, and she was pissed. Stacie wasn't surprised. What surprised her was how easily she got the other bitches to worship her bottom, to lick her ass. Hell, maybe it wasn't just the credit. Maybe these bitches actually had a hankering for Stacie's perfect, round ass. After all, she did have an ass that could win a prize at the Alabama state fair!




Then one day a very different sort of woman stepped into Stacie's cubicle. She was absolutely gorgeous, tall and athletic, wearing tight leather pants and a breast-clinging top. And she was black! Her hair was in dreadlocks, her smooth skin a deep chocolate hue, and she very much resembled a certain famous black model who many times graced the cover of the fashion mags Stacie liked to read.


"I come here for a loan," she said in an arrogant tone, looking Stacie in the eye, her big, brown eyes wide and bold. Then she leaned close.


"I come he'ah for a loan and for somethin' else – bitch!"


A cold shiver went up and down Stacie's spine. She had a sense something was up.


"My name's Latisha, and I know somethin' about you, somethin' I don't think you'd wan' yo' boss to know. I know how you be gettin' them bitches to go back with you and lick yo' funky ass so the po' little things can get themselves a credit card. The word be out on you, girl. The tall white bitch in the bank who loves to get her shithole eaten out. I be gettin' high wi' some of them po' bitches and they be tellin' me what you been up to wit' them. See, I may be po' like they is, but I ain't dum, un'erstand?"


Stacie just sat there and listened, utterly stunned. Latisha leaned over the desk, her face just inches from Stacie's, her eyes glaring.


"Now you jus' listen to me. We goin' back to that bathroom you like so much, and we be doin' us some asslickin' back there. Except this time it's gonna be my black ass thas' gonna be licked and you gonna be doin' the lickin', un' erstand, bitch?"


All Stacie could do was stare in numb amazement.


"Because if you don' do what I fuckin' tell you to do I be goin' to yo' boss and I be tellin' yo' boss you be givin' credit' to a bunch o' dumb, po' country bitches who don' deserve no credit, and gettin' it jus' because they be' lickin yo' funky ass. Un' erstan'?"


Stacie understood all too well.


"And then you be losin' yo' nice bank manager's job, right, bitch?"


Again, Stacie understood.


"So les' go,' Latisha said, standing up. Stacie stood up too, on wobbly legs, and led Latisha into the bathroom, letting Latisha in behind her, locking the door.


Inside, Latisha just smiled a smug, triumphant smile. She unzipped her leather pants, clinging tightly to her perfect body, then pulled them down and off. Under those pants she was wearing a pair of bold, scarlet-colored bikini panties, the contrast between those red panties and Latisha's chocolate-colored skin was so striking to Stacie's suddenly aroused eyes. The helplessness of being a sudden victim of Latisha's blackmail now mixed with frank arousal as Latisha pulled down her panties and waved them in front of Stacie's nose.


"Here's somethin' for you to smell, bitch, somethin' nice and sexy and funky."


Stacie took a deep breath, savoring the alluring aroma of the worn panties.


"Now check this out," Latisha said, slowly turning, showing off her ass to Stacie. That shapely brown, silkily smooth ass, the skin gleaming, was as perfect an ass as Stacie had ever seen. 


"Now get down on yo knees, bitch, and lick.... my.... black.... ass! Lick my black shithole!" Latisha demanded, reaching back to hold her perfect brown globes wide open and revealing the puckered, rubbery brown anus, Stacie dropping to her knees, her eyes zeroing in on the dark sphincter like it was some long-lost jewel. And then, suddenly feeling just starved, she pressed her face into the warm cleft, her tongue hitting bullseye as she hungrily began to lick the dark anal opening.


"Thas' right, thas' good," Latisha purred smugly, "lick it, bitch"


And Stacie licked ... and licked... and then licked some more, devouring the black beauty's asshole, craving it.


"Damn, that tongue o' yours in my crack makes me suddenly feel like takin' a shit, a nice big' shit," Latisha said, suddenly pulling away from Stacie and her tongue, haughtily pushing her face away. "You stay down on yo' knees and watch me shit, bitch."


Almost regally, Latisha dropped her perfect brown ass down on the toilet seat, as though it were some African throne. She looked down at Stacie, a superior smile on her face, pleased to have the white bank manager down on her knees, on the cold tile floor, as she sat on the toilet.


And then Latisha spread her thighs wide and started to piss, pissing a powerful stream as Stacie looked straight on, spellbound by the sight of that brown cunt of Latisha's gushing urine like a golden fountain, the hot piss splashing into the bowl.


"Tha's right, bitch, look a' me piss," Latisha said, reaching between her thighs to let her piss run over her fingers for a moment, Stacie watching like a worshiper. "Now taste it!"


Latisha reached out her hand and made Stacie lick her wet fingers, Stacie closing her eyes now to unabashedly savor the taste of the black woman's urine.


"And now I think I'll shit."


And that's exactly what Latisha now started to do, letting out a contented sigh as she emptied her bowels, Stacie knowing that moments ago she was licking the shithole that Latisha was now emptying. And as Latisha kept shitting, she pulled off her top and revealed a pair of the most firm, round, perfect chocolate-hued breasts you could possibly imagine, each topped with an even darker, big brown nipple.


"Here, bitch, suck my nipples while I shit," Latisha said, holding up a tit as Stacie eagerly reached with her lips to lick and suck the stiff morsel. Stacie's head was spinning as she realized what was happening. For weeks she'd been dragging bewildered redneck sluts here to have them lick her ass, something they did out of desperation for credit. And maybe, Stacie liked to think, because her white ass was, in fact, pretty enticing.


But today the tables had been turned. Here Stacie was, down on her knees, just having been blackmailed into licking this black ass, and now watching the haughty bitch piss and shit while she eagerly sucked her nipples.


Finally Latisha finished shitting, and reached over to run the toilet paper between her fingers.


"This tissue is much too rough fo' my tender pussy and shithole," she said, then caught sight of Stacie's scarf. Expensive designer scarves were a special love of Stacie's and she had just purchased this pale peach number at an Atlanta boutique a few weeks ago when she had visited there. Now Latisha reached for the scarf and pulled it off Stacie.


"I love that scarf; I just paid a small fortune for it," Stacie complained, but immediately knew that was a mistake, drawing Latisha's wicked scorn.


"I think I wan' you to wipe my wet pussy and dirty shithole wi' this," Latisha said with a wicked cackle, knowing she was looking at a $100 piece of silken toilet paper. 


Stacie had little choice as she bunched up the soft silk scarf and pressed it between Latisha's thighs, dabbing it against her wet pussy, staring at the gleaming brown cunt as she wiped it clean of urine.


"Very good," Latisha said, now standing up off the toilet and turning, reaching back to hold herself wide open again. "Now my shithole. Wipe it clean, bitch!"


Stacie stared at the spectacular panorama in front of her face, the perfect, smooth brown cheeks, muscled but feminine, silken and gleaming, held open now, and revealing in the crack residues of Latisha's shit clinging to her sphincter. Stacie had wiped her own shithole clean every day of her life since she had been potty trained, but she had never wiped another's, let alone so starkly viewed another woman's messy, unwiped vividly @@@@@@@ bottom.


Little did Stacie imagine when she bought this expensive scarf in a designer boutique back in Atlanta that a few weeks later she'd be using it to wipe clean the dirty asshole of a beautiful black bitch right after that bitch had taken a shit! But that's exactly what she was doing right now. Could anything possibly be more humiliating – more deliciously humiliating – than being forced to wipe another woman's asshole clean after that woman had just taken a shit! Stacie's head was spinning with mixed feelings – helplessness, humiliation, lust, arousal. She could feel how wet her own pussy was becoming as she wiped Latisha's dirty ass clean with her designer scarf.


"Very good," Latisha finally said after Stacie had spent what seemed like an eternity wiping away, getting that peachy scarf soiled a deep brown. "Now finish me up with your tongue, bitch!"


Stacie didn't need any more invitation than that as now, ravenous and lust-crazed, she dug her tongue into the warm, humid anal wedge and started licking Latisha's ass. She had been licking it only minutes ago, then watched as Latisha shit from it, then wiped it clean, and now was applying the finishing touches with her tongue, a tongue greedy for the taste of this funky anal morsel. And it was still funky. Though wiped of shit, there was still a tangy zip to this asshole, which made it all the more appetizing for Stacie, who licked away hungrily.


"Oh yeah, lick it, lick it clean, bitch! Lick my black ass, my brown shithole!" Latisha sneered as Stacie licked away, digging her tongue into Latisha's bottom as far as she could, feeling Latisha's anal passage press against her probing tongue


After enjoying the white bank manager's tongue lapping away and probing at her black ass for many long minutes, Latisha turned and reached down to hold herself open.


"Now my pussy, bitch!"


And with those words Stacie pushed her tongue into the soggy brown cunt and showed Latisha why in college Stacie had the rep for being the absolutely number one cunt-lapper in her dorm, and then in her sorority. They still talk about her and her tongue back at campus. And as she licked away, Stacie managed to slide her hand between Latisha's thighs and behind her, working a single finger into the ass she had just wiped and licked clean. Latisha obviously liked that, purring like a contented kitten and pushing down on the probing finger.


"Oh yeah!!!!!" Latisha yelped as she felt Stacie's tongue take her to the brink, and then over it, her strong brown thighs quivering as a sensational orgasm overwhelmed her. And when Stacie pulled her finger out of Latisha's ass a moment later, she brought it up to her mouth and licked it, licked it rather lewdly, a sight which made the black woman, now regaining her breath, smile. 


"Here, you can keep these as a memento," Latisha said minutes later, giving Stacie her red and very worn panties, then sliding up her tight leather pants over her bare bottom. And then, blushing, Stacie picked up the shit-smeared, streaked and stained silk scarf off the floor and slipped it into her bag. She knew she'd keep and savor that scarf, launder it and save it, knowing she'd never quite get the brown stain out of it, that stain always reminding her of this amazing encounter. In the next few years, she'd press that scarf – that very special 'toilet paper' – against her pussy a hundred times, masturbating as she relived this day in her feverish mind.

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"Now let's go back to your office and get me that loan!"


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