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First Time Watching My Wife French Kissing A Stranger - Comment For More

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My wife is in her 50s, redhead, big hangers and thick round ass, trimmed cunt. I have tried to talk her into going out with another man, but she always has said NO. But she does dress sexy for the guys to ogle her before we go home and I fuck the shit out of her.

We recently decided to go out for dinner and drinks to celebrate our anniversary. She wore a low cut pink halter top to show her 38DD's, a black mini skirt, garter belt, CFM heels and stockings.

We were having a good time sucking down drinks at the bar, and she was getting a little tipsy. A good looking black gentleman sat a couple seats down from my wife, and we had a good chat about all kinds of things. He kept commenting to my wife how fine she looked. My wife thanked him every time he complimented her.

After a couple more drinks, he asked my wife if she would join him in his booth for a drink on him. Very surprisingly, she said sure okay. They walked to a booth and sat close to each other. I will never forget what happened next. The black guy cupped her huge tits and started making out with her. I could see her resist at first, but then accepted it and returned his deep tongue French kisses. He continued to feel her up, this time under her skirt playing with her pussy.

What really thrilled me was three guys came into the bar and sat at the bar not far from me. I could heart all of their hot comments. "look at that fucking slut" Fuck that bitch"
She is about to get BBC shoved deep inside her hot cunt." That fucking whore needs cock.,"

Now she was getting nervous and motioned me over while the black stud went to the bathroom. She said she had to leave, was fun, but dont want to go further tonight. We met him on the way out the bathroom and he fully understood. He thanked her for the good time.

Se was sucking me off all the way home in the car. We went into the house, I tore her clothes off and fucked her for hours.

Stay tuned - What would you like to see her do?


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