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Friends Always

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Guest elheffe

JD and I had been the best of friends for several years, so it was no surprise when his wife Donna called me one morning to come help her fix a flat tire.  Working nights it was no problem for me because I had just ended my shift.  When I got to their house the garage door was open and Donna's car was sitting there with no flat.  I opened the door into the kitchen and called out her name.  She yelled from the bedroom that she was just brushing her hair and would be ready in a minute.  A couple of minutes later she called from the bedroom and said that she needed my assistance.  Imagine my surprise when I turned the corner from the hall into the master bedroom to find her totally nude laying on their brand new bed that I had help JD set up a week before.


Donna told me that she had not let him fuck her in that bed yet and wanted me to help her break it in.  We spent the next 4 hours breaking in their new bed.  After that morning I would go help her every couple of days.


Two weekends later JD and I had an out of town trip scheduled and I didn't think anything of it when he tossed me his truck keys and asked me to drive. I did feel kind of guilty most of the weekend knowing that he didn't know what Donna and I were doing while he was at work.  On the way back to our home town on Sunday JD said that he needed to ask me a question.  I thought, "OH Shit!!, Here it comes."  I said to ask away.  He told me that he had known about Donna and me from day 1.  Then he asked me if I would give him my permission to fuck her too.  I was totally blown away.  Here was my best friend asking my permission to have sex with his own wife.  I said "HUH??"  To which he replied that she had told him that even tough she was his wife, her body and pussy belonged to me.  I told him to get her any time she let him.


Unfortunately Donna had a family emergency and had to go to another state to care for her elderly mother 18 month later.  After she had been gone for 6 months, JD introduced me to his new friend Kelly.  Kelly is a knockout for sure.  Three weeks later we were at a luncheon with a club that JD and I are members of.  About half way though the luncheon out of the blue JD said that he had told Kelly about Donna and me and that Kelly said that it would be hot.


Since then Kelly and I have been like rabbits while JD only gets it on occasion.  Lately Kelly and I have moved him into the total cuckold mold and he loves it.  He loves watching and cleaning.  Last week was the first time we let him do the fluff and we all loved it.  The next move is to cage him.

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