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luv ur story, made me horny just reading what happened.  my asian wife is so very shy, but i did get her to blindfold herself, got her drunk, and had a friend (bbc) screw her and boy did she really enjoy it.  she swears she will never do it again.  want to know what happened that night?

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On 2/28/2018 at 4:25 PM, falcon50 said:

luv ur story, made me horny just reading what happened.  my asian wife is so very shy, but i did get her to blindfold herself, got her drunk, and had a friend (bbc) screw her and boy did she really enjoy it.  she swears she will never do it again.  want to know what happened that night?



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xxxxxysr1...you say "your wife loves the idea of being an older bull's submissive slut."

If that's true, maybe you should "present" her to me....like this!

Be a damn shame if she didn't get to live out her fantasy, wouldn't it?



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    • By Flyboy
      Mrs. Flyboy returned home from her adventure at the swinger’s club with Dom and could hardly wait for show and tell with Flyboy.  She wanted to relive every cock, strap on, and pussy she had enjoyed in wonton bliss through Dom’s pictures plus the videos taken and shared by the crowd.  She realized she was not the only one who had a night of pure pleasure, Flyboy had the chance to experience his first FMF with two gorgeous women.   The thought of him enjoying the pleasures of two women at once made her wet, and to think a few weeks prior, that thought would have repulsed her.  What a change in just a few weeks, from only one cock for over 43 years and hiding her assets to taking over 50 new cocks and flaunting her assets unashamedly while standing naked in a crowd of strangers.
      It was now time to make up for years and years of missed opportunities and feed the new fantasies that flood her mind, plus let Flyboy help feed her new sexual desires.  Mrs. Flyboy knew she and the love of her life were bound for double life.   Around family and friends, they needed to be the same church going, regular folk they had always been before, but away from that life, they could live out their every fantasy and desire. 
      After a few days, Flyboy began register them on a couple of the various swinger sites, because he knew the word of her adventure at the swinger’s club would spread fast.  They could post vanilla pictures for everyone to see and allow private gallery access to interested individuals and couples.  Flyboy also saw his bride as a hot wife and he asked her if he could begin exposing her on certain web sites with some of the pictures and videos that he and Dom had taken.  For Mrs. Flyboy, the thought of men getting hard looking at her pics was now a true turn on, especially since she was a Grandmother, so she concurred with the idea.  She didn’t worry about being recognized.  If a friend saw her there, they were on the site for one purpose and if they approached her about it, she could ask if they wanted to be a number on the board.  If a stranger recognized her in public, he would definitely be a new cock for her to enjoy.
      Flyboy had always kidded her that she could work street corners as a means to get extra money, but now with her new attitude, the thought of being paid for her pleasures was intriguing.  She knew the risk was too great to actually walk the street, but Flyboy had an idea, why not try being a cam girl?  Mrs. Flyboy thought about the idea for a day or two and even got on a few sites to see what they did plus chat with a few of the girls about their experiences. She took notes from the chats between the girls and those who logged in to find out what the girls did to entice men to pay for a more intimate experience. Mrs. Flyboy went as far as to watch a few shows to see what would work for her.  After careful thought she decided to go for it and signed up.  Flyboy set up a laptop with extra cameras and showed her how to control them.
      Mrs. Flyboy got ready for her first time “on the job” by putting on her go to church make-up, black thigh highs, crotchless panties, and one of Flyboys button down shirts with no bra.  She logged in, sat in front of the camera making sure she showed more than adequate cleavage, and waited for her cherry chat.  It didn’t take long for her profile that listed her DD tits and trimmed pubes to attract multiple initial inquires.  After a few chats she finally had a request for her first official private session.  In the session she immediately got naked and asked what he wanted to see next, also requesting a camera-to-camera session.  He wanted to see her fuck herself with her largest toy to which she immediately sunk it in to the hilt, pumping it until she had one of her massive orgasms all the while watching him masturbate with a cock she would like to use herself.  With both satisfied, her first session ended logging 10 minutes of time “on the clock”.  She logged in as taking a break and smiled as she was officially getting paid for sex!
      Mrs. Flyboy spent the next 4 hours chatting with a lot of men from all over the world.  She showed off her body and granted all the requests in of all her private sessions.  Mrs. Flyboy found she really enjoyed camera-to-camera sessions where she could see her customer pounding is cock as she granted his every wish.  She had even had four GOLD Sessions that began at $100 with men paying a minimum of $5 to watch her perform using all of her toys in various positions.  She smiled as she realized her first day of being paid for sex had been fun and she looked forward to tomorrow when she had to “work” again!
    • By Flyboy
      It took Mrs. Flyboy a couple of days to fully recover from her first true gang bang.  She had taken on 9 new cocks at least twice each, 2 repeat cocks, Dom and Flyboy, plus Shelia had nailed her with a strap on.  All the men and Shelia had used all of her holes and she had enjoyed every second of the sexual bliss they provided.  She had seen Flyboy, enjoy Shelia’s pleasures knowing that he had not had any other woman during their marriage until he had made sure his bride was enjoying new cocks.  She also felt the touch of a woman for the first time and knew it was an avenue to explore.  As she pondered what was next, she knew that now was the time for her to prepare for new adventures and to push the boundaries that she had repressed during their marriage.  She stopped by Lover’s Lane for some for lingerie and a couple of new toys.  Next stop was to get her landing strip waxed and finally get her nipples pierced knowing that Flyboy would be the first to benefit from both to his delight.

                      The rest of the week Flyboy was the only recipient of her pleasures as he enjoyed the newly slick pussy with her landing strip and he was even more aroused by her finally piercing her nipples and tossing her fakes.  Even as she basked in the pleasures of her husband, she kept in the back of her mind the idea of what new cocks could offer her this weekend.  Dom texted her and Flyboy a heads up that this would be a different weekend for both of them and to be ready an evening to remember.  That was all the news they needed to whet their appetite.

                      Flyboy didn’t know what to expect, but knowing Dom, he was going to like it.  Mrs. Flyboy didn’t know either, but she decided she would make herself a surprise for Dom and whatever he had in store for her.  With that in mind, she put on her new black lacey shelf bra, black garter belt, but with beige thigh high hose and no panties.  She did her hair and make up as she would before going to church, then topped off her look with her best go to church outfit.  She looked like her next stop was church – this was the look she wanted!  Dom arrived sharply at six bringing two lovely and well-endowed women with him.  Flyboy grinned and Mrs. Flyboy had a puzzled look on her face.  Just what did Dom have up his sleeve.  Dom noticed the look on Mrs. Flyboy’s face and put her mind at ease saying “Don’t worry, they’re staying here with Flyboy & we’re going out!”  This gave Flyboy an instant erection knowing he was going to get his first FMF threesome.  He had watched is bride take on multiple cocks, seen her DPed, and even gang banged, but had never been double teamed his self.  Dom looked at Mrs. Flyboy and inquired about her outfit and her answer was to flash what was underneath.  This drew a smile from Dom since he knew where they were going.

                      Mrs. Flyboy hopped in Dom’s car after giving Flyboy a peck on the cheek and told him to have fun.  Flyboy watched Dom and his wife drive away and as he turned to go inside; he saw his new companions were both naked!  He knew hew was definitely going to have fun tonight, but he wondered where Dom was headed, but knew the love of his life would fill him in on what happened.

                      As the pulled out of the driveway Mrs. Flyboy asked Dom where they were headed.  Dom just grinned and told her “We’re going to your next step and @@@@@@ you to more pleasures than you can imagine.”  As they drove, she thought about her husband who worked for a long time for her to open up and now he is going to be enjoying the bodies of two beautiful women for the first time.  He had waited until she had enjoyed new cocks before he had any strange pussy, why did I wait so long!  They soon pulled into a gated parking lot of a local swinger’s club where Dom showed his membership card and escorted her inside to the curious stares of everyone who saw how she was dressed.  All the other women were dressed to impress, showing off their assets and leaving nothing to the imagination.

                      Mrs. Flyboy had a tinge of nervousness as she looked around at the stripper’s pole by a stage with obvious amateurs dancing for a small crowd and the multiple rooms where she could see couples or groups enjoying their bodies together.  She had never been to a swinger’s club nor had she watched anyone fuck other than being the recipient and seeing Flyboy and Shelia last week, all the time being in the privacy of their home.  As she stood in the door watching, she wondered if she could learn some new tricks for Flyboy, but even more what Dom had planned for her here.

                      Dom pulled her away from the door and steered her towards a large room where many had gathered both clothed and unclothed of both sexes. As they walked in the room the crowd parted as if they were expecting them.   In the center of the room there were different benches, swings and seats that were obviously made for maximum sexual pleasure.  On one device there was a sign with her name on it.  As Mrs. Flyboy gasped, Dom proclaimed “Use one or all of the devices to the pleasure of you and EVERYONE here!”  At that time a couple came out of the crowd and began to strip Mrs. Flyboy of her demure exterior and exposing her great tits and manicured bush to the cheering crowd.  Her lacey shelf bra was tossed aside, but the garter belt and hose remained on her.  She was now the slightly embarrassed center of attention.  A drastic change from a few weeks ago when Flyboy was the only man other than a doctor to see her naked.

                      Two men who gave the B in BBC it’s true meaning, approached and led her to a device they called the fuck bench and strapped her in doggy style with her arms and legs restrained, but at the right height at both ends.  She was dripping wet by this time and was easily entered from behind by one as the other began to face fuck her, all the continued cheers of the crowd. Dom had talked to the managers and they waived the no camera rule so he leaned her cock count board against the bench and took a picture for Flyboy with numbers 18 and 19 on it.  He continued to update the board as men and women with strap ons had their way with Mrs. Flyboy’s holes.  When 40 and 41’s turns finished, they unstrapped her and moved her to a short bench where she laid on her back with her legs up in stirrups and her head on a narrow pillow.  The new line of men formed between her legs as some of the women began to message her tits and observe the pounding her pussy was now taking.  Mrs. Flyboy’s eyes rolled back in her head again and again from orgasms when she felt a presence by her head.  When she opened her eyes, she saw gaping pussy ready to be licked and she knew she was going to taste her first pussy.  She groaned again from the taste of the other woman’s juices as the woman straddled her face.  Three other women had straddled her face by the time number 52 gave one last thrust.  Dom had kept up the board and documented every man and women that Mrs. Flyboy had satisfied tonight.  She sat up from the bench, acknowledged the crowd and thanked them all for the fucking.

                      She slowly got dressed, forgoing the shelf bra and proceeded to the parking lot with Dom.  In the car on the way home, she started reviewing the pictures Dom had taken and knew Flyboy would have plenty of wank material whenever she was away.  She thought to herself, she had done it, she had @@@@@@@ herself to total strangers, been fucked in larger gangbang, and tasted pussy for the first time.  This was going to be a hell of a debrief when she gets home.  I have to hear about Flyboy’s threesome and walk him through the pictures Dom had taken as I moved up to number 52 in my cock count.  It’s been a whirlwind few weeks going from having one cock for 43 years to breaking 50.  Why did I wait so long!


    • By Flyboy
      This is a story started in thread by DomBull4U and finished by me.  I'll add more parts to my fantasy over time.  This is how it goes.
      Flyboy and his wife were young sweethearts and had married at a young and tender age. They stayed happily married for many years...wonderful years. Throughout their many years of marriage, they had maintained an active and enjoyable sex life. Mrs. Flyboy was a good wife and remained faithful to her husband for all of their years together. Flyboy was in fact the only man Mrs. Flyboy had ever been with. Together they had experimented with many different sex games and situations to keep their marriage fresh. But Mrs. Flyboy had only been with one man...her husband, Flyboy. Flyboy on the other hand had the opportunity to sew his wild oats before meeting his future bride. As the years wore on, like many kinky men, Flyboy developed a desire to see his wife with another man. He wanted his wife to have that experience, the experience of being with another man. It was something that they discussed from time to time...but was never something they ever carried out. Mainly because of Mrs. Flyboy. She loved her husband and was afraid of how such a thing would affect their marriage. As the years passed, Flyboy was finally able to convince his wife to just try it, to be with another man, to satisfy his fantasy of his wife with another. She finally agreed to try, but only under certain conditions, because she wanted her husband to experience his fantasy and explore some of her hidden desires. To start things rolling she agreed to let Flyboy show some of the many sexy pictures of her to select individuals.
      And that's how I was fortunate enough to come into contact them.
      One thing Mrs. Flyboy insisted on was that things had to be "right". It couldn't be just any man she wasn't going to fuck just anyone. Things had to be right and he had to be right. There had to be some chemistry. 
      Soon there were email exchanges and a phone call or two and an agreed upon face-to-face meeting at a neutral site’ then finally a meeting in their home. The home meeting seemed a bit strange, but Mrs. Flyboy insisted that if something was to happen sexually, she would be more comfortable in their home. 
      One thing we knew, all of us, if this was going to happen, Mrs. Flyboy was going to have to be comfortable. And that was only fair and reasonable.
      And so I found myself, sitting in the Flyboy's living room. I had passed all the previous "tests" and here I was in their home. Sipping an ice tea with and Mrs. Flyboy sipped on her glass of water. Was this the final test, would something happen today?  At that point I didn't know and I don’t think Flyboy did either. Everything was up to Mrs. Flyboy, so we sat chit-chatting and sipping our drinks. I was keeping my eyes mainly on Mrs. Flyboy, trying to send the message, yes, I want you, but without being creepy or leering at her. She was dressed casually...we all were. There wasn’t really anything overtly sexual about how Mrs. Flyboy was dressed. Just a nice pair of jeans and a nice blouse, although she did have a few buttons undone and was showing just a bit of cleavage. Nice cleavage. When she bent over I could catch a glimpse of a sexy, lacey bra. I had to admit, Mrs. F had some nice tits and at times as we chatted I found myself giving her tits a good long look, hopefully not too noticeably. Hopefully I wasn't gawking at her. But they were nice tits, very nice tits, and it was hard at times not to just give them a good look.
      Suddenly, without any notice Mrs. F jumped up and excused herself and quickly left the room. I was wondering if I had blown it, she had left so suddenly. Before I could even ask Flyboy what had happened, he got a text message from his wife. He read the text, and when he looked at me, he could see the look of confusion on my face. 
      Flyboy smiled at me and then turned his phone so I could see the message.
      It's from my wife, he said. I read the message which both relaxed and excited me at the same time.
      The message said " Fuck it...let's do it!"
      Flyboy gave me thumbs up sign and said give her a couple of minutes.
      As I sat waiting with Flyboy downstairs in the living room there was a nervous tension and excitement in the room. I didn't know what to say or expect and Flyboy picked up on that. To put me at ease, he said "just give her a few minutes I think you are going to like what she has planned for you". So it sounded like together they had planned something Flyboy seemed to know what was happening. 
      It seemed like forever but really wasn't all that long when I heard my name being called from around the corner. I paused a minute and then Flyboy said go ahead; see what my wife has for you. So I stood and headed around the corner to where I saw Mrs. Flyboy sitting positioned carefully on the steps. She had changed into a very sexy outfit in black. A black teddy that had cutouts that left her nice tits @@@@@@@. She also had on some sexy black, stay-up stockings with some low red heels her bright red lipstick accented her outfit nicely. She sat there casually and confidently this was a woman that had no doubts about her sexiness, but with a bit of fear, since I was the only man other than Flyboy she had opened up to. I was enjoying the view she was giving me, immensely! And then she got a little naughty. Mrs. F slowly spread her legs s-l-o-w-l-y and then I saw that her black teddy was crotchless. MrsF had a naughty smile on her face and a naughty twinkle in her eyes her pussy was opened slightly and looked wet and juicy. 
      All she said to me was...."wanna go to our bedroom Dom?” 
      She wasn't going to have to ask twice!
      I gave her a hungry look and headed towards her glancing back briefly at Flyboy. All he said was "go for it!"
      So there she was Mrs. Flyboy sitting there on the steps looking sexy, seductive and totally fuckable! She had decided to fulfill her husband's fantasy after many years and she was willing to be with another man. And I was that lucky man! She was just a few feet in front of me sitting there her big tits out, her legs spread, and her hot pussy hot and wet pussy looking ready. I hadn't really expected this not tonight anyway the change came about so suddenly I was caught off guard. For a moment I didn't know what to do or say. My cock was rock hard and throbbing and then Mrs. F reached down between her legs and slowly drug her finger along her opening with a naughty twinkle in her eye she said "well, do you want to go to the bedroom or not".  "Ohhhhhh fuck" is the only thing I could think of to say.
      Ohhhhhh fuck!
      It was all I could do to keep from diving on her right there. But then I realized something, yes, I was ready to pounce on her and just pound the fuck out of her. One of the reasons I was there was because through all the emails and the few phone calls we exchanged I had gotten to know Flyboy a little and learned that he wanted someone to dominate and "use" his wife. That was what I was brought in to do that was my "job". And it was all I could do to keep from being totally forceful and just taking Mrs. F. But I also realized that this was a woman that had been a faithful, loving wife to her husband for many years. She wasn't some shameless slut that fucked any man that moved. This was a wife and mother and grandmother a mature woman that was doing this to fulfill her hubby's naughty fantasy. Yes, she looked ready but I also could sense that she was nervous still. She had decided to go through with it but she was still nervous about it. 
      Sensing that, I went to the stairs and as she turned to get up I said wait and had her stay sitting on the stairs. I knelt down on a step below her, and reached out and took her in my arms, held her tightly and kissed her sensuously. Yes, I wanted her to give herself to me but I wanted her to be totally comfortable when she did. We kissed and kissed passionately. 
      In some of our emails, Flyboy had told me that once his wife got going, she could be quite a wildcat. He'd even shared a few pics of his wife pics that showed she definitely had a slutty side to her that just need to be brought out and tapped into. 
      I continued to kiss Mrs. Flyboy and I could feel any nervousness she might have been feeling melt away. My hand found its way to her incredible tits it was damn near impossible to avoid them. I played with her tits and nipples as we continued to kiss. I was gentle at first lightly stroking and touching them gently tweaking her nipples. Gradually I became more forceful grabbing at her tits, squeezing them, pinching and twisting her nipples more forcefully. Flyboy was a tit man and I knew that Mrs. F was used to her tits being played with.  Overcome with desire for her, I lifted one of her tits and bent down to suck and nibble on her nipple. First one magnificent tit, then the other. As I sucked hard...and let my teeth gently nip at her nipples she let out a low moan of desire "ohhhhhhhh, fuck yeeeesssss." 
      I could have let Mrs. F lead me to the bedroom right then and there. Could have, but I had other ideas. I kissed my way down her tummy, pushed her legs open, and then kissed my way down to her pussy. I gave her a few light licks, and then my tongue wiggled its way inside the folds of her wet pussy. She was wet and delicious and ready for a good tongue fuck. I felt one of her hands go to the back of my head and as my tongue flicked along her slit she reached down with her other hand and spread her pussy lips wide open for me. As my tongue worked deeper inside, she held my head in place and again let out another low, wanton moan "ohhhhh fuck yeeeesss". I knew I had brought out the slut in her when I buried my tongue deeper inside her and pushed my face against her pussy, her juices were covering my mouth and chin and when I looked up at her. I looked at her she was looking back with a look of total lust and she moaned, "yeeesss, that's it, that's it, eat my fucking pussy. Do it, do it, eat it, eat my cunt!" I did and I also slid two fingers into her wet hole and started fingering her working my fingers fast and deep inside her wetness.
      Flyboy had shared a few pics with me by email prior to us ever meeting. In some of the pics, his wife appeared to be a sexy, mature woman a naughty housewife type. But Flyboy said once his wife got going, she could be also go beyond naughty housewife and become a downright, filthy slut!
      And that's the Mrs. F that I wanted to take me to their bedroom...to fuck! I wanted the downright, filthy slut to take me upstairs to be my nasty fucktoy! 
      Speaking of fucktoys, one of the sluttier pics Flyboy had shown me was of his wife fucking herself with a large dildo. She looked like a total, wanton slut in the pic, the way her shelf bra @@@@@@@ her nipples, her legs were spread wide, her pussy stretched around the fat dong as she worked it in her pussy and you could tell she was going to push that dong deeper and deeper inside her and then pump it frantically in and out of her pussy until she came explosively
      That was the Mrs. F I wanted. 
      Earlier I had told Flyboy how much I liked that pic and how nasty his wife looked and how much I wanted to see her just like that. 
      As I was eating Mrs. F and fingering her pussy, I told Flyboy go get it; go get your wife's favorite fucktoy. Mrs. F was enjoying getting eaten and fingered so much that I don't think she noticed as he handed it to me. MrsF had her head back on the steps and her eyes closed tightly, she only opened them when I took the dong and playfully cock slapped her with it. Only then did she open her eyes and as she started to speak, I put the head of the dong to her lips and told her "suck it! Suck it and get it good and wet, because you're going to show me and your husband how much of a slut you are and how much you need to get fucked!"
      The dong was so big, she couldn't really fit it into her mouth. She tried, but the damn thing was huge so she licked it. One thing I knew, it would definitely fit in her pussy. So I took it from her, slid my fingers out of her wetness and pushed the tip of the dong against her opening. 
      Without even thinking she reached down and took it from me. Flyboy had also brought some lube and I took it from him and squirted some on the fucktoy. Mrs. F was in auto-slut mode at this point. She used one hand to spread the lube all over her toy and with the other she started pushing it inside her hungry pussy. It quickly became obvious Mrs. F was very familiar with her favorite fucktoy. What an incredible sight it was, watching her work that dong in, watching as her pussy spread wide to take it. What an amazing slut she looked like as she started to pump it in and out of her pussy building speed until she was working it fast and deep inside her, taking it balls deep. 
      Again, Mrs. F had her head thrown back, eyes closed as she enjoyed the pleasure that her toy dick was giving her. What a sight she was her big tits heaving as her breathing got faster and faster. Even the sound was incredible her cunt was making lewd squishing sounds as she fucked herself. 
      Mrs. F was lost in lust and wasn't even aware of me or her husband watching his wife intently.
      It wasn't until Mrs. F heard me say to her, "that's it slut, fuck yourself, show me what a horny slut you are."  Hearing that, Mrs. F opened her eyes and saw me standing in front of her, now with my hard, throbbing cock out as I pumped it steadily, pointing it right at her.
      Her eyes had a wild, glazed look to them, and seeing me pumping my cock, her second ever hard cock, her mouth dropped open!
      I put one foot beside Mrs. F on the step she was sitting on.  I quickly and carefully stepped over her...putting my other foot 2 steps above where she sat. This put my hard, throbbing cock just inches before her open mouth.
      Mrs. F didn't need to be told what to do. This experienced, sexual woman knew exactly what I wanted and at this point she wanted it too! She quickly leaned forward and took the head of my cock in her mouth. The feeling was incredible as her lips wrapped tightly around my stiff dick and her tongue went to work lapping and teasing the underside of my cock.
      Flyboy told me that his wife liked it a little rough at times, when she was in the right mood. He had told me that his fantasy was to not only see his wife with another man, but he wanted to see her used. He told me, once you get her going, don't hold back, give it to her good. Now definitely seemed to be the right time and the wanton, slutty way Mrs. F was sucking my cock told me she was in the right mood. 
      She was still using her vibe to pump her pussy, and her lips were wrapped tight around my cock, I put my hand at the back of her head to help guide her, gently but firmly pushing her down onto my cock, making her take it deeper in her mouth. "That's it Mrs. F, take that cock nice and deep" To emphasize my point, I reached down and took one of her big tits roughly in my hands. I gave her tit a nice squeeze and when I did, she let out a cock muffled moan...."mmmmm"...it was all I could do to keep from blasting the back of her throat with a nice shot of my cum.
      Standing like I was, straddling her, standing over her on the stairway, I knew I was blocking much of Flyboy's view and I wanted him to see his wife enjoying and having sex with another man for the first time. I wanted him to see his beautiful wife being used! 
      I wanted to give him a good look at his wife being my slut! I twisted to the side a little and took Mrs. F's hair in my hand. I turned her face until she was looking right at him, her mouth stretched tight around my throbbing cock. I held her in that position for a minute and told her, "that's right, let your husband see how much you love sucking another man's cock." 
      Flyboy's wife had been giving me fantastic head, she had obviously had a lot of practice and her cock sucking was amazing. She sucked cock because she loved it, loved the feel of a hard cock in her mouth, loved the taste of a man's cock. She was giving me an expert blowjob, wet and sloppy head, like some filthy porno slut would do. 
      Suddenly and without warning I pulled my cock out of MrsF's talented mouth. Strands of spit dripped from her mouth and off of my throbbing rod, down onto her heaving tits. She looked exactly like some kind of porn slut and I know that's what Flyboy was thinking when he said "Oh fuck yeeeesss! That's it Hun, suck it, suck Dom's cock! Show him what a good slut my wife is what a good, cock-sucking slut you are!"
      Flyboy said she liked it rough, so with that in mind, and my fingers still laced through her hair, I pulled her forward. I guided her and directed her down off of the stairs and told her" on your fucking knees", she knew I wanted more of that mouth and she wanted it every bit as much as I did.
      As she dropped to her knees, she became totally submissive, saying yes sir, yes sir and leaned forward to take my cock back in her mouth again!"
      What a sight she must have been for her hubby, Flyboy. On her knees, sucking another man's cock, like she needed it to live. Her vibrating dildo still wedged inside her dripping wet cunt, spit dripping off her chin onto her huge tits! Her tits that she now held in her hands so she could squeeze them and play with her own nipples!
      Mrs. F kept up her steady bobbing rhythm as she sucked me and I looked down at her and asked "you still want to show me your bedroom, don't you Mrs. F? You still want to get fucked by another man in the bed you share with your husband, don't you?"
      I loved her answer!!!
      I looked at Flyboy and he gave a nod with a wicked grin on his face so I grabbed Mrs. Flyboy by the hand and headed towards where I suspected was the bedroom with her large vibe in her other hand.  Mrs. F was panting with excitement, anticipating what was to become her second cock ever.  When we hit the doorway, I saw the reason for Flyboy’s wicked grin.  Two video cameras were set on tripods, one aimed at king size bed that was already pulled down with her other toys laid out for use and the second aimed at the door already recording our entrance.  A third video camera was on the dresser along with a still camera!  Flyboy was not going to miss a second of his wife’s introduction to new cocks, but I knew he had mastered the fine details of amateur porn form the pics and videos he had shared.   Mrs. F immediately flopped on the bed with her legs spread exposing her dripping cunt to the camera like she had done hundreds of times before for Flyboy, but this time for me!  I knelt between her upstretched legs admiring the slut before me.  Gazing at her wanton smile, her magnificent tits and the dripping cunt that would soon hold my cock, her second EVER.  I bent down to nibble on her erect nipples and teased her pussy with the tip of my engorged gland.  When her moans reached a fever pitch and she begged me to fuck her, I placed my hands on her huge tits and plunged my cock to the hilt in one thrust.  She came instantly with a loud scream from the anticipation.  I looked over at Flyboy, he had all three cameras going so not a second was lost and gave me a thumbs up as I continued thrusting into her writhing body. 
      I remembered that Mrs. F liked rough at times so I pulled out my dripping rod, moved to kneel beside her head and pulled her mouth to my cock telling her to “taste your own juices slut”.  At that point she licked my gland from stem to stern making sure to not miss a drop.  Then she pushed me off the bed and scooched over so her head hung off the bed, grabbed my cock, put it in her mouth and pulled me into her so she could gobble every inch down her throat.  Flyboy had raised the bed to the perfect height so I could stand and throat fuck Mrs. F. As I watched her deep throat me, I noticed she had recovered her big vibe and was matching my thrusts with it, all to Flyboy’s delight.  I grabbed her nipple suction cups and applied them those magnificent tits.  As I cranked them up pulling her nipples half way up the tube she moaned and came again.
      Flyboy had told me doggy style made her cum quickly and often so I pulled out my cock, grabbed the vibe, threw it to the end of the bed and said “On your knees bitch, you’re going to take it like a dog!”  She rolled over and sprang to her knees, once more aiming her dripping twat to me and one camera while giving a profile of her hanging tits to another. I knelt behind her and began pumping like a jack hammer.  Flyboy was right, she came within seconds with a load moan and again within 30 seconds. I looked at Flyboy as I continued to pound her ass and remembered one of his other fantasies is to spit roast his bride with another man.  I motioned him to take the other end of his wife.  He climbed into the bed and placed his cock within an inch of her mouth. Her eyes were closed from her third orgasm, but as they opened, she knew what she was to do.  First, she licked the pre-cum from the tip then opened wide so she could take in his girth and came again.  Flyboy and I just grinned at each other and smiled for the cameras that were recording every second.  Mrs. F was now in heaven, two cocks at once as she rocked back and forth stroking our cocks.  Not wanting to hog her throbbing cunt I told Flyboy,” Time to swap ends!”  We held our places as Mrs. F rotated on all fours and aligned herself so she could enjoy both cocks again. Flyboy let her lean back to bring her pussy to his member as I waited for her forward rock so she could take me in her mouth.  I cradled her head as she deep throated my cock while Flyboy grasped her hips. The rocking back and forth soon became frenzied as all three of us approached our climax at nearly the same time, Mrs. F for the umpteenth time.  Mrs. F flopped to the bed on her back exposing her mouth full of another man’s cum and her gaping, cum filled pussy.  She licked her lips and gulped it down, surprising Flyboy and I since he had told me she had usually been a spitter.
      The three of us laid together for a few minutes unable to speak out of sheer exhaustion.  I was the first to speak as I asked Mrs. F “Well, what do you think?”  Her reply brought a smile to Flyboy and I as she said, “Why in the hell did I wait so long!  I need more new dicks!”  Flyboy just smiled knowing he had opened Pandora’s oops Mrs. Flyboy’s box and the adventures to come for both of them.
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