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The Fifth Date
by Anonymous5 (address withheld)


A married couple discover where love and jealously 
intersect as neglected wife yearns for attention from 
her husband. (MMF, reluc, wife, cheat)


Chapter 1

"I think we should see other people," Donna announced. 
"Or at least I should. I'm pretty sure I don't want 
you to. Not that you would, you're always too busy 

"It's kind of late for that isn't it? We've been 
married for 20 years," I countered.

"That's my point. After 20 years I should still expect 
my husband to take me to dinner and a movie once in a 
while. When was the last time we went out? When was 
the last time you looked at me like you wanted me 
while we ate dinner at a nice restaurant? That's what 
I miss about dating. Having someone hang on your every 
word, open car doors, and really pay attention. I want 
a man that will just pay attention to me." 

She had started out almost in jest but as she made her 
statement, I could see the emotion building in her 
voice. It was all about that new movie "Midnight in 
Paris" that her friend Jill had seen. Once Donna heard 
someone rave about something, she had to have it also.

"Donna, you know I have been working 10 hour days 
lately and I am just too tired. Why don't you go with 
Jill? I bet she would love to go again and you could 
have a night out and see the movie. And if its sex you 
want, I'm not too tired on the weekends."

"You just don't get it do you? So you really aren't 
going to take me then?"

I heard finality in her voice and assumed she was 
beginning to see my point of view. Of course I said I 
was not going to take her anytime in the next month 
and frankly I didn't usually care for Woody Allen 
movies. Looking back over my life I can identify 
several times when there was some small decision or 
word that had a disproportionate effect on my life. I 
later found this was one of those times.

"It's ok," she conceded, "you don't have to go. I'm 
sure I can find someone that will take me." Victory I 
thought; no Woody Allen movie for me. I left the room 
and went back to work on those customer billing 
statements. After about an hour, I started to wear 
down and decided to call it a night. I shut off the 
computer and got up to go to bed. As I walked down the 
hallway to the bedroom I heard Donna giggling on the 
phone as she talked to someone. 

"...oh that sounds good so see you then... Right, 
right, I'll be ready. .... Unh, unh, not on the first 
date mister... You bad boy. (giggle). Oh, gotta go, 

When I walked into the bedroom, she was just closing 
her cell phone.

"Uh, who was that?" I asked.

"Oh that was Tom. He's taking me to dinner and a 

"Who's Tom?"

"Oh, he's the new attorney working on the Smith case. 
Remember the sexual harassment lawsuit the school 
district got last year that I told you about? Well his 
wife left him about 6 months ago and he just moved to 
town when he took the job with us at Crab, Gobel and 
Goldberg. He told all the women in the office that he 
wasn't really ready to get back into the dating game 
but that if anyone needed company just to get out of 
the house sometime he was game. Poor guy, he doesn't 
know a soul in town. And he's not very handsome. So, I 
thought I would show him around and I would have my 
date for Thursday night. You're not jealous are you?" 

Donna was openly smiling at me as if to dare me to 
challenge her arrangement. "Honey, would you like me 
to cancel on him and you take me instead?" 

The truth is, I WAS a little jealous and I almost 
blurted out for her to cancel her date but then I 
remembered Thursday, I was working late with my boss 
and my boss's boss so I could not take Donna out that 
night. "What about tomorrow night instead of Thursday? 
I offered.

"No, I have some errands I have to get done and 
Thursday is the last day the movie runs in town so 
sorry. Thursday or nothing."

"I'm sorry Donna, I just can't. You know how it is." I 
"It's ok big guy," she said as she approached me. "I 
will never forget who I'm married to and I will never 
ever forget you are the only lover for me." 

She reached up and gave me a kiss that in romance 
novels would be called smoldering. Let's just say it 
was slow, deliberate and full tongue. After we broke 
from the kiss, she backed up a little and gazing 
straight into me eyes, reached her hand down and 
started to stroke the growing bulge in my jeans. 
Twenty Five minutes later we were lying in bed in post 
coital bliss. "Where did that come from? I asked."

"I don't know but I like it." Donna answered as she 
snuggled over next to me, draping her leg over my 
hips. We fell asleep and the next we knew it was 

Wednesday went by in a blur and as usual, I got home 
late around 6:30 and Donna had just gotten home before 
me. "Hi honey, how was your day?" she asked in an 
upbeat tone.

"The usual. Do twice as much with half the resources," 
I complained.
We were both pretty quiet through the rest of the 
evening. After dinner, I went back to work on some 
numbers and Donna was in the bedroom arranging her 
closet and trying on some clothes. I came in and went 
to bed around 10:00 and she was already asleep. 

Thursday morning we got up at the usual time and left 
for work. When I kissed her goodbye the kiss seemed to 
linger just a bit longer and when I said "Love you," 
she answered back with a sincere "And I love you."

My afternoon meeting nearly went wrong and I was 
nervous all day. Finally, around 6:00 pm it wrapped up 
and I headed for home. I hadn't even thought about 
Donna all day and now I realized I would probably miss 
her since she likely would have left for the movie by 
now. I finally rolled into the driveway, noticing her 
car was gone. Oh well, ham sandwich and cold beer for 
dinner tonight. I was already missing my wife.

As I walked into the house, I smelled the faintest 
trace of perfume. It was an unfamiliar scent. I 
wondered if Donna had purchased a new one. I followed 
the scent into the bedroom where it became stronger, 
intoxicating as if there was a strange new woman in my 
house. In a way there was. 

I was feeling a little bit of "poor me, my wife isn't 
home to fix me dinner" when I saw the wrapper in the 
bedroom trashcan. "Sexy thigh high stockings with stay 
up lace top," it read. $10.99. Suddenly I felt a surge 
of jealousy and panic and arousal all at once. I well-
remembered her preferring thigh highs to pantyhose 
when we were dating. She preferred the easy access it 
allowed me to slip my hand under her dress and into 
her panties. That seemed so long ago. 

I searched the room looking for other clues. There was 
also a tag in the trash can that looked like it had 
been recently clipped off of a new dress. Not finding 
any other clues, I realized I could look up her credit 
card online. Sure enough, there were a number of 
purchases on Wednesday that had just posted. $75 at 
Victoria's Secret, $180 at Macy's and about $9.00 at 
Walgreens. I almost got sick at my stomach when I 
imagined her activities of the previous day. New 
underwear, new dress and a dozen condoms. 

Oh, and don't forget she smelled heavenly with the new 
perfume. I sat in the living room and looked at the 
clock until my emotions came down a little. I got back 
on the computer and looked up the showing times for 
the movie. 7:45 was the start time so that meant it 
would probably run until about 9:30 to 10:00 pm. 
Allowing for no hanky-panky, she would be home around 
10:30 or so at the earliest. That is, if she actually 
went to a movie. I went online and checked the story 

I would casually ask her questions about the movie and 
find out if she was actually at the movie or not. I 
felt better that I had a plan of action at least. I 
had a couple more beers and fell asleep on the couch 
watching a documentary.

"Hi honey, wake up, I'm home!" Donna burst through the 
front door, click, clicked her heels across the tile 
floor and reached down to kiss me. God, did she smell 
good. It wasn't just the perfume, there was a musky 
female scent mixed in with the perfume that would 
arouse a dead man. I glanced at the clock. It was 
11:45. I noticed her lipstick was smudged before she 
kissed me. Still groggy I stood up and asked. "So how 
was Mr. Hemmingway?" 

"Still overweight, smokes cigars, and a little 
suicidal. The movie was really good. I thought Owen 
Wilson pulled it off really well and I don't usually 
care for him." I felt a wave of relief realizing she 
really had seen the movie. "So where did you go for 

"Oh we went over to Morton's steak house. Tom loves 
the New York strip there and wanted me to try it. It 
was wonderful. Overall, it was a really good time. Tom 
is a good guy. Some woman will be lucky to get him."

"So when did the movie let out. Seems like you were 
late getting home."

"Oh, you really are jealous aren't you! Look, I'm 
going to put all my cards on the table. Dating is not 
just about sex, it's about fun and talking and 
spontaneity. I do not intend to FORNICATE with 
anyone." she said with emphasis. "It's harmless fun 
and I know that I have a terrific husband."

I felt much relieved after she told me that but I just 
had to know. "So what did you buy at the Walgreens 

"Oh my god, you are SO jealous! And you were spying on 
me!" After a moment she said "I guess I have been 
torturing you haven't I? Well if you must know, I 
picked up some feminine products. Anti-itch cream, if 
you must know. My privates have been itching lately." 
She said as she swiveled her hips over to me and 
molded her body to mine. "Got enough energy left to do 

I pulled her to me and inhaled her perfume in my 
nostrils as I kissed her check and slowly moved my 
kisses up to her earlobe. I heard her breathing 
quicken as she responded to my touch. As we kissed, I 
reached my right hand around and unzipped her dress 
while I killed the light switch with my left. We stood 
in the half-darkness for several minutes feeling each 
other's bodies like it was the first time, her new red 
dress puddled at her feet. We broke apart finally and 
Donna whispered in my ear, "let's get in bed."

I stripped off my clothes completely. Donna removed 
her bra first and then sitting on the bed rolled her 
stockings down. She scooted up into bed wearing only 
her new panties. Noticing me looking at her panty 
area, she asked, "Like 'em? I bought them just for 
you. Liar," I said as I slowly reached up and hooked 
my fingers into the waistband to pull them down off 

She compliantly raised her hips to help me while she 
chuckled at my accusation. Moving my face between her 
legs, I inhaled her wonderful female smell. God, she 
smelled good; a mélange of clean skin, and perfume and 
female musk. But no semen smell. I guess I just had to 
know that she hadn't been fucked. 

After a delicious period of foreplay, I moved up and 
eased into her female wetness. We held each other 
quietly while I moved rhythmically inside her body. 
Donna's arousal was building with every stroke and 
soon started to make small keening sounds. I stopped 
my movement and kissed her, she moved her legs around 
me resting her ankles behind my knees. I raised back a 
little off of her and asked, "Did he try anything?" 

"Not... really," she breathed. "It was actually a 
little disappointing that he... he... didn't try much 
of anything. I almost felt unappreciated."

"What do you mean, not really?"

"Well, at dinner, he slipped his shoe off and very 
slowly slid his toe up my leg. It tickled at first but 
then it felt good and then it gave me this tingle. 
It's nothing really, he was just testing the waters." 

 "And how wet was the water?" 

"Wet I'm afraid. I started really lubricating. My 
panties were so wet."

I stroked in and out a few times and then asked, "So 
what else happened?"

"Nothing really, not even much for a first date. After 
the movie, I kissed him once. And that... that was 

"French kiss, or kiss your brother kind of kiss," I 

"Kind of in between, open mouth but not much saliva 
swapping." Donna's breath was coming in gasps now, 
very much aroused. I couldn't determine what was 
exciting her more, me pushing into her or her little 

"I'm glad you didn't fuck him. I couldn't have taken 
that. Promise me you won't fuck anybody but me and 
promise me you won't keep any secrets no matter what. 
Lying would be worse somehow."

"Worse than what?" she asked in a breathy halting 

"Worse than fucking somebody else. I would rather you 
confess something really bad than lie to me about even 
something small." 

"I can't lie to you. At least not while we're like 
this with you inside me. I just couldn't." Her head 
tilted back, her eyes rolled up and then... "Oh... 
Oh... oh... oh, oh, ee, ee, eeee!" I spurted into her 
and we held tightly, both convulsing together. After 
about a couple minutes, I eased out and moved over 
onto my back next to her. Donna's breathing slowly 
returned to normal. We fell into the complete sleep of 
sated lovers.

Chapter 2

The next day at work, I got a call from Donna. "Hi 
lover, got plans for the weekend?"

"Actually, I've been too busy to think about it."

"Well think about it, it's already Friday morning. How 
about tomorrow we drive out to that winery we used to 
go to and poke around in antique shops or something?"

"That sounds really great but remember, I promised 
your dad I would help him with that yard work project? 
And on top of that I have two hours' worth of book 
work I need to get done."

"Always working. Oh well, I guess you won't mind Tom 
taking me to the winery then." she said defiantly. "I 
was telling him about it at work and he was very 
interested in going. He says he's a recovering wine 
snob. Don't worry, we'll be back before dinner time. 
And besides," she said in a sultry low voice, "nobody 
gets into my panties until the fifth date. I'm old 
fashioned that way."

I was mildly jealous, thinking about her going to my 
favorite winery with this Tom guy. But then I realized 
there was a hidden benefit. The last time she went out 
with him she came home very horny and I certainly 
reaped the benefits. I played along. "So define 
'getting into my panties' for me. Does that mean just 
heavy petting or an hour of hard pounding you into the 

"Well that depends on how the date goes, how good 
looking he is and how many glasses of wine I've had. 
It's kind of a point system," she giggled.

"So take me for instance. You've said I'm handsome and 
we've had about a thousand dates. So maybe two glasses 
of wine would do it?" I asked.

"I think that would be a sure thing sweetie" she 
laughed. "What time will you be home tonight?"

"Leaving early believe it or not. Why don't we pick up 
some fish at St. Mary's and watch an old movie 

"Not exactly painting the town red, but at least it's 
a plan. I have a couple errands to run but see you 
around 5:00."

"OK, bye."

I replayed the conversation with my wife in my head. 
Something dawned on me then. When we were first 
dating, I remember we had sex for the first time on 
about the 5th or 6th date. I couldn't remember 
exactly. Maybe she did have a five date rule.

I got home around 4:00 and Donna wasn't home yet so I 
decided to open a bottle of wine. A dry Riesling 
should pair with the fried fish I planned to pick up. 
While I was in the kitchen, I opened the drawer 
looking for the corkscrew and noticed Donna's day 

I glanced at today's date and noticed an appointment 
for her at her gynecologist. That's funny that she 
told me she had an errand and not a doctor's 
appointment. Oh well, probably nothing, I hope there's 
nothing wrong with her that she is keeping from me. 
Her sister had suffered with endometriosis and so I 
hoped it was just a regular check-up.

I left for the fish fry and upon returning home pulled 
into the driveway right behind Donna. Coming into the 
doorway from the garage I called out "Hi babe, how was 
your day?"

I had startled her and she seemed to be hiding 
something in a paper bag behind her. I didn't bring 
attention to it and nonchalantly offered her a glass 
of wine.

"Sounds great hon, just pour it and I'll be right 
back." She disappeared into the bathroom and returned 
sans paper bag.

The evening passed uneventfully. Friday's we were both 
usually tired and a little laid back. Before you know 
it we both fell asleep with the movie on. I woke up 
around midnight and quietly got out of bed to turn the 
TV off. Then I thought about the paper bag again and 
went into the bathroom. I opened the drawers one by 
one and saw nothing unusual. Then I went through the 
linen closet. Still nothing until I ran my hand behind 
a pile of towels and there was a paper bag. 

I pulled it out and looked inside. What the fuck? 
There was a package of Nuva Ring. I've seen it 
advertised on TV and know what it is. Why was she 
getting birth control? It certainly wasn't for my 
benefit since I had a vasectomy after the birth of our 
second child. The answer was inescapable. She was 
planning on having sex with someone else. 

I wanted to scream and run in and kick her out of bed. 
I wanted to get in my car and go find Tom and beat the 
hell out of him. But what I did was put the paper bag 
and its contents back where I found it. Then I went 
back to bed but didn't actually fall asleep until I 
had worn myself out thinking about it. Jealousy burned 
in me but I found myself getting hard thinking about 
it and then I got angry at myself for feeling turned 

Saturday morning I woke up and Donna was already out 
of bed making coffee. I got up and went down for a cup 

"Hi sleepy head. You sure slept in." she said.

"Yeah, I didn't sleep very well. Lot of things on my 

"You worry too much. Have more fun, worry less." She 
smiled and left the kitchen to go take her shower. I 
looked at the clock. Crap! It was already 9:15 and I 
had promised her dad I would be over by 9:30 or 10:00. 
I will have to get moving. As soon as Donna got out of 
the shower, I jumped in and before I knew it I was 
leaving. And I was angry with myself for not 
confronting her. I told myself I would get it in the 
open tonight.

By 3:00 PM I was exhausted. Manual labor is no longer 
my cup of tea. I said goodbye to Donna's dad and 
arrived back home by 3:30. I didn't expect Donna to be 
home yet and she wasn't. Moving around the house I 
snooped like I was in someone else's house. I checked 
the bathroom and the paper bag was missing. I went 
into the bedroom and didn't find anything of note 
except the smell of perfume was still faintly in the 
air. I went back to the study and did some work. 
Eventually the garage door made its clackety sound and 
I realized it was 5:00 o'clock already.

The car door slammed and soon, I heard her tennis 
shoes bounding up the stairs toward me. "Hi honey, I'm 
home," she called out as she came toward me. Whoops, 
she seemed a little unsteady. She came up behind me 
and reached down to nuzzle my neck letting the smell 
of alcohol fill the air. "That feels nice," I said as 
she began to massage my shoulders. "Oh yeah, right 
there," I said to encourage her. 

She kept on massaging my neck and shoulders for a few 
minutes and then slowly reached one of her hands down 
into my shirt and lightly ran her fingers over my 
nipple. After a few seconds of tickling, she lightly 
squeezed my nipple without pinching. "What's got into 
you," I asked.

"Well, no one. That's the problem. I'm horny, you're 
kind of cute, and I've had 4 glasses of wine." That 
was as good an invitation to sex as a man gets. Being 
the gentleman that I am, I swiveled my chair around 
facing her, cupped her breast's in my hands and 
massaged them while I leaned up to kiss her. She was 
not wearing a bra. Not that she desperately needed 

Donna was a firm 36 C so she could get by without a 
bra sometimes. I was a little surprised and turned on 
to find she wasn't wearing one today. I thought back 
and tried to remember if she was wearing one this 
morning before meeting Tom. Damn it, I was too busy to 
notice. I couldn't remember.

We French kissed for a good minute while I 
administered my massage to her body. Then I stood up 
and held her hand pulling her into the bedroom. 
Somehow, my jealousy melted away as I rediscovered how 
much she desired me. 

I pulled her onto the bed and squeezed her body 
tightly to mine. She responded like the horny woman 
with four glasses of wine in her that she was. After a 
bit, we pulled back and began to undress each other. 
She opened my shirt buttons one at a time. I in turn 
pulled her t shirt off and unfastened her shorts. I 
pushed her shorts down and she assisted by kicking 
them off onto the floor. 

I stood up and pulled the rest of my clothes off . 
Then while standing over her, I pulled Donna's panties 
down inspecting her wet vulva. I couldn't help myself, 
I had to taste between her legs. Spreading her legs 
apart with my hands, I moved my face against her 
pussy. My tongue stroked the length of her opening 
causing a sharp intake of breath from her. For the 
second time in a week, I was relieved to taste her 
female scent without the troubling additional smell of 
semen. She had saved her intimate affection for her 
husband. We made love like animals in rut. Everything 
else was forgotten. There was only the now, the 
moment, the smell of sex.

After the heat died down we laid in each other's arms, 
savoring the denouement. After the climax, reason and 
logic began to return. I realized that I still needed 
to confront Donna but did not know how to begin. I was 
somewhat relieved when Donna began for us.

"I hope you won't be mad but I have a little something 
to tell you."

"What's that?" I asked non-committedly.

"Tom got a little bit friendly with me today."

"Tell me what happened. Remember, I'm your husband and 
I'll always love you no matter what."

"Well I hope so. I didn't mean for anything to happen 
but we were having such a good time walking that 2 
mile nature trail out by the winery. And after that we 
went to the winery and went through the wine tasting 
class that they give. We had such a good time. And 
after tasting about 10 different wines I was feeling 
really good. 

So Tom bought a bottle of Vignola's, you know that 
white wine I like that is just a little bit sweet. So 
anyway we got a bottle and some bread and had a little 
picnic there at the winery. We were just lying on a 
blanket that Tom brought and drinking wine and looking 
up at the clouds. 

That's when I complained that my shoulders hurt so Tom 
started to massage my neck and shoulders. He must have 
kneaded my shoulders for 5 or 10 minutes until I was 
like in a trance or something. Then he started to move 
his hands farther down my chest. He didn't really feel 
my boobs at first, just halfway down where it felt so 
good. He asked me if I liked what he was doing and I 
just said, "Oh don't stop." 

He must have taken that for a go ahead signal and so 
he just moved his hands down to massage my breasts and 
I'm sorry honey but with the wine in me I couldn't say 
no. He just gently squeezed my boobies for what seemed 
like an eternity. I got so wet between the legs I 
wanted to fuck right there. Then he leaned over and 
kissed me. It was weird because our faces were upside 
down with each other. You know, upside down kissing. 
Are you mad?"

"So you drink too much wine, let him paw on your tits 
and then French kiss. And now you're feeling guilty 
and want forgiveness?"

"I guess that's it." she said in a submissive tone. 
"I'm sorry. You know I only love you. My mind only 
loves you but my body responds when it's stimulated," 
She apologized.

I wanted to be mad at her but I just couldn't because 
she never held anything back and I could always trust 
her to tell me the complete truth. She was childlike 
in her honesty. "What else do you have to tell me?" I 
asked. "What else?"

She let out a big sigh and was silent for a moment. 
The she began, "Now don't be angry with me. Just 
listen and hear the whole story before you judge me. 
I've given this a lot of thought and I've agonized 
about this for days. I started out thinking I could 
just date and not have sex, but I started to worry 
that maybe I couldn't always control every situation. 
That maybe my brain would say no but my body would say 
yes. Or maybe I would get date raped or I don't know 
whatever. So just so you know, I have no intention of 
having sex with anyone but you. But just to protect us 
both, I got a prescription for birth control from my 

I didn't know what to say. I was grateful for her 
honesty and slightly turned on and yet pissed that she 
was basically telling me that she didn't even trust 
herself around another man. I calmly and gently said 
to her, "Donna, you are the love of my life, the other 
half that completes me. And I know you love me, you 
show me every day in some way. But you're telling me 
you went on birth control in case you fuck some other 
guy. How do you think I feel right now?" 

With those words out of my mouth, she started bawling 
loudly, tears down her checks and she clung to me with 
a death grip. The poor woman was emotionally a wreck. 
I held her tightly and consoled her. "I love only you. 
We'll always be together no matter what. It will work 
out ok, I know it." Finally I told her "Hey stop it, 
nobody got killed or anything."

"I don't deserve you." she finally blurted out between 
sobs. We lay together like that until we must have 
drifted off to sleep.

Chapter 3

Sunday morning I woke up early and went to the kitchen 
for coffee, leaving Donna still soundly asleep. After 
I had my first cup of coffee in hand, I remembered I 
had kept forgetting to check the owner's manual for 
some maintenance questions I had on Donna's car. So I 
went out to the garage, opened Donna's car door and 
went through the glove box. To my surprise, I found a 
very sexy blue bra neatly folded up. What the hell was 
her bra doing in the glove box.

I guess she must have neglected to tell me how she 
willingly took her bra off to give Tom an easier grab 
at her boobs. I was feeling rather pissed although it 
really didn't change any material facts. She had 
already confessed to letting Tom grope her breasts 
anyway. What difference did it make? I put the bra 
back, carefully replacing it as I found it. I then 
went back into the house and got on the computer to 
check my email.

I started to check my email but then started thinking 
about the Nuva Ring. I googled it to see what I could 
find out. Simple, 99% effective and starts working 7 
days after insertion. Well I hope she doesn't fuck 
anybody this week, I thought. Then I started to get 
extremely hard thinking about her fucking. I 
visualized her pelvis thrusting up as some guy pushed 
his fat cock into her feverish out of control body.

Get a grip I thought. She's my wife and she's not 
going to do that and I won't let her anyway. I 
remembered then that she had written down her 
passwords in a small book. I pulled it out and found 
the password for her email. Listening to hear she was 
still sound asleep I quickly logged on and began to 
look over her email. There it was. A message from 
Tdavis @ sbc.com. I opened it up and read.

"Thank you for a wonderful day. You don't know how 
good it makes me feel to be around a good woman again 
after my divorce. It's been hard for me to trust again 
but I can tell that you always tell the truth and you 
have a gentle encouraging way about you. Thank you. As 
you know, I have a very busy schedule this next week 
so I won't be able to spend any real time with you. 
But maybe we could have lunch on Thursday at the 
little Italian place. Just meet me there a little 
before noon. I think it best if we drive separately. 
With fondness." Tom.

P.S. Great nips!

I felt smug knowing I had Donna to myself this week, 
well mostly anyway. I logged off, went back to the 
bedroom, woke Donna up and fucked her silly. She was 
more than willing. I realized that we had had sex more 
often in the last week than in the last three weeks 

We got up and showered in time to make second service 
at church. By a weird coincidence the pastor had a 
sermon about sexual purity. It was about how you 
should never put yourself in tempting situations to 
begin with. I glanced over and saw Donna squirming a 
little. The rest of the day we just did stuff around 
the house and we didn't really speak about anything 
important. I guess we both needed to think a little.

Monday morning rolled around and we dived into the 
workweek. Both of us were busy with deadlines at our 
respective workplaces so it was just a week of quick 
dinners, then off to bed tired. Thursday night when I 
got home from work, I remembered the email I had 
surreptitiously read earlier. Donna was home already 
when I walked into the kitchen. "Hi sweetie, I'm home, 
how was your day?"

"Oh, not bad. I had lunch today with Tom at that 
little Italian place, Luigi's or Luggi's or something 
like that. How was your day?"

"Well not as interesting as your day. Get your tits 
massaged or anything?" I asked with more than a little 

"You can stop it right there mister! When you act 
disrespectful to me it makes me not want to share with 
you. I know I went over the line but please don't hold 
it over me forever."

"I'm sorry," I said contritely. "It's just that I 
couldn't bear to have anyone take you away from me. I 
love you."

"Oh, you do love me don't you." she cooed. "I know I 
did bad. Would it make you feel better to spank me or 
something?" She said flirtingly as she turned her rear 
around to me.

"No, just tell me about your lunch."

"Well, he really opened up and told me about his 
marriage. He still loves her and is struggling with a 
way to try to mend their relationship. I shared some 
ideas that I thought might help. He's maybe going up 
to Milwaukee this weekend to see her if she will let 
him." I began to feel sympathy for him. I imagined 
myself in his shoes, Donna hundreds of miles away. 
Feeling another woman's tits would be no substitute 
for losing my wife. Poor guy. If I knew then the 
events about to unfold, I would have had much less 
sympathy for Tom.

The next morning at work I got a call from my 
supervisor that I didn't really want to hear. The 
bottom line is that there was a big screw up at the 
Milwaukee plant and it was all hands on deck. A team 
of six including me would be going to trouble shoot 
the problem and we would be leaving late this 
afternoon. I would have just enough time to run home 
and pack a bag. Crap, I hate when things like this 
happens. Imagine the irony, both me AND my wife's 
"date" would both be in Milwaukee. I called Donna to 
let her know but only got her voice mail. I called 3 
more times and same result.

Oh well, I guess I could call her from Milwaukee. She 
wasn't going to be happy though. We had a fight one 
time over something similar. She thought I should have 
stood up for myself and not gone. She never understood 
responsibility. I left her a note and got in my car to 
head for the airport.

About 7:00 PM I'm walking out of the gate at Mitchell 
Airport when my cell rings. 

"Did you run off with another woman or did Henderson 
really send your team to Milwaukee for the weekend?" 
she quizzed.

"No other woman would have me. It was that asshole 
Henderson alright. And he said I won't be back until 
late Monday night or Tuesday."

"Well, I guess I'll have to find something or someone 
to keep me busy this weekend," she sighed.

"Well it won't be me or Tom since we're both in 
Milwaukee, sweetie."

"Oh that's not quite true." she said. "Tom called a 
little while ago and said his ex-wife is out of town 
visiting her mother in Chicago so he won't be going 
after all. He said she did sound open to the idea of 
talking. Apparently she is lonely also. So, guess 
what? I have a date for Saturday night! Now don't be 
jealous. I promise to not drink anything. I think we 
both know where that leads. I want to get out and have 
fun but I'm not looking for any hanky-panky. From the 
sound of Tom talking about his ex, probably all I'm 
going to do is hear him talk about her."

We talked a little more chit chat and then we said 
goodbye as I got to the rental car kiosk.

Monday morning, we had finally resolved the issue. One 
of those crazy little simple things that you just 
don't see until you see it. So anyway, we were all 
jubilant to wrap it up and head for home. To his 
credit, Henderson called and said the team had the 
rest of Monday and all of Tuesday off. See you 
Wednesday, job well done, blah blah blah.

I was back at home and pulled into the garage around 
2:00 PM. I came in, dropped my bag in the bedroom and 
lay down on the bed to rest. I must have dozed off but 
woke up around 3:30. I got up, poured myself a glass 
of chardonnay and it was then I noticed two wine 
glasses and an empty bottle of pinot grigio in the 
living room. I picked the glasses up to put them in 
the dishwasher and tossed the empty. My mind started 
to imagine Donna sitting on the couch with Tom sharing 
a bottle of wine. I began inspecting the house more 
carefully, noticing a pair of panties half under the 
bed. Definitely a slight residue in the crotch. I 
smelled them but couldn't really detect anything. 
Still, what the hell were they doing under the bed. I 
began to feel a burning in my veins. My blood was 
boiling. I was angry and I was starting to feel 
aroused at the same time. Lucy's got some splainin to 

I put the panties back exactly where I found them. 
Then I decided to look the rest of the house over. 
There was the remains of a used up candle on the 
nightstand, and a towel in the laundry that smelled 
like sex. I sat down to wait for Donna to get home.

As usual, when she came in the door, my heart beat 
with joy. She had that way about her of always making 
me happy to see her. "Hi honey," she said, as she came 
to me for a heartfelt kiss. "I didn't expect you home 
yet but that makes it all the better."

"It's good to be home'" I said with a lack of 

"Oh you must be tired. What can I do to make you feel 
better? How about you take a hot shower and then I'll 
love on you. Wouldn't that be good?"

"Sounds wonderful," I said as I ambled off to the 
shower. Later in bed, Donna turned the light off, lit 
a candle and carried it over to the nightstand. She 
slipped under the covers with me and it was then I 
realized she wasn't wearing any clothes. We didn't say 
anything as she moved her mouth to my body first 
sucking on my nipples, then lower on my belly and 
finally she engulfed my rigid manhood into her warm 
moist mouth. 

"After 10 minutes of oral attention, she moved up to 
kiss me full on the mouth and worked her hips back and 
forth until I eventually slid inside her. She didn't 
move too vigorously. Mainly, she just held me inside 
her moving just enough to feel very loved and close to 
her. I told her, "that feels so nice what you are 
doing. Did you learn some new technique from your date 
this weekend?"

She lowered her mouth to my ear and whispered, "maybe. 
Would you be mad if I had?"

"Sure I would, well tomorrow anyway. Right now I just 
like what you are doing to me."

"Do you want to know everything that happened or 
should I just keep my secrets?" I sensed anxiety in 
her voice. She really was worried what I would think.

"You know the rules, Donna. You have to tell me 
everything with no falsehood of fact or omission." By 
now she had lowered her body just enough that I could 
suck on her nipples while she began her confession.

"Tom picked me up Saturday night and took me to dinner 
at Crazy Fish and then afterwards we went to Club Viva 
to dance. It felt so good to really shake it out on 
the dance floor. I even danced with two other guys 
that I knew from our insurance agent's office. 
Remember Dan and Tim? Anyway by 11:30 I was feeling 
really good and then a slow song came on and Tom 
pulled me onto the floor and we just held each other 
and swayed while the other people danced. 

"It was so nice. Not as nice as now with you inside me 
but nice. I kept feeling Tom's cock through our 
clothes, god it was so hard and driving me crazy. 
Finally, I realized that I had to get home or I would 
start doing things I didn't really want to do. So I 
asked him to take me home. He drove me home and when 
we got there, I was just feeling really lonely with 
you gone so I invited him in just for a little bit. I 
offered him a glass of wine and he accepted."

"Is that when you lost your panties under the bed?" 

"What are you doing looking for my panties?" 

"Husbands always look for clues of their wife's 

"I didn't do what you think. We just sat in the living 
room and talked about our marriages. Well, maybe we 
did a teensy bit more than just talk." She then 
rotated her hips and ground her pussy into me as hard 
as she could. Donna didn't cum yet but she was close.

"So what happened then?"

"One glass of wine led to two and two led to four. You 
know what happens with four glasses of wine don't 

"Go on," I said.

"I didn't fuck him," she said defensively. "We were 
just sitting on the sofa and suddenly I wanted to kiss 
him. I wanted him to feel good again. He was so lonely 
for his wife. I wanted to be her and love him and take 
the pain away. It's hard to explain. So we kissed for 
a long time and just got into the sheer joy of 
kissing. I was so wet that by the time he slipped his 
hand under my dress, I wanted him in me. I was craving 

He caressed me for what seemed like an eternity before 
he finally got the nerve to slip his hand inside my 
panties and finger me. I came almost immediately. I 
needed to get off so badly. I wanted to pull him into 
the bedroom and take off his clothes but ended up we 
just didn't do it. I can't say why but it just didn't 
feel right. So instead he used his hand to make me cum 
several more times. 

Then later I got some KY out and massaged him till he 
came. After all that kissing and petting we did, I 
just couldn't leave him high and dry."

"So I guess you learned you're playing with fire."

"I guess so," she said somberly. And I also found out 
he really is a big boy. Not so long but really big 
around," she said with an impish grin. "You're not 
really angry with me, are you? After all, I didn't 
really have sex with him and I've told you the 
complete truth. Please don't hate me," she pleaded.

She lowered her left breast to my mouth, holding it in 
her hand as if to offer it to me to suckle her in a 
symbol of submission and love. I took the offered 
nipple, rubbery and firm and swirled my tongue on it. 
Her breath came in ragged gasps as she began to grind 
her pelvis into mine. Together, we grabbed the release 
we were both reaching for. Her insides flooded with 
our combined release of fluids.

Sometime later as we lay naked under the covers 
drifting off to sleep, I thought wasn't it funny he 
had gotten into her panties and it was only the fourth 
date. Well only the fourth date I was aware of.

The next morning, I used my day off to organize and 
catch up on errands while Donna went to work as usual. 
I remembered, I had her email password, and I debated 
should I or shouldn't I. I shouldn't be spying on her 
since she was honorable enough to tell me the truth 
about her and Tom. What the hell, I concluded, I paid 
for this computer and it's mine to use. So after 
logging into her email account, I looked down the 
inbox until I found the TDAVIS message I was looking 

"Donna, thank you for such a wonderful time. That was 
one of the best nights of my life. The only way it 
could have been better would have been to do it all 
the way. All day today, I couldn't think of anything 
but the smell of your body on my face and hands after 
I left your house Sunday morning. I still have 
feelings for my wife but if she doesn't take me back, 
I could do no better than to possess you, if only on a 
part time basis. I can think of nothing but our next 

Now I was pissed. He was falling in love with her and 
it was getting serious. I'm going to put my foot down.

I spent the rest of the day distracting myself with 
mindless tasks. Shoes to the shoe shop, replace light 
bulbs, sharpened the lawn mower blade, etc. etc. I've 
been working such long hours, I've gotten way behind 
on the rest of my life. Yeah that was it. That was the 
problem. Work had caused me to neglect my life, my 
wife, Donna.

Chapter 4

Donna got home around 4:30 and greeted me with her 
usual upbeat mood.

"Hi honey, I'm home. What did you do all day without 
me?" she asked.

"The usual, I had 6 lines of cocaine and sex with 6 
women midgets," I joked. "That would be one line of 
cocaine per midget. What did you do?"

"I saw Tom this afternoon in between his scheduled 
appointments. They are really running him hard."

"Seems to me you were running him hard. Or at least 
stroking him hard. I think it's time to quit seeing 
him. We both know where this is going." I softened my 
voice and said, "I don't want to lose you. You've been 
building up the courage to have a full-fledged affair 
with him. It's time to stop now."

Donna lowered her head and said meekly, "I guess 
you're right. I've upset you and I'm genuinely sorry. 
Please forgive me."

I didn't know what to say since I was expecting a 
fight and instead she capitulated immediately.

"Donna, you have to tell him you can't be alone with 
him. This has gone too far and you are married. You 
tell me you love me. It's time to prove it."

"I will," was all she said. She then patted my chest 
with her hand and without looking me in the eye, she 
left to go to the bedroom. I don't know why but I felt 
like the bad guy in this. What the hell! I'm the 
wronged party here folks. It's just that Donna is 
always the most upbeat person and now she is down. And 
her being down makes me down. I didn't realize until 
then how much of my happiness is just reflection off 
of her joy.

I spent the rest of the evening apart from her in my 
study just fiddling around on the computer not really 
doing anything productive. Finally, I gave it up and 
went into the bedroom. She was already asleep and I 
slipped into bed and joined her in an embrace. We did 
not make love.

Wednesday morning, I woke up early and left for work 
early. We barely spoke as we got ready for the work 
day. The day went fast for me since I had been out of 
the office since Friday morning. I had lots of emails 
and correspondence to respond to. I got frustrated and 
left early. Being a salaried employee does have its 

I got home around 3:30 and of course Donna was not yet 
home. I piddled around until she came in the door at 
4:30. She was not her usual bubbly self. I felt bad 
like it was somehow my fault even though I knew I had 
nothing to feel bad about. Eventually, I drew her out 
and got her to talk about her day while I cooked 
chicken breast smothered in Italian sauce and cheese 
and opened a mediocre bottle of Trebbiano.

"I talked to Tom today. I told him I couldn't see him 
anymore. He was devastated but he said he understood. 
I think his ex-wife is playing with him. I don't think 
she's going to take him back. I hope I'm wrong but 
that's my gut feeling about it. He's feeling very 
lonely right now."

"I don't feel any ill will towards him," I said. "I 
just have to protect my marriage. That's all. And just 
so you know, I admit you are right about my working 
too much. How about we go out Friday night and do 
something fun?"

Donna pretended to smile but didn't have her heart in 
it. "Sounds good, honey. What do you want to do?" 

"Whatever you want. I'm in."

"OK, I'll think of something." and she drifted off to 
the bedroom to change out of her work clothes while I 
finished cooking dinner.

I called her when dinner was ready and she came out to 
eat with me. She didn't say anything but when I saw 
tears running down her face, she didn't have to 
verbalize to communicate. She was sad to lose the 
relationship with Tom. Later in the bedroom, after 
dinner, she asked me, "Did you mean I couldn't date 
Tom or couldn't date anyone at all?"

"You naughty wife!" I blurted out. Didn't you learn 
your lesson. Get your bottom over here." And I reached 
for her, turned her over my knee and spanked her good.

"I'll be good. I'll be good," she wailed." The 
spanking seemed to expunge some sin from her. She 
acted like it was a terrible thing I did to her but, 
subconsciously, I think she wanted to be physically 
punished to atone for her behavior.

After I unleashed my emotion via my hand on her butt, 
I pulled her to me and kissed her with passion. She 
responded with enthusiasm and I felt that I had her 
back again. We made love sweetly that night. Donna 
seemed just a bit more submissive that usual.

Thursday and Friday went by quickly and as I drove 
home after work on Friday I reflected on my life. I 
had it pretty good really. And Donna was really the 
best part. I determined to make her feel especially 
wanted when I got home. 

Pulling into the driveway, I realized Donna was not 
yet home. It was only 4:00 so she would probably be 
along any minute. A few minutes later her car pulled 
into the garage.

"Hi sweetie," I said to her when she came into the 
kitchen through the door from the garage. "How was 
your day today?" I asked.

"Not so good. The partners lost a big case, I screwed 
up a legal document, and Tom looks so bad he could 
pass for suicidal."

"So his wife isn't being very friendly, I take it."

"It's his ex-wife. She's fucking with his head. And 
he'll be lucky at this point if she doesn't take him 

"Oh," I said. "Guess I didn't have it so bad today." I 
pulled Donna to me and held my arms around her. She 
sighed and held me while I caressed her back and 
shoulders. After a little while, she looked up at me, 
smiled and said, "I guess I will keep you after all. 
You always know how to make me feel better. Thank 

I kissed her tenderly on the forehead and said, "I 
don't know why you do keep me but I'm glad you do." 
Donna held onto me tightly, burying her head against 
my chest.

The next few days passed uneventfully and slowly we 
got back into the old rhythm of husband and wife. 
Donna's mood seemed to improve a little each day and 
by the end of a week she was almost back to normal. I 
came home the Thursday following and told Donna, 
Henderson was sending us back to Milwaukee. Another 
screw up, this time Henderson was going himself so It 
didn't look good frankly. Donna was of course 
disappointed. She said she might give Jill a call and 
do something. She was obviously not happy at being 
abandoned for the weekend again. I left for the 
airport Friday morning as Donna was going to work. We 
said our goodbye's and I left in my car.

Friday went by in a blur and at about 7:00 PM, sitting 
in my hotel room, I called Donna to say good night. 
She didn't answer after about 6 rings. Probably in the 
tub, I thought. She sometimes took a leisurely bath 
and shaved her legs so could be tied up awhile. At 
8:00 I called her back. Still no answer. Same thing at 
10:00 and 11:00. I finally left a scathing message 
that I regretted as soon as I had sent it but it was 
done and I went to bed.

Saturday morning, I got a call from her. "I'm so 
sorry, I had my phone on mute and forgot to turn it 
back up. Jill and I went to ladies night at that 
little pseudo winery with the jazz band. I should have 
called but we were having fun and I lost track of 
time. How is everything going?"

"Better than I expected. We might finish tonight or 
tomorrow. Looks like I'll be flying home tomorrow 
night sometime."

"Good, I'm lonely and I haven't had any sex since 

"Hey, what a coincidence. I haven't had any since 
Wednesday, either," I joked back at her. How about we 
get together and fix that problem?"

"It's a date." she quipped.

"I have to get back to work, sweetie. I'll call you 
when I have my flight time."

We said our goodbyes then and hung up. My mind 
gradually got back on work and off of Donna.

It was about four that afternoon, when my phone rang. 
It was Donna. "Hi babe, what's up?" I asked.

"I'm worried about Tom. I didn't tell you earlier but 
he wasn't at work on Friday. Suzie, you know the blond 
attorney you couldn't quit talking to at the Christmas 
party, ran into me at the dry cleaners. Well she 
mentioned that she saw Tom and she said he looked like 
hell. Hadn't shaved and didn't even acknowledge her 
when she said hi to him. I'm worried about him. He was 
so sad about his wife and he didn't take it well when 
I said I wouldn't see him anymore. What should I do?"

"I'm no expert, but I guess it wouldn't hurt for you 
to call him. You could give him the 800 number for 
your health plan's mental health hotline. He probably 
just needs someone to talk to." I was thinking he 
probably just needs someone to fuck also. But I didn't 
want his suicide on my hands either. Besides, I 
trusted Donna to call him without getting involved 
again. Well, mostly.

"Thank you for letting me talk to him. I feel so sorry 
for him." Donna I knew was going to call him right 
away so we said goodbye after she had promised to call 
right back after she talked to Tom. Meanwhile, I had 
about an hour of work to wrap up. The time passed 
quickly and we finished at 5:30 and headed to the 
hotel. We had to spend the night since there wasn't a 
flight until 10:00 the next morning. I realized I 
should have gotten a call from Donna by now. It was 
then the phone rang.

"Hi babe, how is he?"

"Not good, he's really down. We talked for an hour and 
then his phone went dead. I'm driving over to see him 
now. I have to make sure he's ok. What else could I 

"I guess you're right. We can't have him jumping off a 
bridge, can we?" I said sarcastically. "What are you 
going to say or do for him?"

"That's not funny. He is very wounded right now. I'm 
going to do whatever it takes to bring him out of the 
dark hole that he's in." She had spoken in a level 
serious voice that I rarely heard. Donna could be 
determined when she wanted to be.

"I know you'll do the right thing," I said.

"Gotta go, hon. Here's my exit. I love you."

"And I love you," I said back in a serious tone. The 
line went dead and I was alone in my hotel room.

Dinner at the hotel was nice. I sat with two of my 
fellow workers and we mostly talked about work stuff. 
My mind kept drifting back to Donna and Tom. I 
wondered how she was doing with him. It was dark out 
now, so I hope she had talked him into getting some 
sleep. Instead of getting some Donna. I felt that 
familiar burn in my veins.

After dinner my companions tried to talk me into going 
to the infamous Safe House for a martini but I begged 
off. I told them I was tired. I was of course but 
mainly I just wanted to be alone. I made my way back 
to my room, kicked off my shoes, plopped on the bed 
and clicked the remote. I got absorbed watching a 
movie with Diane Lane and Richard Gere titled 
"Unfaithful." Perfect, I thought, a movie on cheating 
while I wonder what my wife is doing right now.

I roused myself. Must have fallen asleep. I looked at 
the clock. It was 11:00 and still no call from Donna. 
I checked my phone again just to make sure I hadn't 
gotten any messages. Damn, there were two messages. 
The first around 6:00 said I need to talk to U. The 
second, around 6:30 said, C U tomorrow. I wondered 
what was going on. Well I guess whatever it was, Donna 
could handle it. I texted to her Can U talk. After ten 
minutes had gone by, I realized I was not going to get 
an answer tonight. She was probably at home asleep 
anyway by now and I didn't want to wake her up. She 
hated to answer the phone after she went to sleep.

I got up and got a drink of water, took a good long 
pee and then hit the sack. It would be ok in the 
morning I told myself. It was not ok in the morning.

Chapter 5

I woke up around 7:00 and headed for the shower. It 
was still a little bit too early to call Donna, even 
though I was dying to know what was going on. I was 
out, shaved and dressed by 7:30 and decided to call.

The phone rang until I got the recorded message and 
hung up. Damn the luck, she was probably in the shower 
about now. I texted a message to her "call me" and 
went downstairs for breakfast. I ordered the Belgian 
waffles with two eggs on the side. Breakfast of 
champions, I thought. 

I finished, tipped the waiter 20%, and headed back to 
my room. I called Donna again. Still no answer, so I 
began to worry. It was now 8:30 and I had to pack and 
run for the airport to catch the 10:00 am flight. The 
next 30 minutes were a blur as I threw stuff in my 
bag, checked out and caught a taxi for the 10 minute 
ride to the airport. I did the self-check in and was 
soon moving through the TSA line. By 9:30 I was at the 
gate just as the boarding call began for group A 
passengers. I was group C so had about 5 minutes to 
call Donna. 

She answered on the third ring. "Hi honey she said," 
in a subdued tone.

"Hi, how is everything going?"

"Under control. Tom was just an awful wreck. I think 
he might have done something really bad if I hadn't 
got to him when I did. Thank you for letting me go to 

"Of course. I wouldn't want anything ugly to happen. 
So what happened? Oh, wait. I have to go. I'm boarding 
now. I'm glad everything is ok and I'll see you when I 
get home. I love you."

"I love you," she said. "I hope everything's ok."

"What do you mean?"

"I'll tell you when you get home."

"Why can't you tell me now?"

"I stayed in bed with Tom last night. I ... I thought 
it was the only way to make sure he was safe. Are you 

"We'll talk when I get home," I said as I walked down 
the ramp to my waiting plane.

Although only an hour and a half, it was the longest 
flight I've ever been on. I replayed the conversation 
with Donna in my head about a hundred times. She said 
she stayed in bed with him, she didn't say she had sex 
with him. Maybe not a big difference to some but it 
was important to me. I remembered back to when we were 
first dating in college. I think it might have been 
our second or third or fourth date, she stayed 
overnight in my apartment and we cuddled together 
under the blankets until we fell asleep. We never did 
more than kiss but it was one of the best nights of my 
life. It was the night I fell in love with her. We 
shared secrets about our innermost desires and fears. 
I loved her so much back then. And I still do.

Eventually my flight touched down in St. Louis and I 
headed for the shuttle to the long term parking lot. 
Forty-Five minutes later, I was pulling into my 
driveway. It was about 1:00 and I was hungry. But more 
than that I wanted to see my wife. Donna's car was 
gone. I walked into the house from the garage and 
looked around for a note or anything. No note but I 
found the sheets in the bedroom wet with sex smell. 
There was a candle stub left on the nightstand, two 
wine glasses and some of her clothes strewn around the 
room. A blind man could reconstruct this crime scene.

I sat on the bed and held my head in my hands. I felt 
sorry for myself for being so stupid to allow Donna to 
"date" in the first place. It's true that men and 
women can't be friends. They were made to mate with 
each other. I then started to feel a little bit sad 
for Donna. Wonderful, bubbly Donna was so distraught 
and ashamed she couldn't face me. That's the only 
reason she isn't here waiting for me.

I dialed her. "Hello," she answered. "Are you home 

"I'm home alright." My answer told her I knew what she 
had been up to last night.

"Do you want me home? Or should I just stay away?" she 
asked quietly.

"Home. I want you home."

"OK, I'll be there in twenty minutes or so."

I was tired so I kicked off my shoes, moved the covers 
over and lay down on my bed. I stayed over on the side 
that wasn't too wet although somehow it seemed the 
entire mattress had been permeated with wet sex juice. 
It didn't seem to matter as I tried to compose the 
words I would say to Donna. But nothing seemed to come 
to me. I couldn't find the words. 

After an eternity I heard the garage door open and a 
minute later, I heard her walking into the kitchen. 
She called out my name and I answered, "I'm in the 
bedroom." She must have grimaced at that. Returning to 
the scene of the crime.

She came into the bedroom and without saying a word, 
stood by the doorway facing me with her head down. 
Without hesitation, I got up from the bed, walked over 
to her and pulled her gently into my arms. I began to 
nuzzle her neck and kiss her cheek as she silently 
dripped tears down her face. I sighed and then she 
sighed. We both started to speak at once, and then I 
said "you first."

"I was bad."

"Maybe," I said non-committedly. "Why don't you just 
tell me what happened."

"I think you can see what happened," she said with a 
sharp tone. "Do I have to spell it out?"

"I just want to know what happened, Donna. Now tell me 
about last night."

She sat on the edge of the bed and began her account.

"I don't know what to say. I went over to his house 
and at first he didn't even want to talk to me. I made 
him open up and he let me in. So then we just talked 
about how sometimes life sucks and I told him he was 
just in a rough patch but it would get better. I 
hugged him and he said thanks that really made him 
feel better that maybe somebody cares. I told him lots 
of people care but I just happened to be the one here 
with him at the moment. 

"That got him talking about how he doesn't do good 
with women and now he's lost his wife and me the only 
two women in his life that he thought were special to 
him. Then he started to cry in my arms like a baby. 
Finally I told him, that's it mister, we're going. 
You're coming over to my place and I'm going to fix us 
something to eat. So I made him get in my car and we 
came home."

"Well, I can pretty much see what happened then. Where 
do we stand Donna?"

"Like I told you. Tom was so depressed, I just did 
everything I could think of to cheer him up. I fixed 
us dinner with a glass of wine. I thought that would 
help. That made him feel a little better, and then I 
suggested we stay up and watch old movies. That 
sounded good to him but then I suggested he needed to 
bathe first, and shave." So I filled the tub with hot 
water and told him to get in. 

He just took off his clothes and got in the tub. He 
seemed to relax in the water and just lay his head 
back and closed his eyes. That's when I collected his 
clothes and put them in the washer. I came back in and 
he was still in the tub so I knelt down and told him 
to lean forward. I soaped up a washcloth and began to 
scrub his back. 

I just wanted him to feel loved and cared for. After 
he finished bathing and shaving, I put him in our bed 
and he fell asleep. It wasn't about sex. He just 
needed to be cared for and loved. I tidied up things a 
little and then I decided I was tired and wanted 
sleep. I took a shower first, then dried off and slid 
in bed next to him. It just seemed so natural. Almost 
like I was sliding into bed with you. I spooned up 
next to him and fell asleep.

We didn't have sex until this morning. I woke up first 
and just snuggled up to him to keep warm. I tickled 
his back and gently rubbed his body. Eventually he 
woke up and whispered "thank you" to me. I just 
squeezed him tight and told him "you're welcome." 
After a few minutes he rolled over on his back, 
pulling me towards him with his arm. I instinctively 
reach my arm over his body and stroked his chest and 
stomach. We just lay like that for the longest time, 
touching and holding each other. I was dying to know 
if Tom was aroused so I accidentally on purpose moved 
my hand down lower till I found his erection in my 

"Someone's feeling better," I said to him. He smiled 
and yawned, then rolled over on top of me. He pinned 
my arms down and kissed my neck and nuzzled against 
me. At first I told him we shouldn't be doing that but 
he wouldn't let me up. He lay between my legs holding 
me down and he kept both of my arms pinned over my 
head. I couldn't do anything at that point except let 
him have me. It was torture to feel him loving my body 
and knowing I would have to tell you about it later. 
I'm sorry," she said in her little girl voice.

"Sounds like he forced himself on you."

"Maybe. I think maybe I wanted him to though. Kinda 
like if he forced himself on me, it wouldn't be my 
decision. Then I wouldn't have so much guilt."

"Then why do you feel so guilty?"

"Because I've been a naughty, naughty girl," she said 
as she looked slyly up at me.

"Oh, you've been naughty all right. The question is 
what to do with you."

"You could hold me and love me. Then we can go from 
there," her little girl voice offered.

I moved over to her facing her where she sat on the 
bed. Not saying a word, I pushed her shoulders back 
pinning her to the bed. I looked her over deliberately 
taking my time to inspect her body up and down. 
Reaching down under her dress, I slid her panties down 
her ankles, pulling them off. Kneeling on the floor in 
front of her I gently pulled her knees apart and 
leaned forward, inspecting her matted pubic hair. 
Strangely, the thing I had most feared didn't really 
upset me. 

Instead, her messy wet pussy lips looked beautiful at 
that exact moment. The strong scent between her legs 
seemed to tell me that not only had she fucked Tom, 
she had enjoyed it immensely. I licked my tongue on 
her clitoris, tentatively at first, then with more 
pressure. Donna didn't say anything, but her breathing 
quickened just a little. I then lapped slowly up and 
down the full length of her sex opening, letting my 
hands push her legs apart with more force. 

She groaned and moved her legs far her back against 
her body. I licked her up and down several more times 
as she started to pant. Abruptly then, I stood up, 
unbuckled my pants, kicked them off and went for it. I 
was so hard at this point and she was so wet I went 
right in. I pounded hard into Donna, letting my anger 
at her and erotic feelings express themselves all at 
once. After about ten strokes, I came in her, adding 
my semen to her lover's earlier deposit. 

"Eh, eh, eh, eh, eeeh, OOHHHH!!" she screamed as I 
filled her opening. We stopped motionless then, 
looking into each other's eyes, wondering what was 
happening, where was our relationship headed. After a 
moment, I laid down on her kissing her softly at 
first, then more needy, then softly stopping. I held 
her and we didn't move, afraid to change the moment, 
afraid to lose something.

The moment of intimacy passed. I quipped, "Well, I see 
he didn't stretch you too much."

"It wasn't for lack of trying. Damn thing was really 
big," she fired back.

"Liar, I bet he's four inches, tops. And besides, if 
he was that big you'd be too sore for sex with me."

"Sweetie, know that I love you like no other, but his 
cock was huge and I have personally never had one that 
big inside me. I felt filled up like I've never felt 
before. And for the record, I WAS sore. It's just that 
I would never turn you down, especially not now, not 
after last night..." as her voice trailed off.

"Hey, want to go get some ice cream?" I asked.

She looked at me strangely. Then tearing up she said, 


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
It's okay to *READ* stories about unprotected sex with
others outside a monogamous relationship. But it isn't
okay to *HAVE* unprotected sex with people other than
a trusted partner. 4-million people around the world 
contract HIV every year. You only have one body per 
lifetime, so take good care of it!


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    • By nyccouple
      The wife and I talked a lot about the people she use to go to school with back in the UK. Especially now that she has reconnected with a lot of them on social media. She always talked about the guys and girls she had a crush on back in school but who she thought did not know she even existed.
      Two weeks ago an old school friend of my wife, who grew up with and went to school in the same small English village and who she had a serious crush on in her teenage years, told her he was passing through New York City on his way back to the UK and would love to meet up with her so they could catch up on old times. She was very happy at the idea of seeing him again and asked if I mind if she met up with him for dinner when he was in town.
      I knew she wanted him, she told me that much many times and I knew she often wondered what if and what it would be like if they had gotten together in high school. So I told her it was not a problem and that I wanted her to meet up with him and have fun because we only have one life to live and best to live it without wondering.
      The evening came when my wife got all dressed up, I even helped her to select the outfit, something sexy and tempting that showed off her 38DD boobs. She wanted to look good for him and I wanted her to seduce him. During their dinner she texted me a couple times just to check in and let me know everything was OK.
      After dinner she called to say that she was having a wonderful time talking about the good old days and chatting about the other people they went to school with and asked if it was OK for her to go out for drinks afterwards, to which I said fine. Later she text to let me know that things were getting a little interesting. That he also had a crush on her back in school but was too shy to do anything about. Later she texted that they were getting close and if it was OK if she snogged him. I told her there was no limits to what she wanted to do and that she should have fun. By that time my imagination was running wild, picturing her in various positions.
      I knew she wanted to make up for lost times and I wanted her to have fun and make up for lost times. I love it when she gets wet for other people, it really turns me on. The phone rang about 1 AM in the morning and it was my wife asking if she could go back to his hotel room, to which I said yes.
      I did not see my dear wife again until about 10 am in the morning, she was tired because they had fucked the entire night trying to make up for all those lost years. She said they took a nap and then fucked some more in the morning before it was time for him to leave for the airport and head back to England.
      Since then my wife has been in a constant state of “hornyness” trying to relive the experience through me. She described in detail the various positions he had her and what both she and he did to each other. She showed me the size of his dick and told me it felt good inside her. She got especially horny when he called the house and he and I chat on phone about her and how we both loved fucking her.
      My dear wife is heading home to England in a couple weeks to visit family and for a small school reunion in the old village and both he and I have made arrangements for my wife to spend the night with him after the party. Since then she has been Victoria Secret shopping.

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      Wife Nicolle 😉

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      Would you fuck her?

    • By eros44
      Some people have cast doubt on this story being true, however I can assure them that it is and to help I will add some further background.
      At the time we lived in the Midlands and my brother in law had been teasing my wife long before I came on the scene as she was the younger sister and they met often when the family got together.  I think he had fancied her since she was a young teenager and had watched her grow and develop.
      When I first met my wife to be, she was 16 and I was 20, I got on well with him and helped him fix up their new house, which as it was bigger, we would sometimes stay over in the spare bedroom as this allowed us to be together and have sex in a bed rather than my car.
      After we were married and had our own house we did not see quite so much of them, however things changed when I was made redundant.  I had to spend a year looking for a new job, but had to take contract work, sometimes staying away from home during the week and only coming back for weekends.  This upset my wife as she was lonely in a new house on her own.  My brother in law would often pop over to see she was alright and especially when she fell pregnant.  Of course, this offered him the chance to flirt with her and have a few kisses and feels.  She would always tell me about this and it would excite me and I would encourage her.
      Eventually I found a new job and it meant us having to move down south as that was where the work was.  For the first four months I had to work down south during the week and return at the weekend, so my brother in law continued to help out by visiting my pregnant wife and helped her with some packing.  Eventually we moved down south and unfortunately this meant we saw much less of my brother in law, except for one work related visit he managed to engineer, with him staying at ours overnight.  Again, encouraged by me there was some kissing and feeling, but all over clothes as my wife was quite shy at the time.
      We eventually moved down south and my wife’s sister, her husband and two children travelled down and stayed with us to have a look at our new house.  As room was a little tight, my wife and I had decided to camp out on a blow-up mattress and quilts in the lounge.  Her sister went up to bed leaving her bother in law, my wife and I talking downstairs.  At one point, my brother in law went up to check on his wife, which gave me a chance to talk to my wife.  I suggested this would be a good time to let things go further with our brother in law and she sort of agreed, if I was sure it’s what I wanted.  
      When my brother in law came down stairs again, he said his wife was tired and was almost asleep.  So, whilst my brother in law and I got the bed ready, my wife went and got changed into her nighty.  Now she wore simple shift nighties that came down to about four inches above her knee and nothing underneath, quite large as it had to accommodate her 8month pregnant tummy.  We initially sat on the sofa with my brother in law stroking her leg and teasing her and feeling her boobs.  She then said she was a bit cold and wanted to get into bed, so I said I would get in with her.  As I got undressed, my brother in law also said he would get in for a cuddle before going to bed.  We both stripped down to our underpants and got onto the blow-up bed one either side of my wife.  We both started playing with her and feeling her big boobs, I think they went up to a 38C.  As my brother in law was starting to feel and suck on her nipple, I got down between her legs and started licking her pussy.  She would always cum with me licking her clit.  She had started to feel my bother in laws cock and after a few minutes he moved up so that she could suck him his cock was about average 6”, whilst mine is about 7” and quite thick, I brought her off with my mouth while she sucked my brother in law.
      Once she had cum, he slid back down and turned her towards me, he then got inside her from behind and started fucking her, she was over 8 months pregnant so it was easier from behind.  I was in front kissing and feeling her, while he fucked her and played with her boobs.  She came off again and then he spunked up her pussy.  Once they had both cum, she turned over and I fucked her from behind.  It felt absolutely great sliding my rock-hard cock into her spunky wet cunt.  Normally I have good control, but this time I did not last very long.  My bother in law continued to play with and suck her nipples, which helped her to cum again and then I shot my load up her. 
      My brother in law, then had to beat a hasty retreat up the stairs to his wife as we had made quite a bit of noise, making my wife cum
      Over the next two years we would travel up and stay with my wife’s sister and brother in law and during this time, although I cannot remember exactly how it started we would all four have some sexy encounters, with some kissing and feeling of boobs.  This was all fairly innocent although I know us men would have liked it to go much further.  I can remember one sexy incident which my brother in law and I always tried to get repeated as we would be going to bed and saying goodnight.  The girls would come up behind us, swapping partners, and put their hands in our trouser pockets and have a feel of our hard cocks, giving them a stroke.  This was always such a turn on and I know my wife would always get a good hard fucking from me once we got to bed.
      This situation continued over the years and we would usually go and stay with them in the Midlands about three times a year as it allowed us to visit family.  We would still tease each other and I would feel up my sister in law, although she was far more reluctant that my wife.  I did on one occasion manage to have a shower with her and my wife had a shower with her brother in law.  I am sure she got fucked, but all I was allowed was a feel of my sister in laws tits.
      My sister in law then started to be involved with the Girl Guides, this meant that once a year she and her would go away for a week of summer camp.  This meant leaving her son and husband to cope on their own.  So, she asked us to come up for the week and my wife would help by doing the cooking, yes, I am afraid us men are not very good at cooking.
      Anyway, this meant that there were again opportunities for my brother in law to fuck my wife and basically that is what he would do for the whole week.  Some nights we would have a threesome, with us both feeling her, kissing her taking it in turns to suck her nipples or lick her pussy whilst the other was getting his cock sucked.  He would usually fuck her first, as I always liked having sloppy seconds.  Other nights he wanted her to sleep with him, so they would go into his bedroom and have sex, I would listen outside the door and wank trying to imagine what was going on.  My wife knew I would be there so tried to be a bit louder when she would cum, so that I could hear.  She would always come back into our bedroom early in the morning having just been fucked again and before the children woke up and wondered where she was.  I would then fuck her myself and enjoy putting my hard cock into her very wet pussy.
      Often my brother in law would sleep in until late and the best shower was in their on-suite, so once the kids were settled downstairs she would say she was going to take a shower.  This would mean she was back in his bedroom and would often be joined by my brother in law in the shower, for at least a good feel and some kissing if not another nice wet fuck.
      This is all true and continued for several years until my wife left me for another guy, but that’s another story.
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