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Romance in the hostel


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My wife went to a hostel with a young security guard who'd be-friended her. They'd been out for a drink the evening before and she asked me to drop her off in town on my way to visit my father. The plan was that they were meeting for coffee, but instead they went straight to his room at the hostel. Very quickly they were sitting on his single bed, then laying down kissing. Soon he was undoing my wife's jeans and meeting no resistance, he pulled them and her panties down to her ankles to reveal her shaved pussy. She still had her boots, shirt and bra on, but he just opened her legs wide and mounted her bareback. 

She told me the sex wasn't very good as there was no foreplay. He didn't even get her tits out, but she liked that he was 16 years younger than her and that he didn't care that she was married. She gave him another chance by returning to the hostel the next day so he could fuck her again, but it was "wham bam, thank you ma-am" again, so she didn't bother with him after that. We knew there'd be other men along soon.


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