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  5. My best friend knows he's been a fwb for a while now. Some of the guys at my work know, and a couple of the guys my wife works at have exchanged nudes and sexts. My youngest brother used to watch her shower, he was about 25 at the time. Never worked up the nerve to pursue it. Women who love sex are a treasure. I'm very lucky to have found a woman who loves me and loves sex with me and many partners too😎😎😎😎
  6. Cuckold Is there any actual scientific data to explain why some of us actually enjoy the thought of our wives with another man? The arousal that comes from knowing she's with him, touching, kissing, coming, all that? Or is it just a fetish?
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  8. Richer? No, I meant to type tighter. I guess spelling one handed I suck at
  9. Hope everyone has a nice, long, safe and sexy weekend!

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  11. The only people that know are my playpals. I will tell you one thing, you develop a sense to pick out swingers from thin air!
  12. She looks sexy as fuck. I'd love to pound her
  13. What I would give to be the photographer the photo of her smoking!!!! Very nice and keep them coming
  14. Thank you for sharing! 👍
  15. It can be fun visiting with family or friends. Dinner or a movie and no one knows. In private the cuck submits as the Bull takes control.
  16. I enjoy feeling the cuck’s wife Stretch for me. Having him to watch me pleasure her in ways he can’t. Him watching knowing I am going to mark his wife inside with my cum.
  17. Hey come check her out. going to try and keep this running all day. Louie
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  19. steptoe

    Who knows?

    Three or four close male friends although she is not aware of them knowing. They invariably say they fancy the hell out of her, in the past one previous freind has taken it much further.
  20. Mt872

    Who knows?

    So who all knows that you are in this lifestyle? A few close friends of ours know but no family. How’d they react?
  21. eater

    A Fun Day

    that is one lovely and deslicious looking pussy
  22. The tan lines are so sexy! Me and my wife live in AZ. Tempe actually! Good to see such a sexy women representing AZ! Very nice.
  23. I love it when she comes from another man's cock, clutching him richer, and holding his body close as he pumps her full of warm cum that I sit quietly by and watch leak from her
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