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  1. After our holiday, Scott, and Tim had stayed in touch and we had each performed tasks that had been set for us and sent them the photos to prove we had completed said tasks. I for example had been asked to wear Miriam’s underwear to work and take photo’s to prove I had. Miriam had been asked to go out around town without underwear and I had to take photos of her flashing her naked pussy in bars and other public places. All of this added to our submission to the pair of them.To our surprise they both said that they were coming down up to Glasgow and needed somewhere to stay and that we were to put them up for three days. They’d be arriving on Friday and staying until late Sunday maybe even Monday morning. I was told I was to book Friday off work and to pick them up from the station early Friday morning. We didn’t have a choice do it or everyone would see the photos, even family members. Miriam said she’d have the day off to too get things ready.We had our instructions sent to us:* We were both to be free of pubic hair* No sex for Miriam for at least the week before* I was to have my camera fully charged and ready* Miriam wasn’t to wear any underwear for the whole time they were there* When I was to pick them up I was to be wearing one of Miriam’s thongs my cock cage and a bra under my coat* They were to be introduced to our kids as friends that we’d met on holidayThat final one was a tough one introduced to our kids! This was a further step in the humiliation from them both. We’d be introducing them to the two people that use and abuse us. Our hearts began to race at the thought being in the same room as them and the kids would be a real nerve racking experience.On the Thursday night both Miriam and I showered I shaved myself to remove all of my pubic hair, Miriam lay on the bed and I shaved her totally bald taking extra care and time than I normally do to make sure I did a good job and being hhhhhhhhh seeing our abusers names tattooedon my lovely wifes smooth pussy lips. The following morning I was up early and as I was getting dressed Miriam appeared in the doorway holding my cock cage "don’t forget this" she said walking over towards me. She had always enjoyed putting it on me and this time I think she took even more pleasure kneeling before me and slipping it on before snapping the padlock shut.I parked the car and went to the station and waited, standing in the station with a thong under my jeans and a bra under my coat was a turn on but with my cock caged I was a little uncomfortable. There was a tap on my shoulder and I jumped "Hello Cucky boy" said Scott quite loudly "I hope you’ve dressed as we asked you to!" "Yes Sir" I replied, hoping that he wouldn’t ask me to prove it there and then in the station full of people, luckily he didn’t he just handed me his bag and Tim did the same "lead the way Cuck, I hope Miriam is ready for us we have some plans for her this weekend."We arrived at the car park after a walk of almost silence Scott and Tim spoke a few words but nothing to me. I opened the boot and threw their bags in. Tim spoke to me for the first time "Strip. Let’s see if you’ve done as you’re told" I nervously looked around the car park no one around, I thought do it quick and get in the car so I took off my jeans and jacket and stood there in front of them, white and blue bra with a white lace thong hiding my caged cock. I moved to get in the car "not so fast Cuck, how about opening the doors for us. If you’re going to be our chauffeur, you’d better do it properly." I moved quickly to open the door for Tim to get in, he on the other hand moved as slow as he could getting in and prolonging my agony of standing in the car park for anyone to see. I then moved to the passengers door and opened it for Scott. "No, I think I’ll sit in the back with Tim" Scott said I closed the door and almost ran around the car to open the other back door, Scott’s walk from one side of the car to the other seemed to take forever. As he arrived at the door he smiled and said, "put those clothe's in the boot you won’t need them again". I closed his door and put my cloths's in the boot then as quickly as I could jumped in the driver’s seat made it I thought I don’t think anyone seen me, phew! "Take us to our slut, Cuck and enjoy the drive." Scott laughed, "I think our Cuck chauffeur has forgotten he has to get out at the other end Tim, and being the perfect chauffeur I know he wants to be, he’ll have to open our doors at that end too". Oh God, I hadn’t thought about that! I was so glad to get in the car I hadn’t thought about getting out. The journey out of Glasgow wasn’t too bad as all the rush hour traffic was heading into town as we headed out along the M8. It wasn’t until we neared junction 3 that the humiliation began, with the usual roadworks in that area the traffic slowed. I was okay at first as it was cars along side us but as we stayed still and the other lanes moved I had a lorry alongside me and just my luck it was left-hand drive. The driver was looking down at me and I tried to look the other way and ignore him but it was so obvious that he could see me he was almost hanging out of the window to get a better look. Scott and Tim sat in the back laughing. "Looks like you’ve got an admirer Cuck!" Scott said. "Should we invite him back so he can join in the fun and maybe fuck you, you’d like that wouldn’t you a big hairy truck driver banging you in the arse". Luckily the traffic moved and I spotted a gap I shot off the motorway and around the island and headed for home.I drove slowly as I turned into our street. It looked quiet but I knew the curtain twitchers would be there, looking to see what was going on. I pulled onto the drive and we sat there for a moment or two in the hope that Miriam would open the door and we/I could get in quickly. "Well this door isn’t going to open its self Cuck" Tim said. I got out and quickly opened the door to let Scott out and hid behind his door. "ME FIRST" Tim barked. I closed Scott’s door and went around the front of the car and again open the door and hid behind it. Tim got out and moved me, standing behind me so I couldn’t go around the front. "Now Scott’s door" he said with an evil look in his eye. This time I had to go around the rear of the car I just hoped that no one was watching. I opened Scott’s door and hid behind it. Scott climbed out and shut the door. I stood there in Miriam’s bra and thong thinking, please Miriam open the door, don’t let me stand at the front door for any time. My luck was in Miriam opened the door and Tim walked in followed by Scott followed very closely by me.Miriam stood to one side as we entered Tim stood in front of her he looked at her and his hand went under her skirt straight to her pussy. "Open" was all he said Miriam opened her legs and the next thing I seen and heard was Miriam squeal Tim had grabbed her clitty in his hand and was squeezing it. "You all nice and wet for us Slut?" he asked, and then began to force three fingers in her pussy "oh yes already soaking wet, I bet you’re looking forward to this weekend as much as we are". His left arm came up and across Miriam’s shoulders and neck he pushed her back against the wall and with his right hand began to work her pussy hard. "Cum for me slut, cum for me 2 minutes after I’ve entered your house" he demanded. Miriam’s head was back against the wall and her eyes closed I could see she was close Scott moved over and grabbed at her tits "good to see you have done as you’re told and you’ve let these saggy udders free" he began pulling at her nipples through her blouse. I watched as they made her cum there and then in the hall way within minutes if not seconds of being there. As she came Tim released his hold on her and called me over "here Cuck" and offered me his fingers "clean them" I opened my mouth and began to suck a finger at a time tasting Miriam’s cum off each one. "Open wide" he demanded andforced all three fingers into my mouth at once.Miriam and Scott went into the living room and after I had cleaned Tim’s fingers we followed. Scott was sitting in the armchair with Miriam sitting on the floor between his legs stroking his cock through his trousers. "Get it out and suck it whore" he asked Miriam did as she was told undoing his zip and belt, opening his trousers she took out his semI hard cock. It was as always bigger than mine and as Miriam took it in her hand I could see once again just how fat it was. Tim sat opposite and watched "Where’s your camera Cuck? I want photo’s of everything that happens over this weekend" I disappeared up stairs to get the camera and when I got back Scott had a hold of Miriam’s hair in a ponytail like grip and was forcing her head up and down his shaft. "Get in there Cuck and get me photo’s" Tim ordered. I got down on the floor next to them and began snapping away. I could see Miriam’s eyes watering as Scott forced his big cock to the back of her throat. As he worked her head up and down up and down saliva began to build up in her mouth and was dribbling down around his balls. Scott’s head went back and his back began to arch. Miriam was gagging and then he grabbed her head in both hands and forced her down on the full length. "ooooohhhhhh FUCK" he called out as he shot his hot sticky mess down the back of her throat. I could see Miriam trying to pull away and get a breath but Scott was holding her tightly in place. He let go after a few moments and Miriam came up looking a real mess. Her mascara had run her lipstick was all over the place and Scott’s cum was running out of her mouth and down her chin. "get me photo’s of that Cuck she looks a real whore like that doesn’t she" Tim said. I had to agree she looked like a cheap whore. "clean me up slut" Scott demanded "just look at the mess you’ve made" Miriam bent forward and began to lick Scott’s cock and balls cleaning up all the cum that has spilled out and all her saliva from around his balls.Tim stood up and said "right time for some breakfast I think, Cuck go and get us something to eat while that whore makes herself presentable again". I went into the kitchen and started to get things together. I heard Miriam go up stairs and Scott and Tim talking in the living room. I took in tea and coffee and Tim said "I need my bag for the car Cuck, go and get it for me" I shuddered this meant going outside again, I looked around the crack in the door, everything looked clear I made a quick dash to get the bags and was back inside as quick as I could possibly be. I handed Tim his bag and Scott his. As Tim opened his bag I could see a whole range of things in there…dildos, vibrators, tape, rope. What had they got planned?Miriam walked into the room dressed like a real slut, the shortest skirt I’d ever seen her wear white pleated and stockings suspenders clearly visible and when she turned round it was obvious she still had no knickers on. Her top was tight and again you could tell from her nipples sticking out through the fabric that she was still braless. They sat at the dining room table and we served them their breakfast each time Miriam put something on the table next to them a hand would shoot up her skirt and feel her pussy or her arse.After they had eaten I was ordered to clear the table and to wash up. They sat at the table as I cleaned up and Miriam stood next to Tim as he chatted and fingered her pussy. While I was in the kitchen I could hear movement but couldn’t tell what was going on. I washed as fast as I could and peeked around the door frame. There in the far end of the room they had Miriam spread eagle on the dining room table. Taped around her wrists to the corners of the table and with her legs bend at the knees and her ankles taped to the legs of the table she looked helpless. They were both standing by her legs looking at her pussy and running their hands up and down her legs. "What do you think Scott, thinks those pussy lips are long enough" Tim asked his mate "No mate. I like them nice and long and I think we should stretch them a bit don’t you?" They each took a hold of one of Miriam’s pussy lips and began to pull "Arrgghhh" Miriam cried out "sounds like she likes it Tim" Scott said "…let’s give her some more" They both pulled again! Miriam cried out in pain again. I stepped into the room "no don’t, you’re hurting her, don’t hurt her" I said Tim turned looked at me with a look that said ‘how dare you even think about talking to us like that!’ "Keep them pulled tight Scott, while I tell this worthless piece of shit just where he stands" He stepped towards me "let me show you something Cuck" he said taking a phone out of his pocket. "See these photo’s and video’s that you’ve been sending us over the last few months, these will go public. They will be sent to both your company and Miriam’s company. I’m sure if we look around here for long enough we’d find enough information to send them to all your friends and if I go up stairs to your computer, I could print some off and post them through the neighbours doors. Now sit there and don’t move or speak unless you are spoken to understand?" I nodded meekly there was nothing I could do I knew he was right it would be so easy for them to ruin our lives. In the background I could hear Miriam "Aarrgghh no stop you’re hurting me, please no." "Mmmmmm," Scott said "we’re getting there but still not long enough for my liking." "It’ll take some time Scott, but we’ll get them nice and long don’t worry" Tim replied. He reached down to his bag and brought out a small vibrator. He placed it on Miriam’s clit and turned it on, she jumped almost Immediately "only small but it hits the right spot all the time this little beauty, lets see how long she can stand it". I could hear the buzzing sound and I could see Miriam’s body trembling as her first orgasm approached. Scott had picked up my camera and was taking photo’s of Miriam and Tim with me in the background sitting in bra and a thong watching my wife being used. My cock was hurting now straining against the cage aching to be released and allowed to be played with.Tim continued to play with Miriam’s pussy for what seemed like hours. I lost count of the amount of times he made her cum. She was soaking wet when he bend down to his bag again this time he pulled out a big black butt plug and shoved it in her pussy! "I’ll be kind to you slut and get it wet for you before we put it where it belongs" he said. "Please no" she pleaded "it’s tight in there, I won’t be able to take that it’s too big." "Oh you’ll take it alright and you’d better take it quick, don’t forget we have your kids coming later you don’t want them to catch mommy like this do you, and I’m not letting you off this table until you’ve had this inside your arse." Scott came over to me "have you told them to come up this afternoon?" he asked "Yes Sir, I have they should be her around 5 o-clock, we’ll two of them will the other is working away." "Will Judy be here at 5?" he asked. "Yes, she should be" I answered. "Good! That’s all that matters to us" he laughed. I looked over to see Miriam arching her back and gritting her teeth as Tim was pushing the butt plug home. "Almost there slut, you’re doing well. I knew you’d take it! I knew this well used arse of yours could open up for this plug! Take it all and it will feel great for you." He pushed more and I could see her arching her back trying to accept it. "Come on slut take it get it in there you know you want it" he demanded. "No, I can’t, its too big it’s hurting I can’t" she called out. "Yes you can and will you whore you’re almost there now come on take it!" he said, and then leaned across her and pushed! "Aarrggghhhhh" she called out. "There! Told you you could take it. Scott get over here and get a close up of this." Scott was over like a shot snapping away at the big black butt plug that was buried deep into Miriam’s arse. "Get over here Cuck" Tim ordered. I crossed the room and looked at Miriam’s face she had tears in her eyes. "get your face down there and kiss the plug" Tim ordered. I did as I was told and I seen Scott snap away as I kissed the plug. "Put your fingers in her pussy and feel the plug" Tim told me I pushed a finger in her pussy and could feel the shape of the plug though her pussy wall. "Get out the way you pussy, when I said feel it I meant feel it like this" He pushed me out of the way and forced three finger in her pussy and stretch her open pushing down on the plug. Miriam jumped and cried out "nooooo oooouuch you’re hurting me." "A slut like you hasn’t got feelings you can’t be hurt your pussy and arse were made to be used" he barked. "Are you going to cum for me slut?" he asked. "No I can’t, I couldn’t cum again, please, no more please stop now." "Now there’s a challenge Scott, what do you think? Think we can make the whore come once more?" Scott handed me the camera and said "I like that sort of challenge. Keep taking photo’s Cuck!" Scott stood next to Tim and pressed the little vibrator against Miriam’s clit while his other hand began pulling at her nipple. Tim began working on her pussy and pulling the plug out a little and then pushing it back in, basically he was fucking her arse with the butt plug. Miriam began to move about on the table. She was squirming about as much as she could and arching her back "Nooooo I can’t get there I can’t do it" she said Tim pushed three fingers in her pussy and began to push up and release and push up and release he then put a hand on her lower part of her stomach within seconds Miriam was moaning "Oh yes, oh yes, oh fuck" and then she went limp, collapsing on the table."See told you you could do it you whore" Tim said as he wiped his wet sticky fingers over her belly and thighs. "Go and get me a towel Cuck while we untie the slut" he ordered. I went into the kitchen and returned with a towel. They had cut her free from the tape and were untying her legs when I returned they then stood her up at the end of the table. Her legs almost gave way but they held on to her. "Put the towel there on the floor" Tim told me. I place the towel on the floor where he had pointed to. They moved Miriam to stand on the towel. "Push slut push the plug out" Tim said "lets see you shit it out of that big whore arse!" They held onto Miriam as she pushed hard. I could tell it was hurting her but she pushed harder. "Kids might be here soon slut better get it out soon" Scott laughed Miriam pushed again "aarrgghhhhhh" she called out as the butt plug hit the floor. They both laughed as it rolled around the floor. "Came out like a missile!" Scott laughed. They ordered both of us to go and get ready in normal clothes and tidy up before the kids arrived.
  2. who wants to know what happened when the visited us in our home town
  3. glad u liked my  post this is Miriam



  4. My wife Miriam and I have been married for 28 years and have only ever been with each other. For our Anniversary we went on holiday last year to Turkey. On our first night there we went to the Hotel bar. Miriam is 58, size 16 and still can get the odd wink from guys. We were sitting watching the entertainment, which was pretty crap, when a couple of guys who had been on our flight over from Glasgow asked if they could join us. As it was the only table available, I said “no” and they asked us what we were drinking. I said “we’re both on vodka & Coke,” “Diet for me” Miriam said. One of them replied, “You don't need to diet, you’re fine.” Miriam said “Thanks, I could get to like you.” “I hope so” he said. “By the way, I'm Scott,” “and I’m Tim” said the other guy. They both then went to the bar. “Smooth talkers” I said. “You’re in there, doll” I said. “Don't be silly,” blushed Miriam. The guys looked late 40s and had looked after themselves. “What you think?” I asked her. “I like them” she said. “Pretty cheeky though, eh?” I said. “Aye, but I bet they’re a good laugh. You fancy them!” I said. “Don’t be stupid” she said, “they wouldn't be interested in me!” “Well they’re looking over now and they look kind of interested.” Miriam is a regular type of housewife, sex bout once a month if I'm lucky and vanilla at that, so watching her squirm as these guys flattered her was fascinating. The guys returned and said, “…so, is this a special holiday for you both?” “Yes” said Miriam, “tomorrow is our Anniversary, so Dave surprised me with this holiday.” “Congratulations!” they both said, “I hope we can help you both make it a bit special.” “Thanks” said Miriam, “that would be nice of you both.” “Don't mention it” they said “…it would be our pleasure.” We chatted for bout another couple of hours they were both funny, quite charismatic guys showering Miriam with compliment after compliment and had the drink flowing…wouldn't let me put my hand in in my pocket. Scott then said, “after these drinks, you both fancy coming to a night club or something with us?” I said, “I dunno its been a long day.” “Oh come she put her arms through theirs and I noticed she was a bit shaky on her high heels as they left me standing like a dick. Miriam hardly drinks at home so I think she was a bit pissed, reckless even. “Come on Dave!” she shouted over her shoulder as I followed behind I saw both guys hands slip down onto her ass and she just laughed. We arrived at a bar with a dance floor and Miriam shouts “Get the drinks Dave, I'm off for a dance!” Scott followed me to the bar and Tim took her on the dance floor. Scott said “We’re both on JD and coke mate. So, you enjoying yourself?” he said. “Aye” I said. “Your wife is” he said. “Aye, appears to be” I said. “She will later” he said, kinda under his breath. “Whats that?” I asked. “Nothing” he answered. As I looked over I saw Tim’s hands gripping Miriam’s ass tight to him and she was letting him! Then he looked over her shoulder and winked at Scott as he pulled her skirt up showing her legs off. He kept going till her ass and panties were showing. “What a guy” says Scott, “you can’t take him anywhere. Grab a table I'm gonna get in on the action.” So, I got a table and carried the drinks over. Scott took over from Tim and immediately gripped Miriam’s ass Tim returned to me and sat down. “Good laugh, your wife, mate…” he says, ”Aye” I said, “…and a horny bitch!” “What you say?” I said. He says, “the horny cow was grinding her cunt on my cock mate, she was lovin’ it!” “That’s my wife!” I protested. “Shut up” he says, “she told me all about you since your heart attack.” “What you mean?” I said. “Do I have to spell it out? She’s not had a real hard cock for 6 years, as your pathetic thing don't get hard.” I was shocked she spoke ‘bout me to him like that. “Well” he said, “is it true?” “Yes” I whimpered. He laughed and said “well its 12 o’clock and your Anniversary, so me and Scott’s gonna make it a special one! How many times did you fuck her on her wedding night all those years ago?” “About 3” I said. “Well…she's gonna get a rerun, but not 3 maybe 33” he laughed. “Fuck! Look at Scott!” I looked over and he had popped one of her titties out her bra and was sucking it right there on the dance floor as people were cheering. Miriam was so pissed she didn’t do anything to stop hIm. I watched as he gripped her big nipple between his teeth making her whimper a wee bit. I think they had been feeding her doubles all night. Scott popped her tit back in and they both returned to the table. Miriam’s top was opened down to nearly her waist and her bra and tits were on show. I tried to button it up and she said “leave it! Scott likes it that way” as she laughed. Scott whispered in my ear “has Tim told you how much of a slut she is?” “Yes” I said. “Well, watch this!” He whispered in her ear, she giggled and started taking her panties off…right there where she sat then I saw them appear at the top of her knees then drop round her ankles. “Leave them round one ankle slut,” Tim said, “Folks can see what a whore you are married to now mate. She will have no shortage of cock for the rest of your holiday! She will go home with a cunt like a bill posters bucket. Well, its gonna get some paste tonight!” They both laughed loudly. These guys weren’t the nice guys we thought they were! They had this agenda from the start. “STOP this now” I said. “Slut, do you want this to stop?” he whispers to her. “NO!” she says. “Right! Dave boy tonight on the Anniversary of your wedding were gonna fuck her raw ok. Now Miriam, does he get to watch?” Tim asks. “Yes” she says, “from under my cunt!” “ HAHAHA!” They all laugh. “Good idea” says Scott. I had never ever seen this side of my lovely wife and it shocked me. “Ok, lets go!” says Scott. As Miriam gets up, her panties are left laying on the floor near the table we were at and there is a huge wet patch on them. As we got to the the door, Scott says, “Go fetch your wife’s soaking panties, boy.” Ashamed, I walk back and pick them up as the whole bar laughs. As we walked back to our hotel Scott says “Show us your pussy, Miriam.” She stops, pulls up her skirt and bares her pussy! “Open your legs!” She does. “Wider!” says Tim. She takes a big side step. “Spread it bitch!” She pulls her pussy lips apart and Scott reaches in, pulls her huge clitty out and squeezes it between his finger and thumb. She whimpers. “What are you?” he asks. “A dirty Whore!” she answers. “Good girl! Who’s whore?” “Yours, yours and Tim’s, master.” “Sir?” she says. “What?” says Scott. “I need a pee.” “Well, do it!” She squats down. “Show us!” says Tim. She lifts her skirt, putting her cunt on view for all and as she holds her piss flaps open, a jet of hot piss spurts out. “DIRTY SLUT” says Scott. “OK, your room, I think” says Scott as we reach our hotel. “Please guys look at her, she don't know what she's doing…please stop this” I say. “Listen cunt, we haven’t spent a small fortune on her and you tonight to go to our beds. If you wMiriama go well go, not a problem, but your wife owes us.” “Well, I'm taking her home so you can both fuck off!” “Ok, watch this” he says. Tim then pulls out Miriam’s phone from his pocket. I try to grab it but Scott grabs me “Behave Dave boy” he says, “and you get to watch.” Tim shows me a vid of her holding her cunt wide pissing I hadn’t noticed him filming her as I was too shocked at the time. “Now this vid goes to her whole phone book if you don't do exactly as we tell you! OK CUNT?” “Please let us go we ain’t did you guys any harm!” “I know cunt, but were gonna do Miriam’s cunt harm. Understood?” “Yes” I whimpered. We arrive at our room “Get drinks Dave!” Scott grabs Miriam and starts kissing her…she responds like a dirty slut! Then he stops. ‘OK Miriam, strip for us!’’ She giggles and starts dancing like a whore grinding her hips slow lifting her skirt giving them a flash of her pussy! Then she unbuttons her top, slowly lets it fall to the floor… She dances over to me and says “I’m so horny babe, feel me” and grabs my hand and puts it on her cunt! She's dripping wet! She starts riding my hand. “Finger your whore wife!” Tim shouts. I force three fingers into her! She's soaking and so loose she rides my hand grinding hard till four fingers slide in and out easy. Tim gets in behind her after giving Scott her phone. He’s been filming the whole thing, and from behind pulls her bra down then rips it off. Her huge, droopy hangers fall down he grips her huge nipples, pinching them, torturing them…she's whimpering…fucking my hand harder. Scott pulls her tit up to her mouth “Suck Bitch!” She sucks her own nipple biting it. She then starts to shake and whimpers “FUCK I'm cumming…FUCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!“ she shouts as she squirts all over my hand. It’s as if she's pissing on my hand! She collapses on to the chair, spreads her legs wide and starts fingering her cunt. Still shaking as another orgasm sweeps through her cunt, she's got her whole fist up now. “FUCK!” Tim shouts, “the slappers fisting herself and its all on cam! Dirty whore.” I had just witnessed the first time my wife squirted…dirty slut! “Right! Dave, go get your razor, this slut’s bush needs to be shaved. You’ve got hair clippers?” “Yes” I said. “Get those too, were gonna give her a pussy like a schoolgirl!” says Scott. I returned with the tools. “Right” says Tim, “hold your sluts legs wide” as he switches on the clippers. “This whore’s so horny, she's gonna ride the clippers!” They both laughed. He then started shearing her cunt like a sheep. Then, when most of the hair was gone leaving stubble he squirted foam all over her cunny. “You ever shaved your pussy before, slut?” he asks her. “No” she says. “Well, I’ll leave it smooth as silk. Pull her lips tight Dave, we need to get into every nook and crMiriamy…or should I say fannyy!” They both laughed. Scott was filming the whole thing saying, “How do you think your kids would like seeing Mummy getting her cunt shaved Dave?” ”Please don’t” I pleaded, “or maybe fff…I see her page is here.” Tim wipes her cunny and its smooth like a schoolgirl. He slaps it! She whimpers. “Right slut, on your knees! Turn over!” “Wait!” shouts Scott as he sits on the chair. She gets off. She's now kneeling on the floor with her ass in the air and her head at Scotts lap. Tim says “Pull her ass apart ‘cunty,’ as its getting shaved too!” As he squirts foam into her asshole, Scott takes his cock out! It’s ‘bout 7 inch long but fuck, its sooo thick! He grabs her hair and says, “Suck Bitch!” She puts her lips over his purple cock head and he pushes her head onto it. All the way in his cock goes till she's gagging on it. Tim slaps her ass hard and says, “All done now, your asshole is clean and smooth.” He then puts a little foam on his finger and slips it in her smooth tight clean looking asshole. “This ever had a cock up it then boy?” as he slips a second finger up her she's whimpering now. “No” I said. “Well, it’s getting cock tonight!” She's really whimpering now as he twists and turns his big fingers and pushes them up her right to his knuckles. Scott hands me the phone and says “Keep filming your wife boy.” I'm shocked! She's never, ever sucked my cock or let me near her asshole. She always said it was filthy. Now…I’m filming her getting her throat and asshole fucked. I’m in shock as Tim slips a third finger in my wife’s now stretched ass then I hear her whimpering crying and in distress. I look at Scott and his cock is right down her throat and he’s pinching her nose. She cant breath! He lets her nose go and she starts choking. He pulls out of her mouth and slaps her face with his cock…she's gasping for air, getting her breath just as he rams it back in her mouth. Tears are streaming from her eyes. Tim now has his cock out rubbing it up and down her now red raw slit as he finger fucks her ass! He's huge… at least nine inches! He then says, “Guide my cock up her boy!” “Please no sir, not bareback.” “Fucking do it!” as he grabs the phone from me. I grab his cock as he holds her ass cheeks wide open I run it up her slit till I find her cunt hole and I pop the head in. “Good boy!” shouts Tim as he rams his cock into her so hard, she lets out a squeal as he hammers her cunt hard, as he slaps her ass hard. I see red welts on her ass. Scott has his cock deep in her throat as he pulls her nipples hard. They are using my lovely wife of 30 years like a dirty street whore. They both pound her for the next 40 minutes then Tim shouts “I’m cumming!” I say, “Please, not in her pussy sir!” He shouts “GOD YESSS” as he empty’s his balls into my wife’s helpless pussy. He keeps pumping his mucky spunk up her then pulls out and slaps her ass hard get this on cam boy I focus on her cunt as his muck starts to run out her running down her thighs. “Lay on the floor, boy!” Tim orders. I lay down and he grips Miriam’s nipples and shouts “Sit on hubby’s face, whore!” She squats over my face and as his spunk runs out he pulls her nipples. “Ride his face! Make him eat my spunk whore!” She's soaking I can’t breath for the filthy spunk filling my mouth. Tim and Scott start slapping her tits hard. “Ride his face whore” Scott then rams his cock in her mouth and face fucks her. After a few minutes he shouts, “I’m cumming!” and pulls out and spurts all over her face. He shouts, “GET UP BITCH!” I see her standing face dripping spunk…cunt dripping spunk…as Tim gets it all on film. “We’re gonna make you an internet whore Miriam, if you don't do as your told for the next week. We own you both! Understand?” He shows her her fff page on her phone and a pic of her spunk covered face just ready to send “UNDERSTAND?” “Yes” we both whimper. “Now cucky, go clean your whore up and bring her back.” I take her to the shower she's sobbing, “I’m so sorry honey this is all my fault.” “What are we gonna do” I say, “as we’re told or you’re a net whore, as well as every one of your friends and family seeing you as a whore.” Her cunt looks red raw and gaping as I clean it. I said, “You do know your gonna get sodomized all night honey?” “Please no” she pleads, “it’s so sore…” The Next day I woke up on the verandah. They had locked me out, left me helpless as the evil bastards fucked abused and sodomized my wife all night. I'm amazed no one heard her screams as they punished her slapping & biting her ass and tits. They left about 4 in morning I watched as she begged for her phone pleading them not to send her pics to anyone they just laughed and filmed her, saying “You’re a pathetic whore! Stop making a fool of yourself. We own you both OK SLUT? You’re our holiday cumbucket! That’s what are you bitch!” She sat sobbing on the floor as Tim SLAPPED her face shouting “You’re not listening bitch! What are you?” “Your holiday cumbucket” she whispered. “Can’t hear you!” he shouted. “Your holiday cumbucket!” she shouted. He then slapped her. She fell and they left her laying on floor sobbing whimpering “what have I done…what have I done!” Scott shouts to me “Stay by your phone ‘cunty’ and get our whore cleaned up. She's gonna be busy later today.” I banged on the glass let me in honey. Miriam looked at me with defeat in her eyes as she crawled over and reached up and let me in. I was shocked when I saw her tits all red with bite marks her pussy looked red raw and was leaking spunk running down her inner thighs her face and hair matted in dried cum. “I’m so sorry, I'm so sorry” she kept sobbing. “It’s OK” I said as I helped her in the shower. Then, we both fell asleep in each others arms exhausted. We were woken abruptly with my phone ringing. I answered “hello?” Tim barked “Get up! Get down to the pool boy, with the whore! You have 15 min to get her presentable.” I shook her told her to get dressed. She covered the marks on her tits as best she could with make up put on a red bikinI and sarong. We arrived at hotel pool. Scott shouted us over. He had an empty sunbed between his and Tim’s. “Go get drinks cucky!” he barked at me. On my return, Miriam had been told to lay on the sunbed. “Sit cucky” Tim says now slut take your top off let your old droopy udders get some sun. “Please no” she pleads, “its a family hotel. No one else is topless.” “Well bitch, you’re gonna start a trend then!” “Please?” she says. “Do it” says Tim, as he shows her a filthy pic of her pissing and holding her pussy lips wide. She then bends forward as Scott unclips her top and whips it off. She winches as her tortured tits flop out. Everyone at the pool is shocked, but staring at her. Some laughing, pointing. Scott says “lets get those big nips hard” and they grab one each and start tweaking them. Tim then takes a felt pen and scrawls dirty whore on her tits. Two nearby woman come over shouting at me “There’s kids here…get that slut out of here! You were on our flight. You’re pathetic! Why are you letting those 2 bastards treat your wife like this?” “What kind of man are you?” the other woman pointed at my shorts. That kind look ‘the pervert has a stiffy’ I looked down and my shorts were sticking out my cock straining at the fabric an inch round wet patch showing as Tim & Scott lay there laughing. “OK, Mrs…enough, were going” says Tim. As we left, he whispered to them “where’s your hubbies? Maybe we can get them into this? Bet you would love that! I bet your prude pussies are getting wet right now!” “You’re animals!” they shouted, as we all went into hotel bar. “Drinks cuck!” Tim barks. “Sit!” he says to Miriam. “OK bitch, how is your pussy feeling today and I'm not talking bout the one at the bar?” “Sore” she whispers. “OK we can sort that” “Come with us” they get up and walk towards the toilet, just as I get back with the drinks. “Come ‘cunty’!” Scott barks at me. “Hey push her into the gents toilet. There are 2 young guys we saw on our flight drunk standing at the condom machine. “Hey guys ever fucked a slut older than your mum?” “No” they said. “Well, today is your lucky day and you wont need those, things. Take her panties down” he shouts, as he pushes me to her. I get on my knees and pull them down. Her used pussy inch's from my nose. The old slappers cunt is shaved. One of the lads says “kinky.” “Cunt” his mate says, as her runs his fingers over her used raw gash. “Is she wet?” Tim asks. “No” he says. “Cucky, lick her! Get her wet!” I lick along her slit. Her clitty is hanging out between her pussy lips she whimpers. “OK cucky, thats enough” says Scott and she pulls me away. Tim grips her tits one in each hand and pulls her up on her tiptoes. He's squeezing them tight. Her nipples are rock hard. “What do you think boys?” “I think that pussy has seen a few cocks. I'm not fucking that…can I fuck her asshole?” Tim laughs and takes a coin out “heads you get her pussy, tails her ass OK kid? And what he doesn’t get you do!” he instructs his mate. “I’m game” he says, “I’ll take any hole.” He spins the coin “Catch it cucky !” I scramble to catch it. “OK show boy!” Heads! Fuck! So, I’ve gotta put my cock in her old used cunt?” “Yes” says Tim. “OK slut” the lad says “bend over.” She bends over, grips the sink and pulls her ass cheeks apart. “Cunt!” he shouts at me. I pull her cheeks wide and watch his huge young cock slide in my wife’s cunt. She's whimpering “Please stop.” The lad slaps her ass and grips her hair as he pulls his cock fully out then rams it hard right up to is balls. After a few minutes he shouts “I’m cumming” and grips her hips and pumps her full of his young spunk. He pulls, out causing a loud fanny fart. He then pulls her head by her hair onto his dripping cock. “Suck my cock clean, whore!” as he slaps her face with his dripping cock. She opens her mouth. He pulls her hair, forcing his young cock down her throat. As he fucks her throat, stopping to pull her head onto his cock. She's choking…there’s a horrible gagging sound as his mate has got behind and rammed his cock up her ass! He slaps her ass hard and after his forth stroke he screams “I’m cumming” and explodes in her sore used married asshole. He them wipes his young cock with her hair. “OK boys…funs over, but before you go, she needs cleaning. Lay on the floor on your back bitch, legs wide. OK cuck, hold her piss flaps wide!” Her pussy and assholes are just 2 gaping filthy looking holes spunk dripping out. “Okay boys, piss in any hole you want.” As the four of them get their cocks out, they all piss at once, directing the jets right into her pussy and ass, all laughing calling her a dirty old whore. Her pussy was overflowing like a burst pipe. “Right cunty on your back! Sit on your hubbies face slut, let him clean our mess.” Miriam gets up straddles my face “Please sir…” she pleads “…I’m gonna piss!” “So do it! Give hubby a drink!” says Scott. Miriam looks into my eyes and says “sorry babe” as her bladder opens and fills my mouth and my nose. I'm drowning as the flow finally stops. “OK, now the final part of your humiliation. Our room! Lets go!” We reach their room and Tim goes into his case and comes out with a tattoo gun. “Go get showered you 2!” We are in shower washing each other she says “What was that he took out the case, a tattoo gun?” “I think they’re gonna brand you as their whore.” “What?“ she whimpers, as Scott comes in. “OK you 2, out!” Miriam grabs a towel. “NO! Naked…both of you!” Miriam screams “no no no we have had enough!” “WE decide whore!” barks Tim. “Now lay on bed, open your legs!” “No” she screams. “Please don’t!” Scott pulls out her phone from his pocket shows her a pic of her face covered in spunk gagging on one of the young guys cocks. “Who’s Judy?” he shouts. “OMG noooo” screams Miriam. “Who is she?” “Our -in-law“ I say. “Over here boy…now press send!” “No” I say. “Please, you’re gonna ruin us.” “Do it!” he barks. “No” I say. Tim takes off his belt and ‘WHACK’ he whips Miriam’s tit with it. She screams and falls to the floor. He kicks her legs open. She's laying…crying…legs wide ‘Whack’ he whips her open pussy. “Now send it boy!” defeated I press send, hoping there’s no signal. ‘Ping’ sent appears on the screen. “Now whore, get up on the bed!” Miriam struggles to her feet. “Get on the bed. Tie her legs and hands boy!” I do it. Scott comes over tattoo gun buzzing. “Pull her piss flap boy, stretch it!” He writes ‘Tim’ on it. Miriam is whimpering. “Other one now” he writes ‘Scott’ down it. Then above her pussy, he writes ‘this pussy is property of . “all done, now you boy,” he grabs my cock and writes cucky down it. “OK, now we really own you both. Tomorrow we go home cuckies but we will be paying you a home visit” Just then the phone goes “knock knock” Miriam’s text warning. “Judy here, you OK to facetime?” “Give me 20min, I'm out at the min” Tim texts back. “Ok go to your rooms…get dressed. We will be there to meet your -in-law with your phone. Soon as we walk back to our room, Miriam sobs “did you hear them? They’re coming to our home! We’re ruined…and Judy saw that disgusting pic! OMG what am I gonna say?” “It will be OK, they are probably tormenting us.” “Are you mental!” she screams. “Look what they have done to us they made me a dirty whore in a toilet they used me as a urinal…FUCK they’re animals…they’re loving this…they love the power.” After About 25 minutes Miriam is pacing the room “Where are they? Judy is gonna phone.” 35 min later, Tim & Scott finally arrived. Scott is already chatting to Judy. “Yes, Miriam left her phone in our room…we had a wee bit of a party as it was their Anniversary yesterday, ask Miriam about it. We took loads of pics, she’ll show you when she gets home anyway, Judy here’s Miriam, its been nice chatting. We have really clicked with them both in fact, they have invited us up when we all get home so we will make a point of having a wee party night with you too Judy you’re a stunning looking lady! Can’t believe you have a son at 17 and at 9, bye for now.” “Bye Scott” Judy says, “looking forward to meeting you both in the flesh.” “Oh you will” Tim shouts as Scott hands Miriam the phone. “Bye Judy” Tim and Scott shout, “…we’re off to the pool!” “Lucky bastards!” Judy shouts, “…wish I was with you!” “So do we” shouts Scott, “love to see you in a bikini!” Tim opens and shuts the door then goes and sits next to Scott. “He's a bit of a charmer and bit of a hunk, Mum. Hope that wasn’t him in pic I got yesterday.” “OMG! You got that” says Miriam, “oh yes looked like you were having a good time. Hope it was Dad’s cock! Haha” she laughs. “Your Stevie certainly doesn’t take after Dad…that thing was huge.” ”Too much info Judy” Miriam says. “Why did you send that?” Judy asks. “We were drunk…Dad said ‘I dare you to send that filthy pic to a random contact.’ I done it and was shitting myself next day he wouldn't tell me who I sent it to he deleted message.” “Well don't worry” Judy says. “Please don't show Steven” Miriam begs. “I won’t, its deleted. How does a cock that size feel in your pussy mum? I’ve only ever had Stevie and its tiny.” “Judy, I'm your Mum-in-law…this is so wrong in every way.” Scott nudges Tim and points at my shorts. I’ve got a hard on! They both laugh as Miriam looks over. “How is everything back home” Miriam asks. “Fine, but boring. Not as exciting as you guys seem over there” “OK…” Miriam says, “…gotta run, were going out soon hope its with those 2 hunks. I wouldn't mind being in that sandwich!” “Haha” Judy says, then laughs “OK, tell them both I hope to see them soon when they visit we must all go out for the night.” “OK, I’ll tell them” Miriam says. “Bye for now” “OK,” says Judy, “tell dad I'm asking for him and that his street cred has gone up in my eyes!. He's a dark HORSE! Bye!” The screen goes blank. Miriam is shaking. “That was so humiliating…my life will never be the same again. My -in-law knows I'm a filthy toilet cocksucker.” “She seemed OK with it” Tim says, “…but you cucky…you loved that didn’t you? Hearing your son’s wife talking filthy! Well boy, your cock did! Look! its still hard! You want in Judy’s pussy boy?” “Yes sir” I whimper. “Louder boy!” “Yes sir.” “Say it boy! I WANT IN JUDYS PUSSY!” I say “I WANT IN JUDYS PUSSY SIR.” “Good cucky.” Miriam looks over at me a look of disgust on her face. “OK, as we leave tomorrow, here is your phone. We have all your contacts saved, so we still own you both. We will send you tasks to do. Do them to the letter or holiday vids go viral on net and to your family and friends! We want to meet Judy when we come up for a wee holiday. OK cucks, so set it up!” Then they were gone. The next day at the pool we were getting disgusted looks from other guests, Miriam getting humiliated being called a whore slut etc. On the flight home the 2 women from the pool tormented us the whole flight telling everybody Miriam was a filthy whore. When we were waiting for our cases Miriam’s phone got a text she opened it it was 2 filthy pics of both of the woman tormenters, both their faces covered in spunk sucking cock in a toilet…black cock. As one of them come over to start again Miriam showed her the pics and said now fuck off she went over to her friend and they both come over begging Miriam to delete the pics saying our hubbies don't know we were on a girlie night out we were drunk. “After what you pair did to us humiliating us…fuck you both!“ Miriam marched over to both their Hubbies and showed them their black cock sucking wives. As we left, their hubbies were screaming “Whores! You’re dirty whores!” When we got home Judy was at ours saying “I just got a text from your holiday mate Scott. They’re coming up next week. I can’t wait to meet them! They seem like fun guys”