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  1. I'm a mature bull love fucking other guys wife's. Whenter there at home or not. Check out my profile and drop me a message here for my kik details
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    I'm back

    Had a break from cuckolding couples this year as I actually thought I had found a nice lady of my own to settle down with. But things changed one night when out on a works evening out. One of the guy I worked with knew of me of another site he followed and wanted me to follow him home and fuck his wife. Forgot how good it felt to fuck another man's willing wife and seed her deep in her pussy for her husband to clean up. So here I am again back doing my average white male bull role and loving it. Fucking and blowing my seed deep inside different guys wife's. So far since this August with a works friends wife I've fucked about 5 different women. So I've started a new album up for all the 2018 to 2019 fucks I've done. Hope you all enjoy I'm available if your in the UK and want to meet. Message me here or on kik username dvscup if you want to meet up for sex. Martin 😜
  3. Nothing special just average guy with very high sex drive. And apparently I do cum really heavy and thick. But you would have to find that out for yourself. Into most things, doing sensual massage, Tie & Tease, light bondage, giving/receiving oral, fav positions are 69, Doggy Style, cowgirl, etc. I will do most things. Looking for a special lady or couple for fun. I am clean, discreet and genuine, anyway if you want to chat I'm here. Thanks Martin xxx
  4. have always wanted to watch my wife with another man. Her sexy 34D and reddish brown hair on her 120 lb frame are amazing to watch move in the bedroom. I have fantasized about being able to watch her with someone else form different viewpoint over and over, and finally I was given the chance with contact I found called Martin. We befriend martin a few weeks earlier we were both out at a show. I could tell he had a thing for my wife Katie. That night Katie decided to wear a little dress I had bought her a while back. It was a simple blue cotton dress but it hugged right underneath her large tits. We decided to go out for a night movies and food, after which we came back to our apartment to watch the big fight on tv. All of us were a bit more relaxed As we all are flirtatious and me and the wife continue to drink I suggest to my wife that she give Martin a little tease. I turn on some music and tell her to dance for us. Martin and I sit on my couch and watch my wife dance on the coffee table. Both of us are getting turned on watching Katie dance, and occasionally seeing flashes of her ass and black thong. After a few minutes she stops, and I think she is going to stop. Just then she lifts up her skirt and pulls down her thong. We get a brief look at her freshly shaven pussy. We cheer and she continues to dance. Only now we are getting glances at her pussy when her dress bounces up. I then tell Katie that Martin looks uncomfortable as I can see his rock hard cock making a bulge in his pants. Martin quickly puts his hands over his crotch embarrassed. Katie looks at me with a question in her eyes, and sees the answer almost immediately in mine. She jumps down and pushes the table out of her way. She drops to her knees and begins to play with Martin s crotch. After a minute she pulls his pants down and reveals his hard dick. She looks at me one more time, and then puts his cock in her mouth. Starting off slowly she begins to suck him up and down. I lift up her dress above her waist revealing in full glory her ass. I can see Martin loving what he sees and feels. Watching my wife suck another man was so thrilling. I couldnt contain myself anymore and climb down on the floor. I begin to lick her ass and kick her tight pussy. It is dripping with anticipation. She would never ask to get fucked, as she is not that kind of girl, but I knew what she wanted. "Martin , please fuck my wife" he looked kind of shocked but agreed Katie looks at me and can't believe what she hears. She stands up, lifts off her dress revealing her big tits barely contained by a sexy push up bra. She lays down on the couch with a leg on each side of Martin . He leans over and starts to eat her out. I make out with her while he does this, and I can taste his cock on her breath. I tap him on the shoulder and gesture for him to slide up and fuck her. He slides his cock inside of my wife. I couldnt believe it. I have never seen her kiss another man, let alone get fucked by one. He continued to thrust into my wife as I pulled my cock out and put it in her face. She was sucking it while getting fucked. Her moans were more like little hums all around my cock and it felt fantastic as I watched her tits bounce back and fourth as Martin continued to fuck my wife. Suddenly, Martin stops. Askes that she roll over Doggy Style . At this time I climb underneath her so she can continue to suck me off while I watch her getting fucked. Again, I command to Martin , "Fuck my wife!" He begins to pound her little tight pussy from behind as she gets a mouthful of my cock. Her eyes water half with ecstasy and half with pain as his cock slams into her. A few minutes go by and Martin alerts me that he is going to cum. "Martin ! CUM IN MY WIFE" again he looked shocked but again agreed I could tell my wife was unsure about it, but I hold her head deep on my cock so she doesn’t get a chance to protest. He slaps her ass, and pushes in deep, as he starts to moan and I can tell he is cumming in my wifes little pussy. Her mouth tightens on my cock as she feels his cum shoot all over her insides. He slowly pulls out and I see the cum on her lips. She stops sucking me and, lets us know that Martin was amazing . She asks for me to sixty-nine and for me to get her off with my tounge. I agree knowing that Martin's cum is still inside her. She quickly flips around and straddles my face. She begins to smash her pussy on my face while sucking me off. Martin gets up and I can see him come around to finger her asshole as I eat her out full of his cum. After a few minutes she tells me she is going to cum. His cum has started to drip out and I can taste it in her freshly fucked pussy. I begin to cum her mouth as I feel her pussy tighten on my tounge. She begins to twitch as she squirts all over my face. I know have a mixture of his cum, her pussy juices, and sweat from the two of them all over my face. Martin slaps her ass again, shaking more juices onto my face. "Thanks guys" he says. With that, he put on his clothes and went and laid down in the spare bedroom. Katie and I laid there for about an hour just basking in our post sex glory. We both agreed it was the best sex we have ever had
  5. Hi there I work sometimes in a office in Evesham. So may be able to help? Martin
  6. I'm 42, single guy I'm 6' athletic build genuine friendly laid back guy who's not a time waster. Unlike most I would rather chat and get to know you more, rather than just wham, bamm, thank you ma'am. I don't try to be someone I'm not what you see is what you get, I'll treat you as you treat me. I have had the pleasure of being a bull and a third person in a few relationships. Now Looking for new local single women and couples to experience new things with also to make some friends along the way maybe. Anything you'd like to know just ask, not scared off easily so just ask away. Martin x I work in Warwickshire Birmingham and Leicester and live just outside of Derby so could meet up wherever. I do drive and have a few other cuckold and hot wife couples I meet but would like to find some new friends
  7. This happened when I was about 25 and partying a lot harder was out having a reunion drink with a old school friend and his wife. I hadn't seen in like 3years . After a long day/night of drinking, we ended up back at my apartment. My friend's wife had a few drinks back at mine then went directly to the spare room assumed she had had enough. We stayed up and had another couple drinks and watched the football before he headed to the spare room to join her, and I went to my room. A few minutes went by and then I heard him shouting a bunch, Fuck, what the fuck, seriously! So I got out of bed and went to check on him. I opened the door to the spare room and found him standing over his sleeping wife, and he was pissed. I looked down at his boxers to see they were soaked, and figured out why. Apparently he crept into bed next to her, snuggled up close to her, and in her sleep she let loose and pissed all over herself and him. What the fuck am I supposed to do now? he asked. Well, we can't leave her like that, don't worry about the bed, it'll be fine. Let's get her out of there, and I'll get you some new sheets and something dry to sleep in. I ran to my room and grabbed another pair of shorts for him, along with some clean sheets and a towel. When I came back in saw he had stripped the bed, and had also stripped his wife. She was laying there naked in front of me, on her stomach, bare ass up. In the middle of the floor. I couldn't believe he had done that knowing I was coming back into the room. Do you have anything for her to sleep in? he asked. I ran back to my room and grabbed another pair of shorts, and a tee shirt. When I came back in, I handed him the clothes and said to give me the wet stuff to throw in the wash. He handed me the pile, and started cleaning the bed with the towel. I walked to my laundry room holding her soaking wet pile. I couldn't believe he had just left her there naked I put the wet items in the wash then headed back to help him. When I got back to the room I found him passed out on the bed I looked down on the floor there were the pile of cloths I had given her next to her. I guess he had given up trying, or was too drunk, and just passed out himself. I covered her in a fresh blanket then I went over the nightstand to shut off the light, and nearly jumped out of my skin when I heard his wife make a sound then sat bolt upright She was mumbling something, and then all of a sudden stood up. She was still totally naked, and I couldn't take my eyes off her hairy pussy and amazing pert tits, she started fumbling around the room. Though she was going to puke or something I knew I needed to get her to the bathroom. I took her by the arm, and started leading her down the hallway. She was still mumbling incoherently, and kept clawing at me as I helped her stand. She was squeezing my ass and giggling, and at one point she grabbed my still hard cock. I pushed her hand away, and helped her into the bathroom. I led her over to the toilet thinking she was about to puke everywhere. Instead, she turned around and sat down on the toilet and started to wee. If I wasn’t before, my cock like a piece of metal at this point a beautiful naked lady in my bathroom. She was just sitting there as I stood directly over her. My cock poked now hard poked out of the hole of my boxers and she reached out and started to stroke it her as she sat there having a piss, she just sat there. She wasn't doing anything and wouldn’t let go of my cock and I thought she may have passed out again. So I grabbed a piece of toilet paper, and began to wipe her hairy cunt. She perked back up and mumbled thank you, and lifted up her head. She now had her face inches from my @@@@@@@ hard cock. Without a word, she reached over and started to pull on it again. I was helpless to stop her, I was so horny and it felt so goddamn good. I let her jerk on me for a minute or two, and then she moved closer to me. She was now pushing my cock right into her face, and instinctively she put it in her mouth. It only took another quick minute before I started cumming everywhere. It ran out of her mouth, and down her chin. Some of it dripped onto her tits, and even ran down her belly over her hairy pussy and into the bowl below her. I grabbed a hand towel and cleaned her face and gave her a wipe down. I helped her back towards the bedroom, as we were half way there she threw me to the floor She pushed her self on to my face and told me to lick her out. Her pussy looked so delicious spread out before me. So she leaned down over my face and I started to lick her. She tasted better than I imagined. As I continued to lick her she started to get very wet. I looked over towards the room my friend was in and could here he was still dead to the world. I stuck a few fingers inside her, and licked on her clit. She made some moaning sounds, and then in her hands went to the back of my head. She was running her fingers through my hair, and her legs were starting to squirm. I think she was starting to cum, and I wasn't sure if she would make noise and wake him up I figured what the hell, and just kept on licking, until her body started shaking and she groaned very deeply with her orgasm. Her hands let go their grips on my head, and just like that she was shaking herself. I was now rock hard again, having just tasted her sweet, sweet pussy. I wanted nothing more at that moment to feel her insides. And I knew it was risky, pushed he slowly from my face down my body and towards my now hard cock. We took one last look over towards the bedroom, and then she guided my cock deep inside her. We didn’t want to wake anyone up. So we just very slowly rocked myself in and out of her soaking pussy. After about 10 minutes I knew I was about to cum I think she knew this too she leaned down and kissed my lips and said its OK she’s on the pill just fill me up. and that sent me over the edge. I unloaded inside of her. She carefully got off, and wiped the outside of her pussy to clear my cum. We shut off the light and both went to our rooms to sleep. The next morning, they were super apologetic. He couldn’t remembered much after we got back to my flat. He didn’t know where there clothes were or what had happened. I told them that she had wet in the bed, and I simply handed my friend some clothes to change into and helped him put the wet stuff in the wash. He had no idea. And assumed that all happened in private. She gave me a cute little I know what happened smile. We all said our fairwells she handed me a little note and winked just as they walked out. In it just simply said thanks for the most amazing sex ever. Ps I wasn’t drunk and knew exactly what I was doing and loved every moment by the way I was waiting for him to come back in to fuck me when he blamed me for wetting the bed and it was actually him I thought fuck him. That’s when I decided I wanted you I will be back for more x
  8. As I started fucking women I quickly learned that variety is good. I was fine tuning my art and Cindy was in my crosshairs. She was a virgin, my first. I had already been with a couple of other girls but had not had a virgin. I was making good progress with Cindy, and she took me to her house and her mother, Sally, was there. Like Cindy, Sally was petite, wide hips, jet black thick curly hair and the cutest smile. But Sally had the most amazing tits, I don't mean giant. They were pert and firm and she had these large hard nipples. But there was something about those tits. I can not explain it but I wanted to see them. I had learned from Cindy that her mom was divorced from her father for over eight years and had not been dating any body yet her best efforts to set her up. I started spending a lot of time at Cindy's house. Sometimes Sally would be there and not wearing a much. I was sort of steady boyfriend with Cindy trying to seduce her but I also wanted to see Sally's tits. Which I know sounds funny, I did not think about fucking her just wanted to see those tits. So I decided to start rubbing Sally's shoulders and back every chance I got hoping that at some point I could coach her into taking her top off and thus see those wonderful titties. Sometimes I would show up and find Sally alone at home and I would really work it only to have Cindy or one of her sisters show up. Then one day I was there at the house alone with Cindy and I got as far as to finger her but then Sally showed up. Sally must have had a bad day at work as she went straight for the wine. Cindy had to go work herself and soon left leaving Sally and I alone. At this point Sally had sat down watching the TV and asked me to come rub her shoulders. She enjoyed this as she was pretty worked up from her work day. I told Sally to go take a hot shower and get relaxed and afterwards I would give her a deep massage not just her neck, she went for a shower. About fifteen minutes later she called from her bedroom that she was ready. I walked back there to find Sally laying face down on the bed completely naked. Her legs were open just enough to give me a good peak of her hairy muff, and a little pink. My cock got hard, again at the thought that I was going to see those tits. I still was not thinking of sex as this woman was old enough to be my mother. Me being 24 at the time and she nearly 50. I took some oil that was on the night stand and started to rub her back. The more I rubbed the hornier I got. I had never been this close to a naked woman this mature before. I worked my way down to her legs, I was hoping that if I did everything right she would roll over and let me see her front. At one point I brushed across her muff and she flinched. I told her sorry and she replied that it felt good. So I started to rub her pussy with my oily hands. She was wet and I soon had her moaning, I even slipped a couple of fingers into her. Now I was starting to think of fucking her. After a minute she told me I was going to make her cum and she rolled over. There were those great tits, Sally sat up and pulled my shirt off then started to undo my pants. Within seconds I was naked and Sally took hold of my cock as I massaged those fine titts and then went back to her hairy pussy. She told me it had been a very long time since a man had made her feel this way she continued to suck me while I finger her pussy. I could feel my balls swell as I shot my load in her mouth. She laid back pulling me on top of her, my cock slipped easily into her as it was lubbed up with her fresh blow job dribble and my spunk. I could not believe that I was now balls deep inside my girl friends mother. I started banging her as she neared an orgasm. Sally started moaning that she was cumming and I could feel her pussy contract tightly around my cock causing me to cum, spurting my cum deep into her pussy. It was the first time for me to cum inside a woman and it was a great feeling. The girls I had been with before now I either had to wear a condom or pull out before I came. It felt like the biggest load ever, so much sperm shot from my cock it overflowed Sally's pussy and soaked the both of us. When my balls were drained I pulled my cock out of her, her bush was covered with cum as was mine. She told me she really needed that. That made my cock hard again and we fucked again this time I lasted much longer before cumming inside her again. We both got into the shower and cleaned up. The next day I went over hoping to catch Sally home alone and maybe get to fuck her some more. But Cindy was home alone. I ended up getting her virginity but I could not stop thinking about her mother. So now I laid there just having fucked Cindy and the day before I fucked her mom. I was not sure how to act around these two. So the next day I was there, Cindy was to be home from work shortly. Sally and I were alone in the kitchen when she told me that Cindy told her that we had had sex. I was not sure what to say as I was sure that Sally would think I was playing both of them. But Sally told me she was happy for Cindy and I and not to knock her up. Sally also told me she still wanted me, I could fuck whoever I wanted as long as I saved some for her. I was not sure why she wasn’t making demands of me but I wanted to fuck Sally some more so I was okay with it. Cindy and I broke up some 8 months later but I kept seeing her mom. Sally even started dating again but we kept fucking. She even introduced me to some of her other divorced friends and some of them I also got to fuck but that’s another story. Sally like to hear about my fucking other women, it really turned her on and we fucked like rabbits after we told each other about sex with other people. This went on for years and soon Sally married. We still fucked but not as much. But she still gets me in with her friends.
  9. Yep my predictive text will try and edit it
  10. Been in hospital and bed rest for just over a month I managed to break my ankle. So haven't has chance to post or do more recently
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    This album contains picture and videos of me with various women from all over the UK and Ireland if you would like to meet me for fun please message me and ask me for my email and Kik contact info