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  1. I am a young lonely guy. After the death of my parents I live alone. At twenty-one, I didn’t start a family, I don’t even have a girlfriend. For my forty-two kilograms of weight, I have a height of 161 centimeters. Because of my thin waist, long hair and regular features, narrow lips, thin nose and pretty face, people often confuse me with a girl. With all this, I am very popular with girls, fully satisfying their needs in bed. After me, not one of them left me happy. My cloudless future was decorated with two apartments in the city center left over from my parents, promising studies and crazy popularity among girls. However, everything changed in a moment. One late evening, I was returning from the bar, having had a wonderful eventful evening, a couple in love, about my age, moved to meet me, tenderly holding each other's hands. Leveling up with them, I smiled affably, but at that moment I felt a strong punch from the guy on my stomach. I was twisted, and the girl hit me in the legs, and I fell. In the hands of the guy, I saw a rag that gagged my mouth, and scotch tape tightly tied it to my head. A moment later, they did the same to my legs, completely immobilizing me. The stranger showed me a knife and ordered me not to rock the boat, to which I dutifully blinked my eyes, making it clear that I was aware of everything that was happening. The guy pulled my legs, and his girlfriend helped him, grabbing my hands and began to pull me in an unknown direction. In a car that appeared around the corner, they threw me into the trunk. It was dark, cramped and little oxygen, my body ached from the beatings I received, and I quickly passed out. I don't know how long they took me in the trunk, I woke up only when I felt that the car stopped abruptly. I was scared and my whole body was trembling. Soon the trunk opened and the guy, throwing me on his shoulder, dragged me into a private house located in some kind of forest. Going down to the basement, he threw me on the cold floor. Taking out a knife, the stranger began to cut the tape that was shackling my arms and legs, threatening that I had a very powerful shocker and, if I throw out any nonsense, immediately, I will get a blow from it. Having completely freed me, the guy ordered me to undress, which I dutifully complied with, remaining in front of his eyes in the same hands. With a clear gesture, he showed that the panties should be taken off too, to which I immediately submitted, burning with shame. The boy, turning me back to him and began to feel my anal hole, summarizing that a good virgin slit. Taking an object on the table, he approached me. I, fearing even to walk, remained standing in a pose with cancer. Metal bracelets snapped on my hands, and heavy shackles on my legs. The cold metal of the collar fastened on it burned my neck, and the guy threw me on the floor on all fours. Approaching the table again, the stranger took a chastity belt and a toy for anal pleasures. Zipping it on me, he ordered to lick the anal dildo and shoved it in my ass. It was humiliating and painful at first, but as soon as I got into the rhythm, I even liked what was happening, feeling how pleasant touches knead my prostate. My captor took me into a cage and locked me there, saying that from now on I’m his whore and I can only finish with his permission. My segment was about to stand up, but the cap restraining him on the belt did not allow me to do this. Leaving the stranger said that he had one more surprise for me and took the remote control out of his pants. After pressing it, I suddenly felt vibrations in my ass from a vibrating sex toy, with which I was left alone all night. I often woke up with extraordinary sensations, unable even to cum. Who likes my stories, I will be glad to see you on my page russian cuckold couple.
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