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how it start


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How it started.
I married my Philippine wife in 2007, and after 7 months she came to Norway. Our sex life was good, but after a few years my erection became worse and I had trouble satisfying her. I started thinking about her and another man could have sex since I could not give her what she needed.
I asked her many times, but she was not interested. Sometimes we watched porn movies and I tried to find movies with wife sharing and men with a little bigger cock than me. She likes to watch movies and I noticed that some of the movies made her very horny, her panty was through wet and slippery of her juices. This we stayed on for about 3 years, and I noticed that she was disappointed many times we had sex.
I asked her at intervals if she wanted to try other men and one day she said yes.
She had a friend from Palestine, whom she had attended a Norwegian course with. She contacted him and they met on a bar, they ended up returning home to him and she got her first new cock after she came to Norway.
This she told me when she got home, I was glad she had taken the step, but a little disappointed that I could not watch. He was a bit longer than mine, and something thicker she said, she had an orgasm with him and got the sperm straight up in her pussy.

I got a strong erection of this and I managed to complete intercourse with her, emptied me in her pussy but no orgasm for her.
She had sex with him 3 times before she brought him home and I watched.
We had food and drinks before we all went into the bedroom, I sat down in a chair and my wife Maria and Tarik sat on the bedside. They started kissing each other and taking off their clothes. I could see that Tarik had a big bow in his boxer shorts and the panty of Maria was wet. She began to suck his cock and his hands were above all on her body. After a while they lay in 69 and licked and sucked each other. I sat there with a hard cock, did not dare to jerk, because then I had come right away. Maria asked me if I would help his cock into pussy, she had never talked like this before. I was surprised but I walked over to them and took a light grip on his cock and guided him in. wow, I thought I would cum there and then, but I managed to hold me. Mary was in heaven, and every time he moved in, she groaned loudly. These were new sounds from her, never groaned like that with me.
Dei stayed for about 30 minutes before both came in a strong orgasm, I saw how his cock pumped her full with delicious sperm. He pulled out and I could see how her pussy looked like a big gaping hole cum leaking out. Tarik went to the bathroom and I went to Maria and started to fuck. There was plenty of room for me inside her pussy, which was smooth and wet. I emptied my sperm after a few seconds.
This was super good and kinky.
Tarik came back from the bathroom, Maria took his cock in her mouth and sucked and jerked him until he cum, she swallowed everything he had.
Maria came to me and gave me a kiss, I could still feel the taste of his cum, no bad taste.

This was my first time to share my dear wife, it has been many times after this.

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