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As my wife remembers her younger times


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When I worked behind the bar used to listen to men chatting about the latest readers' wifes pages loved their comments.was asked a few times if I ever thought about doing that and loved the thought. now i can do posting my pictures on here for all to see. I worked in a pub and bookies and was always encouraged to wear heels and have a button undo to show a little tit didn't mind wonder if that could be asked today. Even though I'm a little older still love to whip my tit's etc out if asked and still love to be fondled. So if anyone knew me from then and wanted to have me im open to all offers now still wear my heels and shortish skirts too. so as i used to say i'm Katrin fuck me .anyone remember the days when anything could be discussed and slaps on the bum was a normal thing love to go back and let you men see her as a plaything again used to love watching I've seen her with others in the past and would love to see her with others again.


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