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We have to talk.” she said. “I have decided to train you as my cuckold slave in the bedroom. You will learn to please me with your mouth and fingers and if your lucky, maybe your pathetic penis occasionally. “

Ok.” I said stupidly, a little too overwhelmed to figure out exactly how I felt, but this was my fantasy right? Surely I wouldn't say no.

There is more,” she continued. “I am going to train you to accept the offerings of my body. We will start slow with sweat and pee, but eventually I want you to worship every part of me, no matter how disgusting it may be. A true slave worships.”

Yes, mistress.” I replied. My heart was beating a mile a minute and my erection strained against the inside of my pants.

Good boy. Now get on your knees so we can finish this discussion appropriately.” she ordered. And I obeyed, looking up at her from my knees. She smiled beautifully. “I'm glad your taking this so well my love, I hope it will continue. I have been peeing in your coffee, a little more each morning to start getting your body used to accepting my offering. For these next few days I will do half coffee, half pee. Within a couple months I want you able to drink an entire offering from the source without spilling.”

Yes mistress.” I replied, hopeful that I would live up to her expectations.

Good boy. You will also learn to love cum. I don't like swallowing it and some of my boyfriends may want that service. If I get you all dolled up and let them cum in your mouth I will expect you to swallow it. So you need to start eating cum on a daily basis to get used to it. I know you aren't ready yet to go out and find strangers to cum in your mouth, so we will use your own cum to train. From now on, any time you cum, no matter where it is, you will lick it up. It will be gross at first, but you will learn to love it.”

Yes mistress.” I repeated, it was becoming my mantra of acceptance.

So, right now we will put a little of this into practice and see how you do.” she said, starting to pull her shirt off over her head, leaving her in her bra and yoga pants. “I just finished working out and I want you to lick my armpits clean, then your going to make me cum, many times. When we are done you will be allowed to put your legs over your head and cum into your own mouth. If you do good, we will be done for the night. Would you like a hit of poppers before you start darling?”

Yes please.” Was all I could think to say. I knew that I wanted this more than anything and also that it would not be entirely pleasant, the poppers would help. She opened the bottle and said “Breathe in for 10 seconds,” and counted it off. “Hold for 5.” counting again. The she raised her arm and guided my head into her sweaty pit. I could smell the sweat and it was exciting as hell. I began to lick sweat from her armpit and fulfillment washed over me under the influence of the poppers. I took my time to lick all of the salty sweat from her armpit before she raised the other arm and I began again.

When both of her pits were licked clean of sweat she simply ordered “Remove my clothes.” I unclipped her bra and she shrugged it from her shoulders. I peeled her yoga pants off and she wasn't wearing any panties. She spread her legs open and I could smell her excitement mixed with the workout. She guided my head between her legs and I kissed both thighs before burying my face in her beautiful pussy.

I licked and sucked and she moaned and came, then pushed my head down, while pulling her knees up to her chest. I ran my tongue from her clit, where it had been, through the folds of her labia and kept going. As my tongue slid up her butt crack she moaned lightly and when it passed over the little pucker of her asshole she gripped my hair and pushed me further into the crack. I ran my tongue around her hole and she pulled me back, handing me the popper bottle.

You are going to stick your tongue as deep inside of me as you can get it, I haven't pooped this morning so it is full in there. Use the poppers so you don't gag too much love. Go hard and fast, if I cum again you can stop, if I don't cum you will lay on your back and I will grind on your face until I am satisfied.” I took a deep hit off the popper bottle and got back to work on her pucker. I built up saliva in my mouth and began shoving it into the hole with the tip of my tongue. I slowly worked circles, pushing in more and more of my tongue. I felt her relax her bowel and push slightly and it was a little scary, but I shoved my tongue in deep and felt the tip of something hard inside. She gasped and moaned and I began to pump my tongue in and out. She had her eyes closed and started to moan another man's name as she came while my tongue worked in and out of her hole. It was a long orgasm and when she finished she looked spent.

Good boy.” she said. “lay on the bed and put your feet up on the wall, it's time for your turn.” I hit the poppers one more time for good measure, then lay on my back and put my feet over my head using the wall. I began to jerk my cock and she pressed play on the TV. It was a compilation of men cumming into eager sissy mouths. “Don't take too long sweety, I still have one more surprise for you and you can't have it till your done swallowing those swimmers.” I stroked hard and came fast, shooting ropes of semen towards my face, most of it got in my mouth, but a little dribbled down and she used her finger to push it into my mouth, leaving it there for me to suck clean.

Then she reached into her purse and pulled out a chastity cage. “To make sure that you are following the rules you will wear this. I will take it off to milk and feed you cum regularly.” With the aftertaste of my own cum in my mouth my dick stayed plenty soft to enclose it within the contraption. The lock snapped firmly into place and she placed the key in her purse, kissed me on the forehead and said “I love you. Be sure to brush your teeth, I don't want to smell my shit when I kiss you.” before walking out of the room. I laid for a moment on the bed just appreciating what a lucky cuckold slave I am before I got up, dressed and brushed my teeth.

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