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Denied 29 days. Cucked and Pegged last night


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While waiting on her FWB to show up, she was dressed in a lingerie nightie that was only shirt length. She made me strip and play with my little dick for her amusement. She started out teasing me about how many days I've been denied this time, making me tell her our record which is 112 days. Then taunting me about maybe breaking the record but not with 113, she jumped all the way to 150 days! My stomach churned and my little dick actually started leaking. But then her FWB showed up. Normally when we 69 and he fucks her right over me, I am obviously on my back with all the action literally in my face. Last night she made me lay face down in 69. She lay on my back where I couldn't see anything. This was torture enough but it was not her goal. As I feel the rhythm of their fucking on my my back begin, I suddenly feel the cold gob of Astroglide sliding down the crack of my ass and then her using one of her dildos to spread it around.

My ass automatically tightens in fear and dread. It's not going to be the first time she's fucked me in my ass. She knows I am not a big fan, but if I actually liked it, she wouldn't do it. She likes the feeling of raping my ass. And she did just that. She kept coaxing me to relax and I tried, but every inch inside me was met with wiggling and screaming. The more I resisted and screamed, the harder I could feel her bucking up onto her FWB cock and her moans matched my screams until she had an orgasm quickly. She's a minimum 4 orgasm woman though and she wound up having 5. She would forget about my ass until she was close to another orgasm and then she would start fucking me again and have her own orgasm that matched my screams. Finally it was over and my little dick was hard and desperate for relief. I assumed I had earned some sloppy seconds. She rolled over onto her back, spread her legs and told me to get up on my knees. I held onto my little dick for dear life and stared down at her fucked pussy. No way my little dick could do anything for her, but surely I had earned charity for me. Nope. She just resumed her taunting me, shoved the sole of her foot into my face and open mouth and ordered me to jerk off while she berated me. I jerked off for her and it took all of 15 seconds to cum to her laughter. At least I didn't have to eat his or my cum last night so I guess that was her version of mercy charity.

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