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Ways to be humiliated


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Someone asked about ways to be humiliated by a wife's bull without being too raw. Here a few I have experienced watching my wife and her bull.

Told to compare cocks ( which I lost)

Told if I wanted to stay and watch to strip naked and sit in a corner.

Listened to my wife cumming multiple times ( far more than with me)

Listened as her bull asked her mid stroke who had a better cock. ( again not me).

Told that I had to ask permission to cum watching them. 

Told to cum and jerking off until I came all over my stomach.

Told to sit in the chair covered in my cum until they showered, the bull dressed and left. 

A recent one, made tomwear a cock cage my wife bought while they fucked. 

Made to sit outside our BR and just listen.

Made to stay home for a weekend while the bull took my wife to our vacation condo.

Made to sleep in a guest BR.

Made to book a tropical vacation , for 3 !!

Made to walk naked behind my wife and her 25 year younger boy toy as they walked hand in hand naked on Orient Beach. 

 Made to wait 3-4: days to make love to my wife because she was " too sore". 

By our understanding I do not suck cock , eat cum or lie under them as they fuck. I watch, jerk and obey. It suits us. 




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