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INDIA - Pilot is Looking for Lifestyle Cuckold Couple

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I feel that sex is energy . So I prefer myself,ladies and couples to enjoy every moment...And make it as a positive energy
M a guy whose only intention is to fullfill every hidden desire of my lovely
Ladies and couples...

I respect everyone's privacy..so don't ever change for anyone,I always love the way you are
I would love to explore everything related to all physical sensuals.
I'm a believer that life offers everyone to enjoy and have fun in some point of time...
I make sure not to disappoint any of my lovely ladies .
I believe that sex is a sensual feeling for both male and female . So I'm not an addict in this...I don't prefer monetary values because I'm not a gigilo type or a sex addict(maniac),so I prefer in discreet meeting and having fun. I must say that I'm not more experienced, but I know how to make ladies turn on in bed.

I am a single and straight guy
- 30 yr
- Pilot
- Fair complexion
- Black hairs
- Black eyes

- Well-traveled guy, visits every corner of the nation due to work, Interested in Open Minded, laid back and non-judgmental person who has reached a certain phase in their life where they are comfortable with their situation and want to try other new spices of life.

Fantasies -

1) in the living room. . . with xxx porn running on the TV
2) on the dining table, while we sit up close
3) in the kitchen, bend over the kitchen table
4) in the shower, bath rub
5 ) in the open terrace
6) in the car back seat
7) in a lonely beach. . . on the sand
😎 in a private swimming pool in the water
9) in a deserted movie theater. . . in the last rows
10) in a forest, amidst nature
11) in the train/ bus/ metro
12) tele gram - AviatorIndia

Screenshot 2022-05-06 at 1.26.01 AM.png

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A Plane that one fantasy I couldn't commit yet when you with your girl it feels like something can go wrong, but if you see that one bitch that whipped you eyes out when alone your willing to take that risk .,..,. almost 3 times and never could've finish what was started.......:(


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