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Hi everyone my friend and I have been together for almost 5 years she is 20 years old I am 25 years old she looks really good she has a small body and a beautiful butt and a round and perfect mouth and most importantly I really love each other inside .. We lie about 4 times a week or so I'm her first, and my cock is average I have about 6 inches she has not seen a cock except his cock before, I bought her a lot of small dildos in the past she played with them a bit, so I bought her a big black dildo excited what it looked like and wanted to try but could not get in. To her little pussy and it hurt her, and that IAlways ask her which dildo you prefer points to the big black, even though she is not so successful with it .. Give advice what to do how to do try and love what she does, and does she like bbc, and will he stop feeling me after the kids come in? And if she finds out there are such sizes in reality will she become addicted to bbc? Do give it a try it hurts her pussy for a long time

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