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Wannabe Cuckold iso Hung Black Bulls near SW London


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Long story short; 55yo lady I play with has moved to London and we may start being more than just occasional fuck buddies. I know she loves BBC and I'm not able to satisfy her ni the way that she needs and deserves anymore. She's mid-50s open minded, medium build, white and loves sex. 
This will need a bit of planning (as these scenarios often do) so any moron that just posts cock pics saying 'show her this' can get to the back of the line. I need a real Bull that has experience in the set-up, the seduction and then the control of the cuck and the hotwife in the bedroom. My cock is slim and just shy of 8" so you have to be longer and thick. Can't be too big  :)
I can do it once possibly twice in an evening without blue pills. So again, I'm looking for a Bull who can either go for ages or repeat. And there can never be too much cum to clean up after either. 

She's intelligent and a successful business woman. That doesn't mean she won't like a bit (or a lot) of rough - just that I will not be posting her face pics straight away. We have never played with another man in the bed but I would very much like to be the cuckold passenger and directed to prepare and clean up before, during and after she's fucked. If you can get her to be an active participant in that then you go to the front of the line. If you have friends that you could involve at later meetings then that's fine. She has already expressed a fantasy of being fucked bareback in all her holes by a group of hung black guys - being the centre of attention in her bed. It appeared that the safety risks are all that stopped her actively seeking it out.

Yep, that's the short version!

Thanks in advance to all.

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age of hotwife missing
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