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Cuckold Confused


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I've been dating this beautiful, very sexy woman for three years now. When we first met, she was promiscuous and extremely flirty. Especially when drinking. During the first year of our relationship, she fucked two different men. One in which she spent the entire night with and fucked repeatedly (from what she claims, they fucked five times), then afterward, went back to him three days in a row to fuck several more times (three to four times each of those days). My girlfriend was honest and truthful when it came to telling me about these guys she fucked. Weird thing is, I wanted to know all the details:: how good they fucked her, how big their dicks were, what positions they fucked her in, whether they would cum inside her pussy or somewhere else like her face or on her beautiful tits. In short, her fucking these two guys really turned me on, especially after she gave me all the juicy details and answered whatever questions I asked.

Well, two years later (we've been three years dating) and the thought of her being fucked so good by those two guys still turns me on. Problem is, now she resents me and hates the fact the I am turned on by her fucking another guy. I have openly admitted to her that I wished she would fuck that one guy she spent the night with. From what she professed, he has a fat dick that she loved fucking, and he fucked her good with it. And my desire almost came true, two and a half years into our relationship while she was at her best friends house for a party. She came to my apartment very early in the morning, about 1am, and told me she had went to the bathroom and as she opened the door, he was there and just started kissing her. She said she didn't fuck him, but she did suck his fat dick three times. One time with him cumming in her mouth. She said he was eating her pussy while having her feet on his shoulders as she was playing with a vibrator. She claimed she felt bad for doing those things, but as for me, I was turned on with flaming fire. I was getting her naked even as she was giving me the details and fucked her fast and hard. I was so turned on, I was cumming in her pussy in no time all the while wishing she would have fucked him. Only if........


Am I wrong for liking the fact that she cuckolded me?? How do I explain to her that I want to be her cuckold?? How do I tell her that her fucking another guy is a tremendous turn on for me?? I feel it strongly within me; yet, I am confused and curious as to WHY I like being cuckolded. I am confused as to WHY I get so turned on when she fucked other guys.

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