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Remaining Hopeful


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My girlfriend, when a year and a half into our relationship, fucked two different men on two separate occasions after a night of drinking. The one I love most is when she spent the night with one of them and (from her account) fucked him five times throughout the night. As the night ended, she went home to shower only to go back earlier that day to fuck him three more times. For the following three days, she went back to him each of those days to fuck him anywhere from two to four times. I loved her giving me all these details of how good he fucked her "damn good" (her words), and how he has a nice fat dick.

We are now three and a half years into our relationship and she hasn't fucked another man since. I hope that one day she will. She knows it turns me on knowing about the guys she has fucked. She also knows I would not mind her fucking another man. I remain hopeful.

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