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Darkwanderer.net now has illustrated stories, the only site that has this afaik. For example..

Tim had fought for his country in Iraq for 4 years. He had endured the hardships, the tragedies with the other lads but the main thing was he had survived. One day the commanding officer said that they were done in Iraq – his division was going home in 5 days.

His fiancée Bree was a part time model when she wasn’t studying politics at university. She was perfect, tumbling blonde hair, blue eyes that sparkled with intelligence and mischief, tanned long legs and full firm 34 DD boobs that bruised her chin and not her navel when she ran.

Tim finally got through to her with the news:

“Bree honey, its Tim. Great news, after 4 years in this hell hole I’m coming home for good. I am getting out of the army and we will settle down, get married and be together.”

“Ohh Timmy, uhhhhh, that is exciting … news. I am just at your parents house now. Tom, Timmy is getting home.”

There followed 10 or 15 seconds of silence in which Tim thought he heard muffled groans but he thought they must all simply be thrilled with the news.

“Hi son, I hear you have been released to come home. Not to a hero’s welcome or even a promotion up the ranks but your mother will be pleased.”

“I have done my best sir and …”

“Yes well some men’s best is better than others.” Tim thought he heard a giggle. Tom had reached the top echelons of the army and had been one of the most decorated soldiers of his generation.

“I have done my best to take care of Bree over the last 4 years whilst you have been away.”

“Thank you sir,” Tim said whilst again he could hear Bree’s sexy laugh in the background.

“Is mum there?”

“Yes she is right here,” he lied. “She is overcome with joy. When are you expected home?”

“Sunday afternoon. I can’t wait.”

“Neither can Bree son. Have to goooh,” he gasped as he hung up suddenly.

Tim was excited. He didn’t like the way Bree called him Timmy, it made him sound childish. He was glad the lads didn’t know. He wished he could have spoken to his mum, he was much closer to her than his father. His father had been away lots when he grew up, he had a big job in the army and made lots of money and his mum had been there to cook and clean but they spent little time together. 

Saturday morning arrived, one day until the return of the prodigal son. Only the flights had been moved forward and suddenly Tim was to be home a day early. He had not had time to call and his mobile had died so he would just have to surprise Bree.

Tom and Doreen had breakfast and heard the skid of breaks on the gravel drive, a familiar sound. Bree’s Porsche. Doreen looked up to see long golden legs, smooth tanned stomach and firm round tits bulging out of the top of a tight green t shirt. Blonde hair, white teeth and blue eyes completed the perfect body. Tom’s dick stirred. 

“My son will be looking forward to getting home to see you Bree. You will marry him won’t you? He loves you so much,” Doreen said as she looked across the table nervously at her husband.

Bree stared at Tom with a slight smile on hr face. He was gawping at her huge boobs and he couldn’t help playing with his cock and easing it out from under his nightgown. His wife was oblivious to this, though she had her suspicions. She knew what Tom was like and hid from it all her life. Surely not with his son’s fiancée, she prayed each night.

“I know that I will be very happy Doreen,” she said flashing her pretty smile at the aging woman with grey hair. 

“That is not what I asked. Tom say something. He is your son.”

“Tomorrow will be a great celebration,” Tom said. “Don’t spoil it. Are you gardening this morning? Bree is helping me plaster something upstairs.”

Bree smiled. The only thing he will be plastering is my pretty face and big tits with cum out of that huge cock of his which he is openly wanking at me with 2 hands and struggling to conceal it from you, she thought to herself. 

Doreen did what she had done all her life, turned her back on her suspicions and fears, avoided confrontation and headed for the safety of the garden.

“Stupid old crow,” Bree said as the back door closed. “She knows.”

“She suspects, she fears but she has always suspected me.” He turned on the secret alarm he set on the back door that would alert him upstairs if it opened. Bree smiled. “Four years of sneaking around behind her back, now little Timmy is back it will be twice the fun. Now get your big cock up those stairs and remind me what your son doesn’t have.”


Tim turned up at Bree’s luxury flat to find it empty. Frustrated he called his parents home. The phone rang out to the answering machine. Well it is kind of hard to answer the phone from the foot of the garden or if your enormous cock is buried up the tighest of arses and both hands are mauling the biggest firmest pair of tits that you could dream of.

Tim decided to drive over to his parents house – only a 10 minute drive. He was so excited when he saw all the cars parked in front of the luxury mansion. His gorgeous fiancée was there with his beloved mother and his father whom he respected as a role model and as a man of authority and of order. He was right in a way – his father was at that moment ordering Bree to lower her tight pussy over his big log and to milk his big stick.

As Tim opened the unlocked front door, upstairs his father bragged that he had fucked numerous hot bitches but that Bree was the hottest and the dirtiest slut. His favourite topic whilst fucking her senseless was to discuss his own son’s inadequacies. 

Tim walked through the silent house and thought it odd that no-one was in the kitchen or lounge. He saw his mother on her knees at the end of the garden and headed for the back door. His hand rested on the handle, opening the door would have triggered the alarm and everything would have been different. He saw his mother sigh and her body sag as she looked up at the bedroom window. Tim thought it was odd and for some reason he headed upstairs.

Meanwhile with no alarm to trigger Tom to stop and with his son due the next day, the fucking continued with abandon.

Instead of a welcome home banner and loving smiles, Tim was met by this comment grunted from his fiancée as he reached the top of the stairs.

“Timmy is an inadequate little boy with a shrimpy little thing for a cock. Thank God I have had this thing to play with for the last 4 years. You know you are the only reason I agreed to marry him and I will only marry him if you promise to cheat on him every day by feeding your unholy big cock into me.”

“We will fuck behind his back Bree, I have everything planned. Life will be perfect.”

Tim was in shock, he walked in auto pilot to the door and peered round. He had dreamt of Bree’s body for all the time he had been away but never had he pictured it with his father leaning her over the bed and fucking her from behind. She looked incredible, huge tits pulled out of the top of her t shirt, mini skirt above her waist, her heeled boots still on making her legs look soo long, but what he focused on after hearing those comments was the remorseless thrusting of his father. He estimated his penis must be 10 inches long but it was unusually thick, as thick as a coke can for most of its length, thinning to a crown that was incredibly wide and topped by a large head which he removed from Bree only on occasions and only to enjoy the sensation of forcing it back in.

He stood and watched his father claim his fiancée. She enjoyed orgasm after orgasm on his big cock and he proudly boasted about how good he was and that he would continue fucking her behind his son’s back as she needed a real man.

He pulled out and slid his thick cock across her incredibly pretty face. “Time for the plastering I promised my wife I would do this morning.”

“Naughty Tom. Well I can be naughty too.”

She started to wank his big thick cock and press it through her firm, big tits. Tim’s heart stopped for a second as she picked up her mobile and called a number. She had put it on speaker and Tim heard his mum’s voice:

“Bree, what do you want.”

“Hi Doreen, just to let you know that Tom is going a great job with the plastering.”

“Oh, I didn’t even know he had the equipment.”

“Oh yes, Tom has the equipment to get the job done, don’t worry Doreen.”

With that Tom grunted and his cock spluttered a thick glob of cum onto Bree’s chest. Her hands worked furiously on his cock and another thick dollop landed next to the first.

Tim thought that whilst the cum looked incredibly thick and pungent, it was not an amazing performance for a man with such a big cock and huge full looking balls.

Bree hung up on Doreen and smiled at Tom. A smile that broke poor Tim’s heart. 

“God, you have big balls, you stud, cum for me, please. Poor your thick cum onto my face and big tits. You like me don’t you. You want to keep your son’s place in my bed for yourself. Prove yourself to me.”

She felt his big cum filled balls and a steady flow of very thick cum covered her tits in a couple of inches of thick goo. He then did the same all over her face, a remorseless steady flow of thick, pungent cum.

Tim was appalled but also very turned on by the sight of his fiancée covered in cum by a huge prick, his father’s huge cock.

Bree reached for the phone as she scooped cum off her face and licked her fingers. As Tim’s mobile rang and Bree and Tom realised that he was stood behind the door, Tim realised he had dribbled cum all over his trousers and that his small cock was in his hands.

“Son, come in here” said Tom firmly.

“You inadequate little pervert. I keep your fiancée satisfied for 4 years and all you can do is lurk in the shadows and play with your inadequate dick.” The words stung but not as much as Bree’s giggling. She still was slowly wanking his rock hard cock.

“Sorry sir.” As he said the words he couldn’t believe he had said them. He was apologising but his father had his cock between Bree’s tits and his cum all over her body.

“So you should be little Timmy,” said Bree. “Your father is such a stud, a better soldier, a better man, a much better cock” she said putting her lips over the huge thick head and visibly swallowing more cum as he pumped it down her throat. Tim watched in horror and astonishment and his father pulled his cock out of her mouth and proceeded to cum in huge jets of liquid cum. She tried to direct it to her mouth but it streaked into her blonde hair and added to the copious layer of jism which covered her tanne face and the sooth upper slopes o her tits.

“Now its flowing” he grunted

As the torrent subsided Tom said to Bree:

“Four years of doing that to you and I still surprise myself at how much you make me cum.” With that, one last laser beam of white goo struck her forehead.

Bree looked at Tim through the goo on her face:

“Timmy, you fought so well, so bravely whilst Tom here took your place in my bed. Can you believe your father stays hard after ejaculating like that. At least now you know where you stand in the pecking, or should that be pecker order.”

“Go and meet your mum and tell her that Bree and I are busy but that we will be down in a couple of hours. By the way I have arranged for a new commission for you to Afghanistan starting in a week. Only 2 years this time.”


Tim’s life had crumbled. He had never stood up to his father and now he had to accept that he had lost his dream girl to him. He was to be sent away again because his father had the influence to make these things happen. Even his mother seemed to agree that it was best that he went away again, especially when Tom mentioned that Bree was moving in with them.

Tom took Tim to meet his new commanding officer, Bree came along for the ride. Brown cowboy boots, skin tight jeans, a black top that emphasised the full splendour of her tits and 2 cute pony tails completed the “please fuck me, I’m hot” image she had so perfected.

She drained Tom’s dick on the journey there whilst he drove but he was still solid and engorged when they arrived.

Bree pleaded with the commanding officer:

“Please keep my Timmy safe. I’ll do anything, I promise.”

For the next 2 hours Tom and this man, that Tim knew could make his life hell, double teamed Bree. She looked like she had been designed to be fucked from both ends.

“Tom will keep me topped up until you bring the boys back” she cooed at him as they left.


A couple of days later and Tim’s stay was over and he was back in the army life. Tom and Bree had taken him to the barracks and Bree had paraded herself in front of his colleagues. She called him Timmy or little Timmy in front of all of them. When she said that his father Tom will take care of her whilst Timmy is away and one of the soldiers responded:

“I bet he will.” Bree gave a suggestive laugh.

With Tim’s authority undermined, they left him to his fate. Bree’s final words to him tearing him apart:

“Come back home safely Timmie and we will get married as long as your father is the best man and you promise never to touch me with that pathetic tiny dick of yours. Now Tom, how many times do you think I can make you cum in 50 miles. I hope your wife isn’t expected any of this in the next 2 years.”


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