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I was a little tipsy last night and extremely horny. The wife and I (22 year old blonde) were at it hot and I told her my fantasy. I want to be her cuckold and I want her to get a huge dick that fills her up full of cum. At first she stopped and acted extremely suprised. Then she almost immediately started cumming. After the first climax I told her how I would eat the cum out her pussy and it had to be an older man. She loved it. I asked her if she liked it and wanted a big dick inside her and she slipped up and said Dustin had a bigger dick than me and she wanted it. I immediately shot my load. My question to you all is, should I continue with this? I want her with a stranger for discreet reasons. What's the next step in my cuckold journey? We both have been horny since last night which means she likes the idea.. pics to come in a bit.....

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