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Wife's favourite lover


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I'd like to share my experience with my wife's most recent and my favourite one of her lovers. We met Darren 3 months ago. Since then she said I'm not allowed to have an orgasm. The only orgasms I'm allowed to experience are Darrens orgasms in my mouth. 

Darren has the hottest 10 inch cock I have ever seen. He can stay hard and fuck for hours. My whole sex life now revolves around pleasuring Darrens cock. Before I share our hottest experience I'll preface that by saying Darren is bi.

One morning Darren tells my wife that it's time to let me cum. I was looking forward to relief as it had been a long time. He started by sucking my dick, all the way down. He sucked and teased my cock so good it's the best blowjob I've experienced. The only rule was that I'm not allowed to cum until he tells me I can. So he's sucking my cock for about 20 minutes and I feel like I'm trying close to cumming, so he stops. After a few minutes rest my wife rides my cock until I'm right on the edge and Darren starts sucking again. I'm really close and moaning. I was almost ready to cum, then he stops and says they changed their mind about me cumming.

By this stage I was really horny. My wife tells me that instead, we'll be edging and worshipping Darrens uncut cock. So I suck Darrens cock for a while with him straddled over my face. He let's out a little bit of piss, dripping into my mouth with his precum.

After about 40 minutes of Darren pounding my mouth, my wife straddles my face and his cock slides all the way inside her. As he's fucking her with his huge, superior and sexy cock, he pulls out every few minutes to fuck my mouth. 

They change positions many times, the whole time I'm licking and sucking them both. He's got amazing stamina, because this goes on non stop for 5 hours. The last position, he's on his back, giant cock throbbing, wet and twitching. She slides down his cock and rides him. He's moaning, saying he's close to cumming. She gets off him and makes me finish him off. I suck his messy, rock hard cock for another 15 minutes until he's finally about to cum. I taste the first few drops, which turn me on. By this stage I'm the horniest I've ever been. Then he explodes. The biggest orgasm I have ever seen. I'm not kidding, he's moaning hard, his dick is pumping loads of fun into my mouth. So much cum my mouth is full, I'm swallowing and he's still cumming for over 30 seconds.

During this whole time my dick is hard as a rock. I was hard for another 3 hours afterwards. 

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OH My  God...  Soooo Fantastic......WoW.!!  YES !!!   This cock is DEFINITELY  a  KEEPER.....  UUUuummm... We would  LOVE to entertain him.... BEAUTIFUL..!!!   WoW  and  sooo sweetly succulent...

Does he have an email address..... Tell him to contract us..!!    Silkteddy...

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