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Hotwife/cuckold Dilemma


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First, I want to say, I enjoy readingyour stories very much. They are most definitely arousing. Second, I would like to seek your advice. If you don't mind. Let me tell you my story as short as possible and then go from there.

I've been dating this very beautiful, very sexy, and extremely sexual woman for over three years now. From what she has told me, before we got together she was very flirty and promiscuous. Something I got to witness first hand as we continued seeing each other. She told me before we met, she did fuck a few guys regularly and either gave hand jobs or blow jobs to others. After we got together, things were rough at first because she remained flirty and promiscuous. Now, I've told her that if that's what she needed, I was fine with it. I even told her how much it turned me on. Within the first year and a half our relationship, she ended up fucking two different men. One, she stayed with till very late at night/very early morning and fucked him 3 times before leaving. The other, she spent the night with and fucked him five times before going home to see the kids off to school. After that was done, she went back to him later that morning to fuck him three more times. For the next four days, she visited him and fucked him anywhere from three to five times each visit. As you can see, she is a very sexual woman. And I love that about her. I've made it clear in many different ways from nonchalant to out right blunt that I liked her fucking other guys.

Here it is three years into our relationship and she now claims it isn't right for me to like what I like. She has told me, that when we first met, she fucked other guys because she didn't love me as she loves me now. Therefore, she claims she doesn't want to fuck anyone else but me. But here's what gets me, when she's out with her friends or family, she returns to being flirty and promiscuous. She's gotten tipsy on two occasions, that I know of, where she ended up, one, in her friends restroom naked while that one guy she spent the night with ate her out and brought her to orgasm. She sucked his dick three times from beginning to end before they left the bathroom. The second time, and the most recent, she saw one of the guys she used to messed with before we met at a club. She ended up sucking his dick and jacking him off before the night was over.

So what am I missing??? She tells me she doesn't want that kind of lifestyle, yet, here she is doing the very things I have come to love about her and be turned on about. She gets mad at me when I joke about her fucking another man. Or she gets mad when I tell her how turned on I still get thinking about her fucking those two guys. What am I missing?? How can I explain to her, that the hotwife/cuckold relationship is not a bad thing. Frankly, I think it would be healthy for both us. But how can I explain the benefits of it to her. Any suggestions.

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Cuckold Tests

maybe you are blessed with a small penis or you don't know how to really please her but she loves you and not the others.She probably  just likes the sex with them better. I used to be jealous but now I am not. I have a small cock. Also now I am orally bi and love to suck cock too. I haven't told my wife that I am bi but give her many hints hoping to get her to realize it. there is nothing in the world I would want more than to share a nice cock with her.How do you feel about that scenario?

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The main issue here stems from the brainwashing that your wife has under give from society that chuckling you is wrong. Yet she knows Sep inside it's the right and proper thing to do. So by saying to you she doesn't want it and still doing it she satisfies both what she thinks society wants and what she knows she needs.

Also, by treating it as wrong it adds to the taboo.

My advice, don't worry. Don't condemn nor try to convince it's ok. Just never give her any reason to believe the bull shit society says.

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