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All I Want


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Why is it so hard to find a woman that wants and needs, or will accept, a cuckold man??

All I want, is a woman that can love me but with an insatiable sex drive that will fuck other guys and bring her cum filled pussy home to me so I could eat the cum from her pussy and fuck her sloppy seconds after. Why is that so hard to find??

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I was once cuckolded by my ex wife, in which I enjoyed many creampies and wonderful slip sloppy seconds. I am currently with a very sexy woman that many, many men desire. Problem is, how do I persuade her to release her naughty side. Believe me, she has one. We've been together for almost four years and has fucked two different men. She gave me every single detail. One of those guys, she spent the night with and fucked repeatedly. Then, she even went back to him four days in a row to fuck him some more ... repeatedly. So she has a naughty side, but she always feels guilty about the things she's done and could do. How do I convince her otherwise??

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