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Dump By Ex Girlfriend But She Wants To Tell Me About Her Getting Fucked?


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So while i was with her we would talk about it and she'd always say "what if i liked his cock more and didn't want you there and i kept fucking him because his sex was better"...it didn't bother me at first but i saw she was kind of into it by how she spoke with me while i was with her, so we did some roleplay with it...of course at the end she would say "I would never do that I love you to much, no one is allowed to touch me im a one woman man"


but she always teased but now since I was dump we barely beeen talking..since the last convo i told her i didn't want to know anything about what she does or who she does..but somehow i sarcastically mention for her to tell me when she gets fucked so i can get over her quicker


this seem to oddly perk her up but then she quickly backed off by saying "ew no then every time i do it you'll be fantasizing about it and just ew no" so she back track off of it quickly



does anyone have any experiences like this


 i was with this girl for years so it does technically bug me cause who knows how these guys are going to nail the hsit out of her

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