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She's On A Date....


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Well, today worked out quite nicely. I'm sitting here quietly waiting for an update text, and then the wife will be home in about two hours.


Some background: My wife led a very active and varied sex life before we were married, and I enjoy her continuing to explore those experiences. In a way,I sort of live vicariously through her experiences when she has told me some of the stories of her past, and now after her dates. She was a little skeptical that I: A.) would really be o.k. with her having sex with others (she's bi) or that B.) this wasn't just an elaborate ploy to try and get permission for me to do the same. Since she finally came to terms with the truth, she has had two lovers (neither worked out for the longer term, but she did manage about three visits with each).


Last week, she attended a business conference and after a few "are you sure?" texts ended up going home with a guy that she has been working with on a few projects. She spent most of the night, and while she didn't sleep with him, he apparently spent hours (literally) licking her pussy and she got him off in his pants. She admitted she had lost count of the number of times she came after around ten, and when she walked in her hair was a total wreck, and she had visible (light) teeth and mouth marks all over her body. I could taste his saliva all over her body, and she was WET. Needless to say, we spent the next three days fucking our brains out as she recounted her adventure.


So, this weekend she took me away for my birthday, and as luck would have it, today we were in the general proximity of the new guy's house. So, with my permission, on a whim she shot him a quick text and before we knew it I was helping her get ready to head back over. While she was doing her hair she asked me to run out and get some condoms, but told me that honestly, if they fucked, she was most likely going to go bareback. I strongly voiced my support, and offered to pull cleanup duty if she did. She loves oral, and those times I've gone down on her after I've cum she has gone bonkers, so she got all steely-eyed and warned me to "be careful what I wished for". 


I received a text from her about an hour ago stating that things had gotten HOT HOT, and he was taking her to his bed. The funny part is that he was all freaked out that I was going to hunt him down, at least until she reassured him by telling him that I had been the one that dropped her off today!


So I'm waiting patiently with a raging hard-on for another check-in (hoping for a pic!), and then for my wife to get her beautiful red-headed ass home to me.


What a glorious night!!

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Congratulations!  These moments are eternal as we wait for news.  We know that once things get HOT they usually throw themselves in completely with lust pleasure and desire; as if only the penis that is entering them exists and no other man exist in her life.  After the effect of the natural drug diminishes, we will get the text or the call....


Congratulations again.  We are actually the real men, the proud and few who are truly able to put our wife's needs before our own.

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