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Sugar Bulls


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Just wondering if there are any guys who are both bulls and sugar daddies at the same time.   It would be a bull who has sugar daddy type income can seduce a wife who normally won't give a regular bull the time of day.    I am sure there are some bulls who have it all money, sexual ability that makes any wife go super crazy, charm, and a master seducer of hard to get wives in addition to being a man who knows how to get things done.    I would be consider this if there was a bull of this type who lives near or visits Orlando at times who loves other men's wives.

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A sugar bull is my wife's preferred type.  She enjoys young bulls who are excellent in the bed.  They can orgasm many times and always want sex.  However for long term +6 months, she likes the kind you describe.  This way, they can also go out to dinner or for a long week-end etc.  She has had several in 16yrs.  They buy her new bras and panties at VS and she wears them for him.


When the 3 of us go out together, I pay half the time and he pays the other half.  It is a friendly competition for my wife's ass.  Of course he always wins because his dick is bigger!  This is what my wife says!  


Do you speak Spanish? 

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