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Wife Shared Who Loved It Too Much.


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We do like surprises of a stranger but if we know a man from our nights out, Emma might be more intimate with them in her personal space. Also seeing them when were out; during the day at weekends Emma gets recognised a fair bit, chatted up and this adds to the fun. Especially if we had been with them at some time in the past, we all relax a lot quicker; Emma gets a lot more adventurous and daring.

I have planned a number of so-called accidental meets and voyeurs situations, and have not discussed this with Emma. She’s uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu at the time and would performs naturally and that is something, believe me it’s a wild and stimulating thing to watch. It means you guys have to charm her, knowing this yourself, and that’s she’s really up for most things you really must demonstrating some self-control. It must be hard for you ifyou’re in the presence with a provocative woman.

Although drunk on this night in question. Emma danced and turned on guys with her outrageous flirting. She would disappear off all over the place talking, laughing, and touching and all the while I am watching; she returns occasionally for kiss, a cuddle and more cocktails.

The night winds on and when we were ready to make our way home, I said to guy who I had spoken with earlierthat evening. “Follow us when we go” he agrees. After a continued display of dancing and again not wanting to go; leaving her party I suggested we should be on our way.

I look at my man friend and gesture once more for him to follow; we were walking and within fifty yards of the pub

(Qud-s) I instigated some play in a shop doorway. I start by undoing her strapless bra then removing it this allowed her large boobs to bounce free under top, a very loose off the shoulder smock. Her boobs are big and firm with large erect nipples.

Further along the road and after a few flashes from Emma we arrive at a concealed walkway. Open to the street one side, and a car park to the rear. I stop her, and then I drop to the floor pulling at her leggings and knickers all this on view to our friend who was concealed a small distance away.

She was stood there in this very short looking improvised dress and her high heels. Her top had dropped over her hips leaving just enough covering her bum cheeks.

I played with her she was so juicy. She asked me to flash my cock at her and I said no until she repeatedlypleaded for my cock.

I did this to encourage my friend’s arousal who was looking on; Emma obliged my request and removing my hidden cock, she began sucking me, her large breast swung free and her legs parted and bent to reach and stand steady for me. She was bracing herself; I pumped her face vigorously.

I could see our onlooker he was beginning to remove his cock it sprang through his zipper. He then holds his proud erect cock. I can see it clearly its thick and his had traveling up and down suggesting a reasonable length.

Wanking openly he approaches behind; standing there he could see her mouth gliding up and down my cock. Emma is bouncing with the motion. I place a hand on her bottom to steady her, my cock was raging hard; I was so excited.

Leaning over and her pulling at her cheeks my fingers set about her love lips. They are very full in their presentation and unprotected from my invited friend. The occasional car passes and their lights illuminate the street and her arse is @@@@@@@ to the light and our silhouetted friend became clearer as he approached.I remove my hand in readiness for her intruder. I want him to enter her wet pussy and begin to fuck her hard and fast. It looked so nice seeing his cock so close; although I feared it, I hoped he would penetrate her straightaway

This was amazing; her drunken state had removed any awareness or inhibition. The guy got closer and withoutany hesitation rubbed her @@@@@@@ pussy, feeling her inside and playing with her unprotected openness. He continued to massage her and with his other hand himself. He is in clear sight with the light on his face. Ican see him looking at me he smiled and made some gestures mouthing he was going to own her. I look at him and my face must be displaying my concerns he returns the look and mouths bare back.

Emma is must be showing signs of being ready to accept such a big cock. It seem ages! He shoots a generous amount of cum and grips his cock head to stop himself he then rubs the semen into her hole.

Live cum is now surrounding he pussy and adding to her juice. He blurts out. “She’s so wet” she replies “what’s that”

I didn’t reply. I stayed quite, Emma broke away and she stumbled around looking towards the street, but notseeing him as he had moved into the shadows with me.

She says “come here you” and she returns to sucking without looking up. She’s is stumbling around in her drunken state. Our guest steadies her.

Emma had not seen the manoeuvre, she took the cock in her mouth kept and sucking handling it with a new ferocity. I watched her, this time a sexy and venerable sight knowing he would fill her soon and eventually and not long after I hear her gag a little and then a gentle giggle. She’s mouthing and slurping his cum. He’s gripped her head tight and Emma eventually stumbles away, boobs out and arse gapping she starts walking towards the direction of the street, and heading towards the direction of our home.

I looked at my friend, his eyes were wide and bright like headlights and we both looked at her as she walked away. “He says I AM GOING TO FUCK HER SO HARD”,…. “fill that dirty cunt with my cum”.

I followed quickly to catch up with the intention of trying to fuck her in front of him. She stood looking at me a big grin on her face then she planted a kiss upon my mouth she forces her tongue into my mouth and his salty cum very much the perfume on her breath; I taste the potent cum. Emma grabs my cock and begins to wank me. My guest had joined us and without saying anything to him I then proceeded to release the last of her clothing it dropped to the ground and only a hundred or so yards or so from our home. She is now just in her high heels and not very steady in them. Her boobs wiggling around with the action ofher wanking me I am so hard it hurts my gut muscles. But seeing her naked in a Salisbury street was very erotic. I feel her lips once more and plunge my fingers deep into her she buckles and bends nearly falling over and our guest caught her; helping her leans against a low wall and makes his presence known.

He’s stood there beside her; Emma remains motionless. I look at him and her he positions himself and embraces her from behind. The next thing he’s bending her further over the wall and entering her, Emma begins moaning. God he’s hitting her passage hard and fast, I keep a look out not wanting our neighbours to see or hear my wife’s cry's. But this man just keeps going feeding his cock up her bending her further over the wallgaining more accessibility to her love box and her nakedness on full display

I protest “not here is too @@@@@@@” he eventually stops and pulls out, stands her up and directs her to theother side of the street and where it a little darker this is edging the park near our house. He seats Emma on the wall, he has to steady her. I go behind the wall to help; she then lent back and raising her legs he guides his full length of cock into her. Emma has embraced him around his neck; he’s held her legs high and wide I can see her juices glistening on his cock as he pulls her in and slides back out, her lips flexing and caressing his shaft as he slides back and forth increasingly working her to further orgasms. My wife has definitely cum and it’s flowing from her as he moves. Emma looks and sounds exhausted and is having trouble holding her head up.

He’s increases the pounding and tells her I going to cum in you! You want it? “Please, please do it I want it please”. Oh my, she’s going to let him cum in her and near on begging him to fill her. Emma continues to cry these words, “cum now”, “cum in me” “please, pump me please let me have it please! Please!”. He remains consistent with his actions pumping hard and long, stopping only to glance at his trophyand prolong the torture, then only to plunge in again and again. This drove her wild; his skill in maintaining her orgasms was intense so much so she became delirious with her comments and moans making no sense other than “fill me, pump me, pump it in me, pump me, PUMP ME”

Some of you may know Salisbury and if it was not due to our location along Bedwin Street near its park. I am sure we would have had the police coming Emma sounded like she was being murdered.

Then it happens! A loud grunt and he’s emptying his cum into my wife she responds as he fills her she whelps and he holds her firmly thrusting her pelvis against his and rocking hard to extract the last drops from his man hood. He stays in her for a while savouring his win and when he finally pull apart she was all sticky with the reward of his sticky thick cum, it had foamed up around the lips and down her bum. It’s oozing slowly all over the stone wall. He says that was the best, she’s so dirty and vigorous my cock hurts, you must be mad to share her.

I covered her in her top and stood her up we both guided down the roads to our front door; then into the living room. This is where I tried to make his excuse! “You must be getting home yourself”, But my comment fell on deaf ears. Emma stumbles around and finally curls up on the sofa looking a total mess, but a very sexy mess. I can see clearly her swollen lips her cum stained legs and a very juicy gap between her lips dark red and so shiny with their mixed cum.

Our guest askes “we could all do with a coffee” “I am fine” I say, he say “two sugars in mine and black for her by looks of things”.

I cover Emma with a soft blanket and go to the kitchen putting the kettle on. I’m banging around in the kitchen at speed and looking at the book case doors for their reflection. I intend to keep an eye on things. The glass gives a good reflection; I can see he has moved next to her but not saying anything just touching her semi-conscious body.

He’s massaging her head and feeling her now very visible body. No dark streets or doorways just a warm and comfy sofa. He says to Emma “lay out Ill rub your body to relax you, I love to massage women; you have a sexy body that needs my hands upon it”.

Emma turn lays on her front; he pulls the material off her and it begins. A sensual rubdown rough and firm making her sigh. This he does while covering every inch of her sexiness. I finish the coffee I place it down and I start to watch. He’s mastering her bum and the inner thighs caressing every fold. He leaves this area and runs his hands down her arms and extremities, she shudders and moans “please some more”. I try and help and she now has both of us rubbing and feeling her pussy lips these are still wet and shining from their odious mixings. I touch them and I can slide my fingers it in so easy. The odour is so very strong and I mention to him how sexy she looks he replies “her boobs are fantastic” Didn’t realise as I was fixated on her pussy caressing my cock and her contorted facial displays at the pleasure she was having with me.

I then pull her up on her knees so he can appreciate them in the light. They are on full drop. I am kissing her neck and he moves around the back of her to hold them both. “Wow they are heavy”. Emma and I carry on kissing I look and our friend is feeling her boobs and moulding them then rolling the large nipples between his thumbs and fingers she is responding by raising her back.

This is so dirty the three of us working away. I feel we should send him home but I want to take some pictures or film her to remember our, her night.

I get my phone it close to hand and strip my trousers off.

Our guest is striping down and revealing his naked and fully erect cock and already getting behind Emma once more. He has a strong presence about him and she’s not holding back he roughly positions her line up his erect but now highly visible cock head that was so fat. She looks at me, I have enough space for short movie and snap about four mins of her facial expression. I start taking more pictures.

Without so much a squeak he’s inside her sopping wet pussy and she’s giving me the thumbs saying “fill me with that fat cock” up as he starts his rhythmic thrusting. Her head drops and is rocking uncontrollably with his thrust she cradles her head pulling her hair away from her face.

MP4 can be seen on request

I can see the pleasure expressed, eyes popping, the biting of her lip every time he hits her womb.

Emma, what fuck are we doing? This man is in you again and thumping the fuck out of you. No way can she be pissed at the moment she’s fully alert and allowing him full unprotected access to punish her behind. She’spushing back on him and grinding his cock deep in her. The noise is so load, I can hear the sloshing of herjuices and the slapping of skin. She says in a full and forceful way “I LOVE HIS COCK IN ME” “fuck me harder, let my husband see you make me cum”.

“Holly fuck she’s a really dirty cunt your wife”, “I want it in me; hard as you can” Her face says it all, contorted and showing every ripple of pleasure. Wow I’m fucked! She loves his cock, and really wants to be mastered and to be reduced to a whimpering wreck.

I move behind to look at his cock, it’s really hard and when I say thick it’s about the thickness of my wrist, it’s sucking in and out of Emma. She is coping but it red and puffy all around her labia. I gain a better position and look from under her Emma’s normally small clit looks like its swollen and fire red. She will feel this for days. I am transfixed; can’t take my eyes of them. He is repeatedly destroying her pussy she’s squirting time and time again, the sofa is covered in a wet sheen and cum is running down to her tummyand dripping off. I rub this up toward her opening and slid a finger in her to gauge how tight a fit it is. Emma screams and I nearly cum myself. Fuck that is tight no wonder she’s wide awake now.

Emma lets out another explosion of pleasure and she is being so vocal her dirty pleasure encourages this guy to pound even harder. Sorry but at this point it’s all too much.

She’s really enjoying this the expressions say it all!

Emma sighs and he continues this is happening and there not stopping, she’s pleading for him to cum but he says “no! no! no”! Eventually Emma drops and he’s forced out of her. But he picks her up offering his cock. Emma pull her knees together and push back to hold herself, he sees his opportunity lining up his cock head with her slippery hole and pushes his cock slowly into her rectum.

He’s teasing it in; she muffles her cries as he slowly spreading her anus. I can see how tight it is but she holds her ground he a genital push he’s in.

I thought she was loud before but the roof and window nearly departed there fixings. “NO, NO, NO”, but he kept it in her. Emma repeatedly says No and he remains in her he begins to rock his pelvis back and forth but Emma trying to escape. Gripping her hair with one hand and her hip with the other her body is drawn back it looks like a rodeo sense as she bucks and twists.

He’s holding her hard and then grunts heavily letting out an almighty pulse of his cum into her, she jolts like she’s been shocked.

No other way to describe it.

She is motionless, laying there beneath his weight cooking her hole with his semen, Emma struggles out pulling away a lays on her back gasping and holding her bum and lips.

I place my hand on her pussy and pat it gently. Just lying there I move between her legs, Oh my I looked ather @@@@@@@ pussy it would be impossible to have tried to compete. Emma was wide open and sopping wet withtheir combined cream enough said. Emma pulls her smock over her naked body and thinking it’s all over.

He returns between her legs and says “you ready for more “Oh no she says I dead you’re trying to kill me”. Then Emma protest again No, no more I can’t take no more she tries to wriggle away and crosses her legs tokeep him at bay. He’s not having it? I wonder how much of this can I can we allow?

He wipes his sweat soaked body and Emma try’s to cover up. Her legs are unceremoniously spread and lifted with one full push, he is ball deep in her howling body. I am on the camera again this is too good to miss.

Emma looks cross, a violent expression then giving way to ecstasy her eyes rolled back, mouth opened and gasping sigh.

This time her face and his speed are not holding anything back Emma even saying “give me a baby”, “I want all your cum in my pussy” she explodes with another squirting orgasm his chest, her belly are being covered in love juices.

It's on her face and over everything around her, the sofa is soaked and the wood floor is like we have had a flood. I have not yet found the words to describe the emotion and the end result of him cumin in her. They both lay there exhausted from the activity it must have been a least forty minutes of this aggressive pounding and another five minutes baking inside at rest with beating breasts and kissing passionately.

When he finally pulled out the copious amounts of creamy mess? I say am sure she would be pregnant. Emma says stay and make it happen. I am shocked! As she grins!I am not sure if things will ever be the same well notfor a few days. The guy was very polite seeing my despair. He said she had a wonderful body and your sex smells fantastic, he would love to see us again then smiled at me.

I sort of guessed Emma would see him and thought he knows it to.

Emma smiled and just laid back in the chair gently tapping on her lips. He bent down pick up his gear, dressed gave Emma a peck on her pussy and said “my pussy” and a peck on her face. Thanking her for a lovely evening and saying “if she wasn’t on the pill it’s likely from her request that she was pregnant”. Reading on you’ll see why.

On leaving he says to me “your one lucky guy to have her”. I say “I know” but there is something you’ll need to ask her about? I was instantly worried and bid him a good night he was gone.

I returned to the living room Emma sat with legs open and shocked how much cum had been deposited between her swollen lips. I covered her up and reviewed the pictures. I was hard in second but could help wondering what he had meant. I asked her “he said I need to ask you something?” She smiled and started the story of back in the club. She had seen me talking with him.

He had turned up with some friends and they were all out on lads weekend pulling women; she was having a giggle with a few of them. Yes I saw? You were your normal flirty self.

Yes she said but when you were getting my cocktail, I said just nipping to the loo, I grabbed him and a friend followed who was with him. yes? We went to the restaurant rest room and I asked what you had been discussing; he told me.

Oh so not a surprise then! Yes it was. I thought he might not come but when I sucked his cock in the ally I knew it’s much fatter than yours.

I thought he’s in good shape and has a nice presence let’s see what would happen his friend kept an eye out for you and he had a good feel then finger of my pussy in readiness for later.

So you weren’t drunk? yes but not so I wouldn’t enjoy it all.

I gently opened her lips they were like they had done ten rounds.

So did his friend feel you up? No he might be up for a visit with him some other time. If he had come alongyou wouldn’t have gone with your plan and maybe nothing would have happened. You had already invited him two would have gave it away.

However when I saw his cock in the loo I knew we would have fun and when we were outside during the walk back, I was cumin on his finger work in the dark.

I knew you would try something and the size of his thick cock sent my thoughts wild it just and when it just fitted in my mouth, I really struggled to cope with his size and the cum. Why do you think I kissed you with his cum on my breath?

So there you have it they were in cahoots with the whole time? YES

Emma said she had discussed what she would do to him and they had their little play back at the pub and allowing him to see her boobs. She said it had made her very wet and this had soaked her thong into a creamy slimy mess which was pungent. He had slipped his hand down my front to feel what I described as my shaven lads strip, not a landing. Then fingering me to a small ejaculation of my juice. I made him shudder and wants to fuck me there and then, but we couldn’t risk you looking for me or you finding us already at it in the loo not classy.

When he did removed his fingers I could see how wet I had become and the erotic smell on my sex on his fingers drove me and I nearly dropped over for spit roasting from them both.

That’s why I had to spend longer dancing with different men I was feeling so turned on and gave him and me a chance to cool his animal desires. I didn’t want a one off and he’s gone five minutes later with his cock feeling massive in my hand.

Just knew I could savour this man appendage for hours, days and perhaps see him many times after.

I asked her to describe why she said I love that cock in me and give me a baby?

The moment he parted my lips with his cock and was teasing my swollen inner labia I came it was so intense it just kept flowing; my head ached with the pressure of my orgasms.

I knew he was feeling my walls contracting and he was filling every extremity even though I was extremely wet and his grip in me was so tight I could feel its head pulsing with every push.

Withdrawing, was like being turned inside- out “I thought it would tear me” And when you both moved me to the wall, I wasn’t drunk, I could hardly walk from his first insertion nearly making me scream. Sitting on the wall really helped him get deeper inside me, his cock angled rubbed my clit.

His flow was contestant from then on and I didn’t stop cumin; I relished every stroke as he did. I looked down and with my legs held wide and high to watch him fuck my pussy this sent me over the edge and his modest good length bottomed out on my cervix; pressing it into my tummy.

The angle was so good. It was a good job no one came along at that time I wouldn’t have stopped.

Then at the house I knew we be here for ages and you would want him her too long. I wasn’t ready so I hopedyou ask him to stay longer you said it was time for him to go I hand gestured a drink and he suggested the coffee. You didn’t look happy!

When you were in the kitchen he told me he was going to fuck every hole I said no he said maybe and began his rubbing me gently, feeling my pussy and sliding his fingers in side my bottom.

He made a joke about coming back tomorrow and you returned from the kitchen a as I was saying please do.

From there on I was doomed to his willingness to punish my pussy, but when he did present his cock to my bottom I push back griped my teeth and willing wanted it. I prayed it wouldn’t kill me. But OH MY WORD and fuck me that was intense the whole thing not sure ready spill this to you yet.

What about the baby making? He knew I wasn’t taking or had any contraception it came up in the conversation in the rest room. He did ask if he should wear a condom I said no I wanted to feel your cock’s real potential. He said even if I make you pregnant? I said I was prepared to take that chance. He didn’t disappoint. I ask you to do this one you’ve performed even harder. Like that time you did it, I wasn’t disappointed.

He could have very well inseminated me? but at the time I loved everything about him; you didn’t even entermy thoughts. He was my lover for the next hour, he could do whatever he wanted. I liked us being his submissive couple I would have even gone back to his place for the weekend or longer if heasked or have him stay over in our bed and repeatedly fucked him and allowing his cum to saturate my womb. He knew he had me in his trance and wanting his continued exploration of my mind and body he would getting more me. I agreed to see him out with his friends Friday.

We fell silent and I looked at her well used body her sexy and curvaceous boobs and her clitoris poking out. I had never seen it so large…….

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