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My Cuckold History


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My cuckold fantasies started the first time I ate my own creampie from my (ex)wife. After we divorced and I found a new GF it wasn't long until I was eating my creampie from her as well. I had grown to love the taste of my own cum running out of a pussy (neither of the aforementioned women were into anal sex).


Then I met my current GF, a MTF Transsexual with a killer body that not only likes to fuck and loves cum, she does it for a living. My new adventures with a sexy TS that has fucked and swallowed 1000's of guys kept me distracted from my creampie or cuckold thoughts, that is until one day when she was heading out for an appt. I blurted out "if he is an old trusted client (she will only bareback with guys she has known for a long time who are married and she trusts to keep themselves clean), bring me a creampie". Well he was and she did. He was someone she has been seeing for years and had not seen her for a while and didn't have much time or a place so she fucked him in her car and when she got home she went straight upstairs. A few minutes later she called out and said she needed help with something. When I walked into the bedroom she said "I got creampied really good" and ordered me to lay across the bed with my head off the side. She said "you asked for this" and sat on my face rubbing her damp cum soaked panties on my nose and lips, the whole time telling me "I got creampied really good". She pulled her panties to the side and smeared her wet sticky asshole all over my lips. It must have turned her on because she was jerking her cock and came in record time. Cum I might add which also landed on my lips. Then as a finish she scooped up the mixture of her cum and his and used it to jerk me off. I am now impatiently waiting for another cuckold experience with her

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