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New York Halloween!


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To make a long story short.. planning a trip with my future wife to NY ...and Halloween seems a nice period to do it... would love to see her enjoy every bit of this trip.. what you suggest? Any place or special thing to do/ wear? She is a mother of 2 and never shared...but ..

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Sure I did, and she can be very naughty and provocative...she embraced the idea but srill don't know if she want to be touched by other man...sure she like the attention and enjoying her big toy..but she didn't try other cock than mine before...


Maybe she is waiting for you to make it real.  Lots of cuck relationships fail... you never know, you might have mentioned and then she started researching.  The are lot of guides out there... make sure you really want it.  If she is "very naughty and provocative...she embraced the idea"  it sounds like she is ready to try the next step... but knowing women, she might be making you get blatant... forcing you to step up to the plate as it goes just to make sure you are serious.  Bottom line... talk about it.  If you cannot talk about it just like you were going to talk about buying a new refrigerator... then you are not ready relation-ally.  I am sure there are some here that would report that their taking the talking to the cuckold level helped other areas of their live... or killed it.


I don't think you want to embark on this without some real decent communication... that is if the relationship means anything to you.

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