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My French Gf Cucks Me


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My girlfriend is a really petite fair skinned brunette with perky b cup tits and a really fat butt. Genuine white pawg on a tiny figure. Her eyes are so green they grab any mans attention. She recently moved out of her save neighborhood into a apartment in Harlem. Over the weekend she decided to go out and have a drink with one of her friends visiting. After drinks she got on the train home super late, and started conversation with some black guys (thugs judging by the picture she sent me) she met on the platform. They sat on eitherside of her on the train whispering in her ears and tugging on her skirt. When she got to her stop they offered to walk her home, at first she said no but they persisted and she figured why not. The hot summer night will leave you moist from only walking two blocks but telling by their sweat soaked wife beater and basketball shorts, these men have been out all day and had worked up an odor. She noticed it but she kinda got turned on. The whole walk to her house they were calling her snow bunny and slapping her ass, and she was ok with it! When they got to her apartment she told them goodnight and gave them hugs goodbye. While she was hugging them she could feel the bulges in their pants and instantly knew what was about to happen. One slipped his hand in her dress and she jumped back. He said "why don't you let us cum in side, ma?" She said she has work early but they persist anyway. Once upstairs and the door closes behind them, one pushes her over the couch, rips off her sundress, and starts licking her asshole and pussy. The other one walks to the other side of the couch and whips out his huge sweaty black cock and shoves it in her face, smearing it all over her eyes, nose, and soft pink lips. She opens her mouth hesitantly and he forces it in past her tonsils. Ganging for air she clutches the blanket with closed fists. The man eating her pussy spanks her ass and whips out his cock to. He teases it in her pussy for alittle then Rams it straight into her asshole. She lets out a light Yelp and let's the man destroy her fat white ass. "Plop plop plop plop" the sound of her pale booty bouncing off his long black cock. They hit her from both ends for 45 min eventually releasing a huge load all over her ass and nose. When she was cleaning off they even took $40 from her purse. (Haha dumb bitch). Ever since then she doesn't mind catching the train home alone.

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