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Old Cuckold

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Hi experienced cuckolds,

I want to ask you for advise. My girlfriend deny me for 4 years despite she

dont want to leave me. I was always very horny with her. She was flattered

but also she denied me with explanation that I want only the sex. So I

started to be guilty that I am bad man and from some time I am impotent

with erectile dysfunction and unable to kiss her and hug her and also have

a sex with her or other women. When I offered her that we will separate

she was mad that I want to banish her from my life. When she would

offered me sex now I would not be able to do it with her because  I was

too much and too long denied in sex. My penis would be down. I think

that I have mental barriers and mental blockages now to sex. She made from

me impotent man with complexes of inferiority whose penis would be never up.

Maybe I am also cuckold. She still show manifest that I am useles but I dont know

if it is intentionally or subconsciously. I think that it would be the best for her

she would seek another man and she would leave me. Any advise?

Old Cuckold

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