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Need Help....my Gf And Our Current Situation


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Hi 1st post here ! New to the site and all the cuckolding scene read a lot of forums in the past few days and getting very hard thinking about my gf cuckolding me.... Problem is we don't even have sex that much to begin with . A little about us we are from the New England area. We are both 28 years old been dating for over 5 years she a petite 5"2 125 lbs very cute Italian girl dark hair very cute big bubble butt skinny legs and everything just a big bubble but that I love and think about her getting pounded by a large cock. Me I'm a 6 foot guy little chubby overweight 260 lbs with a 5 inch cock . And I will say I consider myself bi as I have been fucked by a older man when I was in my early 20's amd even sucked 3 different cocks before all older men which I just prefer if I'm doing those kinds of things don't get me wrong I'm not gay but a little bi I'm not attradected to men at all and get very hard thinking about woman and seeing my gf naked so I know I'm not gay just bi . But my gf has no idea that I ever would do such a thing and I do feel very bad that I have done things behind her back but I do love a nice cock aswell from time to time but I was almost caught once when I left a email up with a guy chatting and exchanging pics of cocks and she only saw the email for a few seconds until I deleted it on her before she read more and she questioned me if I was gay for weeks and me trying to tell her that I was joking around with a guy from work cuz he had a dirty old mind .. Thankfully somehow after me promising her I'm not gay she kinda forgot about it all so I told myself I would not want to lose my gf over and stuff with a guy so I stopped messing around which is fine with me . But i think the lack of sex we have is the reason I even searched out guys on the web to begin with we have gone months before having sex at a time as we live with her parents and it makes it hard for us to have sex with other ppl in the house so we began stop having sex because it was getting to be more of a hassle to have it then not . Amd I would just always go to another room amd look up some porn amd jerk off to all kinds of porns. But recently I've been watching cuckold porn which I never really knew about so starting to learn about eveytjing and the thought of watching another man that is hung pleasing my gf makes me so horny for some reason . I often found a porn with the guy actually looks like my best friend and the girl looks like my gf amd they look pretty similar so it gets me really horny watching it as I would love for it to happen in real life but my gf always calls my buddy kinda gross but he's mentioned to me in the past he has a big dick so I always wonder what it looks like .anyways we never have much sex but after watching so much porn I've been so horny so been trying to get my gf to want more sex too . But in the past she's made reference that I have a tiny dick just joking around but I know she's really not kidding but then she's like I'm only kidding it's perfect for me and I don't want or need it any bigger like I said I'm 5inch sometimes maybe on a good day close to 6 so I know I'm not tiny but I'm not what u call hung ....in the past I've asked her if she's had bigger guys in the past and she kinda jokingly said like idk probably idk tho and I was like common it's not s big deal just tell me and she said fine ya like maybe 1 or 2 guys were bigger but I asked how big and she said she didn't really know just bigger .. . So I left it at that but it made me so hott thinking about her getting a bigger dick drilled in her she told me she was a lot crazier when she was younger once giving a guy from highscool a handjob for fixing her car the thought of that just killed me inside I was so hott thinking about that .but anyways I've been trying to get out sex life back and trying to figure out a way to want her to fuck another man . So randomly I asked her about her old vibarotor amd asked her if she still uses it cuz she never uses it infront of me and she said its kinda broken so not really so I said to her we should go to a sex store so I can buy u a new one .she agreed and then I asked her if she would get a dildo since I cannot last that long and I'm kinda small and she can never get a orgasm from me and she's not sure if she has ever expreiced one before which confused me but she's says she really not sure if she's ever had one so that made me really want for her to get to experience one so I'm using that as an excuse for her to eventfully want a bigger cock in her . So we went to the store and saw all the dildos all diff sizes then I saw the 8inch King cock amd told her to get that one but she laiughed and said it was way to big but I was like common why not get the full experience and maybe that will give u a orgasm .but she says she was probably to tight and will hurt her but I didn't want her to get any other cock so after 20 min of me explaining to her this is the one to get she finally agreed which made me excited . It took almost a month after that where she agreed to finally use it only cuz we hadn't had have sex for a few months . We fucked for about 5 min until I couldn't and I came as I usually do and she gets kinda frustrated that I can't last when it starts to feel good for her I instantly explode and I don't cum that much to begin with for other reasons I'm not sure of . Anyways we lubed up the 8 inch cock and I slowly started to put the tip in which took a few mins of her positioning the cock head into her tight pussy before she had the head in then she finally took another inch of it before she started to say it hurt too much so we pulled out and ended the night . In my head I was disappointed in the results and wanted more so I knew if I had sex with her again and didn't last long she would agree to try the dildo again . So I had sex with her again a few days later which is shocking to us because we never do it multiple times in a week due to our living situation . So we had sex I lasted my usual few mins and she was disappointed as usual amd agreed to try the toy again . We try it again just like last time and once again it started to hurt her and we stopped . Once again I feel frustrated as I want her to be able to take and want a big cock in her . Recently we been texting about sex which we never do and I always tell her I'm sorry I didn't last long amd have a small dick I wish I could give u a orgasm that I want her to have so bad . And out of the blue I said to her I don't care what it takes to get u to have one even if it takes another man to do it .. She replied no I don't need anyone else I told you your cock is fine and why would u even want your gf to fuck another man that's kinda weird.. That was my worst fear her not accepting the offer which I thought most girls would jump for the chance . So I played it off like I was just fucking around saying obviously I don't want that even tho that's all I think about to be honest . I've been trying to tell her how hot I think she is and how every guy must want her and hit on her and she plays it off like ya right but I know she's a good looking girl and she works with the public so she sees and talks to random ppl allday so I find it hard to believe . But we we go out recently I've been telling her to wear sexy clothes and dress up in clothes she would usually not wear cuz she think I would get mad but honestly I love here dressing in small booty shirts and low cut shirts . She's agreed but not acting like she wants other guys still even tho I always tell her she looks so hot wearing that . Anyways anyone have any tips on how to make this work with my gf or anyone just wanna comment id love to hear what you guys think I can post a few pics on here after if I get any responses

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You can talk to her. Tell her how you feel. Tell her that idea of watching her cum on a huge cock turns you on. Plan a night out with her where you get a hotle room. Go back to the hotel room and suggest to watch some porn "to get in the mood and spice things up". Then you turn on threeaome porn MFM threesome. Tell her how hot you think it is. Caress her, lick her pussy, tell her how you want her to be happy. Then fuck her and tell her how hot it is thinking about her with another man and how much she might enjoy it.

Then you repeat that night a month or ao later but progress. Maybe bring a big dildo with you and fuck her with that while she aucks your dick. Maybe while you are watching wither threesome or cuckold porn.

Then slowly but surely you progress into acting out your fantacy with the dildo and using the name of a guy that you know she finds attractive.

Then eventually you start talking about actually including that guy in your bedroom play.

Slow and steady wins this race my friend.

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