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(Cucks, Bulls, Wives) And The Definition Of A Cuckold Relation


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I often have to resist the urge to give potential cuckold couples advice. Even though I know a lot of cuckold couples and have had some amazing experiences, I usually don’t come into the picture until they have had lots of conversations and worked through insecurities so I never really get to see how the sausage is made. However, there is one thing that I can say without hesitation: if you’re afraid to take the plunge because you’re worried your wife will leave you for her bull, you can relax. It ain’t gonna happen. I’ve been with a lot of wives over the years and I’ve only had one hotwife who ever tried to fuck me without her husband knowing. I’m sure he wouldn’t have minded since we had already met for drinks and had a play date planned, but she just didn’t want to wait for his schedule to clear. I’ve never, in all my years, had a hotwife try to pursue a romantic relationship outside of the bedroom. Not once. I have to admit that I found this a little odd at first because I’m a decent looking guy, I have all my teeth, make decent money, sensitive-ish- but it actually makes a lot of sense. First, you are probably underestimating your wife’s ability to separate love and sex. She loves you, that’s something I can never compete with. Love is literally the most powerful force in the universe and it doesn’t matter how nice or good looking I am or how big my cock is, love defies all that “so called” logic. The reality is, her putting another man’s cock between her legs while you watch won’t impact her ability to love you any more than it would if she gave you permission to fuck a woman while she watched- if it’s possible, she will probably love you even more for allowing her this freedom. Second, I think almost all women are intrigued by big cocks but they don’t necessarily fall in love and marry them. Women are smart about guarding their hearts and especially wary of guys they suspect from the outset are sleeping around (not exactly good boyfriend material). Being a hotwife allows a woman to play with a bad boy but still keep the security of her marriage. She is getting the best of both worlds and most women wouldn’t screw up an awesome deal like that on a crap shoot with a bull who may change his mind about what he wants as often as the wind blows. I suppose you might have a problem if your wife had a relationship with the bull beforehand (like an ex boyfriend) or if the bull is only fucking your wife and no one else- but I don’t really view those situations as true bull/hotwife scenarios. Bulls should stay busy so they don’t get obsessed with a particular wife and catch romantic feelings for her. Regular contact is ok but even for those wives I have a lot of contact with, we generally don’t have the kinds of conversations that could ever develop into a secret affair. We usually only text about three things :

1. The last time we fucked.

2. The next time we’re fucking

3. Her husband.

She may dance with me but I’m experienced enough to know that at the end of the night she is going home with him and as awesome as she may be, in good with that.

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