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Indiana Cuckold Couple Looking For Bulls In Our Area


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We are a happily married professional CUCKOLD couple in Indiana, we are in to the Hotwife for BBC game, we have been in this lifestyle for over 15 years now and we love it.
My wife Evari LOVES Hot Wild Sex with tall strong dominant LECHEROUS and nicely HUNG Blk males, My wife is very selective about sex partners, so just because you are blk, it does not means She'll have sex with you. She does have a weakness for Tall, Strong, DOMINANT and intelligent blk gentlemen and likes to be sexually owned by them.
About Me (Nico) I LOVE to be cuckolded by my Hotwife, and my favorite sexual activity is to watch my beautiful Evari enjoying sex w other men.
We love meeting tall and strong blk gentlemen in our area willing to become regular sex partners to my wife Evary and take care of her sexual needs, NO DRAMA, NO STRING ATTACHED, just pure HOT ADULT FUN. So, if you are a tall and strong Blk gent, from Indy or visiting town in a regular basic, and interested in meeting with us for the possibility of  having hot wild, and uninhibited sex with my wife while I watch, please contact us. Serious replay only. Thank you!

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