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My Wife As A Sex Dj


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SORRY for...google translation



This time we do not stop at the bar, but we go to internal, and sit on a low couch. In that part of the room, separated from the rest by a portion of the wall, we are alone. To take orders comes what, the last time we had identified as the owner. A low type, plump, with a mass of more salt than pepper worn long hair. I thought of taking a Affinity, but now I feel like something fresher, and I order, after consulted Roberta, two Mojito.

L 'environment where we are releasing the heat of the sun has warmed the walls. The air conditioning is still off. My wife takes off his jeans jacket, remaining with only the strapless top, which is kept in only the edge stretch position. The clear background of skin covered by the suit stands in the background tanned shoulders and arms. The warm yellow color of the top catches the eye like a magnet and focuses on discovering breast portion. Soon ...

"It's coming out of fuel." I say

"And he?"

"Yes, the owner." In fact, the waitresses are not lacking and could entrust to one of them the 'assignment to take the' order, however I see him coming toward us carrying a large tray.

My wife lowers the edge of the top up to just above the nipples. Then he crosses his legs, left over right. L 'hem of her skirt up towards the' top discovering even more the thigh.

He puts the tray on the coffee table and slowly moved on the same small bowls with chips, nuts, olives and other snacks. It seems to me that fulfilled the 'operation with an unjustified slowness, and his gaze is attracted by the spectacle offered by my wife, who, not to leave doubts, slowly scavalla legs when he stooped to pick up the glasses with the Mojito, is right in front of her. Over the 'transfer operation also of glasses and bottles of soda, he gets up and asks if everything is okay or if we like more.

While we are about to say no, thank you, my wife bends down to take the glass. Doing that movement, the breast corresponding to the elongated arm goes beyond the top edge of freeing the turgid nipple. With all calm, as if was to carry the most natural gesture, she rearranges all 'internal' s garment, and he turns to me for a little toast. Then approaching the glass to his mouth and, having moistened with his tongue black short straw, he stretches his lips and sucks a sip of liquid. He has not lost anything of that 'action just ended. And finally you decide ...

"Well, good evening. If you need anything, do not hesitate to call me. My name is Gabriel." Adds comforted his hand, we shake it while we say our names.


While we enjoy the cocktails I look around: soft lighting, a double row of sofas facing each other separated by tables, music in the background. I like, I relax leaned over the back.

In front of us, at the top, a station by dj 80 years, with curved front, access to which, from where we are, is not visible. The fund is fully occupied by a wooden shelf divided into compartments filled with frying pan dating back to who knows how many years before. On one side, towards the bottom, the screen plate of a few computers, which can be seen from the side, emits a faint blue light.

Step the arm around the shoulder, bringing it closer to me, and I do a bit of "dead hand" with her breasts, fiddle with the nipple under the fabric.

"Darling, you know nothing Gianluca? L 'Have you seen him?"

"Useless, has to work, says that makes the nights. I 've heard on Friday, I think. He would like to see me soon, Tuesday or Wednesday at the latest, if he can get a couple d' hours. He says he does not take it anymore without..."


"No come on..."

"Now, now ... tell me." I insist touching her pussy under her skirt.

"Well, without my pumps and without ... my ass."

"Ahhh, but why, Sara does not do that kind of sex with him?"

"Of course it does, but says that to me is a 'else."

Now her vagina is very wet. Clit hard as the nipple. I do not insist over and pick up the hand.

"And you like it?" I ask her

"What, suck or fuck me in the ass?" I know my wife and I know that, when you put it this way ... freely means that is reaching a high level of mental and physical arousal.


"Well, I find it easier to suck it. Hearing him behind, however, is pleasant: it is done in such a way, and has a size such that it seems to slip in alone. It's not like your corvaccio, it seems to have a finger .. .but no bones. Yes, I like ... once is also success, penetrating me from the front, as if we were fucking, I enjoyed no little help .... I felt that stimulated the G-spot, just like when you do it with your finger. "

"But you do not fuck?"

"Yes ... before you think to my pleasure, with the tongue and sweeping, but then want to switch back, when he manages to restrain himself enough. Sometimes you do not do it and it is while we fuck. And you ..." starts to say. I see in that 'moment realize that he made a gaffe. Now, as you'd expect, he asks me to Sara, and I will be forced to lie, something that just would not do.

Before he can finish the sentence, however, comes Gabriele.

"You okay?" asks

"Yes, thanks, I'll take a Grim Mojito ... and you, dear?" I ask turning to her.

"Not now, thanks."

"Only one, then? - He does - comes immediately."

"Tell - I ask when we're alone - is not that the kind intrigues you?"

"Well ... I do not know. There is nothing special ... indeed, but it has a certain something ... we'll see. Maybe later, if you do not show up better."

When he returns with the glass ...

"Bella, that party disco - I say - He has his years but does not show it at all."

"Yes, beautiful, comfortable, designed to accommodate two or three DJs, as it was used once. But if you want to see it, I'm just going to set the music programming for the next hour. You can come up with me, if you like . "

Well - I say - if this is not an assist.

"Thank you, maybe a 'last time. But - I add turning to my wife - if you want to go you, dear ..."

"Yes, I come: I'm just curious."

He gets up, takes the clutch, and follows him. Revolve around the station and arrive at the scale, placed in front of a wall and on the side opposite to that of the sofas.

He does go ahead on the short ladder, then follows.

From where I stand, lower than the console, I can see only their backs, or slightly more, depending on whether to approach or move away from the edge.

You are having walked around the corner and pulling out some old LP to show him, Gabriele is positioned behind the screen lit up and she starts to side while he with his finger to indicate something on the screen. I do not feel, but I understand that asks you to choose from a list of the music and what she likes. Now my wife is pointing the finger at a number of titles that are scrolling on the screen, selecting the ones to be included in the compilation. To do that, however, he must get even closer to him. Though their bodies are covered by the front of the console, I find it hard to imagine that among them there is a contact. In confirmation of my guess, right now Gabriele hand is no longer visible on the screen next to that of my wife.

I'd bet you know where he is and what he is doing. The garden, just beyond dell 'large windows, is always crowded, but no one could imagine what is happening in the DJ booth. The view does not allow to see further down the heads, which turn into blur because of the colored acrylic finish that frames the upper structure. To see the rest of you must arrive at the foot of the ladder giving access to the station. I take a sip Mojito, and when I look at the two, positions have changed. Now she is directly in front of the screen and Gabriel behind. The two bodies are in close contact. From what I sense from the movement that I can catch a glimpse, he is masturbating.

I was not wrong thinking that the situation l 'would have excited. Roberta upside the head to 'back, resting on his shoulder, and has the first orgasm of the evening.

I finish drinking before the cocktails to warm up. When I look up, I see my wife, and he is looking down. It is not hard to imagine what is happening. Maybe it's the cocktail, maybe the music, maybe l 'atmosphere but, whatever it is, now I want to see. I slowly approach the back of the station and arriving at the stairway. E 'consists of four steps, following the shape of the structure, curving to the left. Came in second, I see him, pants and panties fell to mid-thigh. In addition, I see, the more you see it, my wife kneeling. The all 'height of the head of his groin, moves accompanied by Gabriele hand, dictating the pace. I sit down on the second step and look at the situation, still new for me, my wife who sucks a cock that is not mine. You can say it's the first time I see her do it to a stranger, and the show does not leave me indifferent, indeed. Gabriel pats and says something I do not understand. She gets up and now I can see in all its glory. And 'practically naked: the skirt is dropped to the ground and the top is rolled in life.

He sees me, smiles and sends me a kiss. It turns and I can see that he is well equipped, both in length and in girth. She rests her head on his forearms resting on the edge of your legs apart console and offers her naked intimacy of sex with him.

I want to see better. Holding me down I approach and I sit beside her, his back against the structure. Are in the best position to observe the smallest details like the member Gabriele penetrate, forcing l 'opening in' wet vagina of my wife, and to hear her moans, a mixture of pleasure and pain, which last as long as the ' rod is not completely sunk in the meat sheath. What a difference with the penetrations of Gianluca, whose member enters almost without cause morphological changes in 'intimate anatomy of Roberta. The Gabriele fucking dilates her vulva up to flatten, almost cancel, while the fleshy labia of my wife, which are sucked all 'extension while nourish the penetration movement.

Him, he moves into her with force, helped by his movements designed to accommodate as much as possible of that pulsating meat dart, the Brankica breasts, now caressing, now tightening, strizzandone nipples. Caress the clitoris and thus causes an intense orgasm, she manifested by labored sighs, with mutilated words that are covered by the music. I live those moments with a mixture of excitement in the genitals (the whole 'I am sorry for the apparatus' intensity of feelings I'm feeling) and "anesthesia" in the brain. What I see gives me an intense pleasure, but at that moment I realized fully that I am actually experiencing the situation: I observe it, as can be seen a movie or another show. I know that this attitude will pay dividends later, in a development phase that certainly will have to check, more or less quickly, and live the role of spectator, without seeking in any way to participate in the 'Action, nor be involved. I look at that pile of meat that enters and exits from 'intimacy of my wife, filling it as, if not more, as do I, and I imagine it to sink in' other intimacy, in the 'dark cave of paradise. This is not a "finger", such as Gianluca, entering without breaking, that gives and takes a pleasure almost childish game: This is a cock, a cock man ... no, a male with that 'action It takes possession of the body of the female, which gives her, yes, pleasure, but only to better possess it, to subdue, to dominate it. And she, the woman who is my wife, not immune to the female role, does not want to do it. Gabriel grabs her by the hair, forcing her to raise his head over the edge of the console, and watch the world around her, a few meters from her: the waitresses pass with trays, people talking, laughing, joking, drinking, while her naked body is possessed with force, until it was shaken by a new, intense orgasm.

Now he wants to indulge in: the female is ready to receive the seed of the male, and to be made pregnant, according to the plans of nature.

My wife perceives, by changing the frequency of the blows, he's going to spray the hot liquor, turns his head and says, "In the mouth, come let me in the mouth."

Back to kneel and welcomes the cock that is discharged into her with repeated sketches that are swallowed with ease. With the tongue collects the last drops of sperm leaking from the channel, then wearing the skirt, the top system, puts the clutch shoulder.

"Honey, I go to the bathroom. I'll see you at the table, in a second."

Now I can turn up. Even if they see me from the outside it does not matter anymore. He accompanies me to the sofa.

"Your wife is fantastic. Sincere compliments. We must meet again."

"Thanks for the compliments. How to meet again ... depends only on her, of course."

"More than fair. I'll leave a note with the room numbers and cell phone. Call when you want, at any time. Give me a day's notice and I can organize something nice, you'll see. Not here, of course. And now I'm going, beyond they will think he's dead. "

"Ok ... can you send me another mojito without mint and with lots of ice? Thanks ..."


Here comes my wife, sitting next to me.

"We remain still?"

"I'm waiting for the arrivals' last Mojito. I thought you might like to take a sip ... to refresh your mouth."

"You did very well."

"Would you tell me something now, or would you rather put it off?" I ask her

"Now I could tell you that it went well, very well, I liked a lot, etc. But all this you saw it yourself. Give me two or three days to ... settle everything and then if you want to talk about it, ok?"

"Okay, love, as you prefer."

"One thing, though, I can already tell you: if I had not been too, would not have been so nice." He turns to me, and tells me so, and we can not help but embrace.

While the kiss, his hand rests on his thigh, and salt in a caress, even as a girl arrives, on 25 years, with our glass, which rests on the coffee table. Then, while transferring the empty glasses on the tray:

"Can I pay you?" I ask

"Yes if you want."

"How many?"

"24 Euros."

I give him 30 and tell her to keep the change. Thanks and returned to the bench.

I offer my glass to my wife drinking a few sips, then I imitate and leave the glass halfway.


The aid to wear jeans jacket and go out through the garden. Gabriel is busy behind the counter and can not see.

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