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Dreams or strong feelings to be used


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I am coming into a dream with my own viewpoint of my shooting of five men in a chase. The scene changes to an incident room similar to the rooms you see in American cop shows. The chief is congratulating us on a successful shoot out. His mood changes as he explains the main men targeted in the shootout had escaped.

People booed and muttered expletive language under their breath.

“I think the only way in is Undercover” says the Chief directly.

The scene changes to a small room, with the chief looking directly at me.

“Look they will smell a male cop a mile off, I believe we have to target their vulnerability, ‘Women’. To be honest I think I can seriously say you are the only one I can trust to carry this off”. Whys that I wonder?


How the hell do I explain this to my normal patient forgiving husband?  Over dinner? Whilst watching the six o clock news?  I think there will never be a right time. The normal pleasantries exchanged and I say what I have to say.  You could cut the air with a knife. “How long” my husband says quietly.                                                             

“As long as it takes” I answer with my repetition of words used previously with chief.

The day starts overcast adding to the already subdued mood. Husband left early for work avoiding a strained goodbye, I assume. 

Old suitcases and new identity in hand, my journey starts by train from Bracknell in to London. Costume’s injected in my luggage between the Levis and White Stuff. Attire used by my new persona ‘Juicy Lucy’, sequined bodice’s, tasselled g strings and nipple jewellery.  My targets owned numerus establishments for the discrete high profile horny gentlemen. First assignment to get a job, one that defiantly shows off your assets, a job my body has avoided for so long even though highly qualified.


I gyrate to different music and slowly rid myself of an ensemble associated in this field. I bend so he can smell my pheromones oozing from the crotch of my G-string and as his eyes follow the inner line of my thigh, I seductively remove my top. The straps, I teasingly release one from the right then one from left. I unclip and discard to turn and reveal my ample heaving glistening boobs. On all fours I crawl towards his ever leering eyes then up onto my knees grabbing his face to allow his tongue to run anticlockwise around both nipples ;-leaving a trail like a horny slug. A voice comes from beneath the mounds, “it’s yours”. Job established, ‘Juicy Lucy’ starts, said job to entertain, on this Thursday evening.  Now I head back to the dingy bedsit chief had the delight to rent on my behalf. I spend an hour revising my story and new identity. Tomorrow was to observe other co-worker’s at work to ascertain friendship and a doorway into the seedy underworld. The targets had left this credible job to an associate of this world.


My body writhes and spins on the pole occasionally spinning my tasselled crotch in the eager faces of many men. Targets spotted I whip up to a sultry frenzy until all eyes were on my body, glistening in perspiration, and in all its glory. The sheen, dripping sensually from my cleavage to my strangely pulsating clitoris. I finish the act crablike with my moist vulva to be enjoyed by all.  I’m beckoned over.



“I like you” he says with a glint in his eye.

“When you finished someone will collect you from your dressing room”.

As I walk away I feel as if his eyes are focused on my rear end.

I’m directed to the penthouse suite where as entering I spy a bottle of the fine stuff on ice with two tall flutes.



The drink is poured allowing bubbles to drape over the glass like lava from a volcano.

A hand slowly runs the length of my shoulders and I turn to face my seducer, it’s the older of the two brothers. He smells of expensive cologne and has an aura of wealth and power. At closer inspection, as well as the bulge in his trousers, a pleasing sight of beautiful big brown eyes stare beyond my moral soul. Morals, I think, that with more ease than previously thought, have disengaged from my frontal lope. His hand which connected to a rather muscly arm moves to caress my tits beneath the silky dress. He spots the zip between them and slowly if in slow motion draws down to an inch before my panty line. I realise authenticity at this point was crucial so my right hand glides down his clothed shaft leaving my left to release belt and buttons. My morals dropped I feel my inner lower region begin to enjoy the experience. A mirror perfectly positioned allows my view of a taut bum and toned back. He tucks my hair back and pulls hard to reveal my neck. Forcefully sucking and kissing he trails my body. Then my body surprises me with sounds of ecstasy escaping from my mouth, oh god, noises that seem to make the kisses more forceful. I’m lifted off my feet and slung onto a large circular bed.

“What’s your real name, not your stage name?”


“Well Emma you are something else”

His tongue has found the zip and with effortless movement strips me of my dress. I thought by this time I would feel out of my depth, but talk about job satisfaction. A hardness presses on my skin as I am joined on the bed, his penis stiff and ready. My sensual juices are now running and I cannot believe the sensations running through my body. Fingers penetrate me flicking my button with increasing speed, oh my, I’m coming as the intensity from writhing builds up to an uncontrollable release of sex juice.

“Oh yeah, a squirter”

Licking his fingers, he sighs as he lowers himself down.

“Oh no you don’t” I say as I flip over and slip beautifully on to his cock teasing slowly up and down allowing my juices to lubricate its good length. Wow I am really fuckin this villain’s cock it feels so good stretching my cunt; I can feel him hitting all my internal extremities  

“Bossy” he says laughing which ends in a moan as if direct from his Adams apple.

Again a complement is soon proclaimed as my love milk secretes in large volumes from our thrusting and winding making me feel loose and ready to accept his seed. 

I lean back as much as I dare so he can watch while I tease myself as he watches. He fixes me with a glazed expression and it feels as if he is questioning me. Then another moan escapes his mouth.

The door bangs and I realise we are not alone anymore!!!!!

“Bruv can’t watch anymore I have to join in I’m bursting mate have that sluts mouth and cunt on me”

The younger brother stands in front of me I grab him and release his eager cock laced in pre-cum. Ok so mirror is not a normal mirror, do I care! No! Turning into a reverse cowgirl I bend to come face to face with another cock.  My tongue flicks and tastes the pre-cum and it’s salty but sweet flavour. I hold the base pushing my hand tight down his young shaft causing his end to engorge bulbous and shining. I take it in my mouth, purse my lips tight against the thick organ gripping hard and forcing it in my mouth. He begins to draw back I begin an intense bob up, down, up, down faster and faster.   He retaliates holding my head by my hairs length tight thrusting to the back of my throat making me gay saliva over his shaft and dribbling of my chin. I hear a duet of moans.                                                                                        

Bouncing back and forth giving head, I feel myself releasing sounds feelings in unison, but all muffled by the tight fit in my gob. I have a thought that these two were going to take all they could nothing would be a no go I had to be honest would I resist? 



Unable to breath I find myself resisting but ready for only the second time to swallow spunk in my life; greedily awaiting. I find myself arching my back as my G spot is attacked by his free hand suddenly and with urgency and my heart begins to beat faster as if running to catch a train. The fingers explore and tease my clit rolling my button then releasing to hit the G spot again, my G spot that I never knew existed.                                                                         

I’m flipped over and off my cock and on my back. “She’ll take it she’s worked up, wet and loosened”.  A fist is nuzzling my juicy opening then with a deep breath, the fist is thrust up, and it twists and turns as I writhe in ecstasy. Never ever before has this happened wow fulfilment inside and out how the fuck was that hand inside me and who pulled the plug! Watery love juice everywhere!!!!!! “If she has a bloke we need her damaged when she goes, wreck that’s sluts cunt bro stretch her out” As if the cock I had just been thrown off wasn’t big enough.

My word is this work? I need to do more overtime maybe earn bonuses and commissions.                                                                           My view, as I evolve into a nymph. Is of two men wanking and playing with my body, biting nipples fingering my bottom as I play with myself, my audience, sexy, muscly and very well endowed…….I wonder if they will take me rearward; again a sexual anal virgin. 

Approaching orgasm, I let out a moan! a drawn out moan as their cum erupts and rains, no jolts, squirt, splashes all over my body, face  and hair, running down the crevices of my belly legs and pussy lips. It’s left my body as if iced by the gods.


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