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Like to see fuck my wife a bbc


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Start with threesome videos and don't make them all mfm have some fmf to spark a conversation. The films should also not be a woman being manhandled and fucked senseless (yet). They should be erotic, sensual, etc. You want her to be able t talk about fantasies with you without judgement or pressure. You also want her to expect you to share your fantasies with her. If you comment during films with things like, "that's so hot" or "that's incredibly erotic" she will more than likely soon express the same sentiment. Over time you should bring a dildo into your lovemaking. If she asks about it you say something to the effect of, "You seemed to really get turned on by being pleased by two men so I figured I would give you what you want. You know I would do anything for you." Over time you can increases the size or the talk or both. When you realize that she loves getting off with tow cocks you should suggest going to a nude beach or resort or spa/sauna to let her feel comfortable being around other nude men with you there. (continue the dildo play and talk etc.) Finally flirt and play with her in settings with others present until she feels comfortable and even seeks it out. At this point you should ask her is she would like the pleasure of a real extra cock. Make sure she knows you are asking because you feel it would please her and you love to have her happy in every way. More than likely she will say something like she has to think about it WHICH IS A BIG POSITIVE SIGN. Anything other than a flat out no is a positive sign. Keep up the exhibitionism, the sex toys, the films and the talk. She will at some point during sex with you say another cock might not be so bad. You have to be patient and diligent. If this method doesn't work I have others. I have been the bull many times and assisted in the seduction.

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