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Charles. My wife's black ex-boyfriend returns and causes problems.

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Guest kewtieboy


When her black boyfriend two-timed her, my wife married me on the rebound. Suddenly he was back and as horny for her as ever and it looked like even I couldn't stop him from having his way with her.




Some might find me a wimp and some might say I should "man up" but the story I want to write here excites me too much. It also disgusts me as I don't feel it should excite me. It showed me a side of my character I didn't even know existed and a part of my wife was uncovered that was also new to me.


I need to change names as many would call me a fool but don't tell me some of you guys haven't thought like this.


To start I need to go back to the heady days at senior school. A mixed bunch of high school kids, just turned 18 and looking forward to college and university. Our hormones were firing on all cylinders and guys were doing sport just to attract girls while girls spent their time trying to look disinterested in the guys.


My name is Liam and at 18, though I realise I was quite attractive, I didn't feel it. I wasn't comfortable around girls and never had the right words to say. This brought howls of laughter from others in the group. The total number in our set was probably about eight, five guys and four girls but that fluctuated as guys met other girls and brought them in and girls met other guys. We hung around, did bars, had picnics, played a bit of sport with or without the girls. Sometimes the group diminished in size for short periods as people met new boy or girlfriends and felt they had outgrown us, but when it all went belly-up they came back. 


There was one girl I was madly in love with and that girl was Tricia. She wasn't model material but something about her drove me wild. She was around five feet six inches medium built but with generously sized breasts which made her very popular. Her fair hair was quite long and she had a habit of flicking it back when it fell over her eyes. I loved the way she flicked! Now Tricia, unlike the other girls was quite sexually precocious, constantly flirting with the other guys and rumour had it, she was one of the few to actually give out quite willingly. Though the others would allow an amount of sexual contact they made it hard work for us sexually charged guys who wanted to do nothing but get our rocks off! 


Though Tricia, like all the other girls, talked to me within the group, my passion for her went unnoticed. I had been with a one girl by now called Lisa who was a plumper than girls I would normally be attracted to but she had happily taken my virginity just a few months before. Much as I enjoyed the sex, I didn't really find Lisa sexually exciting. My eyes were on Tricia and each time I joined the clan she was in, she would flirt madly and disappear with one of the other guys. Our group was full of stories about how wild she was at sex and how experimental she was. Here I was, a five feet ten inch, skinny guy with short, dark hair with enough red filaments to give me a little cluster of freckles across my nose and some red pubes which looked a little odd with dark chest hair.


On the weekend I had decided to ask Tricia out one of the other girls brought a new guy into the group. His name was Charles, not Charlie, definitely Charles. Now I can imagine what you're thoughts are of a "Charles" but this guy was a six feet, athletic Nigerian whose father was an oil company executive. His skin was so dark his teeth looked like fluorescent lights. His face structure was that of a model and his personality was larger than he was. He turned heads, especially the girls and especially Tricia. I didn't ask her out!


Within three weeks Tricia was hanging out with Charles and the stories were rife that he was not only shagging her senseless but he was so well endowed the girls were all panting and trying to find the tiny details about just how large his cock was. Tricia had a smile on her face most of the time and I was miserable. When I got home after we had all met, I would beat off thinking what it looked like to see Tricia with her legs in the air and his massive cock stretching her cunt as he fucked her ruthlessly. 


Of course Charles wasn't monogamous and was discreetly shagging the other girls too. All regaled stories about his filthy mind and experimental habits and, of course, his big cock. One Saturday, about four months after Charles had appeared, I arrived at the coffee bar for our regular meet and found Tricia in tears.


"He's a bastard, a selfish miserable bastard," she was saying to her closest friend Marie.


"He just wanted someone to fuck and after he got bored he started fucking everyone else - including you!"


Marie looked embarrassed.


"But Tricia, I didn't think you were serious about him and you talked so much about how wild he was and his big...thing. When he came on to me I just couldn't help it."


Tricia wailed again.


"I think I loved him," she said.


"Are you sure you didn't love his dick more?" said Marie.


Tricia saw me and smiled.


"Why aren't more guys like Liam here. He's dependable and wouldn't double cross a girl, would you Liam?"


I blushed and said I wouldn't.


"Fancy going out Liam," said Tricia.


"Um. Yes I'd love to!"


That was it. I went out with Tricia on the rebound and we went back to her parent's house the following night while they were out and I had the most amazing shag I had every had. Well out of the two I had had, it was the best. Tricia was a horny woman and a bit too much to handle for a semi-virgin. I managed to cum way too quickly but was so horny I came twice more anyway so the sex lasted all evening. 


Tricia showed me off as her new beau and particularly to Charles where she emphasised how important a loyal and honest boyfriend was to a girl. From that accidental event, Tricia and I became an item and stayed together right through university until we married when we were both 22. That was four years ago.


Since then we have only had eyes for each other. We kept in touch with a few of the others especially Marie and another friend of Tricia's, Clare. No kids, though not for the want of trying and tests had shown that there was nothing wrong, though my sperm count was lower than expected. Sex over the last twelve months had slowed a little and had, if I'm being honest, become a little bit functional. I had taken to having a wank when I was alone to keep myself going when I wasn't getting any and during the odd argument Tricia had taken to saying I wasn't as much a sexual beast as I used to be. I never thought I was in the first place but those were her words, not mine.


Moving on, Marie called one evening to say that a few of the gang wanted to have a night out. No cars so we could have a few drinks. Were we up for it! We were definitely up for it. I had my Tricia to show off and was quite looking forward to it.


On the evening we went for a couple of drinks first then headed to the venue, a noisy student bar in town. There were about eight of the original group there and we enjoyed the reminiscing when I noticed the tall black guy approaching. It was Charles. Worse still he was better looking than ever, smartly dressed in expensive looking jeans, a smart Oxford cotton designer shirt, open necked and sporting that smile as he approached.


I took the bull my the horns and walked forward with my hand out saying, "Charles, how good to see you?"


"Hi Liam, hi guys!"


There were hugs and kisses all round and I saw Tricia's face freeze. I assumed that she was still bloody furious with him but saw her look him up and down and I thought I saw lust!


Charles was doing all right, studying for a law degree and obviously still living well on daddy's money. The girls were all salivating and I found myself looking him up and down. The front of his jeans showed a lump that confirmed the size of it's contents and my thought again went back to that dream I used to conjure up of him fucking Tricia. It was a long time since I had seen Tricia really sexually excited and I even wondered if she had been faking it when I thought she was having a climax. She was sizing him too and I noticed the girls, and some of the guys, looking at the hulk of perfect manhood. He was strong-willed and took control of the conversation, easily chatting to all around him. I felt like that wimpy lad again and my brain drifted off and away from the general conversation.


"That would be great. It would be lovely to catch up on old times Tricia."


I heard him say the words but only the word "Tricia" brought me to my senses.


"That would be good wouldn't it Liam," said Tricia.


"Oh em yes," I replied unsure what was good.


"I'll give you a call then Charles, there's so much more I want to find out about you," said Tricia.


My heart dropped and I assumed we had arranged to see him again.


It was about two weeks later when Tricia told me she had arranged for us to meet Charles for dinner in a gastro pub about a mile from us. He, and we, would taxi there so we could relax and have a few drinks. I was full of woe.


Charles said he would pay so that was good and, to be honest, the evening went well until we hit the third bottle of wine. Charles' conversation jokingly turned to Tricia's promiscuity back in the high school days. She took it in her stride and pointed out that she wasn't the only one screwing everything on two legs. 


They giggled back and forth until he suddenly said, "There was no fuck as good as you. You were the only one who took me without complaint."


Tricia was oblivious to my awkwardness but I was also oddly stimulated by the conversation, hoping I might hear some of the actual details of their sex which Tricia had never told me.


"Do you remember the time we went back to Rose's house and her and her guy, was it Craig...yes that's it, they were shagging on the next bed and she looked at me and said she fancied a bit of my cock. She jumped over and pushed you back to straddle me and try to take my cock but couldn't. Her guy came over and watched as she tried to suck me and then she grabbed his head and made him do it. The poor guy was so embarrassed until she told him unless he did he wasn't getting any more. He sucked better than she did and I blew my load over the poor guy's face. God we laughed!"


I was horrified to say the least. Tricia had had a foursome of sorts, and had witnessed a guy blowing her boyfriend and never thought to mention it. I was quiet. The trouble is, my cock was brick hard and I had no idea why.


During the evening Charles told us both he was moving across town the following week as his landlord wanted the flat back. He was going to be staying in a hotel for three days as the new lease didn't start until the beginning of the new month and there was a three day shortfall.


"You could stay with us in the spare room Charles, couldn't he darling?"


Tricia looked at me with her white dazzling teeth and made it patently obvious that the answer I had to give was "yes."


After a few sentences of, "Oh I couldn't possibly trouble you," and a few, "Don't be silly we'd love to have you stay," it was set that Charles would stay from Friday to Monday the following weekend.


The evening continued with Tricia and him reminiscing rather openly about some of the places they had "done it," while I smiled quietly in the background.


When we were home, both a little worse for wear Tricia said to me, "Charles hasn't changed too much has he? He's a little better built but he's still as sexy as he ever was."


"I thought you hated what he did to you," I asked.


"Oh Liam, that was ages ago. It'll be just like old times next week won't it?"


As we climbed into bed, I wondered just how much like old times it would be. Tricia nuzzled up to me and kissed me. I responded. I was randy but I couldn't get the phrase "shop soiled goods" out of my head. It turned me on to think this guy knew her as well as I did. When my fingers found her slit she was wet and panting and I was sure I wasn't the one who had put her into that state. One thing, I would make damned sure I got the benefit from it. I fucked Tricia like a madman that night both missionary and doggy and she was as abandoned as I could ever have remembered. That night she definitely came!


As I fucked I wondered how she would be with the 'real' Charles fucking her rather than the substitute one currently embedded into her cunt from the rear. Was there an unbridled whore inside her waiting to be fucked relentlessly by a big black cock? Worse, as I pumped my cum into her my head was full of the thoughts of holding that cock as it fucked her.


After sex we both fell asleep but I knew I had to talk to her before the weekend.


The Friday was coming up fast. Charles had advised that the furniture he had was being moved to the garage at his new place so there was only him and a couple of suitcases coming.


Over a bottle of wine on the Wednesday I said to Tricia, "If you were still single, would you let Charles fuck you again?"


"Oh Liam what a silly question, I'm married."


"Let me phrase that again then Tricia, does the thought of his cock get you excited?"


"Stop it Liam, he's just an old friend."


"He's an old friend who still wants to get in your pants."


"Well it's not going to happen. Anyway how could it happen as you'll be here all the time so I can't get up to anything."


"You managed to get up to something when that Craig guy was present if I'm to believe the story about him sucking Charles off."


She went silent as though thinking about it and then said, "It was kind of exciting at the time but I was a different girl then."


"Are you?" I asked.


"Your getting turned on by all this aren't you?" she asked. "You like the idea of him flirting with me and maybe you want to suck some black cock."


I blushed and it was my turn to struggle for an answer.


"I'm your husband for God's sake, so why would I want another man to fuck you?"


"Mm, why indeed? she said.


We didn't discuss it again but I managed another great fuck that night. That was twice in one week so maybe Charles was adding some spice to our life.


When I returned from work on the Friday night Tricia was dressed simply but definitely sexily. Tight faded jeans and a flimsy white top which showed her tiny little bra and accentuated her breasts. She smelled good too.


"Charles has texted to say he'll be here in twenty minutes. He was.


We ate and had a few drinks, and Charles had brought half a dozen bottles of assorted wines including a champagne. We drank well and ended up with Tricia on the sofa, me sitting on the arm and Charles stretched on a bean bag. I put the opod on and when the strains of "Achy Breaky Heart," came on Charles jumped up.


"Remember our terrible attempts at line dancing?"


Tricia laughed as he offered his hand and she stood, kicked off her shoes and the pair of them started an "out of synch" line dance giggling and laughing as Tricia stumbled in her inebriated state. The next song was a slow number and the pair of them changed pace as he danced with her. When that finished, Tricia said she wanted to get a bit more comfortable as her jeans were a bit tight and padded into the bedroom. 


"I think I might put on some sleep shorts and a t-shirt too," said Charles.


Tricia was back in five minutes wearing the oversize t-shirt she loved lazing in around the house and Charles arrived back, bare footed and dressed equally casually.


"Go on Liam, get comfortable," said Tricia.


I went off and found out knee length shorts and a t-shirt and pulled them on before returning to the lounge. Charles was sitting on the arm of the sofa where I had been and Tricia lay stretched out. The t-shirt had ridden up and I could see her panties. I tried to catch her eye but she was too busy chatting to Charles to notice. I sat on the chair and let them chatter away.


As Charles half-stood, his bottom leaning on the sofa arm, I was aware of the shape of his cock in the shorts. It looked huge. I was sure it wasn't erect though it may have been partly swollen but it seemed to me to be about seven or eight inches and as thick as my forearm. I felt my cock stir and had to move my leg to cover it. As he spoke he would pat her leg and gently rub her calves and foot.


"You're a lucky man Liam, having such a beautiful girl as Tricia on tap." He turned to her and said, "I think about our times a lot."


I saw a definite jump in his cock when he said that.


"Do you ever miss what I gave you?" he asked her.


The alcohol was talking and Tricia smiled and said, "You gave me quite a lot and I'll bet it hasn't shrunk any!"


"No it hasn't and it has some fond memories as you were one of the few girls who never complained about the size. I don't suppose Liam here is a match is he?"


He looked at me in a pitiful way and smiled. His eyes looked back and forth at the two of us.


"We were jealous beasts in those days, all those hormones and testosterone running around. I suppose we're all less possessive now."


I knew what he was implying but wasn't sure if he was asking to take Tricia to bed, looking for a threesome or just simply trying to get me annoyed. Tricia seemed oblivious to it though but I wasn't so sure she hadn't felt the heavy sexual tension in the air. Maybe he didn't know where this was going himself and was just testing to see what we would do.


I did nothing.


"Liam here isn't the jealous type," said Tricia. "He's not your usual macho-type, are you love?"


"Wouldn't you get upset if a guy tried to get inside your wife's pants, Liam?"


"Of course I would," I replied trying to be forceful.


"Would it not turn you on just a little bit to think she was your wife and another guy had a hard cock thinking about fucking her?"


He looked down and his cock jumped up. It was now noticeably standing up in the thin fabric of his shorts. Tricia couldn't see it as he was sitting open-legged facing in my direction. I had to assume it was for my benefit.


I was quiet again.


"What if Tricia said you could watch her getting some and maybe even have a wank while it happened?"


Tricia looked at me and I detected anticipation in her face. She wanted him to fuck her. I could see the look. She was wet and I was the only person stopping her. I wondered if I did stop it, would she slip out of bed when I was asleep and do it anyway. She knew I slept soundly.


"I need another drink," I said. "Anyone else?"


"More wine darling," said Tricia, as her eyes dropped and she saw Charles' stiff cock for the first time that night. "Charles, you are naughty."


"You always got me going Tricia but I'm aware Liam got you and I didn't. My cock's got a good memory and I suppose it's thinking of good times."


I came back into the room from the kitchen and he addressed me. "Have you never wondered exactly what Tricia and I did? Have you never been excited at the thought of another man having sex with her and wondered if she enjoyed it as much as she did with you? Have you ever wanted to see her excited with another man?"


He almost whispered the last couple of sentences.


"We could fulfil that fantasy for you Liam. I think Tricia wants to and I have a feeling your cock is rigid in your pants right now."


As I walked past him, he squeezed the front of my shorts and my semi-hard cock jumped almost as much as I did.


"I know the answer!" he said.


His hand wandered up Tricia's leg, under her loose t-shirt and she laid her head back and gasped making no attempt to stop him. I sipped my wine while sitting opposite the show on the couch. He moved steadily up her legs and reached his target as Tricia exhaled loudly. I could only imagine his fingers stroking the front of her panties and rubbing her clit through the fabric. My breathing was coming in gasps and my heart was pounding. He slid from the arm to the sofa, lifting and spreading her legs open so only he could see in between them and all the way up to her panties. He rolled over and stretched up to kiss Tricia fully on the lips. She said nothing but responded passionately, her arms coiling around him. My cock hurt!

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He lifted the oversized t-shirt off and over her head, leaving her topless and in her little pair of lacy panties. I couldn't see but assumed they would be very damp. He kissed her breasts in turn and lifted them upwards towards his large lips, sucking her nipples and then licking around them. Neither of them looked at me. His own t-shirt came off revealing his athletic body as he kissed his way down her torso and his face then disappeared between Tricia's legs. Sideways all I could see was the top of his curly black hair bobbing up and down as he licked between her legs, his hands pushing the panties aside to allow his tongue into her. Of course, I was looking at this sideways so could not see the actual sexual contact which made it even more erotic. Tricia was whimpering.


Charles slid his shorts down and stood up, deliberately turning so that I was given a full view of his cock. I guessed it had to be ten inches long and thick. It couldn't stand to a full erection as the weight made it droop stiffly downwards. His testicles were out of proportion in that they looked small for such a big organ. He smiled when I looked at it.


He whispered, "I want you to have a ringside seat when I do it. I want you up close and smelling the sex, do you hear me?"


When I said nothing, still looking stunned, he snapped much more loudly, "Do you hear me?"


I nodded dumbly.




Tricia's pants came off and she was naked too. He swung her around so that she was sitting properly on the sofa facing me and he knelt down to drink between her legs, his bottom facing me and I saw his arsehole, slightly open and dark purple, looking in my direction. I wondered for a moment how a man could ever take another man's cock in that little ring. He stood her up and led her to the bedroom leaving me in the lounge, still clothed. I sat dumbly listening as Tricia was teased and excited, her little gasps of pleasure wafting back through. Not watching was almost as exciting as watching. 


I dragged myself to my feet and went to the room. He was on top, his arse still facing me as he kissed her lips and neck. His bottom rising and falling in an automatic motion emulating the sex to follow. I slid my shorts down and pulled my t-shirt off, watching from the door and stroking my cock. I felt excited, humiliated, dirty and jealous. He was astride her shoulders now, his cock looking obscenely large lying across her face. I was at an angle and could see the action. He raised himself and offered his cock to her mouth and with her left hand steadying it, she tried to stuff as much in as she could. She rolled his foreskin back and sucked the purple head, cupping his balls with her other hand.


"God you're a sexy bitch. I bet you've missed my big cock. Did you think of it while he fucked you?"


I saw Tricia's head nod ever so slightly.


"Come here and watch her getting the fucking of her life white boy," he said.


I walked to the end of the bed. He stood and turned to face me, towering over my smaller frame.


"Suck it. Suck her saliva off my cock!"


I looked at him, my eyes watering slightly and looked at the lust in Tricia's eyes. He put his hand on my head and pushed me to my knees. I wanted it. I had to have the thing that was going to service my wife inside me. I put the head in my mouth and he started to forcefully push causing me to gag. He pulled back and let me find my own pace. I started sucking as though I was hungry animal. I needed his flesh in my mouth. Somewhere at the back of my mind the thought of "maybe one day he'll put it inside my hole" registered even though I couldn't see any way it would ever fit it.


He pulled it out and whipped it across my face leaving saliva-laden streaks.


"I'm going to fuck her and you're going to be licking her cunt as I do it."


I stroked my cock frantically. I felt as though I had taken a drug and my head was bursting with euphoria as it took effect. 


He made me lie on the bed, then asked Tricia to straddle me in a "sixty-nine" position and suck my cock. He went behind her and his cock was once again in my face along with Tricia's trim cunt.


"Lick her out," he commanded.


I complied, my tongue slurping into her soaking cunt. As I did so, his cock appeared and only two inches away, I watched it start to enter her vagina. Only the head slid in at first and as he tried to push more and more I started to lick his cock and Tricia's cunt. The juices and my saliva were everywhere and I couldn't get enough of the flesh and fluids being presented to me. It took about ten minutes but soon me was embedded into my wife. He started to fuck in earnest and I had to stop Tricia before she had a mouthful of my cum. His fucking was rough and relentless and I was feeling hot down there between Tricia's legs, her fluids dripping on to my face.


Tricia came. It sounded nothing like I had ever managed to make her do. Charles' pace changed too and as my tongue tried to lick his cock I felt the pump of his fluids entering my wife. He groaned a really guttural sound as his pace slowed. When he stopped, his cock slid out and landed, covered in cum and juices, on my face. I wanked furiously as cum dripped out of Tricia and landed on my lips. As I came, I allowed his sperm to enter my mouth and at the point of ejaculation actually stuck my tongue into her to drink as much as I could manage. I had tasted my own but never another man's before but mixed with my wife's juices it tasted like nectar.


Charles climbed off and used a tissue to wipe his cock. He threw the box to me. 


"How was that pussy boy?" he said.


I half smiled.


He turned to Tricia and said, "Was it as good as you remember?"


She beamed a smile which said it all.


If Charles felt awkward after the sex, he showed no sign of it as we sat looking at each other afterwards.


"It was good to get a chance to share my cock with both of you," he said. "There's so much more it would like to do but there's still a couple of nights before I move out."


Tricia looked sideways at me and I looked down at Charles' cock now limp but still a weapon of mass destruction, and wondered what he meant.




Next morning Charles was acting as though nothing had happened and, to be honest, Tricia was also chatting away as though pretending she hadn't allowed her ex-boyfriend to shag her in front of me and then hhhhhhhhh me by making him suck his cock and then lick his cum out of my wife. I stayed quiet and ate my breakfast like a good little boy should.


"I'll see you both later," said Charles as he headed for the door. "Are we having another night in?"


He winked as he said that and headed out, leaving me with Tricia.


"You're quiet," she said.


"It's not everyday you watch your wife being fucked by a large black cock," I replied.


"And you hated every minute didn't you" she said a little sarcastically.


I ate quietly again.


"Well tell me. You cock was as hard as I've ever seen it and I didn't ask you to lick his cum out of me. That didn't seem like the actions of a reluctant husband."


I said little, mainly because I was confused. She was right, of course. I had loved seeing her being stimulated and excited by another man. Even more so, back in our college days I would have paid to see Charles fucking her so my dreams had come true but she was my wife now and also I was confused at how much I had enjoyed actually seeing Charles' cock and also touching it. I wanted his spunk on my face more than anything last night and no one had forced me. My cock was hard yet again and I wondered what the night coming up would bring.


As it turned out I didn't get the chance. Charles phoned to say something had come up with a client and he was the only one available at the weekend to deal with it so he would be late home and not to wait for him. I was strangely disappointed and judging by Tricia's face, I wasn't the only one. We ate quietly and had a bottle of wine before going to bed. I tried to instigate sex and she let me kiss and fondle her before declaring she was tired. I didn't hear Charles come home.


On the Sunday morning we all breakfasted together and he apologised, saying he would make it up to us on that night. He would get the food and cook dinner.


Nothing was said about sex but Tricia decided to have a long soak in the bath late afternoon and I showered thoroughly. Wishful thinking on both out parts, perhaps?


Charles bounced back in, around 6.00pm with steaks, bags of salad and potatoes for baking. He had a big, exotic ice cream dessert and a number of chinking wine bottles. He deposited everything in the kitchen and went upstairs to shower before returning in shorts, baggy t-shirt and flip flops. We were all casually dressed anyway and I went to help him prepare while Tricia watched the tail end of an old movie on television.


As we worked in the kitchen Charles cupped the front of his shorts and said to me, "Did you miss this last night?"


"Probably Tricia did," I replied.


"And you didn't miss getting your hands on it then Liam?"


I blushed and concentrated on mixing the salad.


"I'll take that as a yes then," he said. "The night's young!"


The steak were great, 28 days aged and full of flavour. The wine was good too and we were soon chatting away with the conviviality than a few glasses of good wine creates. Charles slid a blue pill across to me.


"Viagra, Liam. It's great when you are going to have sex. Try it!"


"Am I going to have sex Charles?" I said.


"Trust me, you are Liam," he replied. "I took one earlier and I've got a horn that won't go away."


Tricia looked at me, smiled and said, "Go on, live dangerously!"


I swallowed the pill.


A light flushing started about 15 minutes later though I couldn't say I felt horny. Charles had moved over to Tricia and, while looking at me, deliberately kissed her fully on the lips, his right hand cupping hear right breast.


"You don't mind, do you Liam?"


The question was rhetoric as his hand was up her short skirt and Tricia was flushing as his finger found it's Mark. My breathing was now slightly different and my forehead felt hot. Suddenly I felt my cock rise faster than it had done since I was a teenager. It stood obscenely in my shorts and Charles looked across and smiled. 


"I see it's ready for business!"


He stood up, dropped his shorts, pulled off his t-shirt and stood with his thick black cock sticking straight out from his body.


"So's mine," he said. "Come and suck me Liam. I want to see you head bobbing up and down on my cock before I fuck your wife."


It was as though someone was pulling strings and I was a puppet. I stood as though in a trance, dropped my own shorts until I was as naked as him and my smaller cock was like a rod of iron. I walked over and knelt in front of him, gripping his hard cock and wrapping my mouth around it. The initial taste of just skin gave way to a slightly saltier taste as the pre-cum oozed out from the head and my tongue swirled under his foreskin to find it. I was horny, more so than I had been for years. I wanted everything to happen!


Tricia stripped and stood against Charles slightly to the side. I took his cock in my hand and pushed it against her front, the hard flesh pressing into her skin. She also dropped to her knees and took it in her mouth, right beside me, sucking and then offering it to me. I sucked and offered it back. We continued sucking this rigid member for some five minutes or so. He lifted her up and started to kiss her almost violently, the slurping sounds echoing around the room interspersed with Tricia's gasping and panting. Still on my knees I could see his long black fingers slide into her wet cunt, stretching and probing. I knelt, watching, stroking my own cock which was so hard, it hurt. 


He led Tricia through to the room as he had done the last time, making no reference to me and left me where I was on the floor. I meekly followed.


Tricia was pushed down on the bed and he knelt before her pushing her legs apart and pressing his mouth to her gaping cunt. Her legs were almost obscenely up in the air in a "V" shape as he did this and I walked around, cock in hand to watch closely as he worked on her gaping slit with his long tongue. Tricia was whimpering, the sound rising and falling as his tongue played with her clitoris. I decided to attempt to involve myself so climbed on to the bed to offer my cock to her mouth. She wrapped her lips around it and started to suck but I felt her attention was more focused on Charles and his long tongue than on my cock.


"Fuck her," he suddenly said.


"What?" I responded, not sure if I had heard him correctly.


"I want to watch you fuck her," he insisted.


I climbed off the bed and lifted Tricia into a more normal, missionary position for fucking.


"Do her doggy," he commanded.


I did as I was told and Tricia swung around on all fours while I climbed on her back and steadily slid my cock in her hole.


"Yea that's great. Fuck her hard and let me hear her cum," he said.


I started to pump into Tricia and felt Charles' hand on my buttocks, pushing me. His fingers started to probe downwards and he pushed against my hole. It hurt and I said so. Charles likes to get what he wants so he withdrew his fingers and I continued to fuck. It was no more than 30 second before I felt the coldness of KY lubricant on my hole and his finger pushing in once again. It was strangely exciting and for some reason actually increased my erection so I tried as hard as I could to relax and let him finger me. As the lubricant softened he was able to slide in and out much more easily until I was aware of a slight stretching. I told him he was hurting.


"I'm not surprised mate, I've got three fingers in you!"


That news actually excited my and I fucked Tricia all the more, using all my experience to try to bring her to a climax. She was enjoying the fuck, I was sure, but I just couldn't get her to orgasm. I slowed to a steadier pace and felt Charles climb on the bed, I assumed to take over. I was wrong. I felt his cock against my hold and the push of hard black flesh attempting to enter me.


"I don't think I manage..."


That was as far as I got before the head of his cock pushed into me and I yelled. I tried to pull back but I was embedded in Tricia at the front and he was at the back, his hand firmly holding my hips.


"Be patient," he said.


He held his cock stead and the initial shock eased.


"Keep fucking her and I'll hold my cock steady," he said.


I did that and found a weird pleasure as my cock slid into Tricia and as I pulled back, I impaled myself on Charles. The pain took on a new dimension and had a stimulating quality to it until I was ramming hard into Tricia and hard back into Charles. I had no idea how much of his cock was in me but it felt like the whole ten inches was inside me. It probably wasn't but my poor hole was stretched in a way it was never meant to be.


I was going to cum and I told him so.


"No you fucking ain't," he said and stopped, pulling his cock out.


He pulled me off Tricia and immediately sunk his cock straight inside her. Once more I was on the sidelines watching and wanking. I had an idea and took the KY squeezing a dollop on my finger and rubbed it on his arse.


"You can finger but you're not fucking, ok?" he said.


I fingered his hole. He was tight and I struggled to get more than one finger inside him, however I found his upward thrusting on to my finger erotic.


Tricia easily managed to orgasm with Charles inside her. Her nails dug in his back and she called out for him to fuck her harder as she almost screamed to climax. I was close too and so wanted to cum.


I moved behind him and pressed my cock against his arse as he continued to fuck Tricia, just stroking it up and down against his hole. I was very close now. He announced his imminent ejaculation into Tricia so I held my cock and pushed against his arse plunging into him as I was cumming. My spunk shot pulse and after pulse of cum inside his hole just as he was shooting into Tricia and trying very hard to get off my cock.


I withdrew quite quickly while he was trying to come down from his orgasm and his language was not very choice.


"I figured, Charles, that you might enjoy some of the things you have been offering me over the last couple of days," I said.


He cursed under his breath and headed for the toilet. I looked at Tricia and we both burst into laughter.


"I suppose what's good for the goose etc etc," she said and we laughed again.


Charles was quite quiet for the rest of the evening and when he left the following day there was a curt farewell and off he went.


I feel really weird about the whole incident especially my venture into the bisexual side of things. Tricia said it turned her on, Charles has made himself scarce and we've started looking on some of the swingers sites to see if we can find some more considerate partners. I figure, however, that once he calms down, we may see even more of Charles in the future.


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