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Erin's Adventure: A New Friend. Erin meets her first black stud.

Guest ShaneKonink321

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Guest ShaneKonink321
Erin's Adventure: A New Friend


This is the story of Erin's discovery of black cock. We had been dating for 4 years when these events took place. She is 5'7, 150 lbs and has pale white skin. With shoulder length blonde hair, blue eyes and a round face most people find her to be very pretty. However, it is her perky soft 32 C breasts and her huge round smooth bubble butt that really get people going. She has a small waist with wide hips and thick legs. She is the definition of a true curvy girl, but not fat by any means. 


I am a relatively attractive white male, in excellent physical shape. Unfortunately I have a very mediocre 5-inch penis. During the time of this adventure, we were both in our early 20s. All of these events are true, and really did occur. The story will be told from both Erin's point of view, and my own as sometimes I was not present to witness. 




Erin Makes a Friend


At this point in time, we had not discussed having sex with anyone else, we just played with the dildo I had purchased (previous story) on a rather frequent basis. The events of this story occurred about a month after the previous event. 


Erin had been away for work for a few days, leaving me to run free around the house. Naturally I did the usual, got drunk with friends, ate a ton of pizza and junk food and watched a copious amount of porn. I had just started watching a particularly intense Justin Slayer video when I received a text from Erin. It was a picture of her holding up the dildo sitting on her bed in her hotel room. It read, "God I'm horny, I can't wait until I come back tomorrow. What do you think I should do with this in the mean time?"


I responded, "I want you to push the head of it against your wet pussy, and rub it slowly up and down your clit. But don't let it slide into you."


Erin replied, "Sounds like you're horny too. Did I catch you jerking off?" 


Two pictures followed this message; the first Erin was licking up the side of her 8 inch black dildo and winking at the camera. The second she had the head in her mouth as she looked up at the camera, the same view you would see if her lips were wrapped around your cock. 


I said, " Yeah, I am really horny babe. I was watching porn thinking about you, I can't wait until you get home...I want to lick and kiss you all over."


Erin replied, "Mmm! Baby you make my pussy so wet when you lick and suck on my clit. Send me the link to what you were watching. We'll watch it together and I'll send you pictures of what I want you to do with me."


My stomach curled in knots. I debated sending her a regular boring porn clip instead of Justin Slayer absolutely destroying some white girl. But I was so excited about the thought of Erin getting dominated in the exact same way that I decided to take my fantasy to another level. I sent her the link to the Slayer video.


No response.


For a few minutes I waited, anxious and hard. Slowly jerking myself to the video still playing on my computer screen. 


Erin messaged me, "I'm so turned on right now, I want to get fucked like that!" 


I started jerking off a lot faster as relief flooded my body.


Suddenly a torrent of pictures came my way.


Erin lying in the bed, thong pulled to the side. Her juicy pink pussy lips wrapped tightly around the black dildo that was half way inside of her. You could see the sheen on the material from where her wetness had leaked. Another picture, her ass up in the air from behind, thong still pulled to the side, the dildo balls deep in her pussy and her hand slapping her ass. 


More and more pictures of the dildo at various depths in her extremely wet hole came. She was rubbing her clit with it all the way in her; from the look on her face she was clearly cumming. 


I could see the porn video off to the side; she was always in the same position that the girl had been in. Furiously masturbating, I messaged her back, "You want to get fucked by a big black cock, just like the girl in the video don't you?"


Erin replied, "Fuck yes! I want to feel his big black cock deep in my pussy stretching it out while I scream and cum!"


That did it for me. More pictures of Erin came in of her riding the dildo with her ass facing the camera, Justin Slayer had just had the girl in the video scream and cum, just as I had read that text. I shot my load, all over myself, all over my laptop making a big mess. 


I was still receiving pictures. Erin's pussy was so wet, there was a giant wet spot on the sheets below her and you could easily see that the dildo literally had her juices dripping off of it.


The final two were of her sucking the dildo deep into her mouth. They were captioned, "I wish this thing could cum in my mouth."


Weird I thought to myself, she hates it when I do that. But I didn't care because it was hot as hell to hear her say it. 


We chatted for a bit before deciding to go to bed. She ended the conversation by saying she had a surprise for me when she got home tomorrow. This got me excited enough that I jerked off again before falling asleep.


The Next Day


All day I had been thinking about was what this surprise could be, especially after our wonderful sexting session. Getting hard every time I thought about it I needed to push it out of my mind to avoid any awkward situations while at work. Still the hours dragged on as I waited for Erin to get home later that night.


Erin continually messaged me about how horny she was all day, and how she couldn't wait to get fucked when she came home. Clearly this didn't help keep my mind off of what this surprise could be. Finally my workday ended, I returned home and waited for Erin and the surprise. The surprise ended up being so much more than I could have possibly imagined. 


She messaged me saying that her flight was delayed and that she would be home a bit later than previously expected. I decided that I would watch some porn, and not jerk off so that I'd be absolutely insane with lust when she finally got home. I put on one of my favorite interracial scenes and got comfortable.


Just as the scene was about half over, I looked up and saw Erin standing there watching with me. I had no idea how she got in so quickly and quietly, but those questions were instantly erased from my mind when I saw what she was wearing. 


She was dressed like an absolute slut! 


5 Inch black high heels, an extremely tight leopard print strapless dress. It hugged every curve of her body, ending just below her big round ass and cutting low into her tits giving her a ton of cleavage. Her lips were colored bright red and her hair was clearly done by a professional. 


I thought I was going to explode just from seeing her!


I got up off the couch and walked towards her. I couldn't wait to get my hands all over her body. 


She pushed my hands away and told me that I couldn't touch until I got my surprise as her eyes flicked to the computer screen. She asked, "What do you think about when you watch porn like that?"


It was now or never, I was so horny from the expectation and her showing up looking the way she did that I blurted out, "I think about you getting fucked by the huge black cock like the girls in the videos."


Erin paused for a second, thinking, then said, "So you'd actually want me to fuck a black guy while you watched? You would really like that?"


I looked down at my feet almost in shame, and replied, "Yes".


Erin smiled, "Well I guess you'll have to wait for your surprise then." She took my hand and led me to the door.


"Where are we going?" I asked. 


She shrugged, "To find a big black cock for me to fuck."


I couldn't believe what I heard. "Are... are you serious?" I stuttered.


"This is what you want isn't it?" Erin replied, as she pulled me by the hand out side the house and locked the door. 


We hopped in the car and she drove us downtown and parked. Not a word was said the whole time. We entered one of the sketchier nightclubs in the city. Erin got in for free, whereas I barely got in at all.


She strutted up to the bar, hips swaying and bought both of us a drink. I was still in a daze as she handed me the drink and said wait here I won't be long. She took her drink and disappeared onto the dance floor. 


I stood there a sipped on my drink, catching glimpses of her working her way through the crowd. She seemed to have finally found someone who interested her, as she stopped moving around and started dancing. I could only see the top of her head and I couldn't see who she was with. 


After about 10-15 minutes there was a slight break in the crowd. Just enough for me to catch a glimpse of what was happening. Erin was grinding her ass all over some guy, who I couldn't quite see. What I could see though was his hands reaching around her from the back and groping her heavily @@@@@@@ tits. Then the crowd swallowed them up again.


A few more songs played and I had finished my drink. I'd completely lost sight of her and I was debating between getting another drink and going out to find her. Suddenly Erin slipped out of the crowd right in front of me. Her cleavage running even deeper than before, and the bottom of her ass cheeks were hanging out of her skirt. From behind her a very muscular black guy came out of the crowd. He had shoulder length dreadlocks pulled back and tied. He was only slightly taller than me however his arm muscles bulged beneath his shirt. He was wearing baggy jeans, and a football shirt.


I was wondering to myself how this guy got in here dressed like that. He looked like a total street thug. Erin snapped me out of my daze by simply saying, "we're leaving."


Erin led the way out of the club, her new friend followed behind her, and I was last in line. As she walked I could tell she was purposely swinging her hips and making her ass bounce.


Once we got to the car Erin pulled her keys out of her clutch and "accidentally" dropped them. She bent over slowly to pick them up off the ground looking back into the eyes of her new friend as she did it. Her dress slowly rolled up exposing her gigantic smooth white ass. Her black lace thong was the only thing left in the way of her showing off her pussy to the world. She held this position for a second longer than needed then received a brutally hard slap on her ass from her new friend. Her ass jiggled from the impact.


Erin stood back up, but didn't fix her dress. More than half of her ass was now hanging out the bottom and you could see the red mark from where her friend slapped it. She threw me the keys, not saying a word and jumped in the back seat, her friend followed.


I got in the driver seat and started heading home, I tried to position the rear-view mirror so I could see what was happening in the back but it was pretty dark. 


There was no kissing, but a hell of a lot of groping. I could hear Erin moan as he grabbed her tits. He reached down and started to rub her pussy through her thong.


"Damn your pussy's wet. You're a little slut aren't you?" He said. 


Erin looked at me in the mirror and said, "I just can't wait to try my first black cock. Make me your slut daddy!" 


I almost crashed the car. 


There was more moaning and groaning from both sides as we neared the house. Suddenly Erin exclaimed, "Oh my God! That thing is huge!"


Her friend replied, "Come and get your first taste of a black cock bitch."


I feverishly tried to reposition the mirror to see, but to no avail. All I could see was the back of my girlfriend's head bobbing up and down. There were wet sloppy sucking noises and the occasional gag. 


I pulled into the driveway, threw the car into park and whipped myself around to see what I had been missing. 


He had a fistful of her hair and was forcing her head down deeper onto his cock. There was about an inch left outside of her mouth. I could see Erin's makeup was running down her face a bit and her eyes were red. She was clearly gagging, but had given no indication that she wanted to stop.


He slowly pulled her head up off of his cock. Inch by inch his thick black cock slid out of Erin's mouth. It was shining from all of the spit left behind. She neared the tip of his cock, with only the head in her mouth; 9 inches linked her lips to his lap. Her friend commented, "Not bad slut. You still need a bit of training but that was pretty good for your first time." 


There was a popping sound as he pulled the head of his cock from her mouth. Erin tried to go back down and continue sucking, but he pulled her by the hair and told her she'll get more inside. 


On the way inside Erin whispered something into his ear that I couldn't quite make out. But he nodded indicating he was okay with whatever it was she said. 


Once we were inside her friend addressed me for the first time, "Get yourself a drink and come sit on the couch. There's going to be a show." 


I did exactly that. Sitting on the opposite end of the couch as him Erin walked to the center of the room and announced, "This was going to be your surprise, but since you wanted to watch me fuck someone else, you can watch me give away your surprise."


With that she turned on music and began to dance.


Slowly and seductively she moved her hips, bent over forwards and backwards, giving us glimpses of her sexy body. She walked up close to her friend and sat in his lap. Slowly grinding into him as she peeled her dress off. As her dress came off it revealed that she had lingerie on underneath. A sleek partially see through piece that was like one long piece of fabric that wrapped around her, leaving most of her @@@@@@@ while still covering her tits. She had a matching black lace thong on that was now completely soaked. 


Standing up, she took one step forward and dropped to her hands and knees. She began shaking and twerking her big ass for her new friend. Her ass being her best feature, we were both left awestruck at the scene in front of us. 


Her friend stood up and took his clothes off, his 9 inch black cock still hard and shiny from fucking Erin's face earlier. He walked around to the front of her while she shook her ass and kneeled. His cock pointed directly at her mouth. 


He grabbed the back of her head and slowly slid his cock into her mouth saying, "Don't you dare stop shaking that ass slut." 


Inches slowly disappeared down her throat while her round white ass twerked and jiggled in the air. The occasional slap coming down hard from her new friend. 


She began to choke as her lips neared his balls. But her friend continued to push. With one last thrust of the hips his balls slapped her chin. Erin gagged and tried to pull away but he held her there tightly. She stopped shaking her ass as she choked on his cock. 


He pulled his cock out immediately and slapped her ass hard. 


"I thought you wanted this cock? Did I tell you to stop?" He demanded.


Erin couldn't reply as she was still recovering and trying to catch her breath.


"If you want to feel how a real man fucks a slut then you better listen to my instructions. Do you want to feel this in your pussy or not?" He asked as he grabbed his cock and slapped her face with it. 


I was worried that this might have gotten out of hand. Just as I was about to say something Erin replied, "I want your cock in my pussy so badly! I need you to teach me how to handle a real dick!" There was a look of pure primal lust in her eyes.


With that, she received another slap on the ass. This time it was a slap of approval. "Get up on the couch, with that ass up in the air." He ordered.


As Erin walked to the couch she unwrapped her lingerie letting it fall to the floor. She looked over at me and said, "I hope you enjoy this as much as I'm going to." 


I certainly was. This was everything I had imagined. He was treating her like a total slut and she loved it. 


While her friend put a condom on she positioned herself on her hands and knees with her ass up in the air. Her friend walked up behind her and grabbed his huge cock. He smacked it on her ass a few times showing off its weight. He pulled her thong to the side and began pushing the head of his cock against her pussy. He rubbed it up and down, causing Erin to moan.


Erin looked at me with a smile on her face. Suddenly her friend pushed his cock into her, one long hard stroke. The combination of her extreme wetness and the spit from the blowjobs allowed him to sink all the way in to the balls on his first thrust. The smile instantly disappeared off of Erin's face as her mouth dropped wide open. Her eyes rolled back in her head and she stopped breathing. 


A low guttural moan escaped her lips. Her muscles contracted and convulsed uncontrollably as her body was rocked by an orgasm. Her friend just stood there holding his cock as deep inside her as he could while she shook and came.


When her orgasm subsided her friend said, "You love this black cock don't you slut?"


Erin moaned, "God yes! Fuck me hard, I want to be a good little slut for you!"


He slowly withdrew his cock from her dripping wet pussy until only the head was inside. His throbbing piece of meat was glistening from her juices. He slammed the full length of it back inside her so hard that you could hear the slap when his hips met her ass. Erin grunted loudly at the assault. 


He grabbed her hips firmly and started pounding her from behind. Pulling his cock nearly all the way out and slamming it in balls deep with every thrust. Erin's grunts and moans turned to screams of pleasure. She took the full assault on her pussy with a proud look of ecstasy on her face.


He fucked her hard and fast for 10 solid minutes before Erin had another body wrenching orgasm. However, this time while she screamed and came her friend did not let up. He grabbed her by the hair and yanked her head back while continuing to slam his giant black cock deep into her white pussy. He continued pounding away while Erin yelled out how much she loved his cock. 


Once her second orgasm had subsided, her arms gave out. Her face buried into the couch with her ass high in the air. Her friend pulled his cock out of her dripping wet pussy and pulled off the condom, throwing it on the floor. He then repositioned himself slightly to get even deeper into her stretched out pussy. When his bare black cock entered her, Erin knew what had happened, she yelled out, "I love how good your bare black cock fills me!"


He continued to slam into her for another 10 minutes while slapping her ass hard, never slowing down. He called her every filthy name I could imagine, and she loved every second of it. 


He began to slow down. I thought he was finally about to cum after fucking her hard and fast for nearly a half hour. That wasn't the case. He pulled out and sat down on the couch.


"Come sit on this dick and show me how a good little slut rides." He commanded. 


Without hesitation Erin straddled his bare black cock and slowly sank down onto it. She leaned her tits into his face and he began to suck and bite on her nipples. When she was finally sitting on his lap she began to gyrate her hips quickly back and forth.


Her friend removed her tit from his mouth and grabbed her hips so she couldn't gyrate anymore. He said to her, "You're here to please me slut. I said ride this cock, not get yourself off." 


He gave her a firm slap on the ass to set her off. Erin slowly lifted her ass up until she almost removed the cock from her pussy and then slammed down quickly. He smiled. She continued this pattern while he sucked on her nipples again. 


This was one of Erin's moves. She rides a cock like no other, the way her hips move as your cock slides into her is absolutely incredible. When she rode me like this I came in seconds. However, her new friend held out for 15 minutes of having his dick worked by a pro. 


"Tell me how much you love this dick." He said as he cupped her tits and squeezed hard. 


"I've never felt so fucking good! I want to please your big black cock every second of the day! Please make me your little cum slut!" Erin pleaded as she picked up the pace and started riding him faster. 


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