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A Family Owned

Guest andymar

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Guest andymar
I had worked for a well known pub leasing company for 3 Years. My role was area manager. Looking after about 6 pubs. It was fairly junior position and the pubs I had were not what you could call celubrias. 



Any way one day my boss tells me to get "heavy" with the landlord and landlady of the Ruddy duck. A pub that was a real shit hole they were behind with the rents to the tune off over £10,000 



Id only met brian and Liz the once. A couple in thier late 50s early 60s



He was pretty nondescript and Liz was a typical brassy type of lady all bussom nails and attitude.



When I arrived at the pub it was late afternoon and about to close. I could tell that my presence wasnt desired. 



I insisted that we had to talk and we went upstairs to the small cramped living area above the pub.



We were in thier lounge the room quite small and as often the case with pub accommodation very warm. Lizs cheap perfume seemed to fill the air.



" im really sorry but this can not continue. We have had no rent now for 4 months and no response from our constant letters. I have to say the time has come for you to vacate this business".



I was sat in the one arm chair brian and Liz on the couch.Liz was by now in tears. brian comforting her. Seeing Liz like this for some perverse reason had made my cock bulge.



"Please robert" said brian " what are we to do? This is our home as well as our business. "IM sorry" I said but you have to get back on track and I cant see that happening" 



" look please" said Liz her eyes now red from tears. We are begging you. Please give us some more time"



Now this is where I made a fateful decision



"But your not begging are you your asking. Let me see you both beg properly". 



"I dont know what you mean"? Said Liz. "I mean like in books I want you both to beg me. Knees, crawling,boot kissing begging".



Fuck me now my cock felt like it would explode. My mouth dry and a slight concern that id gone way to far.



In what was seconds but feltblike an eternity this older couple were down on the floor on thier knees at my feet.



"Now ask me" I said now feeling very excited and horny.



"Please sir please let my self and my wife stay" To be honest I was pretty stunned. This was a scenario that I had longed dreamed of. Yes I guess many of you out there may think it pathetic and cruel to make this poor couple have to hhhhhhhhh them selves to this lad of late 20s but it was a huge turn on.



"Liz" I said looking at this woman, wife prostrate at my feet with her so obviously whimpy husband. " I want to see you topless remove your blouse"



I should say that Liz had a wonderful looking cleavage. I bet her fat tits were a at least a 44 dd.



OMG this plump 50 plus woman was now removing her top. Her massive breasts held by a very large bra. 


I could see her nipples hardening through the material.



"Now the bra you fucking slut" fuck I was really getting into this now. All reasonable thought seemrd to have left me.



A faint little smile was on her face as she did as I asked.it was then I knew this slut was getting of on this. brian to was now holding him self through his troussers as we both watched Liz reveal her tits.



"Stay on your knees Liz" I said " now suck your own tit for me" 



So now im commanding another mans wife to suck her own tit. Liz cupping one enormous breast. Brings her own fat hard errect nipple to her mouth. Her tounge flicking at her nipple. I think for me what made this even more erotic was seeing her hand and fingers beautifully manicured red varnished nails on her finger I could see her wedding, engagement, eternity rings.



Did brian know that when he lovingly placed those rings upon his then young brides fingers that one day in the future his wife , mother and for all I know grand mother would be made to slut herself in front of him for the enjoyment of another man?



"Let me see you give your self a love bite on your breast Liz" mmmmmm now this slut is sucking up skin between her own teeth every now and then brian and I hear a loud sucking noise as Lizs mouth sucks hsrd on her own breast.I can see a huge reddish purple bruise appear around her nipple.

brian" I say "im not sure you both fully committed to begging me to allow you to stay here"



" we are robert please look at us are we not already doing as you asked?" brian glances at his wife.Liz is still sucking her nipple .her own lipstick making kiss marks on her own breast.



I reply "from now on you both call me sir. Understand?" "Yes sir" they both reply.



I can not believe my good fortune I chance another command. " both of you will strip NOW"



Now im watching this couple taking of thier clothes. Liz already half dressed is now naked. brian is also soon naked.



"Place your hands on your heads" I command.



Liz is a plumpish woman. Id guess a size 16. Little bit of a jelly belly, which by her stance she is clearly alittle conscious of.


Her boobs, one of course now showing purple bruising from her self inflicted love bites are truly magnificent. She has long very suckable nipples." Liz" I say part your legs slightly" she does as"sir"asks like a good trained wife should.



Despite her large size, Lizs legs are very shapley her thighs though plump look strong. Which is just as well because I know this bitch is going to be getting fucked hard. Between her legs a very black haired pussy. But more of that later.



brian now naked is a skinny guy his cock I notice is showing real signs of hardness like Liz how ever he to sports the hairy look.



I think guys you both need to visit the bathroom its time we brought you sex into 21st century. They make to walk."ahshah slaves never walk" they stop. Obviously confused. "Slaves crawl" fucking hell I think am I really doing this?



Now this couple are on thier hand's and knees crawling to thier own bathroom. Lizs tits actually dragging on the floor.brians cock now fully errect. These two are not begging. This isnt humiliation. They are just fucking horny!



"Now" I say " I want you both smooth and free from hair. Thats right you little fucks get shaving each other NOW"I think this has to be the best time iv ever had. My "slaves" are now both stood before me. Both slaves are completely smooth and free from pubic hair 



Lizs cunt lips seem to almost stand out. "Liz come to me" this loverly mature woman is now sat next to me on the couch. "brian come and finger your wife for me". Liz spreads her legs as brian inserts two fingers into her snatch. Now hes fingering her Liz lets out a truly animalistic groan. Her pent up feelings now at last being satisfied.



As brian fingers her I now take my clothes off. It isnt long before my cock is in Lizs mouth. Fuck it feels good "spin her round brian" I say. 



Now Lizs arse is up in the air "fuck it brian fuck your slag of a wife" 



brian doesnt need asking twice "ahhhhhhhh" moans Liz "im a fucking slut" shouts Liz "take me harder" 



I sit back and watch for a bit. I want to savour this moment. A married couple doing that most intimate of acts in front of another guy.



Just as though brian is my stud dog fucking a bitch on heat, I get down and feel his balls. They feel wonderfully smooth and best of all as I massage his testicles I can feel them building up to explode.



Lizs cunt, now showing creamy white piss juice is getting wetter and wetter. I tweak her engorged clit. She shudderd in pure pleasure.



"brian" I say "take your cock out" he does what told I inwardly smile because I know he was close to cumming. Now im behind his wife. brian guide my cock up your whore wifes cunt he grabs it and places it at his loving wifes piss flaps run it up and down boy he rubs my erect cock up and down her flaps i then grab her hips and ram my cock right up the old whores cunt . Fuck its wet it feels like silk.My new whore lets out a scream as my cock touches the walls of her old barren womb "brian get under Liz so you can lick her clit as I fuck her"



So here we are me the "boss"fucking another mans wife. Getting my cock deep inside her. Pulling her hair. Spanking her fat arse urging her to sit back on my cock. brian meanwhile is licking at her clit licking my balls and every now and then tasting his wife of my cock as it slips out of Liz in to his sissy cuckolded mouth.



Im cumming im now shooting sperm into Lizs cunt fuck it feels good. After an intense 3 or 4 minutes we all collapse exhausted by our sex play. "That was amazing" said Liz " thank you so much"



"brian" says Liz "go fetch my mirror of the dressing table" strange I think.



Liz is now looking at her just fucked cunt in the mirror. My spunk starting to ooze out. " robert  I mean sir" a little wicked smile on her face "we have been together since we were both 14. Yours is the second cock iv ever had im so turned on seeing another mans spunk in my pussy"



Liz places her finger into her wet snatch and then licks my cum from her fingers. "Mmmmmmm" she says "clean me brian" 



brian is now licking at Lizs hole his face wet with our earlier fucking session he now laps at his wifes fucked raw looking cunt.my cock already growing.My cock was again rock hard, I am now very happily laid back on brian’s and Liz’s bed. Liz’s head bobbing up and down on my cock. brian as directed by me is now fucking his own wife. With every stroke, I can hear them both grunting with pleasure. This intimate sex act carried out in brianrs and Lizarie’s bedroom. An act of love making that I am sure they have done many times before. I s now being carried out for my pleasure as well as theirs.



I playfully run my hand through the cock sucking Liz’s hair just as one might do to a favourite pet. Her cheeks hollowed as she takes more of my cock in her mouth..



I can see brian is desperate to shoot his load and I must confess Im ready to spunk as well. But first a little gentle humiliation for brian me thinks with a wicked grin.



“What do have to say boy” I direct my comment to him. He replies “please sir may I cum inside my wife”? I reply with a look of distain on my face “you may spunk over her arse but not inside”



I laugh to my self as the poor twat takes his cock out and wanks him self over Lizs arse The smell of sperm now evident in the room. I now take my cock out a little from Liz’s mouth now my sperm is shooting over Lizs face. Dripping down her chin onto her massive tits 



SHIT BANG the bedroom is flung open “what the hell! A female voice is audible 


brian and Liz immediately look up absolute horror on their faces.



“OMG Mum Dad what the hell”????

So being quick of the mark I immediately gathered this was their . Not bad looking as it goes must be aged about 25 5ft 4 plump but not as plump as her mum nice firm tits cute face and I see married..



“oh sandra darling we can explain”, said Liz, I know it’s a bit full on” sandra replied “my god mother you have spunk all over your face” she takes out a wet wipe and starts to clean Lizs sperm creamed face.. I m thinking this is wrong so wrong its horny. 



brian is bright red “brian lets you and I leave the ladies for a bit” we both walk still naked my cock stringy from my earlier ejaculation into Lizs or is that “mummy’s” face..



Once brian and I are in the lounge alone I waste no time in giving my “boy” his new orders.



“ brian” I say Im afraid things have changed I not only want to own you and your dear wife. But I think your would make a fine addition. Think of it as not loosing a but gaining a new daddy” brian tries to speak in a firm way. He fails of course as I have his cock firmly in my hand and his cock is ever growing the dirty old git. I think.




I continue “The next time I see you. Your wife and that lovely , all three of you will be naked kneeling at “Daddy’s” feet. “Further more” I continue, warming to this idea of owning a family. “You brian will be the person who places my cock into your ’s mouth.



Your other option of course is to pack up and get your tired old arses out of my pub this very moment.. So off you go”.



brian goes back to his family in the bedroom. What the hell have I done they are probably on the telephone right now calling police, sandra’s hubby to sort me out! Im starting to think im going to regret this I should have stuck with just brian and Liz.



The bedroom door opens ……………… The sight that was before me was just so so horny my cock felt as if one touch and it would explode.



Both the mother and were as instructed crawling on their hands and knees I was reassured to see that both women had actually gone to the effort to tidy up a little Lizs hair had obviously been tidied I noticed that where sandra, previously hadn’t had any nail varnish on, Like her mother her nails were now a nice full tartly red and both ladies had redone their make up. I noticed that Lizs self inflicted love bite on her tit had been toned down a little with blusher.



Both mother and had very similar shaped arses a slight wobble as they crawled . brian the pathetic father and husband who is allowing this total humiliation is crawling behind his family. God this is so horny both Liz and sandra are now planting sweet kisses onto my feet. Im looking at sandra this beautiful young wife and isn’t showing a flicker of hatred for me as id expected. She’s actually now sucking my big toe as if it’s my cock..



“Stop” I command. Now Im squatting behind them. Both their arse in the air, I can see Lizs shaved pussy meat flaps drooping slightly using both hands I slowly rub at their cunts feeling both clits erect I put two fingers into each snatch both mother and gasp. As I finger fuck them together both pussys soaking wet and must have been wet way before my hands were any where near them!



“What’s my name”? I ask the two sluts. “Your Daddy” they both reply 



“Now all of you suck Daddy’s cock” I command. First Liz sucks my cock then at my bequest she places my cock into her husband’s mouth I take my time making sure brian feels my cock on the back of his throat. His own knelt next to him her mouth open in wonder as her Dad sucks another mans cock. I also notice that both mother and are each wanking their own clits off as they watch. Under Liz a massive wet patch on the carpet I think she’s gushed .



I now take my cock away from brians willing mouth and give him the nod. He knows what to do. He takes hold of my erect cock with one hand and with the other hand takes his own daughters hair and puts my cock into her mouth. Now im truly in sex heaven.



sandra knelt in the middle of her parents is sucking my cock like a true slut. Both Liz and brian have their hands around my torso each of them is snuggling up to my thighs gazing at their daughters cock sucking skills. Now Liz is gently kissing my left ball. brian does the same to my right one.



Im going to spunk im going to spunk into this sluts mouth fucking hell I cant stay any longer.



“So what’s this I got a text message about” A mans voice breaks the spell. Fuck me I think its like open house here 



“Hey don’t stop on my behalf mate I love to see my wife used “…………….. So it would appear that I have the young wife of this huge looking guy sucking my cock and his in laws both kissing and licking at my testicles.



Shit I think I think im in trouble big style now!



“No don’t any one stop “ said the guy “ she sucks good cock don’t she”? I gulp and mumble a totally incoherent sentence back..



“and look at you Liz” Said the guy though I think there is some thing missing here mmmm oh I know its my cock.”! The guy was now removing his shorts revealing a huge cock . “ you don’t mind if I say heloo to my mother in law do you mate”



The guy is now sat next to me his wife, sandra still sucking my cock and now his own mother in-law is sucking his cock. “brian mate” says the son in law to his own father in law “go get us a couple of beers” 



“Im Steve by the way pleased to meet you sandra here sent me a text looks like you are about to help me make a fantasy come true” brian returns and hands us the beers. “ go kneel over there in the corner you little twat” says Steve.



Now its me that is feeling out my comfort zone as Steve and Chink our cans together whist both mother and are pleasuring us orally. Again I notice both women are still fingering them selves and now a huge wet patch has formed under sandra matching the stain already made by her mother earlier. 



“I think its time to make my fantasy true” says steve “ girls hands and knees and face each other.” The “girls” do as told both facing each other, their legs parted .Im very turned on as I can see that they now holding each others hands.



“brian” says Steve “you can face the wall mate. listen but no watching and don’t let us catch you playing with your todger either” Steve obviously enjoying himself as to it would seem are the girls a wry smile flicked across Lizs lips at Steves orders to her husband.



I get behind sandra her arse quivering; pussy now soaked in her own juices brian does the same behind Liz, his own mother-in law! I sink my cock into sandra’s pussy. Fuck it feels good nice and tight she gasps with pleasure as I start my strokes. Liz to is being fucked. Both mum and squeezing each others hands with each hard thrust from our cocks.



“slap sandra’s arse as you fuck she loves it mate” said Steve “ I bet mum does to eh “SLAP Steve spanks his mother in laws arse she groans with pain and pleasure. I do the same to sandra. sandra responds with a tirade of verbal abuse to me and Steve SLAP SLAP I spank her arse harder. Both mother and are now being fucked hard. Both are grunting like piggy’s “ harder , harder” begs Liz to her daughters husband “ muuuuum” screams sandra “ ahhhh Im coming mummy Im coming” I notice how both women are now sweating little pools of sweat sitting in the middle of sandra’s back her once perfect hair now bedraggled and sweaty



I glance over to brian still as told stood with his back to us. I can’t imagine what he’s thinking hearing his wife and being used like street whores.



“Mate” says Steve “don’t know about you but I got to spunk real bad” I nod OOOOO fuck Im spunking my cum shooting deep inside sandra’s tight pussy, Steve to is shooting his load into Liz 



After such an intense session I think all four of us felt that closeness you get from such powerful sex. All four of us are now group hugging Liz kissing her and telling her how much she loves her. sandra to reciprocating. 



I feel it time I took back control of this situation. “Girls” I say “sit back against the couch and part you legs” 



Steve and take in the wonderful sight of two shaved cunts both seeping slugs of cum 



An idea pops into my head dare I do it? Mmm you bet! “ oh brianr be a good fella go get some tea spoons”……..brian, like the good well trained cuck returned with the teaspoons.



"Good boy"I even pat his head well he is a little piggy pet isnt he?



"Now let me explain whats going to happen next" 



Allow me to now describe to you what I and Steve now witnessed. 



brians very own wife was now spooning out spunk from her own daughters pussy.brian complete with babys bib is now being fed sperm from his daughters pussy.



"Good boy brian" says steve "make sure you eat all your food up eh mate" sandra now joins in she to spoons spunk from her mothers pussy, smiling as she feeds her dad her own husband ,brians son in law of course spunk.



"Well I guess you guys need to get this pub open" I say to brian still dribbling sperm and Liz looking like the complete fuck slut she is. 



"Chop chop" I say Like good little subbys they go of to change



"So guys what the hell went on here tonight" I ask "well" says sandra "they not my real parents they fostered me. That bastard got every thing he deserves and im looking forward to making his life hell"



Well I guess what cums around goes around. And having spied the huge 12 inch dildo in sandras handbag I wouldnt want to swap with brian!



Time for a pint I think........


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