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I want my wife to cuckold me

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My wife has started seeing other men as I suggested.  Here is her most recent story to me from one of her adventures.  She will not let me watch or eat cum out of her, always washes first when she comes home from a date.  She writes me about the experiences even in our hometown,.  She does not want to talk about them to me.  How do I convince her to cuckold me, let me eat the cream pies she is bringing home.  Let me lick her in front of the bull.  Any suggestions would be appreciated.


Here is her story from last night.  I guess she is meeting up again tonight since she does not answer my texts.


I am 59 years old and married for 40 years. I have not felt another man inside me since my teen years.  I never thought I would have a one night stand or any sex that was not emotionally based.  Then a girl friend and I was traveling in Europe this week.  We took the night train from Madrid to Lisbon.  I have heard about sex on these trains actually from my husband. He was warning me, but in a way was telling me that he would like me to get fucked by others.  We talked about everything except my fantasies.  My girl friend and I had a private sleeper car so I thought nothing would be happening on the train tonight.  The train ride was more of a amusement park ride than travel.  At about midnight when we could not sleep me and Anne when to the bar in the dinning car.  I just left my sweat shorts and T-Shirt on since it was the train bar.  When we arrived at the bar there were three guys and another lady already commening that is was difficult sleeping.  There was one attractive mid-40s guy that I sat next to.  He was kind and talked to me so warmly.  We man it to our second dring and I noticed the bulge in his pants and thought if his cock is not hard then he is really hung.  After a few more drinks my girl friend (Anne) went to the car to sleep after I told her that I needed one more drink to be able to fall asleep. Really I wanted to see how hung Roberto was tonight.  I wanted to get him hard if he was not.  I have never had more than 6" in the last 40 years except for a large dildo that hubby used after his prostrate surgery. His cock is not as hard as it used to be.  After everyone left the bar except me and Roberto he leaned over and kissed me.  Not a little kiss but with tongue and all, I responded back and he slid his hand up my shorts to touch my clit.  I grabed his cock through his pants and yes it was not hard but huge.  He asked if I wanted to go back to his sleeping car.  There was a friend of his passed out in there that we would not wake he assured me.  I follow him like a little school girl.  As soon as he shut the door he picked me up and placed me on the edge of the bed and slide my shorts off onto the floor and burried his faced into  my pussy and was very gentle and my clit was about to explode.  After one or two orgasism he slide up and kiss me with his lips wetted by my pussy and he was a great kisser.  I reached down and undid his belt and fly and reached in to grab his cock.  It was getting hard now in my hand and it was at least 2 inches wide by 8 inches long.  I thought this is going to hurt and words to that effect came out of my mouth as we were kissing. He said do not worry my love I have been with others and know how to be gentle.  After we were both complete naked, I slide down and tried to get as much of that cock into my mouth.  My lips are perfect for giving head and so deep thoating was out of the question he commented on how good my lips wraped around his mushroom head.  He turned and slide his tongue deep into my pussy and I came again more than in ther last two months with hubby.  He asked if i was ready and I said scared but ready.  He told me that his mouth made my pussy really wet and he would be able to start with half of his big shaft and  work up to what I could handle. He positioned himself on me with that big cock in his hand he guided it to my opening.  I felt a stretch and a bit of pain but after 4 inches was in me it felt so good.  He stroked me gently with only half his cock until I cummed twice more.  Then 6 inches in me and then all the way to his balls. As he stroke me with that big cock I was screaming and worried I would wake his cabin partner.  I came so many times and he finished with cumming all over my tits and I licked it off my nipples.  No condom, I was too drunk even to think about that when we got back to the cabin.  I dressed and returned to my cabin and Anne never knew what happened, she was sleeping so no questions.  Now I am thinking do I meet him in Lisbon for one more round before returning home.   You told me that you would understand if I fucked another and I just can not let you watch.  Somehow I think I am going to want more sex with men with big cocks.   I am wet writing this and I texted Roberto seeing if he can come to my room while Anne is visiting her client.  My pussy needs another round of that cock.  Stroke your cock until I get home.

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